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Madonna is what happened while I was busy making other plans.

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Madonna, you'll always have to check the prior day's entry, because I'm sometimes inclined to add to it, during that same day.

Having these background pictures in black-and-white seems as dismal, artistically, as our Madonna-and-I story.
. . . and I awoke to the fact of my own death, to the fact that I've been dead for years, and that life's pursuits seemed silly, since I'm dead, and have been for years . . . "and I think I know what I've known all along . . . and the river doesn't seem to stop here, anymore . . ."

I woke up from a deep eery dream, with Carly Simon's "But now the river doesn't seem to stop here anymore" in the dream, just before waking up.

I just [told] about a dream I just woke up to. It seems reflective of a life wind-down, such as I've lived. It's so sad.

From my dream I just awoke, from which I learned I've been dead for years, haunting my own life, bemoaning unfulfillment of my own pursuits.

From this dream I just awoke from, I learned how deeply sad my condition has really been, for so long, with no hope and no where to go; sad.

From this dream I just awoke from I learned that I've been a dead man futilely endeavoring to live the life of a living person, to no avail.

Don't bother me, I'm already dead. I've been dead for years.

The above blog entry was made on September 10, 2012

If there were music competitions in the Olympics, would you try to compete in it, Madonna? I'm glad there is NOT music competitions in the Olympics. So now you're going to be back at your Manhattan apartment, again, if you're finished with your tour. I don't know if you're done with your tour. If you get a chance, do more stripping, on stage. The more extreme the better. Imagine doing a music competition in the Olympics in the nude, like in ancient times. People would like to see that one (prudes aren't real people).
The above blog entry was made on August 13, 2012

I am the real and ONLY Chief Justice of the U. S. There shall be silence in my courtroom unless you are expected or asked to speak, or else.

ALL of Obama's "Administration" is sentenced to death, for treason. ORDER IN MY COURT !!!!! [bang bang bang of my gavel]

Torture is legitimate, in curbing the crime of abuse of public office. Don't let the politician fool you. Their geese are cooked.

In the U. S., judges are ALL guilty of treason, for wilfully misinterpreting "the law" in all matters and in all cases. It's death to them.

This is war. All who support Obama are guilty of treason, and hence implicitly sentenced to death for aiding & abetting treason.

There are NO legitimate officials. They are all capital criminals, who are wildly violating the people's human rights.

Enforcement of gun control is the capital crime of treason, by way of aiding and abetting the treason of the politicians.

Gun control is treason, but what do you expect from politicians who were never elected, who threw the elections. Dem politicians are guilty.

Gun control is ELECTION FRAUD in disguise. By unconstitutionally criminalizing guns, the Dems disenfranchise conservatives.

Only the raw public is legitimate. Attaining office forfeits all claim to legitimacy, for oneself.

Obama is NOT legitimate. All "in office" who support his tenure, as if legitimate, are guilty of treason, and likewise subject to death.
The above blog entry was made on August 6, 2012

How many time should I thank you for the tit intentional (not really a slip)? Well, thanks again, Madonna. I still want you to show more, if possible, so try to work it out. Okay?

The above blog entry was made on August 4, 2012

Of course, Madonna, I'd never lift the naked tour idea, as long as it were feasible. Got any ideas/innovations? I know the fans love that stuff. I sure do.

The above blog entry was made on July 19, 2012

This website is getting back to normal, if the word "normal" fits this website. Read about what was going on, in today's Jennifer blog entry.

I want to tell you, "thanks, again, for your onstage flashing," after I told you I'd make you tour naked, if I were still managing you. I really appreciate it, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 18, 2012

Since even this is your year, the Chinese Year of the Dragon (you're a Dragon too, draggin' your career out to rediculous lengths), I've got relevant news, even now.
Dragon Dog

The above blog entry was made on March 11, 2012

Now, back to rabbit news. Here's an item from Reuters.
Otto, the Rabbit, Thinks He's a Chicken

The above blog entry was made on March 11, 2012

My news, this time, is the auto-updating live shot of me, just above a little bit, on this page. Hit refresh, and it will load a new shot. That is, unless the video is online, in which case the still wouldn't matter much. The video won't be running all the time.

The above blog entry was made on March 9, 2012

I know you've been too busy making your own rabbit news, to be reading my rabbit reports, here, so maybe you don't care about the hyatius since my last entry.

If you like household odds and ends, including those items in the rabbit theme, the following article is for you.
Rabbit Knickknacks

The above blog entry was made on February 20, 2012

Excuse me for taking a blog entry off from rabbit news duty. Merry Christmas.

The above blog entry was made on December 25, 2011

Here's a second installment of my new feature here, namely, rabbit news, since, as that article on my home page mentioned, it is the Chinese year of you and rabbits, Madonna. Your family is large enough; you don't seem to be endangered, at this time. Breeding efforts are under way to save some rabbit varieties, though.

Rabbits Released into the Wilds

The above blog entry was made on December 18, 2011

It's a new era in news coverage, here. I just started chicken news. Today's feature is in today's Jen the hen blog entry. That's the venue for that stuff. I guess I've got to cover rabbit news, on this page, at least until the Chinese New Year.

Today's rabbit story is about a bunnynapping, a theft of a rabbit from a daycare room. Click on over, to read it.
Bunny-napping from a daycare room

The above blog entry was made on December 13, 2011

Can you believe it's been two weeks, since the last entry, here?

Angelina Jolie is in today's hen blog entry, here. Don't miss it.

So, you're going to be performing at the Super Bowl? Will this be your first time, doing the Super Bowl? I read that you stopped practicing at your NYC pad, due to a complaint from a neighbor. That's easy to believe, especially if they wanted money. Do you have enough distance from your neighbors, in The Hamptons, to allow you to be loud, without complaints from your neighbors, there? I swear, I'd be looking you up there, if I were in your neck of the woods. Of course, I'd look you up in NYC, too. I can't make it, any time soon, it seems.

The above blog entry was made on December 11, 2011

I plan to complete some books, and find a publisher. My "politics," for lack of a better word, need to get out to the public. If people are really savvy about such things, they are hiding that. People are navigating their lives, as if they believe in the system, or the "establishment," as it was called in the late 1960s and early 1970s, or so. I'm not saying the liberal activists were right about everything, but at least they recognized that the system is not right. That's just as true today, as it was back then, Madonna. In fact, the system is worse today than it was then.

The above blog entry was made on November 27, 2011

My entry, in today's Jen the hen blog, is so good, you really must read it, my Madonna. I'm so intent on you reading it, that I've copied and pasted it, below. So you'll know, it was something I told Denise Richards. Read it:
You're clearly Charlie Sheen's loss. It seems strange, how I can think about a Hollywood couple, and all of a sudden they split up. That's what happened when I started thinking about you and Charlie. A similar thing happened when I mumbled to myself, in a local restaurant, that "I wish Fran Drescher would dump her husband for me." VOILA! It was about the next day, or the day after that, and the news suddenly carried the news of her then-pending divorce. That happened with Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie, too. I was teasing her, in my normal way, online, and, VOILA! No more marriage. That happened, also, when I was thinking about Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra, just before they broke up, a long time ago. Again, VOILA! They suddenly broke up. I could, perhaps think of more examples if I tried, but I think you get the picture. Oh, I don't want to omit another example, so here it is. I was meeting with Jennifer Aniston, in West Hollywood, in early 2005, and suddenly, VOILA! The tv news suddenly carried the announcement of their then-pending divorce. Incidentally, I can think of more examples, but I think this list, here, is already impressive. I swear this is not bull. This is real. I'd love to talk to you, if you want. I've met a number of A-listers (actually, some were tv news casters), around. Maybe fate would have you crossing my path, too. Much stranger things have happened. Ciao (Italian for "bye")
The above blog entry was made on November 26, 2011

Copied and pasted from my Jen, the hen, blog, today's entry:
Here's something new. I started an always-on, uncensored webcamera.
Take a look.
It captures every minute, without fail. If any blocks of minutes are missing anywhere, it's due to technical issues, not censorship.

Copied, pasted and modified from today's Jen, the hen, blog:
Madonna, if I can do it . . . do I need to say more? . . . You can do it. Don't be yourself, that is, a ["Chicken" deleted, as it's not the year of the chicken.] whatever-you-are-at-this-time. If Paris Hilton really wanted to show something, it's what she should have done, only with a complete video feed, in multiple resolutions, including high definition. That'd make her feel like a whore? Don't all broads feel like whores, anyway?

The above blog entry was made on November 23, 2011

Aren't you glad you're not a chicken, my Madonna? At least you'd have some class, if you were a chicken, like Jen the hen. I'm thinking of setting a century-old (about) recording of Chicken Reel as the background music, of my Jen the hen page.

The above blog entry was made on November 21, 2011.

I just watched that video of you, with Lourdes, in that dressing room. Fabulous. I loved it. That really captured you two the way you really are, unlike so many of those press interviews, when you're in that fairytale situation, known as show business.

The above blog entry was made on November 13, 2011.

You won't believe it? I know you'll believe it, Madonna. I know you've got experience with the UFO scene, too. The difference is that your experience was more fun (unless you had some bad experiences with it. Did you?). Read about my latest UFO siting in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I write this stuff up, at the risk of losing credibility, but if someone can't accept this stuff, it's his deficiency, not mine. We both know that.

I was just noticing that Lourdes' 18th birthday is three years away. Is that right, or did they get that one wrong, like they did with so many celebs? According the my source, she just turned 15, last month. How's the rest of your immediate family? Can they stand you, or do they want to be adopted? They're probably happy, because you wouldn't treat them like you treated me. I feel sure of that. Defecting is probably the last thing in the world they'd want, at this point in time.

The above blog entry was made on November 12, 2011.

Do you deserve good, reliable advise, about computer maintenance and troubleshooting? I'm sure you don't, but I'll give you some anyway, my Madonna. If your computer ever starts misbehaving, as with starting difficulties, or other maladies, which may resemble software problems, here's what I have to say. FIRST, suspect the power supply. PSU's (power supply units), as they're called, are the achilles heels of the personal computer. Need I say more? If so, get with me; you've got a lot to learn. PSU's are critical, and if they have gone out of tolerance on any parameter (votage, current, etc), they can wreak sheer havoc on your machine, data, internet experience, nerves, patience, etc.

Also, I'll tell you something else. You MUST invite me to Lourdes' 18th birthday party. That's an order, my Madonna. It's not nice to diss father music, and you know who he is.

The above blog entry was made on November 6, 2011.

This seems like repeating myself, because I just said it in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I want you to visit either my global warming page, or my sitemap page, and listen to the embedded music. It's from 1907, and it's too good to miss. Listen, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 24, 2011.

I just offered to help the hen (Jennifer), with her ho hum career. I can do the same thing for you, my Madonna. Your middleaged little ticker couldn't handle that much excitement? You don't know until you try me out with my idea. Read today's Jen the hen blog entry, here, for more on this idea. I'm sure it'd work for the both of you.

The above blog entry was made on October 21, 2011.

Got any Hells going on, my Madonna? Read about mine, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

In case you don't click over, and read today's hen blog entry, I want you to know one thing. My monitor was bad, for a long time, causing me to make photos too light, in overcompensation. I've now got some work fixing my picture archives, including the ones for these pages.

The above blog entry was made on October 6, 2011.

I just realized that I didn't even think of the coincidence, in the last blog entry, here. I mentioned how you liked to dress your stage help up, and here I just displayed you, here, without a lot of window dressing, so to speak. Now, that's how I'd like to see you on stage. Got any ideas on how to work that one out? It would look too sleazy? I don't like the word "sleazy." I think you'd look great, that way, on stage.

The above blog entry was made on October 2, 2011.

Since I don't hear from you, I won't say s--t about the last two videos, on the homepage of Take that, biotch.

I will say this, though. You were shown on tv, recently, saying how you help dress your people up for showtime, how you make such a big difference in their appearance. Whatever gets you off, I guess. I know it gets you off, my Madonna.

I'm loving this photo of you masturbating, by the way. Keep it up. I think this one was from last year. It was, wasn't it? I've got another one of you topless, from about the same time, it seems. These people wouldn't want to see that, too, would they? Maybe . . .

The above blog entry was made on September 17, 2011.

Now, if you want to take your head out of the sand you have it burried in, I've got just the thing. Did you see my new news link, at the top of this page? Click it, then shake your head vigorously, to get the sand out of your hair.

The above blog entry was made on September 3, 2011.

Yet another treat, today. I've got the Future Lovers/I Feel Love video, right here. See, you're not the only one who carries it, my Madonna. Remember that thing you said to me, a long time ago, that sounded something like, "Give me instance of its brilliance." Or, was that, "In the evidence of its brilliance." Well, I know. It was more like the former (more or less), then we discussed it, and it became the latter. It feels something like déjà vu to me, at this point. When was that? Refresh my memory, bitchy one. Need I say? When you click over to the video, turn off the background music on this page, first (or after you click, since I didn't make it autoload, this time).

The above blog entry was made on August 21, 2011.

Did I already mention it? I want to say that the sound quality, in your Secret music video, is kind of muffled. You can do better than that.

As I think I mentioned in my hen blog, recently, I lost over ten and a half years of records and files in a hard drive failure, recently. I'm hopeful that I can recoup most of that with data recover methods. I hope it isn't expensive, because I'm not loaded, like you.

The above blog entry was made on August 14, 2011.

Your book, Life with My Sister Madonna, may have been on the best-seller list, in the past, but apparently, it's not now. I just bought it, new, for one dollar plus tax, at a local dollar store. I'm not sure how soon I'll read it, since I've got a lot of other books that are near the top of my reading priority list.

Also, I'm seriously thinking of rejoining the Recording Academy, since I miss those yearly, exclusive, industry-insider, music film screenings.

For what it's worth, I've lately been thinking of doing some Madonna songs live, in some of my next performances. I've never done one live, yet.

The above blog entry was made on August 5, 2011.

I need to make one correction, to that comment I just made, about my liking that music video of Secret. It's too dark. It could be lightened up with software. That'd be a big improvement.

Now that Lady Gaga is more popular than you, on the internet, maybe you can learn something from her? I just saw her on Jimmy Kimmel Live, tonight. I enjoyed watching her talk, during the interview.

The above blog entry was made on July 29, 2011.

I like your Secret video, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 23, 2011.

I'm glad to see one of your music videos, of a song on your Bedtime Stories album, Secret, on And here's a link to see the video, which can be viewed full-screen, or normal, if you want to read the lyrics at the same time. The lyrics will disappear from view, if the little square, for full screen viewing, is clicked.
Secret, music video, by Madonna

The above blog entry was made on July 19, 2011.

I just saw your Lola with Kelly Osbourne, on tv, again. It looks like they've got a continuing friendship going on. The tv reporters said you're sometimes displeased, when Lola takes back a fashion item you borrowed. Can't you afford to go out and buy one like it, for yourself? Sure you can. The thought crossed my mind that maybe that remark was staged, to give the tv audience the idea that her fashion line is so much in line with what the great Madonna likes to wear, herself. Like I said here before, I guess she's already independently wealthy, herself, your Lola, or sould be, soon.

The above blog entry was made on July 10, 2011.

Maybe the most intriguing report on you, lately, is that you're still with, or back with, the young, devout, muslim man, Brahim Zaibat. He's Jesus Luz' age, 24. He comes from eastern France, in the region of Lyon, and we're years older than his mother. In an article with him, he said he has no intention of exploiting his connection to you, and intends to return to a normal life. He must be a devout muslim, to not want to exploit the opportunity for fame and fortune, something you did everything in your power to deny me, my Madonna. Your chasing young men makes you a cougar. You know that?

The above blog entry was made on July 9, 2011.

I'm enjoying the quick turnover of your music videos, going on now at There've been a different one every day, for a while. I was going to mention that earlier, but I've been so distracted and busy. I did get my van smogged recently. That's a big relief.

I saw your Lola with Kelly Osborne recently, on tv. I guess they've been hanging around together, lately. Is Kelly getting Lola up to speed about how to be the typical Hollywood Femme Fatale? They're in New York . . . or maybe London?

The above blog entry was made on July 4, 2011.

Now, get ready to squirm with impatience and anticipation, for a while. I have a photo that could stimulate an Obama version of Weinergate, if you know what I mean. I don't want to crowd out the last photo I have in this blog, so I want this blog space to fill a little more, to make room for this photo of Obama in his government office. You can talk to me, to give me more to say here, to speed up the process, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on June 15, 2011.

I've got something for you, my Madonna. As you can see, from the photo of Anthony's Weiner, in today's Jen the hen blog entry, Anthony Weiner's shlang isn't big enough for you, either. It's a known fact that you're a size queen, my dear. That too-small phenomenon is not unusual in the US, is it? I know why.

The above blog entry was made on June 13, 2011.

Wanna see Anthony's Weiner? Say no more. Here it is.

Like I just said in today's Jen the hen blog entry, Norm's coffee is awfully expensive. I almost have to reflect a moment about if even you can afford it. I'm sure you can, really.

Speaking of coffee shops, how's Hell's Kitchen. After all, you live in New York, not me. It used to be good enough for the Church of Satan. Actually, New York city is getting too ordinary for the Church of Satan. If it gets any more ordinary, I don't know where they'd be able to move to, to suit them. Even Anthony Weiner is too ordinary for them.

The above blog entry was made on June 9, 2011.

I just mentioned a play that Jen the hen may be interested in, in today's hen blog entry. As soon as I come across a play that's relevant for you, ie about rabbitts (This is your year again; the year of the rabbitt.), I'll let you know.

Is it hot and muggy in New York, yet? You're always hot, and there're always muggers in New York?

The above blog entry was made on June 7, 2011.

All I have to say at this moment is: Read today's Jen the hen entry, and view the linked video in it. Do it, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on June 4, 2011.

It's been proved, that Obama's long-form "birth certificate" is a fake. Find a link to the evidence, in today's Jen the hen entry.

Here's one of your music videos, my Madonna. Click the link to get to it. Then, click the tiny white square, to watch it full-screen.
You'll See

The above blog entry was made on May 14, 2011.

I've got death photos of Osama bin Laden, posted in today's Jen the hen blog entry, here. You could say you saw them here first, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 4, 2011.

Well, I've got your Beautiful Starnger video, from the movie, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, of 1999. It can be watched full-screen, but be sure to stop the background music of this page first, if it's still playing.
Beautiful Starnger Video

The above blog entry was made on April 27, 2011.

You can read how it went, at my show Monday. It's in today's Hennifer blog entry, here. You know the one.

Yeah, in view of that Vogue music video of yours, I'm tempted to form another French Revolution, here, to make sure you go down with that ship. Better late than never, huh, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on April 23, 2011.

Yeah, for the sake of frankness, I say: That's the real you, in the current, 1990, Vogue music video, on the home page of That's the real Madonna: The over-celebrated, illegitimate royal bitch, with all the trappings. It's your ilk that wrecked the world, my Madonna. I was the legitimate royal type, and you were the faux nightmare. That setting reminds me of France, rather than, say, England. The insiders surrounding Louie, in the period leading up to the French Revolution were like you, Madonna. They were insubordinating creeps, who were using King Louie as a scape goat for oppression. Your type is the real oppressor. They should have spared Louie, and took your head off, by rights. Well . . . better late than never. Maybe there's still hope.

The above blog entry was made on April 18, 2011.

You know something I've been grappling with, over the last two or three years? I've been beset with concerns about utilizing musical effects, ie special sounds, in recording music for release, which is still in the planning stage. My budget doesn't allow for so much of that, unlike your budget.

I bet your gets more traffic when you have a music video on that home page. Got another one coming up soon?

The above blog entry was made on April 17, 2011.

About my remark, in yesterday's entry, about your Traveling video: I figured it out. discontinued the video on their home page. That's simple. That took me by surprise; I wasn't expecting your home page to suddenly stop having a video.

I just had an idea. Maybe you ought to do a music video for each and every one of your songs. Don't you think they're all worthy of it?

The above blog entry was made on April 16, 2011.

In an email I just sent you, I notified you of the fact that your latest homepage video has stopped working. I hope you tell them, at, to fix it very soon. It's a shame that it no longer autoplays, nor even loads successfully, upon visiting your homepage. I now get an error message, in the lower left part of my screen, with no sign of the missing flash video on the page.

The above blog entry was made on April 15, 2011.

I was just thinking that I still love you, in spite of yourself, my Madonna. How can that be?

I like that video of Traveling, you just had posted to your That's the kind of quality that should go into a music video. Like I've told you before, Bedtime Stories is a phenomenal CD. That'd make a great track for a UFO sci-fi film. Or a UFO nonfiction? That'd be a challenge.

I just described a dream, I had the other day, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Be sure to read it.

The above blog entry was made on April 12, 2011.

I think it was Gwen Stefani, who just suggested to music composers to try to write a hit song, rather than write merely a song. That was my exact music strategy, early on, which obviously helped "Madonna" become a household word. Some thanks I got.

The above blog entry was made on April 8, 2011.

I bet you help the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the middle-east, and in Libya, install Al Qaeda's preferred leader, to replace Qadaffi. You're the type, aren't you? You know what Hosni Mubarek's replacements are in the process of trying to do, in Egypt? They're working on installing "modesty police" there, also known as enforeced prudery. I know you're not all there, but believe me; that's not a good thing.

The above blog entry was made on April 5, 2011.

Your music videos sound classier when you have one of my pieces of music in it. Borderline sounds phenomenal. Of course, your early squeeking voice got swallowed up in all that sound.

The above blog entry was made on April 2, 2011.

So, now you have your music video of Borderline on your home page at Nice. I sure wish I had gotten credit for it, since the music and lyrics are really mine. That's one of my favorites of mine, to this day, and you know my number of compositions has continued to grow, especially over the past few years. I don't really bring this up again to harp on it, but since the video reminded me of it, again. That song was born of my family torments, while growing up. Similarly, Nothing Fails was born of my personal frustrations in life, as was Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Greenday), for that matter.

I've been pondering the idea that maybe you really expected me to decline, when you offered, more than once, to live with me. I'm sure you must remember: The first time (I think the first time; it's hard to remember everything we discussed.) was that house I/we had in the San Fernando Valley. The second time was with regard to that house I/we had in Costa Mesa. You know, if I could do it over again, I definitely wouldn't decline either offer. Now, I doubt you'd ask to live with me again, even though you dumped your last husband, in the midst of all I was saying to you. Come on. I know you can stand me for at least a year. In fact, I think I'd have a harder time standing you, but maybe you'd disprove that. What are you afraid of, my Madonna?

Hmmmm. I just thought of a coincidence. Today is April Fools day, and that's timed with your posting of that Borderline music video, at Was that planned that way, as a hint or a message? Maybe you're trying to hint that Borderline really is mine, after all? You can say in outright.

I found an interesting acronym. Take a look at this:
SONGS - San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
You must know that's the one in the Oceanside area.

The above blog entry was made on April 1, 2011.

Perhaps I should mention that you've got a new compendium issue of ICON magazine, out now, covering all of 2010. I don't know why I should do you the favor of mentioning it, since you don't do me the favor of maintaining my free subscription to the exclusive section at ICON. Clearly, you are still unkind towards me, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 29, 2011.

Have you been keeping up with the UFO stuff? I have . . . sort of. Read about my latest UFO sighting, which I just made. It's in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 28, 2011.

Please excuse my recent candid remarks about you, my Madonna. You know I'm just trying to tell it like it is.

I'm wondering what Lola's father was teaching her, since a recent tv report said he was teaching her something. I didn't hear the report. If you'd marry me, I'd teach her everything she could want to know, and maybe more. You must know, by now, how knowledgeable I am.

My Jen the hen entry, today, is especially good. You should see Oprah Winfrey, the way nature made her. I've got two photos like that there, for today.

The above blog entry was made on March 27, 2011.

Want me to talk a little political philosophy, right now? Well, I will anyway. For years, I've been aligned with the Republican Party, and I still am, in a limited way. I certainly don't align with the Democrats. After a little research on the basic philosophy, or ostensible philosophy, of Libertarianism, I've come to think of myself along Libertarian lines. Now, that doesn't mean I'd endorse any and all possible crap-ola the official party could possibly spew. I'm talking generic libertarian philosophy, regardless of what the U. S. version of it could be doing or planning. One source describes the libertarians as being subdivided into various factions, something like liberal, conservative and anarchist. I, myself, lie in the anarchist range of the philosophy. That's how I've always viewed myself, for the most part.

Of course, pardon me for saying so, but I know you're not as sensible as I am.

The above blog entry was made on March 24, 2011.

So, now you've changed your home page video again. You must have quite a collection of music videos. Those must have been originally intended for tv publicity. No? It's the BitchDonna sound.

The above blog entry was made on March 19, 2011.

Do you prefer to be allowed to choose what car to buy or drive, what food to eat, what particular design of toilet you have in your house (funtionality counts), my Madonna? No? Well, anyway, watch the video I've got linked to, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 13, 2011.

I guess I forgot to mention, the other day, that you finally changed the video on your home page, at Of course, you already knew that, didn't you, my Madonna. In that one, you sound like your old self.

The above blog entry was made on March 7, 2011.

I just clicked over to your, and found you have a different video on your home page, now. It's another music video. You must have done maybe a hundred, by now. I wasn't counting. Are you making money on those?

I've been toying with the idea of doing some music videos, myself. Actually, some producer, at a Hollywood theater, did express interest in doing one for me. I didn't even inquire. His acquaintance, or girlfriend, suggested the idea to me. She watched me perform at the theater, over a year ago. I'm tempted to email her, and tell her okay.

The above blog entry was made on February 27, 2011.

I finally saw Lola's father on tv, recently.

I just heard that you are a cohost for an Oscars afterparty. You could have at least invited me. That'd be the day? Tell Charlie Sheen that his producer doesn't want him back until next season. From at least one news report, it seems that he doesn't get that. I know; it's none of my business.

The above blog entry was made on February 25, 2011.

Catch me trying out my new PC camera, through a link in today's Jen the hen blog entry. You don't want to miss that, do you, my Madonna? It's your chance to see me on the screen, for a change. It's been the other way round, mostly, with you on the screen.

The above blog entry was made on February 16, 2011.

I should have told you, in the last entry, to read that day's Jen the hen blog entry, for more on my Feb. 7 live show, last Monday. Don't you wish you were there? Were you?

I just updated the Chinese New Year section of my home page. You're now acknowledged there again, for another consecutive year. Your reign hasn't ended yet, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 12, 2011.

Although this news could make you feel disappointed, my Madonna, I'll tell it to you, anyway. The audience loved my performances, Monday night. I did one of my newest pieces of music, as well as one of C. M. M.'s songs. You know who I mean.

The above blog entry was made on February 10, 2011.

Hmmm . . . I just had another idea. You lay eggs, don't you, my Madonna? Read what I just said to Jen the hen, in that blog's entry for today. I just switched to this page, to think up something to say here, and it hit me. I just suggested she show up at my next showtime (details in the hen's blog entry), to lay an egg on stage. See, if I ask you too, maybe at least one of you would show up to give it a try. OR, MAYBE THE BOTH OF YOU? MMMM That'd be something I'd like to see. Be sure to read the Jen the hen entry, RIGHT NOW. Times awasting. The show is a week from Monday. There's no time to lose.

I'm going to give the show details here anyway (even though they're in the hen blog), just in case some of you don't click over to my hen blog (that's so unthinkable).
Sacred Fools Theater (venue)
Ten Tops (show title)
660 N. Heliotrope Dr.
Hollywood, CA 90004
$10.00 admission at the door
showtime is 8:00pm
Monday, February 7, 2011 (barely more than a week away, Madonna)
You could bring Lola along, to show her how to do it.

The above blog entry was made on January 30, 2011.

Definitely, don't miss reading the article I've got linked from today's Jen the hen blog entry. It's about rampant corruption in of some of L. A. County's cities. You really have to read this, by California Rep. Chris Norby, to believe it. It's over-the-top wild. And you thought things were on the up-and-up in California? The shit's really hitting the fan, anymore, here in the Golden State.

The above blog entry was made on January 28, 2011.

I recently noticed that the closely approaching Chinese New Year is going to be the year of the rabbit. That made me stop and ponder how that figures. You're also a rabbit, my Madonna? So, I thought some more. It's always your year, isn't it? That means every kind of animal honored by being designated as its year, for a Chinese New Year, has to somehow be you, too. After all, things have always gone your way. No? So, then it finally dawned on me. You have so many children/offspring (especially considering your wanting to adopt every kid in Malawi), then that makes you "like" a rabbit, in terms of kid count. And then there are all those nude photos of you circulating around; something like a "Playboy bunny." Okay, now I'm convinced. You're a real rabbit, my Madonna. So, your longterm reign of it being your year is not going to end, come this Chinese New Year. It's still going to be your year. Don't you have all the luck. How do you do it?

The above blog entry was made on January 27, 2011.

I just had another one of my fabulous ideas. I was just mentioning the possibility of your singing some of my new songs, and it came to me. What about your Lola? She must be longing for a singing career to rival yours. No? If I can make a star out of the first Madonna, I surely can make a star out of the second Madonna, and you and I both know who that second Madonna would be, don't we, my Madonna. It'd be like pushing the reset button, to go from old Madonna back to a young one. What do you think? I know it can work. But, maybe you just don't love Lourdes enough to give her that opportunity, do you? So it can sometimes be, in the real world. [Sad violin music would go here.]

The above blog entry was made on January 22, 2011.

I was just thinking: If you live with so many bugs/bedbugs, maybe you'd be better nicknamed "midge," rather than "madge." At least a midge is a bug. Bugs live together, but people try to avoid bugs, normally.

How do you like that early photo I just posted of you? Really, I'd like to know.

There's an aspiring lady singer, in France, who I'm thinking of having sing some of my songs. She's already offered. What do you think? I gave you the opportunity a year or two or three or more back. Remember? If you're a really good persuader, I may still consider you. You would not deign to reply, even though I'm the one who really gave you your start?

The above blog entry was made on January 21, 2011.

This has been a slow month. Where are you people at?

Well, Madonna, I have a treat here. It's you, as you can see from the photo. A little photo magic brings out those previously hidden details. Exquisite. I love it when it's all there.

The above blog entry was made on January 13, 2011.

I just saw your Lourdes say something, "I'm wearing all my clothes this time," on tv. Why, hearing that could disappoint some, I'm sure, but what she seemed to mean is that she wasn't borrowing/wearing anything of yours that time, my Madonna. That was such a provocative way she put it. That leads me to conclude that she had something else on her mind. She's almost of age. Now, this is getting exciting.

The above blog entry was made on January 11, 2011.

For you swank New Yorkers, I want to tell you that Gov. Schwarzenegger is out, and Jerry Brown is in, here in miserable old California. I know; you're in New York, what do you care? Well, I hope Brown revisited keeps his latest political promises of cutting budgets (aka spending). Want more insight? Visit today's Jen the hen blog entry, and read the three linked articles. They're good. Of course, you being a liberal, maybe you can't tell.

The above blog entry was made on January 3, 2011.

Do you prefer totalitarian government of the US, my Madonna? Check out how Obama has set up such a regime here in the US. There's an article pointed to, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Read it.

The above blog entry was made on January 2, 2011.

Did you catch the ball drop in Times Square? I couldn't catch a live broadcast of that last time, and I wasn't home this time to try again. I'm not sure why I care. Maybe I don't. They sure make a big thing out of that.

So, where did you bring in the new year? I want to know.

The above blog entry was made on January 1, 2011.

I'm too nice to you, my Madonna. I just pulled yesterday's entry, which criticized you for your apparent liberal leanings. You can consider the withdrawal a slightly belated Christmas present, if you want.

The above blog entry was made on December 31, 2010.

Does it look like Christmas in your neighborhood? It does in mine. Did your lice and bedbugs give you anything for Christmas? I bet they gave you an itch or two, at least. Be sure to reciprocate. You don't know how to make them itch?

Oh, I almost forgot, my Madonna. Merry Christmas to you and yours. They are having a merry Christmas, aren't they? One can't even imagine how many presents they must have under your tree this morning. Is there still room in there for yourselves? You manage to get around? This just had to end up in a line that looks or sounds like that.

The above blog entry was made on December 25, 2010.

If I were a gambler, I'd bet you spend more of your time at your Manhattan place than your Hamptons ranch. Am I right? I just thought of another reason to think so. That bedbug infestation was in Manhattan or N. Y. C.

The above blog entry was made on December 23, 2010.

I know I'm way down near the bottom of your Christmas shopping list. I'm sure the fire ants of Africa are higher on your holiday shopping list than I am, my Madonna. You're not going to adopt them, too, are you? If you do, I want to borrow your credit card, to have the exterminator over to your place, before I deign to visit you again.

The above blog entry was made on December 14, 2010.

I've made a really wild UFO sighting, which I just reported in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I won't belabor it, by rehashing it here. You need to read in on my other page, my Madonna.

About the lice you say you have on your head. You know, that was one of the worst parts of the Jews' concentration camp experience; the lice, that is. It was miserable, almost beyond words. They lice would burrow into cracks in the flesh. It's like it would have put them out of their misery for them to have died early, to spare them from such physical torment, which was in addition to the starvation and the hard labor and the freezing cold.

The above blog entry was made on December 6, 2010.

I really didn't stage this stuff about UFO sightings, or the planet Venus. Be sure to read the latter part of yesterday's blog, with the update, and the updates I just put in my Jen the hen blog.

The above blog entry was made on November 28, 2010.

You know, I wasn't planning this to be a UFO reporting period, but it sure turned into one. Those UFO's appear on their own schedule, not mine. Read about the latest two sightings I made, on two very recent nights, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Has Lola been up yet? Does she know? You don't want her to think you to be crazy? That's understandable. Many many other UFO watchers have the same apprehension about telling others. We're not alone, my Madonna (That's another pun.).

Here's an update. I believe the lastest "UFO" I've been spotting was Venus. Like I just said in my Jen the hen blog, the other ones (some with motion and some with sound) were real UFO's. I've been finally doing some studying of astronomy, lately. A UFO gazer can't do without it.

The above blog entry was made on November 27, 2010.

You know what? Those ETs have our whole galaxy mapped. Can you even imagine how a computer, even one of theirs, can hold that much information? The galaxy is big, in case you haven't noticed. In a past existence, I had explored the galaxy in a crew, with their star map system, and I don't mean a Hollywood star map. See, you're not the only one with experience.

The above blog entry was made on November 22, 2010.

I've been witnessing UFOs lately here, my Madonna. You know; those were you? Maybe I wouldn't doubt it, if you told me so. Just park by my house, and visit me. You can take me for a ride. That ought to be fun. Just like old times, but up there. Read about these latest REAL sightings, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I'd never lie about UFO sightings. I'm even thinking, lately, that I may want to carry on where the Lorenzens left off in the 1980s. You do know about the Lorenzens, don't you? They both died in the 1980s, after a long career in UFO sighting research. Their organization was APRO. APRO died in the 1980s, as well.

The above blog entry was made on November 21, 2010.

Believe it or not, I wasn't aware of your new Ellen interview on, when I wrote yesterday's blog entry. Was that posted afterwards? I have no idea. Lice are more like what the Jews, of the haulocaust, were suffering from. If you're lucky, maybe bedbugs aren't as bad, seeing how you're living in bedbug-infested New York. I know: Have room service bring something good for the little critters, and maybe they'll stay interested in it, and not in you. But you like being eaten in bed? Constantly? Well, lice do a more thorough job of it than bedbugs, I believe, so maybe you're doing alright afterall?

The above blog entry was made on November 17, 2010.

I was just thinking about all those news reports, a while back, about bedbugs in New York; your neck of the woods, since you live there. All I can say is, maybe you would do them the favor of sprinkling yourself with some seasoned salt, to make yourself taste your best. Lea & Perrins, maybe. I wouldn't worry too much, about it. People aren't really getting sick from those, are they?

That reminds me. There was just a news story on tv, here in LA, about some guy who has hundreds of spiders, many of them poisonous, at his place. If the bedbugs get too boring, maybe he'd have you over for the night, next to that eight-legged treasure trove. He can only say no?

The above blog entry was made on November 16, 2010.

I was just watching the Fashion Police yesterday. Guess what they had on. They had Melissa Rivers modeling some kind of boot that was similar, or the same, as something you're known to wear. I wasn't paying much attention to that story, so I can't be more specific about it. One moment, Melissa has stocking-covered legs. The next, she's wearing those leg-length boot things. And then, she's back to her stocking-clad legs. Her tattoo, on her left, inside, lower leg was showing. That's how I can be sure who I'm speaking to, when I'm out on the town, in West Hollywood, my Madonna. I was with her in Anaheim once. I could almost swear I saw that same tattoo on her, then.

The above blog entry was made on November 14, 2010.

That Lola of yours is on tv a lot these days. That looks like a sign, for her. She may be destined to become independently wealthy, soon after she turns 18, if she's not already. I guess she already is independently wealthy, considering her clothing line, or whatever product line she's got going.

I was just reflecting on how her height seemed to compare to yours, on tv. Is she shorter than you? Maybe it only looked that way due to the angle of the shot? If she's shorter at 17, she's going to always be shorter than you. You must realize that.

The above blog entry was made on November 9, 2010.

You really don't realize how much trouble you're sparing yourself from, by buying new expensive computers, do you? Well, take my word for it; that's what it is. Anytime one does all the maintenance manually, with spare parts, and so on, it puts oneself through a lot of work. That's presuming one is on the internet as much as I am. One can't even trust the person one buys used computer equipment from. Some of this hack/attack stuff is on the hardware level, which is, I believe, what just happened to me. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I just heard something about you, on tv the other day, but I was too busy to pay much attention to it. It sounded something like you having, or starting, a chain of some kind of store, or something. I'll have to look it up, when I get a chance. What could you be needing with more money, my Madonna? You planning to give some to me, or something? If you're giving, I'm taking. You know that. I'm not too proud to accept money from you.

The above blog entry was made on November 7, 2010.

Remember my mentioning the late author, Hans Holzer, here, many times? Well, I've just mentioned him again, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. In it I give another review of one of his books, this time on Speed Think. Think you think good enough, my Madonna? Dare to read that book? Afraid of what you may find in it?

The above blog entry was made on October 31, 2010.

Call for a hazmat cleanup of Washington DC. Read the following to find out what that stink is in Washington.
Click here to find out.

The above blog entry was made on October 30, 2010.

Got spiritual insight? Read what I've said in yesterday's and today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on October 28, 2010.

Is it raining enough for you there, on Long Island? Invite me over, so we can get drenched together, my Madonna. Partnered drenching is far better than solo drenching. You must be a real good drencher.

The above blog entry was made on October 27, 2010.

Remember, I was telling you recently that your computer is probably a pretty good one, at least it stands to reason. Well, my current computer feels that good, performancewise. It's probably not quite that good, but it seems like it could be. That's how good my current computer is. Are you glad for me? This is my fastest one so far.

Now, go torture Schwarzenegger for me, because he signed an obnoxious motorcycle muffler bill into law. It's clearly unconstitutional.

The above blog entry was made on October 21, 2010.

You missed one of the best nights so far, at Ten Tops, in Hollywood, Monday night. At least it was one of the best nights that I attended Ten Tops. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on October 20, 2010.

I know this is short notice, so the only way for you to catch me at the Sacred Fools theater, in Hollywood tonight, is to Samantha Stevens (or Steven's Madonna) it on over. Don't forget to drag Lola along with. You know I've never met her, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 18, 2010.

Tell me. What kind of computer are you using? I bet you've got a pretting good one. I'm about to do some CPU upgrades, here on my end. I can get CPUs pretty cheap, if I stick to the used ones of a while back. My current main board will support at least 3.4 GHz. In fact, I suspect I may be able to get it to work with something more like a 3.8 GHz bit-gobbling monster. That's not fully up-to-date hardware technology, but it's far better than what I have been using, up to this point. It should be a welcome difference. I'm running Intel now, but I think the best performance lies with AMD. I can switch hardware, between the two. It makes for interesting comparisons.

My sales did a downturn, but I'm hoping for a rebound. I may have to do some price juggling to rejumpstart sales. I reinvested the money I would have used to register my motorcycle, so I have to make some sales to get enough back for that. So, it looks like it'll be a while till I'm able to cruise over to your Hamptons place to terrorize you and Lola. Sorry for the wait. You can speed things up with a donation to me. You know that.

The above blog entry was made on October 15, 2010.

I see you're having Fall weather, there in the Hamptons. We've been having it here, too, interspersed with warm-to-hot days. Our lawns got both the rain the sun, making it grow more than it was during the Summer. Of course, I'm sure the rate of lawn growth doesn't bother you, my Madonna. I'm sure you have plenty of gardeners to do your work for you, unlike me, who does it himself. I suppose Lola is one of the kids who never had a turn pushing a lawnmower. She didn't miss anything fabulous. I can vouch for that. I've done plenty of lawn mowing, myself. I'd know something about it.

The above blog entry was made on October 9, 2010.

That Lola of yours is sure getting some time in the limelight, hanging out with you in front of the camera. The next thing you know, she'll be shooting a film or singing on stage, or who knows what, in front of an audience.

The above blog entry was made on October 7, 2010.

Is that ranch of yours, in the Hamptons, any less haunted than the London mansion you were living in? I just read In Quest of Ghosts, by the late Hans Holzer. Someone wrote in a review that it would scare the shit out of whomever. Well, it didn't have that effect on me. I just got to the end of it a few nights ago. It is worthwhile reading, though. Read what else I have to say about it, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on October 1, 2010.

I think Lola will probably become known for something besides being your daughter. It's a matter of time before that happens. I think she'll get there before too long.

The above blog entry was made on September 26, 2010.

I just had an idea. If you use it, having gotten the idea here, you owe me kickbacks, my Madonna. Here's the idea. If you would start selling your merchandise on Ebay, you'd stand a chance of beating the alltime ratings record on Ebay. Worth a try, or are you afraid of humiliation at not winning the top spot? See, now everyone note that Madonna isn't officially selling her merchandise on Ebay, which means she really got the idea of Ebay from me, if her stuff suddenly turns up there. They've got buy-it-now terms, not just auction style listings. Start forking over. I can't wait to get paid.

The above blog entry was made on September 23, 2010.

How did you get that audio track from a skittering flying saucer, for inclusion in the background of that music, in your current music video, at It works for that piece, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on September 22, 2010.

I'm a real contactee, my Madonna. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 18, 2010.

Read about how Obama and his cohorts (especially Al Gore) are harming the environment, by emphasizing the wrong things, in the design of things, like computers. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 17, 2010.

I hope you realize I may be ready to do a motorcycle raid on your Hamptons ranch, before long. Be sure to leave the light on, and the door unlocked for me. I know you'd be able to tell if I were on my way. Be good to me, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on September 15, 2010.

Read about my latest UFO realm exploits, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. You definitely don't want to miss this, I assure you. This is really exotic.

The above blog entry was made on September 14, 2010.

Yeah, the bitch almost sounds artistic sometimes . . . uh . . . I mean you, my Madonna. I just watched your current music video, at I'm willing to go so far as to admit that I like it . . . except for the overly dark picture. What's with that, huh? There are a number of elements coming together in that overall work (uh, I don't mean "wear overalls," mind you). Interestingly, some of the synth sound, in the background, hints at the UFO theme, which I've been making a lot of mention of, lately. If you'd keep all your new stuff on the artistic level of that one, or better, I'd have a lot more praise for you (your music, that is). I'll tell you, bluntly, what element in I don't like. That trilled voice stuff, although admittedly it goes with the sound somehow, sounds symbolic of the muslim world. That's a no no.

The above blog entry was made on September 12, 2010.

You know, I find myself in an interesting position at the moment. Some of my latest compositions are naturally falling together into a classical operatic show, for the stage. If it were to have a name, I think it'd have to be called something like Shark Lagoon. Picture a shark dancing with various whomevers--shark victims. The newer piece reminds me of a minuet, in qualities.

So, what do you think? I'm now destined to make my mark in the realm of true classical music? I don't see how I can avoid it. It's like it's meant to be. It'd be like musical sacrilege to not bring it to completeness and fruition. That is by virtue of this latest stuff of mine being so good. Can you imagine the greatest classics of all time having been created, and then filed away, without ever being presented to the public? That's something like what it'd be like to not put this stuff out to the public.

I've only been doing this composing and playing on my uke and piano keyboard, but I'm starting to picture how this would all fill out, to make a complete strings symphony, with violin and bass and so on. It's phenomenally good. Really. Even those who don't gravitate to classical music would like it, maybe love it.

The above blog entry was made on September 8, 2010.

You're not my only nightmare, my Madonna. Read about a couple of bad dreams I just had, yesterday and today. They're in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 7, 2010.

Our Lady of Guadalupe just visited me yesterday. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I'm serious. That wasn't you, was it, my ghostly one? I doubt it. I think She makes far more sense than you.

The above blog entry was made on September 3, 2010.

Guess what anniversary today is. Find out in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I've been seeing your face on tv lately, but I've been too busy to pay attention to the stories. Help revive my interest in you, my Madonna. I'm sure you know how to find me. I'll tell you what. I've got a new Hello Kitty watch begging to be yours, if you'd visit me within a week. You wouldn't, even if it were studded with giant diamonds and were made out of 24k gold? You could give it to Lola, but she doesn't want one that costs less than a thousand bucks?

The above blog entry was made on August 31, 2010.

I know you've been toying with the idea of Jewishness, so I've got a suggestion. Read the article, I've got a link to, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. It's about the genetics of the Jews. Genetics has become an archaeological tool.

The above blog entry was made on August 26, 2010.

Like I just said in today's Jen the hen blog entry, AB1506, the California bill to force the state to accept its own IOUs, just UNANIMOUSLY passed both houses. Now, between you being a bitch, and Jen's henpecking, you ought to be able to drive Arnold to sign the bill into law, or drive him mad. Go to it, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on August 25, 2010.

I just reviewed the book, The Shadow of the Unknown, by Coral E. Lorenzen, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. The final chapter is on Our Lady of Fatima. Are you familiar with that story, my Madonna? You ought to be. It reminds me of you.

The above blog entry was made on August 21, 2010.

Oh, my little Madonna. I just visited your website, and found and watched that music video you've got on, now. I don't recognize that song, but I never bought copies of your last couple of CDs, so maybe that's why. I don't listen to the radio, either, or maybe I'd have heard it there.

I would have helped you celebrate your recent 52nd birthday, but you won't listen to me anymore. You're only hurting yourself. I'm still your better other half, but you'd never admit it, would you, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on August 20, 2010.

I noticed another tv news story on you and your Lola. I wasn't watching it from the start, but it was about some fashion line that appeared to be named after one or both of you. Do you think Lola will reach the age of majority in the same year as the GOP regains a majority in the House and/or Senate? Will they? You know?

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention your birthday, yesterday. Now you're 52, too, like me. Well, happy birthday. You still owe me 52 belated happy birthdays.

The above blog entry was made on August 17, 2010.

Madonna is so old now, some can't tell who's older, her or Joan Rivers. Live Nation wants to give Madge the boot, and substitute her daughter, Lola (Lourdes). That's why Lola has been on TV so much, lately; brand recognition. You can't make this stuff up. But, I just did?

The above blog entry was made on August 11, 2010.

Are you doing more photo shoots? I haven't had time to check.

The above blog entry was made on August 10, 2010.

You're not the only one who's overpaid, my Madonna. Read how much the Oakland, CA police are getting, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on August 9, 2010.

Have you ever experienced the unexplained, my Madonna? I just had an unexplained experience today. The event was truly fortean. Be sure to read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on August 6, 2010.

I bet you're wondering how my Hans Holzer bibliography is coming along. Well, I reached the end of one vein I was working on. I haven't counted how many books are in my list now, but believe me, there have been a lot of additions since the last estimate I gave here. I'm now thinking of withholding the bibliography, except in a book I plan to write, which I intend to contain it. He's got books mostly in English, but also in French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Okay, I just quick counted, and came up with 157 that he did solo, or something like solo. I just counted 5 books he collaborated on. I just counted one book that he wrote an introduction to. I just counted two books that he wrote forewords to. That 157 count may go up or down, as I go over what I have, and possibly do more searching for titles of his. These figures give you a very good idea, though. Also, some of the books in a foreign language may be the same as an english version, except for the language. I haven't taken a good look at that yet. I had this number come to mind days ago, "160," and look at the number I just came up with. That's pretty close. Another psychic experience?

Uh, speaking of psychic experiences (or paranormal), here's something else. Last night, I was making a weak effort to contact Hans Holzer from the beyond, and I think I may have succeeded. After a short time, I heard an odd rumble in the distance, and that was in the wee hours of the morning. Then, this morning (or was it afternoon; I sleep in) I heard the same odd rumble in the distance, as if that was a sign. It's not a sound I've been hearing at home. Then, as a follow-up, I spotted a middle-aged guy pause at the entrance of my driveway, and light up a cigarette. As soon as I saw him I thought of Hans Holzer. You think?

The above blog entry was made on August 4, 2010.

I put in another couple of hours on compiling the Hans Holzer bibliography. At this rate, I should be finished in about three days, if I don't take a day off. I do two hours of it at a time, so far. I think I'm half finished with it.

I know; once I suggested you favor us with more nudes of yourself, you felt the overwhelming urge to shoot another one of yourself, the one I finally posted yesterday. Thanks again, my Madonna.

Catch Obama in an obvious lie about his father, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on August 3, 2010.

Yesterday (the day before, really), I added more books to the Hans Holzer bibliography I'm compiling. It's a big job, but someone ought to do it. It looks like that falls to me, to be the one to do it, and I'm doing it. You can tell me "thank you" now, my Madonna.

You really delivered for us, with this next photo, my Madonna.

We can't wait for the next, and the next, and the next . . .

The above blog entry was made on August 2, 2010.

Being a recreational UFOer, yourself, you may be interested in one of Hans W. Holzer's books, namely, The Ufonauts: New Facts on Extraterrestrial Landings. I haven't even read it myself. I just found out about it yesterday, while looking for a different book on UFOs.

What impresses me about Holzer is that he's written well over a hundred books, most of which explore the paranormal. He's also written one or two on hypnosis, and some others on vegetarian dieting, unorthodox medicine, and healing, including psychic healing, none of which I've read, so far. After all, I can't get down to business and read all this stuff on the same night I discover Hans Holzer, especially since books don't deliver that fast.

I was attempting, last night, to compile, as complete as possible, a comprehensive bibliography of his books, but I ended up going to bed, after accomplishing half of it. I've, so far, got 91 of his books in my list, including one he cowrote, plus one he wrote a foreword to. I had to call it quits somewhere; it was about 4:00 am, and that's about my knockoff time, as it's been going for me, lately.

Imagine collecting all of his books, and then sitting down and reading all of them in one sitting. The feat would be worthy of another book on the paranormal.

By the way, I have read one of Holzer's books about half way, when I was a kid. It was the one titled, Ghosts I've met. It's like I ought to pick up a copy, to read it the rest of the way. It spooked me back then. That's why I didn't finish it.

Hans Holzer just died in April of last year. He was 89. He was born the same year as my late father.

The above blog entry was made on July 31, 2010.

So, Lourdes has her own clothing line. Will she also be following in your footsteps, by parading around buck naked? I don't mean that as a put-down. I'm all for that kind of freedom, my Madonna.

Oh, by the way, I just heard an update of Lourdes' age. A recent tv report pegged her at 17 years of age. Is that right? You'd know, right? You think? I thought that was an awful long time to be 12 or so.

The above blog entry was made on July 30, 2010.

So, now everyone on earth knows your daughter's nickname is Lola. The two of you were just shown on tv, yesterday. They showed Lola at different points in time, with different looks. It appears she's now a nonadult version of a debutante, who we'll see a lot more of. I wonder if she's feeling any pressure to not be upstaged by you, my Madonna. Maybe she'd feel more of that kind of pressure by the time she reaches 18. You were already venturing out well before you were 18, as we both remember so well. Maybe I should have picked a name for you that meant some kind of animal. You know what I mean.

The above blog entry was made on July 29, 2010.

Think that "joke" that Glenn told, putting you on his Crime Inc. blackboard, was a hint that he's paying attention to me? Read some of the things I just wrote to Glenn Beck the other day. It's in today's Jen the hen blog entry. None of it was about you, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 24, 2010.

Glenn Beck did it again. He pointed you out on his Crime Inc. blackboard, so early in the show, I hardly had a chance to hear what he was saying, since I sometimes turn on his show minutes into it. Lady Gaga was there, on that blackboard, too. Actually, it sounded like he said he was just kidding about you two being there on his blackboard. You consider that a big letdown, that he was kidding, because you were hoping to sue him?

The above blog entry was made on July 23, 2010.

I noticed that Glenn Beck had you on his chalkboard today, with some political undesirables. I wish I had heard what he had to say about you, my Madonna. It's understandable that you'd be there, though, really.

The above blog entry was made on July 22, 2010.

I noticed your current music video has some of your earlier type sound in it. I didn't bother to listen to all of it. Unlike you, I'm always busy. Too busy for you? Drop by and maybe I'd deign to see you, my Madonna.

Oh, by the way, I have some things to say about my mailing lists, which are accessible from a link near the bottom of this page. Read today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on July 17, 2010.

If I ever find myself being a full-fledged movie producer, I won't hold Mel Gibson's racism accusations against him. In fact, I'd consider that a qualification, rather than a strike against him, as long as he's not anti-white.

The above blog entry was made on July 15, 2010.

Today's Jen the hen blog entry is required reading, my Madonna. It's important, and there's going to be a test on it.

The above blog entry was made on July 14, 2010.

I hope you realize that Obama, and his ilk, are fighting an unofficial civil war against whitey, my Madonna. What do you think?

The above blog entry was made on July 13, 2010.

I know you're experienced with UFO's, Madonna, but have you read up on that stuff? Today's Jen the hen blog entry serves as a guide to further reading on the subject. You do like to know what you're talking about, don't you? You don't talk about that?

How dirty is Democrat politics? Take a look at this:
CNN: Reid and Angle battle over website
A political fistfight over a website claiming to spotlight "the real Sharron Angle" is heating up the campaigns of Nevada's Republican Senate nominee and that of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Angle campaign released a statement Monday night saying that they sent a "cease and desist" letter to Reid's campaign last Friday, which they say forced the Reid camp to take down a website that falsely represented itself as Angle's campaign website.
Yeah, that's dirty.

The above blog entry was made on July 11, 2010.

You're making the Hamptons hot and humid, my Madonna. No, that's their normal weather this time of year? Well, you could visit me for a while, and see if it makes any difference.

I'm wondering if you shipped your car fleet from London to New York. Well?

My 94 year-old aunt, the one who was just on Jay Leno's show, just died. Now my mother and one of her brothers are all who are left of those siblings.

The above blog entry was made on July 7, 2010.

I've become a ufologist. I just read another book on the subject. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on June 28, 2010.

I just heard talk on tv that Lady Gaga may be trying to capitalize on the image concept of mimicking your image, or early image. I was just watching Larry King interview her on tv.

I suspect your Lourdes is just about on the verge of breaking into the publicity scene, as she's maturing. I just saw a shot of her with you on tv. Can the world handle a second real Madonna, a Madonna Jr., of sorts?

Why is it that it almost seems that Loudes has been around longer than she has? It almost has to be explained in terms of the supernatural. It seems almost like she's been that age for the past 15 years, but she's not even 15 yet, is she? It's some kind of temporal illusion.

The above blog entry was made on June 27, 2010.

Well, my reading about UFO's finally pushed me over the edge . . . to make me start my study of the Portuguese language, that is. Remember, I bought that language set many months ago, but I never started it, until about an hour and a half ago. You see, the language barrier was frustrating me, even in terms of pronunciation. I'd keep seeing Portuguese names in these UFO stories, and I'm the type who feels annoyed by not knowing a pronunciation. The only solution was to finally make myself start on the adventure of leaning Portuguese, especially since I've had that language learning set waiting for me for months.

My first impression of the pronunciation? In just the first two lessons, which I just completed, I heard similarities to many languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, English and even Russian. Yeah, my former impression of the seeming oddness of Portuguese pronunciation was just verified for me, beyond all doubt.

The above blog entry was made on June 23, 2010.

APRO, the defunct Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, went down in infamy, after a technicality of their not revealing something right away, about someone not passing a polygraph about a saucer event. Afterwards, the same person passed the polygraph, but it was already too late. The Lorenzens' peers held the withholding as dishonest. APRO dissolved in 1988, some years after both Coral and Jim Lorenzen had died, in the early 1980's. Some former APRO members split off into different UFO organizations. It really was unfair, since the Lorenzens were really truthful and conscientious. It makes me suspect some ulterior glory-hogging motives of some of their associates.

The above blog entry was made on June 21, 2010.

It's almost Summer, my Madonna. Tomorrow is the beginning.

You ought to read my update on the AVB saucer case, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. For saucer aficionados, it's to die for, if one can believe me. It'd help to be able to believe me, because I tell it straight. I know; you're too busy messing up politics and government to take time to read about UFO's.

The above blog entry was made on June 20, 2010.

Your political criminal cohort, Barack Obama, is illegitimate, since it was a widely known fact during his candidacy that he was born in Kenya. Many people around the world knew. Barack's grandmother witnessed Barack's birth in Kenya. Find the link to the information in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. What's more, pseudo-president Obama has been paying millions of dollars to a legal defense team to keep the information of his illegitimacy from the public. Like I've been saying all along, Obama is a Chicago gangster, not an official.

The above blog entry was made on June 19, 2010.

There's more saucer info in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. Check it out. I know you'd be lying if you said you weren't interested in that. I know you're interested in saucers.

The above blog entry was made on June 18, 2010.

Read about my Red Square UFO experience, in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on June 17, 2010.

Have you ever banned anyone from your website, my Madonna? I just did. I had the guy in acting classes, in the past. He doesn't show due respect for freedom. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I've got more comments about The Humanoids, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on June 16, 2010.

Today's flag day, my Madonna. I hung the flag at midnight, and I plan to take it down at midnight. I don't remember mentioning it. I made a flag holder on Memorial Day, and attached it at the edge of the roof. I had the flag up on Memorial Day, too.

I've got experience with UFO's, too, as I've been mentioning on occasion, here. Read what I have to say about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

In reality, the fact of someone being a UFO "skeptic" is proof of one of the following:
1. Not having read anthing about UFO's, ie being incompetent to form an opinion on them.
2. Being stupid.
3. One hasn't witnessed one (I've witnessed many).
4. One is an obscurantist.
You're not in one of those four categories, are you?

The above blog entry was made on June 14, 2010.

You should see the line drawing of a particular UFO, in The Humanoids, by Charles Bowen et al. If you were going to buy a UFO for appearances, you might consider it. The one I mean is on page 232. Imagine that one descending to collect Jen the hen. You think?

The above blog entry was made on June 12, 2010.

Hmmm, I've got another interesting report in today's Jen the hen blog entry, involving none other than (Pun intended. Even this is a put.) Squeaky and Sandy. You know who I mean.

The above blog entry was made on June 11, 2010.

I've seen news about you lately, but I haven't had time to even pay attention to it, my Madonna.

I've been wanting to buy a used bass guitar, and I came close to it, late last year, but it didn't happen. I've got so many things going, as far as purchases and projects, I doubt I'd be acquiring a bass for another many months. I know you never had this kind of money struggle back in our day. I'd know, as you'd know.

Check out Julia Louise-Dreyfus, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Oh, by the way, get a load of that middle name there. Look familiar? No, you don't know your own middle name? You do.

The above blog entry was made on June 10, 2010.

Were you wondering when I'd tell you about Monday's show? You can read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry. You must know that there are links both at the top and bottom of this page, to get to my Jen the hen blog. Go there. Bye.

The above blog entry was made on June 9, 2010.

I've got my California election picks for todays primary election, in my Jen the hen blog entry for today, my Madonna. I know you're not eligible to vote in my dictrict anyway, and even if your were, you'd probably vote straight communist party . . . uh, democrat party.

The above blog entry was made on June 8, 2010.

I just told the hen that I've been too busy to pay attention to the chicken news, lately. Likewise, I've been too busy to pay attention to the Madonna news, lately. I guess you, like the hen, will have to watch the news for yourself, my Madonna. That is, unless you want to give me enough money to free my time up for watching more news.

I did notice that you're getting a lot of rain in the Hamptons, lately. You sound so electronic in your latest web video. Don't let yourself short-circuit. You've always been all wet; why would I worry about it now? Actually, the fact that you're always wet is a sign of your being oversexed, mainly.

The above blog entry was made on June 6, 2010.

Oh, what a surprise. I just visited your, for the first time in about a few days. It looks like you've already embraced the UFO theme I recently was talking about here, at this website. I say that because of the sound in your current video, on your home page. It reminds me of pulsing UFO sounds. Really, they don't sound all alike. I know UFO's are near and dear to your MadonnaBitch heart. After all, you didn't cruise in those things because you hated them. Send me over some DIY plans for one. I'm newly bitten by such wanderlust, and maybe some other kind of lust, while I'm at it.

My favorite auto salvage yard is on fire. Why don't you go over there and blow it out or something? You were always a good blower. I've been one of their best customers. I used to go there to scrounge for auto parts. I haven't been there in a while. Coincidentally, that's the yard that I pulled and bought the transmission for the '72 Toyota Corona I used to have, the one in my 2002 trip photos. I'm serious; that's definitely the yard I got it from. The yard is just south of PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), on Coil, in Wilmington. This fire story has been in the tv news here, in the greater Los Angeles area.

The above blog entry was made on June 5, 2010.

You think they're going to initiate a new menu tradition in The Big Easy, like maybe BP Black Bayou Chowder? Hey, I'd do it, if I had a restaurant there. Set me up with the funds for a new restaurant there, and we'll give it a try. We could have a whole BP Black Bayou menu. You think? I just had clam chowder at dinner tonight, but it looked very white.

The above blog entry was made on June 4, 2010.

I just detailed what they did wrong, to cause "top kill" to not work. Read my explanation in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. There you'll find the how-to information to enable "top kill" to work. They're dragging their feet, waiting till August to turn off the leak. It was all planned that way. It was staged, in a conspiracy to contaminate the whole Gulf of Mexico. It's dirty politics. They want to wait until August to turn off the leak, pretending to not know how. It's world communism interests involved.

The above blog entry was made on June 1, 2010.

If you'd start taking me out to dinner again, it could save me from eating at Norm's. But, what do you care about me? You never really cared about me, my Madonna. You probably feel "it serves me right, to eat at Norm's." You eat at far more expensive places, I'm sure. If you're lucky, they wouldn't even have a Norm's in the state of New York. Then you'd be less in peril of someone you can't say no to taking you to Norm's.

Now that I've said that, read about my latest meal at Norm's, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on May 31, 2010.

Could you maintain your position as the pop queen forever, literally, my Madonna? Think you need resveratrol to live forever, to find out? Never heard of resveratrol? Find a link to an article to read up on it, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Actually, you of all people I think would be around just as long without the stuff, but you ought to read this article anyway.

I was just about to sign off for the night, but thought I ought to mention a coincidence. This blog just passed the 58,000 visits mark, and '58 was the year both of us were born, and I just mentioned the fountain of youth substance, resveratrol, above. This is just a coincidence. I neither staged this nor anticipated it, my Madonna. So, 1958 is nothing; wait till we reach 2058? 2158?

The above blog entry was made on May 30, 2010.

I've just experienced some synchronicity, of sorts. My latest new musical composition (I'm trying to remember if I mentioned it to you yet.), which has spun off of my work with To E! or not to E!, has a curious property. It reminds me of the kind of sound that matches the Israeli espionage theme, I was just reading about in Gideon's Spies. Imagine a Bond-like (James Bond) movie, with this new music of mine as its theme. It would work fabulously for the purpose, I'm sure of that. I only know of one movie ever done about Israeli intelligence, or espionage. It was called The Spy Machine, of 1998, and I never saw it. I ought to talk to Zvi Spielmann, who's an Israeli filmmaker, to see if he might be interested. There could never be too many movies of the sort?

The above blog entry was made on May 29, 2010.

Got Orwell's 1984? Read Dudley Brown's description of what Obama's up to. It bears a striking resemblance. Read more about this in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 28, 2010.

What temperature did you so-called have on Long Island this morning? Are the weather reporting services reporting high, in complicity with "global warming" mythology? Read today's Jen the hen blog entry. I've got a local example.

The above blog entry was made on May 25, 2010.

I know you've done the UFO scene, but have you read up on UFO's, my Madonna? Read my latest UFO exploits, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I've been having a particular thought about you for months, but I guess I'll never quite figure it out completely, until I've had more time around you, to pick up on it. I can't even hint what it's about.

The above blog entry was made on May 24, 2010.

You've got to read what I have to say about Bret Michael's, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. The coincidence involves Israel. Have I got your curiosity up yet, my Madonna?

I just saw a tv report about you bitching. They said you're displeased with the jailing of a gay couple in Malawi. Then, they showed the couple, a pair of black men. It sounded like you think progressivism to be a good thing. How wrong can anyone be? That's bad.

The above blog entry was made on May 22, 2010.

Well, I suppose I'd never be browsing your former London mansion's library, now that you gave the place up as part of your divorce settlement. So, this could make it harder to spy on what you've been up to, my Madonna. What do I mean; you don't read? I admit I just bought a couple of thick books about Hitler. Your hero? I doubt it. It seems few people claim Hitler to be their hero.

The above blog entry was made on May 21, 2010.

Oh, you'll never guess what? Well, I just had an epiphany. One of my newest pieces of music just gave birth to another piece. This new piece is still in development, but I'll say this one thing about it right now. So far, it has that kind of warm buzz feel to it, like I've sometimes gotten from listening to one piece of music or other, latenight at the strip joint, in West Hollywood. It's like you have to feel it to know what I mean.

You see, I was continuing to play around with the sounds, working with my To E! or not to E!, and this one phenomenal sounding thing started spontaneously happening, and now it's blooming into a fullfledged work of its own. Of course, I'm delighted. I never know exactly when I'm about to start on something new. Here I am, at that point again, with this one.

It's like a bonus for continuing to work with one of my works, this effect, wherein it suddenly starts spawing a new work. That's the way it's been happening, lately. When I reach that point with something, I have to just go with the idea, because it's undeniable what it is at that point, that it's a new piece aborning.

The above blog entry was made on May 20, 2010.

According to ASCAP, you just achieved the biggest grossing tour. How rich could you be, after the latest tour? Maybe your balance has gone way above the six-hundred and some million I last saw reported? Maybe that's what people are wondering about you, now?

You still need my input and help with music, except people have no real taste in music these days, so you're getting away with the junk sound. Don't I always have nice things to say about you, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on May 19, 2010.

It's now been proved that Barack Obama's "birth certificate" is a forgery. That means he's not a legitimate U. S. President. His prison cell is awaiting him. Learn about this in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I must be in a good mood, because I'm going to do you a favor, right here and now. I'll tell you why your shortcut icon, for, isn't displaying. It's because it is not in the root directory, ie "" . Do you get what I'm saying? Your icon is in another directory, namely, "" , so Internet Explorer can't find it. Microsoft makes IE simple-minded that way. So, the solution is this: Relocate, or copy, your shortcut icon to your root directory, namely, "". Now do you get it? It's easy. It only takes a few minutes to fix it. I was just going to say "I'm sure your webmaster would understand what I'm saying," but judging from the mislocation of the icon, maybe not. I'll tell you what: Send me your login info, and I'll take care of it for you. For that matter, I've got plenty of time to be your fulltime webmaster. How'd you like that; us working together again, after so many years?

The above blog entry was made on May 18, 2010.

What's new, bitch? I have something for you. Read what I have about the Clintons in today's Jen the hen blog entry. It's important. Don't miss it. You do care about the country, don't you? You do, but you want to destroy it? Read this Clinton story I have, anyway.

The above blog entry was made on May 17, 2010.

Lucky you. You just bought that ranch in the Hamptons, and now commodities are about to explode. You really do a volume of animal husbandry there, my bitch? You do? It's just another kind of mixed marriage in your odd way of looking at it? You've had it with human husbands?

The above blog entry was made on May 14, 2010.

I guess after the U. S. has been overthrown the rest of the way by the liberals, the only tours you'd be doing would be millitary-might-display parades, a la the former Soviet Union. How much would they be paying you then? Have they told you? The U. S. is undergoing the most extreme dismantling of personal freedoms ever. What's your kickback, my Madonna? Maybe you haven't figured that out yet?

Care about California? Check this out, bitch:
Los Angeles Times: Schwarzenegger's revised budget plan is expected to eliminate health programs

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to present a revised budget plan Friday that would dismantle some of California's landmark healthcare programs after efforts to scale them back have been reversed by federal courts. The rulings, issued mostly over the last two years, have already forced the state to unwind roughly $2.4 billion in cuts approved by the governor and Legislature and have alarmed other financially strapped states seeking ways to balance their budgets. Schwarzenegger has lashed out at the federal judges, saying they've been "going absolutely crazy" and accusing them of interfering with the state's ability to get its finances in order. The rulings tie their hands, administration officials say, and they are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in a petition supported by 22 other states.,0,266819.story
(excerpted from a CNN email news update)

The above blog entry was made on May 13, 2010.

Working on another album yet? You hooked up with the wrong crowd; your sound slid way downhill. You want to talk to me?

The above blog entry was made on May 11, 2010.

Here's the update on it, already. I just received that advanced German language package today. I bought it from The Friends of the San Francisco Library. If there's any interest in learning German in San Francisco, it doesn't show, judging from this language set. By all appearances, it wasn't used even once. It arrived in pristine condition, except for some slight soiling of the outside of the case. There wasn't a single expiry sticker on the set, like it wasn't checked out even once. Maybe they all lose interest in German, before they get to the advanced level.

The above blog entry was made on May 10, 2010.

Speaking of Brazil (yesterday), my calendar's picture for the month is of the Amazon rain forest. You there? I still haven't started my Portuguese language course. I probably won't, until my curiosity gets to me.

Speaking of language (I'm always speaking of something), I just bought an advanced German language course package, to continue where my other course package left off. I haven't bothered studying any language since July. I've been busy.

The above blog entry was made on May 9, 2010.

The fact that news on the Madonna has been scarce lately, maybe I should suspect you to be on vacation someplace. Brazil? Argentina? England? Tell us, my Madonna. Maybe you're mounting again, working on breaking more ribs?

The above blog entry was made on May 8, 2010.

I know; You're a tiger this year, and this is the year of the tiger. Maybe you're a tiger AND a cougar? No; Jesus, the Brazilian, dropped you when he found out you're a tiger, not a cougar? Do you have a right to work, my Madonna? Well, if you made sense, you'd support the right to work, as it is known, to oppose forced unionization in the U. S. Read about this right-to-work issue in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on May 6, 2010.

Madonna, if you're still consulting kabala types, do this for me. Ask what they think my recent dream means. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on May 5, 2010.

Having only sweet dreams? Read about the scary dream I just had, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

E! just had a report on you. They said you just did a photo shoot in only bra and panties. They were black lacy ones. You can do better than that. Why were you wearing anything, my Madonna? Because nudes wouldn't be for the general public? If the government won't allow exposure, the government must be dispensed with.

The tyrant, Obama, was just reported as wanting to put the internet under FCC control. The FCC in unconstitution; it wildly violates the public's First Amendment rights. The existence of an FCC also wildly violates the public's right to freedom of information. The Constitution contradicts itself, in allowing regulation, then claiming to provide separation of the tree branches of government. With regulation in the system, there is no accountability. It gives the president unlimited power to bypass the legislature, and effectively pass any laws (regulations) he chooses, by appointing regulators, and telling them what regulations to create. The idea of the Constitution providing freedom is a blatant myth and lie. The Constitution gives unlimited power to politicians, with no real recourse for the people. The founding fathers knew that, but they set up shop that way anyway. They're the most overrated scoundrels in history.

The above blog entry was made on May 4, 2010.

The hard part to figure out about your leaning to the left is:
Why do you favor redistribution of wealth, since you already have loads of money?
I know it's not sincere generosity towards the disadvantaged, since you're one of the greediest persons I know.

Most of "environmentalism" is really redistribution of wealth and the overthrowing of freedom, with its attendant growth of government, in general. Read some insight on this, through a quote, in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 3, 2010.

Madonna, you need to stop adopting. The trend of adopting foreign kids is all wrong for the white celeb crowd. I say it like it is. Only white supremacism is true humanitarianism.

The above blog entry was made on May 2, 2010.

Well, you've succeeded, my Madonna. This is now the United Soviet of America. Since it's also May Day, today, grab your sickles and hammers for the May Day celebration. [added note: See the nice May Day poster in today's Jen the hen blog entry.]

The above blog entry was made on May 1, 2010.

As your perpetual music manager, I order you to attend my June 7th live show, in Hollywood. Read more about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on April 30, 2010.

Like I just said in today's Jen the hen blog entry, I just switched to IE 8, from IE 6, so now my web surfing is much quicker. You're so rich, maybe you have IE 9, before it's released to the public, or could afford to have it before. You're going to check with them, to find out? While you're at it, pick me up a copy too, and a copy of their latest OS. Don't tell me; you already have Windows 8, too?

I still want to visit you at your Hamptons ranch, my Madonna. You'll leave the light on, like they say in that motel commercial? I never need a motel, in any of your necks of the woods? Yes, but you don't have a place in the woods?

The above blog entry was made on April 29, 2010.

Got cancer? Good . . . uh . . . read today's Jen the hen blog entry, here as always, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 28, 2010.

What are you goofing up now, in politics, my Madonna? You're so busy monkeying in things, it's almost a foregone conclusion that you'd be fouling up something important in the world as I write this. You parallel the democrat politicians. They try to imply that the more they do the better, but it's obviously the reverse, and that's how you parallel those "officials." They're official nut cases, in my book.

The above blog entry was made on April 26, 2010.

Have you ever graced a Playboy photo spread, my Madonna? I doubt it, since I think I'd have heard of it. Maybe Hugh'd consider you, even at your age. You think? I've got a peek at Chelsea Handler nude, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. She was the cover girl of December's Playboy. Don't you envy her for doing that?

The above blog entry was made on April 24, 2010.

You know, I've come to another plateau with that December, 2008 music composition I've been working on, on and off. Now, I feel like I've finally zeroed in on the theme. Nautical, yes, it is. I mentioned it reminded me of a shark lagoon theme. Well, now, on its own, it lead me to the theme of a wrestle with an unrelenting shark. If the composition demands itself to be that theme, so be it. I'm not going to argue with it. I had a vision of such a wrestle with a shark, the other night. The shark was pushing the guy through the water during the struggle. It's horrid, really. So, it looks like I've got the theme. Now, onto the lyrics.

I was doing more work on the sound of this piece tonight. It, yet again, was evolving in me, to a more classical quality. Not only classical, but intrinsically of a watery nature, as if the swells and swirles of the water were corresponding to the sound of the music. It was doing that in me before, but today even more so. The sound seems to have finally arrived to where it demands to be, in its evolutionary history.

Now, imagine writing lyrics to such a monstrous theme. This remains to be seen. I'm wondering if I'll change my mind. I might, unless I make the words vague, as if inviting myriad interpretations. I'll see.

The above blog entry was made on April 23, 2010.

Mein Kampf is as relevant today as it was during Hitler's time. Read it, bitch. All of it.

The above blog entry was made on April 22, 2010.

Have you read Mein Kampf, my bitch? You must. It's required reading. It's an important political and historical work. Read what I just said about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry. There are stark parallels to current politics in the U. S.

The above blog entry was made on April 20, 2010.

Biotch, buy me a set of all of Gershwin's recordings, and bring it over to me, so I can be sure the Gershwin-inspired piece I composed doesn't seem to borrow from any of his music. I swear, it sounds so much like his type of sound, it makes me wonder, at least a little. Well, since I was him in one of the versions of earth, maybe I should think of this as continuing where I left off. You think?

The above blog entry was made on April 19, 2010.

Ever since I mentioned Nothing Fails again, the other night, I've been wanting to mention that I didn't bring that up, to put you down again. I just mentioned it because of a coincidence of mood shared between it and some of my recent compositions. I've averaged something of a dismal mood for most of my adult life, and it's still pouring out of me, in my music, my Madonna. The mood thing is largely due to my chronic lack of funds, which situation hasn't improved, to this day. Hhhmmmm . . . What could that have to do with Madonna? Actually, I wasn't planning on bringing that up again either.

The above blog entry was made on April 18, 2010.

Recently, I thought I'd lost the photo of you naked with a bicycle, standing by a tree. Well, to my happy surprise, I just found it. Click on it to see a blowup of you, my Madonna.

Of course, the more of you I have to post here, the better. Keep them coming. Oh, that's a pun.

I just rediscovered a background photo of you, in what reminds me of parochial school uniform. That reminds me of my prior life, attending parochial school.

You're welcome to ride on my motorcycle with me, to explore Death Valley later this Spring, my Madonna. Don't be late.

The above blog entry was made on April 17, 2010.

Remember that piece of music I started composing on Christmas of 2008? Well, I just spent some serious time, last night, towards deciding on a theme, from which to write the lyrics for it. It has a feeling which suggests a variety of thematic possibilities, which makes it harder to decide on the theme. One possibility was a shark attack lagoon, and another was you, my Madonna. The music suggests natural beauty combined with mortal danger, and admittedly, that could mean you, my very evil one. You well know how evil you've been towards me over the years. I think I'll go with the lagoon theme, instead. I think a piece of music would have to evoke evil far more conspicuously, to capture the real you, warped one.

The above blog entry was made on April 15, 2010.

You know, my latest composition, Anarchy Blues, is so dreary, it demands to be recorded and posted here, ASAP. You think? Actually, it's still in development. My new compositions usually don't spring into being, instantly in perfect form. They usually require some work before they're ready for the public. Your only dreary recording, that I'm aware of, is the one I composed in Fullerton, in the early 1970's, called Nothing Fails. I know; you didn't credit me for that one. You know, the one that went into your American Life album. I hate to mention it, but we both well know it's mine. I didn't even much like it, originally, but it got pretty good by the time it was done. My original inspiraton for it spun off of some work I was doing in class, with my ex-guitar teacher, of the late 1960's to about 1970. Yeah, the development of that piece started in about 1970. Now you know. I talked to you about it in the 1970's, when we were doing things together.

The above blog entry was made on April 13, 2010.

I just cranked out another composition, this time, I think I'm going to call it Anarchist Blues. You can read what I said about this, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

Speaking of my new compositions, I cranked out a new composition a while back. Playing it night after night, I came up with the idea of naming it Bouncing Back, which name derives from both the rythm in it, and some political themes it reminded me of.

I know; you're just in it for the money. You're not a true musical artist, per se. Don't you like the way I keep making jabs at you? Those you earned, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 12, 2010.

The cat has gotten so fat since I started feeding it, I'm wondering if it's pregnant. You can afford to feed all the cats on Long Island, my Madonna. Then they'd all look pregnant, too.

You'll never look pregnant again, will you? The public is dying to know if you're still capable of having kids. If you tell 'em you can't, they'd stop fantasizing about you, and start thinking of you as an old bag. Maybe you'd want to keep it a secret, with all your other secrets.

The above blog entry was made on April 10, 2010.

It felt like Winter here, in northern Orange County, the OC, my Madonna. At about 6:30 am this morning, I peeked outside at the thermometer. It read 44° F. The cat was sitting beside the sliding window door, facing away from the wall. It reminded me of a cat version of a Nazi standing guard duty in the Winter in the 1940's in Europe, outside my door. I really ought to pick up an Uzi submachine gun for it; all Nazi's need to be well-armed, especially while on duty to defend me, personally. Why, it's no wonder there'd be a Nazi outside my place to defend me, as I'm Hitler's replacement, believe it or not. Yes, it's true.

The above blog entry was made on April 6, 2010.

You know, I strongly suspect you don't think like Rush Limbaugh, my Madonna. Read what I just said in today's Jen the hen blog entry. There's a Limbaugh comment linked to there.

The above blog entry was made on April 5, 2010.

As I was just wrting, in my Jen the hen blog, I'm thinking of applying to the FCC for my own radio station license. It could be highly specialized. I could be the Rush Limbaugh figure of southern California, on my own station. I could discriminate against all ethnic music I don't like. My station could be a fresh breath of air-borne radio waves.

The above blog entry was made on April 4, 2010.

You ought to read what I just told Jen the hen, in that blog entry, today.

Now, it appears the Obama liberals are trying to intimidate their political victims, ie the public, by terrorizing the public into not expressing doubt about the liberal propaganda. I just watched a video ad, at CNN, that suggests one to get treatment, if one has "Irrational Disbelief Syndrome."

The above blog entry was made on April 1, 2010.

You know, there is one aspect of music I'm struggling with at this time. It's the fact that I'm naturally spewing tradtional-sounding new music, rather than more modern-sounding stuff. That's fine, in a way, but it could potentially draw less money, if my recent music starts selling. One option I have is to jazz it up, so to speak, to conform more to modern trends. A second option I'm still toying with is the idea of releasing multiple versions of the various pieces, some more traditional-sounding, and some more modern-sounding. That's the one way I could have it both ways. I have to release it, before it'd sell, of course. It's on its way.

Madonna, as your un-firable manager, I order you to pay off my $20K or so debts, so the creditors would stop bothering me. Your negligence is disruptive of my artistic flow. Do it, biotch! Oh, and by the way, you have to channel it through me, or the creditors might play dumb (which they are), and pretend to have never received the money.

The above blog entry was made on March 31, 2010.

Have you noticed? For the past year or so, I've been adding entries here to both blogs at the same time, and not to just one at a time.

You know, I still have this feeling that maybe you are courting the idea of marrying me, considering all the news items about you over the last year plus. It's at least half believable. Well? Don't tell me you're shy.

The above blog entry was made on March 30, 2010.

You must look like a wet rag, with all the heavy rain in the Hamptons at this time. You could conserve valuable water by showering in the open in the rain outside. It'd give your neighbors a chance to do some quality peeking. You could invite 'em over, and make an event of it. Maybe you don't want them to see you with goosebumps.

I was just thinking I should do some music videos, and post them on Youtube. My music is so good, it speaks for itself. I'm not confident the public's taste in music is much good these days. I plan to do the music videos anyway. If their taste is not too insane, maybe the music videos would create a clamor for my recordings, which I've yet to record, but I'm planning to record them.

The above blog entry was made on March 29, 2010.

You should read all I have to say in today's Jen the hen blog entry (at this website, of course). I was telling about some of my latest musical work, including yet another new piece of music I just composed on my Yamaha keyboard. When I say I just composed a new piece of music, that usually is the starting point, or early point of the composition. From there the piece undergoes gradual change.

Believe it or not, that new piece I started on Christmas day of 2008 is still undergoing subtle changes, although it's basically all there. I was just thinking again that I ought to sit down with it and finally write the lyrics for it. I've been putting that off all this time, because I never firmly settled on a theme, from which to write. Decisions, decisions.

The above blog entry was made on March 28, 2010.

You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that some of those politicians who put on a show of opposing Obamacare were really hoping for it to pass. I suspect some of them would only be planning to put on another show, this time of trying to repeal it. This country needs the death penalty to get rid of politicians whose dirty politics are really against the public's interests. Big government is ALWAYS against the real public interests, despite the lies of the democrats to the contrary.

The above blog entry was made on March 22, 2010.

How black are you, Madonna? Have you been supporting the mandating of "healthcare" insurance, or "Obamacare?" Read what I say about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 21, 2010.

What were you doing in the 1960's, with The Letter on the radio? Read today's Jen the hen blog entry, in which I detail some of the better times of my life, back then.

The above blog entry was made on March 18, 2010.

I just designed a rear impact absorbsion mechanism, that would protect a car from a high speed rear-ending. A CNN news story just gave me the idea of designing it. I'm not familiar with Ford's comparable design, but mine would work. Read more about this stuff in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 15, 2010.

Well, so now we know you are NOT the marriage ref, as evidenced by the video excerpt on Make it easy on yourself; you know you're mine, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 14, 2010.

They still haven't stopped playing up that "Marriage Ref" show on tv, which you appear to be doing. I admit I've never watched it. I suppose it'd only be available on pay-per-view, or some similar arrangement. One thought just crossed my mind: Why would anyone seek your advice on marriage? All your marriages have ended. Of course, were you to ever marry me, it'd never end. Would it, my little Madonna darling?

The above blog entry was made on March 12, 2010.

I've got more to say on Charlie M. M., in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. There's even a short video of one of Charlie's former prison administrators, talking about Charlie's life behind bars.

The above blog entry was made on March 11, 2010.

Don't you wish that Iraq had the atomic bomb, and that Saddam Hussein were still alive and in power over there? Read the news article I pointed to, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. After all, you're a liberal, aren't you?

The above blog entry was made on March 10, 2010.

Well, my bitch, my four new works of music are already searchable on ASCAP's ACE title search, online. That's not all, as long as I'm still kickin'.

The above blog entry was made on March 9, 2010.

Well, have you lined up the use of my new The Red Carpet, for today's Oscars event yet, my Madonna? No? What are you waiting for? Wouldn't they listen to you? They really don't regard you all that highly? You would, but you're trying to squeeze every last bit of life out of me, by opposing all my possible options to make a living, especially in music?

The above blog entry was made on March 7, 2010.

Well, here it is, my new music, The Red Carpet. I did it in trumpet [on my Yamaha keyboard], as a red carpet fanfare sound. This piece takes on a different character each instrument I perform it in.

The above blog entry was made on March 5, 2010.

I just had an epiphany. I was going over some ideas for doing a recording of my The Red Carpet, and it finally fully dawned on me (it dawned on me many months ago, really) that I should do one particular portion of this work in trumpet, or possibly another wind instrument to effect the fanfare kind of sound I have in mind. This is definitely a fanfare-to-Hollywood kind of piece, at least in places.

What's more, I was just using the trumpet sound, in my Yamaha keyboard, while playing one of my most recent compositions. Although I didn't have the trumpet in mind in my original work with this piece, it sounds like it was composed specifically for trumpet. I know it wasn't composed with the trumpet in mind, but it sounds like it's for trumpet.

Fortunately, my Yamaha keyboard has sounds so realistic it really sounds like the real thing; trumpet or tuba or whatever, replete with the progressive oscillations and overtones, which manifest when holding the keys longer. Phenomenal. I played the above-mentioned, most-recent of my compositions, and I was actually sounding like I was playing a real trumpet; no kidding. It's like one would have to witness it to fully believe a keyboard can sound that much like a real acoustic instrument. Even the attack of a particular note sounded so real, and slurred in a peculiarly hornlike way, I almost couldn't believe my own ears. You know that freaky, slow-build-up kind of attack, that sounds like someone didn't start the note with a hard blow? It's impressive.

The above blog entry was made on March 4, 2010.

For what it's worth, I just registered another piece of music with ASCAP. This one was one of the ones I discussed at this website a while back, namely, To E! or Not to E!. It's no illusion. It's about the E! network or tv station or whatever they're calling themselves. I just know them as "E!," period (exclamation point, that is). It grew on me. I like it much more than I did to begin with. Lucky me.

My latest piece of new music is one that I'm especially fond of. It's melancholy, but that feeling makes for some of the best music ever created. This one is no exception. I love it. See, if you were still doing business with me, you'd be in on this, probably. You only hurt yourself? If you didn't do so much damage to me, maybe that's what I'd be saying, about your "only hurting yourself." Of course, I don't believe that old line. It doesn't fit here.

Many of my latest new musical works don't even have titles yet, and they've continued to undergo a process of evolution, as well. They're still works in progress, some of them, still without lyrics, even. I don't think I'd register the latest ones until I've written lyrics for them. That can be tricky, since part of lyrics writing is choosing a theme first, unless it all flows spontaneously, somehow. You could say my priority has always been composing, rather than lyrics writing. I'm still that way, to this day, and I don't expect to change that. I can think of a possible except to that, in my distant past, but I don't think I want to bring that up.

The above blog entry was made on March 3, 2010.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you'd have to become a chicken, for me to have as much news about you as I've been having about Jen the hen. For an example, read today's Jen the hen blog entry.

Now, what do you think? Should CNN's Robin Meade be the new state bird of Georgia? There was just a tv annoucement that claimed the current Georgia state bird, the brown thrasher, is not only worthless to the state of Georgia, but it migratory; not even a full-time resident there.

I'd ask you to push for inclusion of my new, The Red Carpet piece of music, but I'm afraid either you'd claim it as your own, or you'd not want to help me with my music business. If you help me promote it, don't expect any compensation for it. Unless you'd be interested in being one of my publishers, in which case you could potentially pick up some royalties on it. Well? If I let you be one of my publishers, you'd have to heavily promote my stuff, or I probably wouldn't be interested. Money can be first, in some practical matters, like in making a living in the music business.

The above blog entry was made on March 2, 2010.

Whatever that "Marriage Ref" thing is, I'll explain it to you now. Uh . . . I'm your only true marraige referee, since I've always been your sole official music business manager (if not the defacto one), and also your whole life manager as well. You must pay more complete homage to me, my subject, my Madonna. As you and I both well know, I was the one who was your most recent home breaker. That is, I caused your marriage to Guy to dissolve, with all those words I set loose towards you, over months and years. I admit that I did that deliberately, because I wanted to marry you myself. Heard that one before? You know you have, back in the 1970's and 1980's. But again, don't forget, you asked me to marry you before I ever asked you to marry me. If you remember anything of your/our life/lives of then, surely you remember that stuff too. So . . . I'm breaking down your will to resist my campaign towards our eventual marriage, to each other? Yes? No? Maybe? Come on, I know you're thinking something about this.

Here, I'll make it easier for you. Give me a try in a real marriage, for a year. What can you lose? At your age, you can't risk even one year, because the younger men are already rejecting you for being of an earlier generation, a case in point being Jesús, the Brazilian? It's not lost on me that your main reason for being with Jesús, to begin with, is that it was a hint of an allusion to your irrevocably wanting me; that is, I posted the Brazilian national anthem, and mentioned the idea of learning Portuguese. That was your queue. No?

Well, if we're going to marry each other, as I've said before, what are we waiting for? We are getting old, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 28, 2010.

You must remember that period, in the 1980's, when you were paying for things I'd ask you to, my Madonna. Well, this is no different. You still want to pay for the things I say (keep your eyes on the swinging pendulum.) When you wake up, you will go straight for your credit card or checkbook, and contact me, to ask me what I want. SNAP!!! Well, I can sure use a million dollars right now, my Madonna. Ring a bell anywhere in that Madonna head of yours?

Will Jennifer Aniston ever "appear" in a stack of pancakes? Time will tell? Read today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on February 26, 2010.

You must cease and desist from influencing government, Madonna. Government is technical, and you're not qualified to scratch your own ass without supervision.

The above blog entry was made on February 24, 2010.

My computer keyboard sounds better than yours . . . na na na na na na, my Madonna. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on February 22, 2010.

You can't fail to read the dream I just related in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. It now reminds me of the disaster of making your own scummy acquaintance, long ago.

Today's Jen the hen blog entry has gotten pretty extreme. Don't miss it.

Hmmmm. It seems you finally told the truth about something. You said, someplace, that you're not Jewish. I now realize that that must be true; you're not as honest as a real Jew, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 18, 2010.

If that was your urban guerilla, at my place tonight (2:00am, Feb. 14), my mom chased him off, and called the police. I won't say "better luck next time." You wouldn't do that? How can I be sure, my Madonna? Burglers casing houses don't take Valentine's Day off, apparently. With the recent release of hundreds of jail inmates from the county jail, it looks like I have to be more vigilant and cautious than usual.

The above blog entry was made on February 14, 2010.

Well well, my Madonna. It looks like that political fraud favorite of yours, Obama, has been caught with his political pants down again. Read the article I linked to in today's Jen the hen blog entry. That is, if you really value the truth about anything as significant as government in the U. S.

The above blog entry was made on February 13, 2010.

So, now the tv report I just saw said you're back with Jesus light. Now, what? No more A-Rod? Someone else?

Something at my last show reminded me of you. Maybe you did sneak in there, without telling me?

The above blog entry was made on February 11, 2010.

You must read the article I linked to, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. It highlights the massive fraud that's been perpetrated to "prove global warming." If you value the truth, you don't want to ignore this article, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 10, 2010.

Apparently you didn't catch my live show last night, in Hollywood. If you had been there, I think I would have noticed. Read about last night in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I know; I never announced it to you, personally. I'm willing to announce things to you VERY PERSONALLY, if you know what I mean, my Madonna. I haven't been that personal with you in decades.

I came up with a plan. I'm still willing to collaborate with you on my new music, but I'd want to do my own prereleases, to make sure I get proper credit for my compositions as my own. Business is business. That's personal, too. It's so personal for me. If we were to partner again, it'd inject a life into your/our music, the likes of which has never been before. But don't take my word for it. We must DO IT. That'd be the proof of it.

You should read the message I sent to your Myspace profile last night. Read it, biotch (not biotech).

The above blog entry was made on February 9, 2010.

I know you're impenetrable by the truth, but please try to make yourself read the article about the now-dead John Murtha, my Madonna. He typified the congressional concept of "King of Pork," which was one of his nicknames. Southwestern Pennsylvania can now breath a sigh of relief, now that he won't be cutting any more shady pork/campaign/bribe deals.

The above blog entry was made on February 8, 2010.

Your neighborhood in the Hamptons, like your icy personality, is forecast to stay below freezing, at least through sometime Monday, my Madonna. Since The Weather Channel started being available only in digital, even through Time Warner cable, I check ten-day forcasts through the Weather Channel's website. Maybe my mention of the Amityville ghost, recently, is bringing a little chill? You think? I think that ghost is retired.

The above blog entry was made on February 6, 2010.

Uh, do me a favor, and check on the Amityville Horror house for me. If it's available, buy it for me. On your budget, it'd seem cheap. Were I not to own it, I'm afraid it'd be torn down. That'd be a shame, since that place is like an historical museum, in and of itself. It's in your neck of the woods, on Long Island. Its address used to be 112 Ocean Av., but the street name was changed to discourage curious visitors. I'm serious, my Madonna.

About that Amityville house. You'd love it, except for that ghost. It had three floors and a central wraparound staircase.

The above blog entry was made on February 5, 2010.

Hmmm. So now the world knows that your ex-boyfriend's name is "Luz," meaning "light," in Spanish. Don't worry too much about his dumping you like a wet rag. His first name is Jesus, but he was just a Jesus light, not a full-fledged Jesus. You know, as in Bud Light or Miller Light. He's a Jesus light.

So, now that Jesus Light dumped you, you're back keeping company with A-Rod. What's the deal? You're man hungry? You're afraid of things that go bump in the night when you're alone? Lourdes and Rocco and David don't look like they can offer you much protection against intruders?

The above blog entry was made on February 4, 2010.

I just saw a report on tv today that said you're through with that Brazilian young man. The report said he was the one who called it off, claiming he said he didn't like being with someone so much older than himself.

I just linked to an article, in today's Jen the hen blog entry, about an important political development in Virginia. Read it, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 3, 2010.

Since I just explained the Middle English version of Jennifer's name in today's Jen the hen blog entry, I figured I ought to explain your name to you today. "Madonna" is derived from the Italian words "ma" (meaning "my") and "donna" (meaning "lady"). So, your name, "Madonna," means "my lady," in Italian. After all, you are mine, aren't you, my Madonna? That reminds me. Remember where you got that name from? I do. Divine revelation? You think?

The above blog entry was made on February 1, 2010.

Want some real political news, my Madonna? Then read today's Jen the hen blog entry. There, I cite two separate news sources for today. It's very good news.

The above blog entry was made on January 31, 2010.

Read this conservative alternative to healthcare reform:
AMAC on a conservative alternative to healthcare reform

If you eventually get a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, what category would you prefer to be in? Maybe "Communist Agitator?" Maybe you're more into politics than into music? I know you're not into anything more than into money. That I know. A Fox news tv channel recently had on a "mental health expert," and he vouched for Obama's sincerity. To believe Obama to be sincere, one has to accept the idea that he's an absolute idiot. Actually, not even an idiot would believe Obama's ideas to be any good.

As good as that Fox news channel has been at pointing out the follies of the Obama administration, they are missing the mark, on occasion, by accidentally PR'ing the liberals. For example, some of their remarks that inaccurately conceded any amount of legitimacy at all to the liberals' greenhouse gas theory. That's a serious mistake. I hope they've wised up since that article. I've been thinking of pointing out that mistake to them. They really shouldn't concede any of the balony the liberals are trying to use to overthrow freedom. It doesn't increase their credibility; it just PR's the liberal, progressive communist agenda. That's not right.

The above blog entry was made on January 30, 2010.

How's the ranch doing, in the Hamptons? Got chickens, again? I know where you can pick up another one, for free, if you bag it yourself. It's a nice looking black one. I know you favor blacks. Even black chickens? You wouldn't miss an opportunity to help a homeless black? Here's your chance. Read the story in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on January 29, 2010.

Read some chicken history in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 28, 2010.

Why, my Madonna, do you think Brad and Angelina moved to your neck of the woods, namely, Long Island? Are you three keeping company? Got special plans together? Your mutual child adoption practices have long struck me as odd. And there's more? What is it?

The above blog entry was made on January 26, 2010.

Come on, my Madonna. If you're so perceptive, tell me, before you hear about it in the news, what made our electricity go out here, this morning. Reminds me of that old Willie Nelson song, Angel flying too close to the ground. My guess is that a plane struck the power pole. I saw the broken-up utility pole, but not what hit it. It didn't look like a car hit it. That narrows down the possibilities. A plane, maybe? That's my guess. My mother said she saw the traffic backed up on the freeway. That makes me wonder if the plane, or its debris, crash landed on the freeway. There was a clean-up crew on the side of the freeway opposite the broken-up power pole. Something hit that awful hard to do that kind of damage.

The above blog entry was made on January 24, 2010.

I just warned Jen the hen to stay clear of Wasilla, since she and Gerard Butler together comprise an Antler. No antler is safe near Sarah Palin and her hunting rifle. Read more on this in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on January 23, 2010.

Dang! The least you could do is lavish me with money, to help me wrap up some projects I've got going, my Madonna. I know; you don't care about me at all. You'd try to sell my soul to the devil, instead of your own.

Is my motorcycle haunted? If so, I'll offload the ghost at your Hamptons ranch, when I drop by to scare your horses on my motorcyle. Perfect. Once he figures out who lives there, he wouldn't be able to resist taking up residence there. No . . . maybe I shouldn't. Maybe you'd try to make me jealous with that ghost, too. You'd go to bed with almost anyone or anything, to make me jealous?

The above blog entry was made on January 21, 2010.

Part two of yesterday's technical boredom installment is in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Don't miss it, my Madonna.

Today's a busy day in my Jen the hen blog, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 20, 2010.

Your daily auto maintenance lesson is in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. I know you can afford a mechanic, but it helps to know something about this stuff anyway.

The above blog entry was made on January 19, 2010.

You know, I was just realizing something. Yesterday, I saw you on tv with your daughter, Lourdes, and I don't remember noticing what the story was. Can you believe that? You've been on tv with Lourdes a lot more lately. I guess you're trying to debut her early. Is she going to be a pop queen too, my Madonna? Am I ever going to meet her, and the rest of your family? Only if I'm wearing a gator noose on a stick? They weren't around back in our day, as you know (your kids, not the gator device). You know they must want me as their new father. You don't want to disappoint them, do you? They don't know about me? I bet your oldest does. Maybe I ought to borrow a suit of armour for our first introduction. You think? Does she hit hard?

The above blog entry was made on January 16, 2010.

So, your Brazilian guy did some sans trousers photos. What can I say? I saw a bottomless shot of Guy once. Was it real, my Madonna? No, he used enhancement pills? I never posted it. I don't know if I kept a copy.

The above blog entry was made on January 14, 2010.

Read about the interesting dream I had this morning, my Madonna. I described it in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I know you're a bitch and a bovine and a porcine, but you do read, don't you?

Jillian Barberie Reynolds named her newborn boy after your son, Rocco, my Madonna. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I've already written an update to that dream I had this morning. Read that too, my bitch . . . uh . . . Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 13, 2010.

Tonight, I think it was on E! News, they described a little about your recent meeting with Sean Penn. They said he happened upon you, at your table, when you were with other guests. So, what happened after that? Did they suddenly clear out, so you two could be alone, as if you were still a couple? That'd seem strange to me. Don't keep us waiting. We want to know all about it. Spill your guts to us.

The above blog entry was made on January 11, 2010.

I barely caught a few words of a TMZ tv report today. They mentioned you and Sean Penn together, and something of the nature of what sounded like "he always loved you." Now, I admit, you've got me jealous again, my Madonna. You know I desperately want you, more than ever, and you keep teasing me with reports of being with a host of other guys (no pun intended). Even you don't want to torture me by teasing me by being with other guys? What are you waiting for? I know you want me. You're just too proud to want to let on. TMZ said you and Sean were having dinner for three hours at the Alain Ducasse restaurant, at the St Regis Hotel, in Manhattan. One has to wonder if you two were talking about anything special during those three hours. Speak up. Everyone reading this blog wants to know whats going on, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 8, 2010.

I've got a reply, already, to my message, of yesterday, to seven California legislators. Read my message and this reply in yesterday's and today's politics blog entries. To not read it would be another sign of what a liberal mule you are, my Madonna. You don't want anyone to know? Read it here:
Today's political blog entry - VERY IMPORTANT

The above blog entry was made on January 7, 2010.

The people need me to be the next U. S. president. You do know that, don't you, my Madonna? I cite some support, in today's politics blog entry, here:
Today's political blog entry - VERY IMPORTANT

The above blog entry was made on January 6, 2010.

Do you read Newsmax, my Madonna? Sarah Palin does. You should too. Maybe it'd clear out some of those liberal cobbwebs from your musty Madonna head. You can never be too clear-thinking.

The above blog entry was made on January 3, 2010.

You must miss your chickens, which you left at Guy's London mansion. Well, ask Reese Witherspoon, and she'll help you populate your Hamptons ranch with chickens. She's got loads of chickens. I got her interested. In what? In who? In me? I wish.

The above blog entry was made on January 2, 2010.

Now that you've gotten yourself a Long Island ranch, maybe I should wish you a happy gnu year, instead of a happy new year. You think, my Madonna? Well, happy new year, but you've got to get with me soon. Okay?

The above blog entry was made on January 1, 2010.

This cork is completely popping its cork over you, my Madonna. I think it's interested. Dropping by?

If this animation, on the right, doesn't seem to be doing anything, just wait until the ads' animations quit, and you'll see this one get going. All the animations on the page compete for the computer's resources, so it could take several minutes before this one comes back to life, anew. Your computer is probably so fast, you'd probably never have to wait, would you, my Madonna? My computer's hardware dates back to very early this decade, and this decade is almost over. I've got well over a gHz, though.

The above blog entry was made on December 31, 2009.

So, I just heard on tv that you've just bought a 6.9 acre horse ranch, in the Hamptons. You've got to invite me over, so I can scare your horses on my enduro motorcycle. It's an iron horse, you know.

The above blog entry was made on December 28, 2009.

Merry Christmas, my Madonna.

By the way, you can't be serious about the young Brazilian. Meet me someplace. You know you want to. It'd be a Christmas present to yourself. You've just absolutely flipped for me, all brand new. At the end of this blog entry, you will have an irrestible urge to be with me, which will never go away. [snap of fingers]

The above blog entry was made on December 25, 2009.

At this point, I've read most of the books written my Vincent Bugliosi. For a review of the last one I just read, read today's Jen the hen blog entry. If you read that book, don't take everything ol' con-man Vince says in it. He's fanatically, ferociously liberal-leaning. His image belongs in a monument statue, next to Karl Marx and Che Guevara.

The above blog entry was made on December 23, 2009.

I've been leading the charge for real reform in D. C., not the shit Obama's calling reform. The Republicans are embracing my ideas, more or less. There is one thing that must not be lost sight of. Rather than a new "Tea Party" political party, the country, and the world, needs a new party founded my me, since I'm the straightest shooter happening. I'd be tempted to call my new Party the "Luciferian Party." I could call it something else, if people don't like the Hell association. My idea of Lucifer is the freedom to indulge, without limits. Don't you like to fully indulge yourself, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on December 20, 2009.

I just found myself in an interesting coincidence. The coincidence is that I now have another Honda XL350, the same model I had during the you-and-I period, in the late '70's. The one I had then was a '76, and this one is a '78. It looks so much the same. I never dreamed I'd buy another one of this model. I bought the previous one new. This one is anything but new, to be sure, after all those years. It'll look good though, when I've restored it. I don't expect it to need anything major. It needed mostly a lot of relatively minor items, like a clutch lever perch, and both right turn signals, and on and on goes the list. They can add up to a lot, if I don't buy very carefully. I've already bought most of the parts.

The above blog entry was made on December 19, 2009.

I know you'd take this as bad news, but here it is: My sales are starting to snowball. This is getting interesting, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on December 17, 2009.

Another day, another dollar, right, my Madonna? To your possible displeasure, I'm making a modest income now, in sales of musical instruments. How'd I ever get into that line of work? Well, necessity if the mother of invention, but I'd like to keep my mother out of it.

Come on, and do that nude photo shoot it was rumored you'd do. I'd love to post those right here. The Madonna should be stark naked, whenever possible. I know you love it.

The above blog entry was made on December 14, 2009.

This one of Angelina Jolie Pitt is phenomenal. I love it.

Lucifer approves of this website more than ever now, my Madonna. Where are you going . . . later? I know. Do you? Same old thing, it would seem, if you know what I mean. Don't let it get you down? Pun intended, but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't want you to end up . . . there. If I'm really Satan, or maybe Lucifer, what have you got to say in your own defense, my Madonna? I'm waiting.

The above blog entry was made on December 13, 2009.

I love this one of Mary Kate Olsen. As soon as I, as a new, honest, non-traitor sort of Hilter, knock the prudes out of the world, this will be allowed to be the normal way of life, without partitions nor barriers nor censorship. You know, it's prudery that is the real root of all evil, not the prude's idea of so-called "depravity." Prudes are the only real criminals. Everyone else is just minding his own business. If politics and politicians would stay out of the world, we'd be able to live a real life, without constant threat of impending doom.

The above blog entry was made on December 11, 2009.

Here you're finally found without anything in the way of that special spot of yours, my Madonna. I love this photo. You're welcome to send me more. I'd post them. This one is clearly not to be missed. This is in the class of the ultimate photo of you, the ultimate collector's item.

This reminds me of the new nude photo shoot of you that was announced on tv, months ago. What ever became of that, my Madonna? I've been wondering about that. Yeah, people really want to see you like you were meant to be, not all covered up. You're not too old, even at 51. I can vouch for that. Let's have those photos.

This photo is like a verification of the other one, the one with you topless, carrying David. I say that because the shape of your tits is the same in both photos.

I remember what you told me, when this photo was taken. Is that still what you want? I didn't refuse.

This article is required reading, my Madonna:
Climategate scoop

The above blog entry was made on December 10, 2009.

Madonna,the nativeThis is great, but this should be in the U. S., my Madonna. The U. S., being a pimping crime syndicate, is backwards. People ought to know what "backwards" means. Why would anyone want to be backwards? It's backwardness that's crazy. Politicians and officials are crazy. Both of the popular political parties in the U. S. are backwards, and hence crazy. Some people, perhaps, think the Democrats to be in favor of freedom of public nudity, but they haven't been that way historically, nor now. Those California parks department officials, who are trying to shut down beach nudity, should be committed to mental hospitals, since they aren't competent to be on the street. By shutting down naturism, they're attempting to encourage violence against naturists. Those officials ought to be executed, not just fired, or maybe committed, for life, to mental hospitals.

The above blog entry was made on December 9, 2009.

You must read the review I just wrote on one of Vince Bugliosi's books, which was published in 1998. It's about Bill Clinton, and you definitely don't want to miss my review of it, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. The whole country desperately needs to read this review. There can be no doubt about it, after reading it.

The above blog entry was made on December 8, 2009.

better lookI love this photo of you, Madonna. Norm's, and all restaurants, should be like that. Prudery has always been the chief, world-oppression crime syndicate. I'd love to see those waitresses bending over with nothing on. Perfect!

The above blog entry was made on December 7, 2009.

You know that name, Uchitel, in the news lately? Well, I've got something interesting to say about it, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Don't miss it, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on December 4, 2009.

You know what? I was wondering what happened to Debbie Matenopoulos, of E! News. She left the show, on mutually agreeable terms, from what I was able to determine. I was afraid she had left for good. She did.

The above blog entry was made on December 3, 2009.

Don't miss today's entry, in my Global Warming blog. You can find it quoted in today's Jen the hen blog entry, in case you're afraid of my "Global Warming" blog.

The above blog entry was made on November 27, 2009.

Well . . . uh . . . did they get ahold of you, about Thanksgiving, my Madonna? Oh . . . uh . . . that's right; you're the other.

The above blog entry was made on November 26, 2009.

Do you read, Madonna? Do you know how to read? Then read today's Jen the hen blog entry. I just read another book, a political one, and I suspect it may have been instrumental in prying Obama and cohorts into office.

The above blog entry was made on November 23, 2009.

Guess what? I bought another piece of music gear. This time I picked up a Shure mic mixer, with four input channels, four XLR-3 inputs, one XLR-3 output, four high-Z,1/4" TS inputs, one high-Z, 1/4" TS output, one RCA auxiliary in, one 1 RCA auxiliary out, and one 1/4", TS auxiliary out. It's also got 30V phantom voltage, to use with condenser mics. This is the earlier version of this model M268, so it doesn't have individual switches for the phantom power like the later version. However (and this is a plus for my early version), it does have the high-Z inputs, which they afterwards eliminated, to make room for the individual phantom voltage switches. It was a design trade-off. They probably also figured that the high-Z circuits tend to be on the noisy side, but they're useful for equipment, like electric guitars.

Now, here's something I gained, with this new piece of gear. It really does improve the sound I get from the mic, by letting me turn my amps mic gain low, thus largely eliminating the hum and squeal I tended to get from it before. My voice now sounds pristine, when I run it through this Shure mixer, enroute to my amp. Fabulous sound.

Do you ever setup and bother with music equipment? You'd learn something from it, if you knew enough about electronics to conceptualize this stuff, while getting the feel of setups, such as this one. It also tends to relate to the overall artistic aspects of one's music, because it can yield ideas to use for new sounds and setups. Even equipment and setup can be an exsighting aspect of one's music production, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on November 21, 2009.

I just sent you a message, through one of your . . . uh . . . services, so pay attention, and read it. Okay, my Madonna?

By the way, read what I just said in today's Jen the hen blog entry, about the caliope sound I'm now using for my latest piece. You don't do carnivals and circuses?

I just heard a jingly tune on the Weather Channel, so I went right to my keyboard. I quickly found a patch, or sound, that fit perfectly; nice and twinkly. I sounded so great, I'm thinking of recording a track for the background here, for the holidays. I didn't hear it all the way through, so I'd have to improv, to make up the difference. I looked for the name of the piece, but couldn't find it. The last music item in the list started twinkly, so I thought maybe I'd found it, but it stalled right away, and wouldn't restart. So, if that's it, I have to try again later, when maybe the link is working at the Weather Channel. I was just curious what it's called, and who wrote it and performed it.

The above blog entry was made on November 19, 2009.

Madonna, you owe your support for human rights at California's beaches. You've done the naturist scene yourself. You know it's innocent and reasonable. Read what I just said in today's Jen the hen blog entry. Naturists are counting on you, my Madonna.

Got a Swiss bank account? Then you want to read what's up between the U. S. government and the Swiss government. Read this:
End of privacy for U. S. clients of Swiss banks

How many millions in taxes have you been cheating the U. S., through Swiss bank accounts, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on November 18, 2009.

You'll never guess who visited me at home, an hour and a half ago . . . Chris Norby, the one who's running to fill a local spot in the California legislator. Today's election day, and he parked his car across the street from me, at just after 5:00 pm, as I was doing the lawns. He walked straight towards me, and I didn't recognize him at first. Then he addressed me by name, "Steven," in a quizical tone, to verify I was who he thought I was. He shook my hand. He was clearly there just to visit me, and he left the street right after he left me. He handed me a campaign flyer, about his bid for the California legislature postion, vacated recently be Michael D. Duvall, who was involved in a scandal. I've still got Duvall's page posted here. To get to it, click that grey notice, near the top of the page, that announces jobs at Kohl's.

I've been seriously thinking of running for office myself, but it's hard to picture, since I'm a real maverick, and I've got no money at all, even to pay the registration fee, to put myself on the ballot. I'd consider about any position, state or federal. I'm still thinking of founding a new political party. The U. S. needs me.

The above blog entry was made on November 17, 2009.

You've got to read what I just put in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I didn't see it coming, but I just found myself involved with my own new music, some of which has the same theme as Britney Spear's new CD, Circus. Read about it in my hen blog, my Madonna.

Another milestone: This blog's counter just hit thirty-thousand.

I know you're a rabid liberal, who doesn't like to face facts, but here's an important report, that help's reveal the lies supporting the climate change myth (scroll 1/4 of the way down, to item #2):
'Consensus' on Climate Change Is 'Fake,' Scientists Say
The above blog entry was made on November 15, 2009.

Well, it was another good morning, this morning. I woke up, had an instant music inspiration, and headed straight to the keyboard, to try it out. Perfect, and phenomenal. It already sounds like the ultimate caliope music. I doubt I'd ever play a real caliope, but a genuine steam organ, like Bach played centuries ago, would be nice.

I'm tempted to post embedded, one-instrument versions, of some of my new music of this year. I'm still afraid of someone trying to steal any of it. I'm very protective of my new stuff, and it's worthy of protection. Not only that, I'd still rather present the music on a pay-only basis, rather than give access to any of it for free. I'm so overdue to make a living at my music. I've also been more tempted than ever to go and try to get some paying live gigs.

A tabloid tv report just mentioned you and that Brazilian guy, again. I wasn't really listening, but it sounded like you two are sponsoring some kind of cause over there. If you were ever capable of caring about anyone, you would have cared about me, my Madonna. So, I conclude that you are incapable of really caring about anyone.

The above blog entry was made on November 13, 2009.

Your activities are so criminal that you don't want the general public to know about them? That's why your special news, at, is off-limits to everyone but paying members of ICON? I may have just hit the nail on the head there, with "paying." Don't you have enough money, my Madonna? Isn't 600 million dollars enough money for you? No, because you bribe so many officials into supporting your dirty politics? It only goes so far, because of that?

The above blog entry was made on November 12, 2009.

Well, as if things weren't bad enough for you? Now, I've got another new music composition. You can't stand to see me succeed at what I'm so perennially good at, namely, composing music. Can you? This is another one with the potential to make one's hair stand on end. I'm wondering if it's a third movement to my The Red Carpet, or an individual entity on its own. It shares some traits with The Red Carpet, in being believably a piece of horror music, particularly if done in that fashion. The melodic drift sounds like a fit to that music, as a possible add-on, hence "movement 3." This can be a tough choice. At the rate it's going, The Red Carpet could turn out to be a work to fill half a vinyl album.

By the way, I'm composing it as I play it on my most recent keyboard acquisition. This one's a Casio CT-615. I'm playing it in pipe organ. My fingers, the last couple of days, are going wild with embellishments. It's a good feeling. I knew I should have sat down at the keyboard every day, as soon as I had acquired the Yamaha PSR-275 several years ago. It'd be paying me added benefits, now. Instead, I kept putting it off, because I was preoccupied with the acting lessons I was taking. Well, better late than never.

When I told you that maybe your people were overdoing the sythesizer, maybe you overcompensated, and knocked it off completely. It's just that you ought to constantly try for variety, and not get in too much of a rut with any one particular sound. You can still do lots of synthesizer, putting it to good use in your music. I hate to say that, about variety, because at this point, I'm heavily into the idea of pipe organ music, like I've got a lot of goods in the works, about to bust out of me, including these last two works.

The above blog entry was made on November 10, 2009.

Well, fortunately for my back and neck, I'm the owner of a new bed. It felt fabulous in the showroom. It's a plush Simmons Beautyrest Classic, with Visco memory foam. It's got 9-inch pocketed coil springs and edge springs. It seemed like a great buy at $799.00 out the door, with this list of free extras:
1. No sales tax to pay
2. Free delivery
3. Free disposal of the old bed
4. Free rolling bed frame
5. Free waterproof mattress cover
This is including a markdown from list price in the hundreds of dollars. Want to know where I got it? From Leeds Mattress, in Anaheim. You must have seen the tv commercials, with the blonde guy saying his prices won't be beat. The above deal looks something like that, to me.

I know you're dying to see my bed, so here it is:
My Bed
Better yet, come over and see my bed in person, and try it out, if you know what I mean, my Madonna.

I know; your bed cost loads more than this one. Got an Aireloom? They have mattresses in the twenty-thousand dollar bracket. If yours is custom, I'm sure the price could have far exceeded even that.

The above blog entry was made on November 8, 2009.

Maybe you're better off out of California now, since cougars have been getting themselves killed here, after attacking people. I know; you're the other kind of cougar. Still going with that Brazilian?

The above blog entry was made on November 7, 2009.

It looks like I may be having as many music keyboards as a full-fledged music store, before long, my Madonna. I know; you buy new. You'd never buy anything from me? You'd rather steal from me, no matter what the item is? If you and I were to become an item again (couple), you'd even steal that, if you could figure out how?

The above blog entry was made on November 5, 2009.

Do you mind if I laugh at your political losses, of November 3? Ha ha! The democrats lost major elections. How can I rub it in, to make it hurt more? Got any suggestions? Let me know, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on November 4, 2009.

Now you've got evidence that you're not the only person on earth who walks around without a stitch of clothes on. All you have to do, to see this evidence, is look at yesterday's Jen the hen blog entry, to find that adorable photo of Hayden Panettiere in it. She looks like the goddess of womanly beauty in that photo.

I've been so busy, I didn't mention something. Friday, I received my replacement Casio keyboard, another CTK-100, like the one I had before. It's the one with the pipe organ sound, I wish I had for my last show, last month. This one is cosmetically perfect, unlike my last one. I plan to hang onto this one. I should have it for next October's horror music shows. Maybe I'll do more than one show, next October.

The above blog entry was made on November 1, 2009.

I know; you're all ready for Halloween. After all, you look like yourself, as usual, don't you? You're ready, my Madonna.

Don't miss my personal, 100% true, Halloween story, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. It's mind-blowing.

The above blog entry was made on October 31, 2009.

I know you've racked up UFO time, but I doubt you took those rides out of Area 51 or Dugway. Read today's Jen the hen blog entry, for some interesting related stuff. There's more to me than meets the eye, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 30, 2009.

It appears you're doing an Oprah, by sponsoring an African girls' school. It's a clear pattern that you always favor blacks, and never whites.

The above blog entry was made on October 26, 2009.

It's the hen's molt season. You're lucky you don't molt, my Madonna.

You're not really serious about being a cougar, are you? You know that means an older woman who has a much younger boyfriend? I haven't heard anything about that Brazilian guy in a long time. You moved on?

The above blog entry was made on October 25, 2009.

Well, it looks like not only did I influence Sarah Palin (unintentionally) to quit her governor's job, but now I've also inspired her to support a third-party candidate to fill a house seat in New York state. Find a link to an article on this, in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 24, 2009.

I thought Letterman was the only one who did that on camera. Remember that photo I had of him, after the fact, on one of these pages, a couple years ago? That wasn't even part of his recent scandal (I think). You know what I'm talking about.

The above blog entry was made on October 22, 2009.

I just spied your new music video, at In the last one, you were "beating your meat," to use an old expression I heard in the 70's. Now, in this new one, your face is beating. Who or what is it beating, my fair Madonna? You also . . . uh . . . relieve yourself by beating your face? I've never heard of that. I don't know how that works. It's hard to believe it could work. I don't think I'd try it, though.

The above blog entry was made on October 21, 2009.

Well, what's the October 1st community announcement you promised at your deprecated I say "deprecated," since it'd never come close in quality to my fabulous website, here. Maybe you've gone beyond cougardom, to shock the world with something even more bizarre? Let's hear it. Speak up, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 20, 2009.

Still feeling down about your breakup with Guy? Ask the MK Ultra guys if they have any leftover haloperidol you can take for it. Ever heard of MK Ultra? It's a name in the U. S. conspiracy theory realm.

The above blog entry was made on October 17, 2009.

In a recent tv report on you, it sounded like they were saying that your boys were living in London with Guy, implying, maybe, that your girls were living in the U. S. with you, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 16, 2009.

The only way to end drug-related violence is to DECRIMINALIZE all drugs. As long as drugs are controlled and banned, there will be the associated violence. That's the whole equation of it, 100% of the equation. The anti-drug politicians are the real drug kingpins, the ones who are really at the top of the supply chain, since the cartels wouldn't be in business if the drugs were legal. People's health never was any of the politicians' rightful business anyway, OBVIOUSLY. All the arguments used to keep drugs controlled and illegal are all frauds, which are in place to keep dirty politics in place. The politicians, and even the police, are filthy rich off of the drug trade, in effect. The politicians are using drug-related violence to help them pretend to be important and needed, when in reality, the politicians are the ones responsible for all the trouble on earth. The politics of drug illegality is violent bunco crime, of the most extreme, heinous nature. View Columbia's ex-president Giviria's plea to decriminalize cocaine. The link to the video is in today's Jen the hen blog entry. He is saying the exact same thing that I've already been believing. He's definitely right, in what he's saying. It's not a matter of opinion; it's definitely a matter of objective fact.

On tv, this evening, they said you were thinking of jumping out a high window, during the period of your breakup with Guy. I find that hard to believe. I don't believe it.

The above blog entry was made on October 15, 2009.

You didn't show up in the dressing room, and throw yourself all over me, my Madonna. What happened? You'd never do that?

The above blog entry was made on October 13, 2009.

If you don't know what today is, find out in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

That dress you wore, in your new Celebration video, has been twinky-dinking in my mind, so I just gave it some thought. It looks like something from that old 1960's tv cartoon, The Jetsons. Did you ever watch that, before you were a grown Madonna? I saw it on the old black-and-white tv on occasion, back then. That show didn't hold my attention so well.

See the update on what day this is, in the hen blog.

The above blog entry was made on October 12, 2009.

I guess I didn't mention it, but my most-recently-acquired keyboard had a problem with its main volume slider, but I've already fixed it, the other day. That's a relief.

Remember, Evil One, my next show is tomorrow night, Monday, at 8:00 pm PT, in Hollywood. If you show up in the dressing room, I won't strangle you then and there. That's vouching for myself, but they did say, once, that they have scary monsters lurking in the place. I'd just talk to you, unless you have something better in mind, hint, hint. Yeah, right there in the dressing room. Great.

Have you ever composed a dirge, my Madonna? I have. Read about it, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. You know the place.

The above blog entry was made on October 11, 2009.

You must read what I've said about Jerry Brown, in today's Jen the hen blog entry. If you support Brown for governor, then you ought to be boiled in oil alongside of this guilty gangster ass. Brown's a human-rights-violation criminal. He's a vicious monster, which must be deposed or destroyed, ASAP.

The above blog entry was made on October 10, 2009.

Did the death angels give you your death angels wings yet, Madonna? They have you prancing all over town, bumping off honkies, and bribing public officials to ignore it? Do you do the honkies by knife or gun, usually? Are you proud to be a political n-word type, even though you don't look that color? You gotta run now, 'cause you just spotted another couple a white devils, and no one's around to see you do 'em?

The above blog entry was made on October 9, 2009.

The tv people keep comparing you to other broads, my Madonna. This time, on tv, they said you can outperform and out-sing broads in their twenties. Why do people really like you? Do you know? Maybe people don't really like you? Maybe they're just trying to brownnose you, with compliments? That'd figure, since you've got tons of money.

The above blog entry was made on October 8, 2009.

My Madonna, I hope you aren't participating in the black magick of the Chicago crime syndicate, which is passing itself off as "the Obama administration." Barack is a gangster, not legitimate government. He must be stopped dead in his tracks. Read today's Jen the hen blog entry, about their black magick attacks against the public and against personal freedoms. You cannot aid them, without it constituting your participation in their vast array of crimes against the public. They must be stopped. This cannot wait.

The above blog entry was made on October 6, 2009.

What do you like about Obama-style big government and Obama Care, my Madonna? I like nothing about them. To say that Obama and the democrats are practicing medicine without a license is an understatement, since they're exercising "authority" that doctors don't even have. I don't want the democrats getting anywhere near me, or anyone else, with their medical paraphernalia. Watch the PSA spoof on this, clickable from today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on October 5, 2009.

Here's your daily dose of tech boredom, my Madonna. Roll up your sleeve, and bite the bullet. I just cleaned up my newly acquired Casio keyboard today. As I expected, it took hours to do a phenomenal clean-up job on it. I did such a good job that, from five feet away, the keyboard looks like new. That's saying something. It was plain filthy when I bought it. It doesn't look neglected and unloved now. If you know anyone who'd like a CT-670, I can let it go for $100.00.

Hmmm . . . now I'm wondering. Are you one of the Hollywood crowd, who support the release from jail of Roman Polanski? Have you seen the partial list of A-listers who support his release?

The above blog entry was made on October 3, 2009.

Hmmm . . . I just figured out why you just said, according to a tv source, that you'd rather be run over by a train than to marry again. It's because of the comment I made about Drew Barrymore being hotter than you. See, you were really planning to marry me, and then that seemed to nix the whole idea, so you can't imagine, now, that you'd want to marry anyone at all, if not me. Right? I'll tell you what: I'll retract the comment if you'd marry me. Oh . . . wait a minute . . . I don't think I can retract it; Drew'd kill me. Okay then, I won't retract it if she'd marry me. That'd work. Oh . . . I just did a Roman Polanski, by accidentally proposing to Drew. Well, no problem. If she said "yes" to me, what could be wrong with that? It looks like it stands, then. Why not?

However much you really don't care, I'm going to mention it anyway. Here it is. I just bought another keyboard. It's old, from about 1992 or so, but it cost more then, than my much newer Yamaha PSR-275 did in about 2005. Not only that, this Casio CT-670 has got more features, like tone editor and pitch blend and tuning, jacks for both a volume pedal and a sustain pedal (the PSR-275 has only got a jack for a sustain pedal). It's got MIDI in/out/through whereas my Yamaha has only got MIDI in/out. This Casio's got true stereo sound, rather than merely two speakers, like many keyboards. I've heard the left/right panning while playing it. The Casio's also got line in/out plus a headphone jack. My Yamaha just has the headphone jack, which doubles as the signal out jack (mutually exclusive). Although I wouldn't call this CT-670 a high-end keyboard (especially since it's old, with older technology), it was clearly intended to be better, or more deluxe, than the myriad specimens from the spectrum of cheap-o's.

Unfortunately, neither my Yamaha nor my Casio have the special genre of pipe organ sound that I came to demand, which a couple of my former keyboards, the PSS-170 and the CT-100, had. The one in my CT-670 is closer than the ones in my Yamaha, though. It almost makes my wonder if I should have sold the CT-100, because it not only had that special variety of pipe organ sound, it, unlike the PSS-170, had full-size keys. The CT-100 was perfect for live Halloween shows. I suppose I'd buy another CT-100, if and when I'd come across one in the price range in which I'd be interested.

The above blog entry was made on October 2, 2009.

Gee, yesterday's blog entry is crude enough to use in the Chelsea Handler show. Actually, I think Chelsea would have been a bit more vulger, but I think she'd pass it as meeting their minimum shock value standards.

The above blog entry was made on October 1, 2009.

It looks like you put an element, from your Confessions theme, into your Celebration video. Can you guess what I'm referring to? I'll give you a second or two . . . That part where you reach for your . . . ummm . . . personal area. So, that's your confession that:
1. Even you, the "queen of pop," . . . uh . . . relieve yourself.
2. That's the style of motion you use, while whalin' on yourself?
3. You want to inherit Jacko's nickname?
This is already looking like a candidate for Letterman's Top Ten spot. This is mine, not his, though. Let me know, and I'll do seven more, to make it ten . . . Okay, why not:
4. You're confessing that you don't work hard to make a living.
5. You're rubbing it in, over making off with my credits and money.
6. You've got chlamydia.
7. No, not chlamydia, you've got clamato spilt there, and you don't want it to stain.
8. You're so oversexed, you can't control yourself, even during videography.
9. You spent the night at a nudist resort, and picked up an itchy mosquito bite.
10. You're trying to keep your tampon in place, so it won't stain your outfit.
There, that wasn't hard to finish up. But you feel you must confess that all of the above are true?

There's one thing about that element, in your Celebration video: I suspect people are now going to want to see your FULL version, if you know what I mean. Staining wouldn't be an issue, if you were to do such a FULL version, because there'd be nothing to stain? I'd have to see it, to believe it. You are oversexed, for a 51-year-old? People want proof now? Uh . . . the longer it takes you to complete the act, the less oversexed your are. You'd better do a lot of warm-up first, then, so the video isn't too long?

The above blog entry was made on September 30, 2009.

Did you bribe Tufts University to ban sex while a roommate is present, my Madonna? I know you're a prude in disguise. That's one of the tools in the prude's bag of tricks, to make inroads towards a world church-state. Read what I wrote to Tufts' president, Bacow, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 29, 2009.

Jab of the day:
If I were deciding just on the basis of the hotness scale, I'd opt for Drew Barrymore over Madonna.
She's younger; that's cheating? Maybe it's not just age? Do you know? You'd rather not think about it, my Madonna? Now Drew is going to hit on me, but I won't survive it?

The above blog entry was made on September 28, 2009.

I never thought I'd see the day I'd drive to someone, to make a sale of my own stuff. I just did the second one in a row. I didn't offer either time, but acquiesced both times. I just sold another keyboard, the third one in about a month. I also sold a new microphone about a week ago. I am doing some sales, but I'm a long way from pulling in an income I could live on. You don't know how easy you've got it, per dollar, compared with what I'm doing for spending money.

The above blog entry was made on September 27, 2009.

Like I just said in my hen blog, I love that classical piano music the Weather Channel's got in their local forecast, lately. They rotate songs, but it's been popping up a lot, lately. Do you know its name, and whose it is? Why don't you tell me.

I've been playing with my The Red Carpet, the last so many nights, and it's progressing even more. I'm doing the horror version in pipe organ, of course. It's phenomenal. I'm tempted to record it, and put it here as background music, but I'd hate to make it available for free. I'd prefer to sell copies of it, as soon as they exist. It's a genuine catch-22 situation, like so much of my life.

The above blog entry was made on September 26, 2009.

Another tragedy has arrived. Ms. Susan has passed. You're too hypocritical and egocentric and crass to appreciate a person like her. How well I know, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on September 25, 2009.

I've included some quotes from Aleister Crowley, which are relevant to life and politics, in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

Tomorrow's the 4th anniversary of this page.

The above blog entry was made on September 24, 2009.

Madonna, since you're black politically, your legal status of being "caucasion" is hereby revoked. Furthermore, read what I've written in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 23, 2009.

Like I was saying in yesterday's hen blog entry, some black guy in Indiana is trying to rob me, and others, through Ebay and Paypal. Read about it there, in yesterday's hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 22, 2009.

You're not the only one whose movies flop, my Madonna. Jen the hen's new movie, Love Happens just did that, too. You're in good company now?

The above blog entry was made on September 21, 2009.

Gee, what's up? You put so many tracks in your new Celebration DVD, including so many old tracks, it makes me wonder. You planning on dying or something? Just wanted to get it out there before your dying breath?

Oh, and that reminds me. I was going to say that your new Celebration track sounds much more like your old self, my Madonna. I say that despite how rotten you've continued to be towards me.

And that reminds me of something else. Last night, I plugged my Casio keyboard into my Peavey amp, to see how it'd work out. It definitely works that way. I have to keep the keyboard's volume slider all the way down, and the amp volume fairly low, lest I create an uncomfortable sound level in my small room. Yeah, it works, alright.

What I was about to say, is that your Celebration track reminded me of your old style, with the synth sounds, even though that is very mild synth, that bouncing bass sound running through it.

Your look in that Celebration video, at, reminds me of the young bitch of yesteryear, but you're not young anymore. You still keep a load of guys company and satisfied, at your age? You couldn't wait to dump Guy, to get back into that action? Hey, I haven't had a turn with you since our round in the 70's. It's about time. We're overdue.

You gotta do something about your exclusives page being accessible to only paying ICON members. What about me, of all people? How am I going to get to that stuff now?

I was just thinking about your Celebration again, so I sat down at my Casio keyboard, and played around with some of its bass sounds, until I tried oboe. Good. I started cranking out something that sounded like it could have come straight out of the 60's. Perfect. I'm thinking: Have I heard one like that, from that era? I've been having that problem a lot lately. I'd recognize about anything from then, instantly, but when I do something, and I don't, it gets me straining my memory. It's exsighting, but worrisome, in that way.

The above blog entry was made on September 20, 2009.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about the $27.51, that some crook took from me in an Ebay fraud, which case is still in dispute, through Paypal. I'll just have you reimburse me, like the old days, right, my Madonna? Actually, you never reimbursed me for anything; you paid directly to whomever, when I wanted something. Your spending on me wasn't often enough. You can do better than that. Not only that, it's been too long since the last time you bought anything for me.

The above blog entry was made on September 19, 2009.

Read today's Jen the hen blog entry, in which I gave an update on my next live performance, in Hollywood.

The above blog entry was made on September 18, 2009.

If you were really a human rights activist, you'd be actively opposing censorship of nudity everywhere. You'd also be opposing the prudes on all turf, in all areas and fields of endeavor. So, ask me what you can do, my Madonna.

By the way, that recent music video of you, on, in which you make masturbatory motions with your fingers, is hot.

The above blog entry was made on September 16, 2009.

You must see the squirrel too, in today's hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on September 14, 2009.

Isn't it strange, how my hen blog is more interesting than this one, but this one gets more visits. Explain it to me, my Madonna. Just because this stuff is said to you, it's more interesting? Is that right?

The above blog entry was made on September 13, 2009.

What corruption have you fought in government, my Madonna? You . . . uh . . . don't fight corruption, you . . . uh . . . contribute to it. I know that. Read today's hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on September 12, 2009.

I really want you to read today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. By all appearances, you're pseudo-caucasion, too, along with the likes of George Clooney.

The above blog entry was made on September 11, 2009.

I think I told you how I recently was listening to your Like a Virgin CD, in my van, and your sound was reminding me of a young Madonna on her period. How did you capture that in your style or sound? I didn't ask you to sound that way. It was your idea, I think. Why? I have a guess.

The above blog entry was made on September 10, 2009.

Today is a 9-9-9 day, so it is Satanic, my Madonna. Do you prefer to be supine of prone, on Hell's grill? You get a choice? Hell is pretty thorough, so I suppose you'd be grilled both ways, if at all.

The above blog entry was made on September 9, 2009.

You ought to be considered in collusion with the prude contingent of the government, which constitutes roughly 100% of the government. That would implicitly make you fall under the same sentencing guidelines as described in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. Read it.

The above blog entry was made on September 8, 2009.

Read what I said in today's and yesterday's Jen the hen blog entries, my Madonna.

Yet again, I bought another keyboard. This one is a Casio CTK-100. It's smaller than the last one. It spans four octaves, from C to C. I intend to put this one up for sale also. I cleaned it up last night. It's was a lot of work. I do good work. In the hopefully unlikely event that it hasn't sold by the time of the Halloween show in Hollywood, I intend to play this one live there. I'm still not sure what music it's going to be for me for that show, that night. I'm working on a couple of possibilities.

Speaking of keyboards, I saw one at a swapmeet yesterday. It was a Roland, and it was very heavy, very much heavier than the keyboards I've owned. I worked in one of Roland's industrial units temporarily, many years ago. It was in southern Los Angeles county. I did some assembly and packaging there.

The above blog entry was made on September 7, 2009.

I just sold another keyboard today. Maybe things are finally looking up for me? If you'd like to acquire a musical instrument, let me know. You wouldn't want to benefit me, by buying from me, though, would you? Actually, both of my keyboard sales benefited, indirectly, a charity organization, by way of my having purchased them from them.

Oh, I just thought of an interesting coincidence today. Presuming Michael Jackson's birthday really to be August 29, as they claim, then there's an interesting numerical coincidence between you, me and him. First, your birthday is 19 days after mine. Second, your birthday is 13 days before wacko Jacko's. Now, average that out: (19 + 13)/2 = 32/2 = 16. See anything yet? The 16 is the day of your birthday. Divine revelation? The false king of pop had to be cleared out, to make room for the true one, namely, me? Yeah, if there's a God, then I believe he'd definitely prefer my music to Jacko's.

Ah, here's something else. It wasn't long ago that I added that alert to this page, about you throwing in the towel. Then, it must have been yesterday or the day before, I read that your Sticky and Sweet tour has finally ended for the second time. Not mere coincidence? You'd really still follow my directions or advice, even to the point of canceling an incredibly profitable tour? Why is that hard for me to believe?

The above blog entry was made on September 6, 2009.

Jen would probably be better for me than you, my Madonna. You think? I'll let you try to win me over, but make it good, very very good.

The above blog entry was made on September 3, 2009.

Are you an IT person, my Madonna? I'm going in that direction, myself. Read what I said about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry. I know; does all that for you. You don't get involved with the IT of it. You can consider yourself lucky to not have to do that. It's a lot of work to learn so many internet and computer standards. Then, it's a lot of work to implement those standards, by creating the internet content.

The above blog entry was made on September 1, 2009.

I just sold both a Yamaha keyboard and one of my microphone adaptors, my Madonna. It's now looking like maybe I can make money on the internet, too.

Speaking of which, the other day I was going to buy another Casio keyboard, one newer than the last one I bought. What stopped me is I met a guy in the place who expressed interest in it. He said he wanted it for his little girl to learn on. His wife and baby girl were with him, too. He said he waited a half hour for me to leave, while I was trying it out. I decided to let him have it, especially since it had cosmetic issues that I wasn't sure could be cheaply fixed. It worked great, though. I was playing it there.

The above blog entry was made on August 31, 2009.

Are you glad to get away from those pesky ghosts at your former London estate? Did you really have ghosts there? Of course; you were there? My latest ghost story just happened tonight (August 28th). Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on August 29, 2009.

My new piece of music, the one I just mentioned, is coming along nicely. I swear, it sounds so much like Gerswin's style, I wish I had all his recordings, to compare to, to make sure it's not popping out of my mind from having heard it, before. That's how much it sounds like his kind of sound. I was just trying it in different keyboard sounds. Each gives its own pleasing qualities. Of course it sounds good in piano. I'm tempted to record an instrumental version for background music here.

I intend to write words for it. As a matter of art and principle, I intend to write words for all of my new pieces of music. As of yet, I still haven't put words to the one that started taking shape in me last Christmas. Its sound sure has evolved worlds since then, though.

Of course, what do you care about all this. This is my thing. Speaking of your concerns, I'm now wondering what that gypsy defense thing was, in Europe, that was just in the news. Maybe you'll tell me some day, if we ever talk in person again?

Can you believe it? I just posted photos from my last two ghost photo shoots, at the Cielo Drive property. You know where to find them (at my Charlie's World web page, linked to near the bottom of this page.

The above blog entry was made on August 28, 2009.

There's a book you've got to read. Find the title and author in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna. This is important.

The above blog entry was made on August 26, 2009.

I've got something of a keyboard business going now. Need one? I can give you a buy, although you don't deserve a good price. I could give you a bad price, if you want. Would that make you feel better? You're concerned about that?

I was just twinkling out a new tune on the keyboard last night, and again this morning. It's not horrific. It sounds more similar to something Gershwin might have done.

The above blog entry was made on August 25, 2009.

I heard something the other day, about that old stage expression, "break a leg!" On tv, they said it derived from a Jewish, I think Hebrew expression, that maybe sounds something like it. Someone in the business morphed it into the famous "break a leg," and that's the form it's known as today. So, you didn't break a leg in your horse fall. Maybe that has something to do with your lack of success at acting? Maybe it's literally true that you'd have to break a leg? Well, get crackin', my Madonna, lol.

The above blog entry was made on August 24, 2009.

I wasn't much listening to the story on tv today, but they were saying SNL's got a skit about you. I saw a brief excerpt. You're fertile ground for jabs. I can vouch for that. Maybe they'll ruin you as bad as they ruined Sarah Palin.

I came up with a new horror sound on my Casio keyboard, a while ago. I may refine it, then use it in my upcoming appearance at Sacred Fools Theatre in late October, the Halloween timeframe.

The above blog entry was made on August 22, 2009.

Today is the last day to legally download a free trial version of Windows 7. You can find a link to the download in today's Jen the hen blog entry. You're a cheapskate, my Madonna. This is another chance to get something for free. The download can take hours, though. If you want it, download now. You'd need a Microsoft login to access the download.

Yesterday, to my surprise, I came upon a buy on a used Casio keyboard, a CT-648. It's got 5 octaves, 61 keys, and many features, as you'd expect in an electronic keyboard. I brought it home for $19.91 + tax = $21.65. I cleaned it up, and found it to work perfectly. It looks perfect and works perfectly. Not bad. I actually bought it today, but I saw it yesterday, and gave it some thought, before returning for it, today.

It's got the same number of keys as my better Yamaha PSR-275. The main reason I was interested in this Casio was to take it on the road, to do live shows. That way I don't have to take my good, more expensive keyboard. It can remain on its throne, in my bedroom-cum-music-studio. At one point, while trying it out, I suddenly had it sounding like a syntho-sound sci-fi movie soundtrack, as my fingers, of both hands, graced it keys. What's weird is, a little latter, the same day (today), I unexpectedly found a Star Wars symphony on KOCE. Was that planned? Do you know, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on August 19, 2009.

It's a little past midnight, 12:20am PDT (my time), so it's time to remind you it's not your birthday anymore, my Madonna. Now your next one would make 52. Got you feeling older yet?

From today's Jen the hen entry:
If anyone's interested, I've got new microphone plug-in adaptors, that allows a mic with a phone plug (very common) to plug into an XLR jack. This is your chance. These are hard to find on the internet. These are both my own items, so don't hesitate to buy. Here are the two links:
[expired and deleted] A music person should always have one of these handy, when they're making music.
The above blog entry was made on August 17, 2009.

I've still got about 54 minutes. Happy birthday, my Madonna.

Would you like a splash page too? You might get one anyway. You don't want to think about what kind of animal would be featured there?

The above blog entry was made on August 16, 2009.

You know that video that's now on your home page? Do you always change in front of everyone, like that? I realize you were sitting in a car. You're shameless with everyone, even at your age?

Ready for some techno-boredom? Here goes. I just custom designed and made a short cable adaptor, to plug into my amp's XLR jack. That is, it's male XLR3 to female 1/4" TS. Know what I'm talking about, from that description? I know; you've always had sound people handle that stuff for you. And, here's the especially good news: This new cable adaptor, I just made, works fabulously! I ought to go into production of them. They're not particular easy to find on the internet, and they're very useful, for music people. Every sound person should have at least one of these on hand, in case a need arises. Every musician and singer should have one in his gig bag. It's small and light and important, because a large percentage of dynamic mics have XLR3 to male 1/4" TS cables, so this adaptor of mine allows them to be pluged into the very common female XLR3 jacks, found on some amps, and many mixers. I could start a trend with this item. I sure hope the profits go to me. I'm so deserving of the income.

The above blog entry was made on August 14, 2009.

It's the 40th anniversary of the LaBianca deaths, my Madonna. You know. Do you have a house in Los Feliz? I don't plan to move there, myself.

The above blog entry was made on August 10, 2009.

Today's the 40th anniversary of something. Do you know what it is? Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I'd be interested to hear what your tour's logistical difficulties are, my Madonna. They must be bad, to cause so many of your shows to be cancelled.

I hope you enjoyed that alert you just saw, on loading this page, my Madonna. I'm sure there could be more where that came from. If you don't like it, meet me someplace, maybe at Norm's, and we'll talk about it.

The above blog entry was made on August 9, 2009.

We must not let our freedom slip away. We ALL must support the cause. It's the prude who is deranged and criminal, not the freedom-lover. Don't let the prudery politicians pretend financial concerns. Their purpose, above all else, has always been their obnoxious mandated prudery. Don't let them get away with implementing the dark ages in the U. S., nor in any other part of the world. We must oppose the prudes, ALWAYS.

For what it's worth, Black's Beach has been a naturists' haven from at least as long ago as the 1940s, and ever since. I know that, because, years ago, an older man told me he was there to witness it. I was first there, and witnessed it, in 1973. We must not let the evil prudes undo our hard-won freedoms.

I just saw your smoking-hot video, at, my Madonna. When are you dropping by? Make it snappy.

The above blog entry was made on August 8, 2009.

I'm a Dianetics clear now, my Madonna. Read about it in today's Jen the hen blog entry.

I interrupt my daily email reading for this bulletin, hot of the CNN email server:
Slovenia Won't Open Hearts, Ears or Wallets to Madonna
Queen of pop axes Europe gig, though no one can agree on why; Live Nation blames "unforeseen difficulties," local media cites nonexistent ticket sales
I find this latest piece of Madonna news amazing. Now I'm wondering: Is my Madonna lagging is popularity overseas, and maybe here in the U. S., too? Time will tell. I'll wait for further word on the situation.

By the way, today, a judge granted Discover Bank a motion, which says I have to pay the almost two-thousand dollars. Well, fork it over, my Madonna. I need to be paid directly. I'm afraid they'd just pocket it, if it didn't come from me, personally. All my financial problems are your fault, in the overall analysis.

The above blog entry was made on August 7, 2009.

Are you a hypocrite, Madonna? If you're not waging war against all prudes in office, then I'm forced to conclude you to be a real madame, ie prudery advocate. Read what I said in today's Jen the hen blog entry, and the corresponding entry, of today, in my politics blog. Prudes want to be paid, for what's none of their business.

The above blog entry was made on August 6, 2009.

I've about got my mic problem solved. I expect to have a mic in 1 to 2 weeks. I've already made arrangements to receive a new one. It's meets my minumum requirements (knock on wood). I won't be 100% certain it meets my minimum requirements until I've tried it, but it's new, rather than used. I can hardly wait to try it. It'll be the moment I've been waiting for.

The above blog entry was made on August 5, 2009.

I went to shop someplace for a used mic. Theirs were more than I want to pay. I think I can get three at a swapmeet for the $30.00 this place wanted for one used mic. Of course, I want a good one, including the cable. I expect it to be dynamic, directional, XLR, and with an on-off switch. I found a selection of mics at a surplus place, which fit this description, in the price range of $21.00 to $40.00 for new mics, and they all come with a mic cable. I know how to make a directional dynamic mic, but it still costs money to even make one, the way one would make a prototype device. In fact, I really hope to build such a prototype mic, but I don't have the petty cash it'd take to do it, at this time. It'd have to wait. What do you think: A signature series of mics, designed by myself, and built to my own specifications?

The above blog entry was made on August 3, 2009.

I was doing some homework on microphones, and pc mics, in particular, tonight (August 1st). You should see how many mic standards are supported and used with personal computers. The specs run a pretty wide gamut. It's amazing that the sound cards support that diversity. Some are rated for profession sound recording. They've got condenser mics and dynamic mics, cardioid, hypercardioid, supercardioid, shotgun, omnidirectional, etc. Some of them a switchable between cardiod, supercardioid, and so on. That's impressive in itself. One of them cost over $460.00. I didn't browse all of the ones that came up in the list.

Notice I continued, above, the sound gear discussion. I'm humoring myself, not you, my Madonna. You're more rabbid than Joan Rivers, whose freak-out scene I finally watched, just now, on Showbiz Tonight.

I just had an idea. If I can catch Joan at her Bel Air place, maybe I can get her worked up into an emotional lather (which expression I got from Vincent Bugliosi), to complain to you, to have the news updates continued in my Madonna news update box, above. Was that feed discontinued with the makeover of Did they really think people would stop visiting, if they were finding Madonna news in my update box?

Custom Uke Bridge Piece Custom Uke Bridge PieceHere's more music shop talk. I did find something wrong with my new ukulele. The bridge wasn't tall enough, so didn't hold the strings far enough away from the frets, causing a terribel rattle of the strings against the frets. I've fixed that. I made a bridge piece, out of a piece of 5/16 inch aluminum tube, which I had on hand from years ago. I cut it 1 3/4 inches long, sliced it longitudinally with a hacksaw, spread the slit with a chisel, cleaned up the edges, buffed the outside with an abrasive scouring pad, and finally I installed it. It didn't take long to do all that. As you can see in the photos, the strings are well away from the frets now. Here's a helpful tip. The nut should allow the strings to be close to the first fret, but the bridge needs just the opposite: to hold the strings well away from the frets. The strings should be pronouncedly higher at the bridge end, than at the nut end. It can't work any other way.

Notice, in the photos, that the strings appear to be doubled. The second lower "string" is really its shadow. In the perpendicular profile shot, the actual strings are the upper dark line. The lower dark line is a shadow. I didn't expect that shadow, but it's there. Coincidentally, the shadow shows approximately where the strings used to be, relative to the instrument. You can see approximately how much higher the strings now are. The uke sounds much much better now.

Also, I tied tiny steel nuts to the bridge end of the strings, to keep the knots from pulling into the bridge. This way, the uke stays in tune better. Likewise, I knotted the peg end of the strings, to allow less slippage there, too, to keep the instrument in tune better. Now, it's a matter of tightening the pegs screws enough, to keep the pegs from backing up. If any oil gets in the peg parts, it makes it harder to keep the instrument in tune, allowing backing up of the pegs.

Of course, you can click each of these photos, to see the larger images.

Really, there is still one more thing I'm not pleased with. These strings are particularly heavy. They don't have enough give to suit me and my playing style. I prefer the string to be thinner, giving them plenty of give, so I can easily wiggle the strings. These heavy strings are so taught, while standard tuned, it's futile to try to wiggle them. I need to get a set of light strings. Then I'll be happy playing this uke.

The above blog entry was made on August 2, 2009.

As I just said in today's Jen the Hen blog, I ought to stop discussing my music in this blog. It's below my dignity, since you've treated me like dirt. I guess I'll just have to limit this blog to snide remarks and jabs and such, my Madonna. Sound okay to you?

Here's the best definition I've ever seen of the word, "sarcasm" (from

noun the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
Got any ideas?

The above blog entry was made on August 1, 2009.

I just found myself composing another music piece. It used time I thought I was going to use for other things. That's what happens sometimes, when I mess around with chords and notes, and all of a sudden an inspiration hits me, and it winds up being another composition. It took definite effort to refine it to the point where I was content to leave it for the night. This one has an old-fashioned rustic sound to it, at least on my new uke. This kind of music popping out of me makes me wonder if that's why Ralph suggested I do country music. I wouldn't want to make country my sole genre. I'd rather cover a broader spectrum, like I've been doing. If a country-sounding thing happens, like this new one, there's no sense ignoring it, or setting it aside, really.

The above blog entry was made on July 31, 2009.

Now that I've had a little time to play my new uke, I discovered what needs fixing with it. The bridge doesn't hold the strings far enough away from the fretboard, which results in occasional rattles of the strings against the frets. That's not good. I thought of a solution, which doesn't necessitate any permanent alterations of the bridge. I've already designed a kind of long spacer, to go between the strings and the bridge, which would be held in place by the tension of the strings. It'd work. I intend to make one up, and try it out. I expect it to work.

I'm feeling very annoyed with Discover Bank's lawyers, who are making a living harrassing people like me with financial troubles. Lawyers are subhuman liars, who are committing the real crimes. It's about universal, that American lawyers use lies instead of law, and they certainly don't obey people's rights. The guy struggling to get by is not the real criminal. Lawyers are definitely what a real criminal is like. Guillotines ought to be wheeled out into the streets to chop their heads off. The streets ought to stink with their rotting blood, like during the French Revolution.

The above blog entry was made on July 30, 2009.

My two ukulelesI just missed the midnight deadline, so I'm writing this for the 29th. I was planning to make a purchase yesterday, but I didn't expect it to be another ukulele. This new one is a concert-sized one. You may remember my other one is soprano-sized. The place just got in this used uke, and it bore a strong resemblance to one I saw new for about $330.00. This one was only $40.00 though, and it included a case. You can get a good look at it by clicking the photo on the right. My estimate is that it costs, new, about the same as the above-mentioned one. It's got a rounded back, and the wood looks very nice. You can see the size difference, with both of my ukes pictured. Looking at them in person, there appears to be more of a size difference than the photo shows. It's some kind of optical illusion.

The sound of each is distinctly different. It's phenomenal. So far, I think my soprano one has a quainter sound. I played this new one in the shop, and I was in awe of the sound. It filled the place with such a beautiful sound. I was wondering what the people there were thinking, as they listened to me.

My new instrument amp My music setup, on July 29, 2009
My keyboard's 1984 Olympics dustcover Scorpion amp
Lots of pictures, this time. First is the photo of my newly acquired (today) Peavey sound system amp, with both low and high impedence mic inputs, plus an instrument input. I chose that one because of the XLR mic jack. I need it for live performances.

Next, is a longer shot of my Peavey and my two ukes (the black case and the red box case) and the newly acquired stool (for use with my keyboard) and my keyboard (covered by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics towel).

Then, is a better look at that 1984 Los Angeles Olympics towel, which is seen here, serving as my keyboard's dust cover.

Last, but not least, is another coincidence that snuck up on me. Since my old Peavey amp was made, they developed a line of Solo amps called the 112 series, including this one in the last of four photos. What's interesting is the tag, near the bottom-front of the amp, with the name, Scorpion, on it. The coincidence is that the scorpion is one of Charlie's symbols, since he's a Scorpio. I had to mention it. For what it's worth, the Scorpion, besides being newer, is a bigger and more sophisticated amp. At least I think the Scorpion is a later model.

Here's another comment or two, even though it's a little past midnight. My Peavey has an eight-inch loudspeaker. I already plugged my electric guitar into the Peavey, and tried it out. It works great. I need an XLR-to-mini-jack adapter, to plug in my old 360° mic. I don't have a cardioid mic yet. I hope to get a used one cheap, with an XLR plug. I also plan to get a boom mic stand.

My zero budget is killing me. If Discover Bank's lawyers confiscate any of my possessions, maybe I should blame you, my Madonna. One of their lawyers told me they just wanted to garnish my paychecks, but lawyers tend to lie. I believe they deliberately put the wrong time, "2am," for the court appearance, then told me "2pm," on the phone, to try to trick me into not appearing, and thus to cause me to lose by default, for failure to appeal. I think the real time is for 1pm. That hour could make a big difference. The lawyer with the last case lied also, saying the statute of limitations to be three years, but it's four years. I've got a court date set for early August, which is very near.

Now I'm broke, for weeks.

The above blog entry was made on July 29, 2009.

Do you remember what you should be remembering? It's my birthday.

I know your birthday is the 16th of next month. Is that what that new background picture is about, at It makes you look old and shabby. So, you'll be one more into your fifties next month, too. You're all resigned to your increasingly old shabbiness, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on July 28, 2009.

I've got an interesting update, about Stranger in a Strange Land, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Read it, my Madonna.

Your latest background picture, at, makes you look like an old whore, or maybe a madame, in that related sense.

The visits counter, at the bottom of this page, has just passed the twenty-thousand point. What do you think?

The above blog entry was made on July 27, 2009.

Know what novel Charlie read? Stranger in a Strange Land. This book proclaims, on its front cover, to be the world's most popular science fiction novel. Read what I have to say about it, in today's, and especially yesterday's, Jen the Hen blog entries.

The above blog entry was made on July 25, 2009.

Shopping for music band gear is so challenging, on my near-zero budget. The minimum I need, at this time:
1. Studio-style mixer (of course, with microphone hookups)
2. Cardioid voice mic (and a cable to plug it in)
3. Boom type mic stand
4. Internal or clip-on mic or other pickup, for acoustic instrument (These tend to be priced way above my budget range.)
It seems my life is a perpetual exercise in enduring Hell (if Hell is the bad place).

Here's an update. That tape recorder of mine wasn't malfunctioning. It was at the end of the tape.

By the way, that particular tape recorder is just for low-fidelity music demos, of sorts, for my own purposes, and for making sound notes, so to speak, of new music inspirations as they happen. It's portable and easy and quick and handy.

The above blog entry was made on July 24, 2009.

Gee, I no sooner made that little comment, in yesterday's blog entry, and today, in the tv news, is the arrest of about 44 New Jersey officials, for corruption. I hardly believe in mere coincidences, so now what do I believe?

My current home studio setup My current home studio setupNow, for what I really wanted to say. I just went through the motions of trying a music setup I was wanting to try, and sure enough, it works. You can click each of these photos, individually, to see the larger photo. As you can see, if you're observant, I hooked up a portable Fisher stereo, for use as an instrument amp. I works great. You should hear it. It sound good, not ratty. My Line 6 can make the sound dirty or clean or wild or whatever. It's phenomenal. This is the first time I tried my electric guitar out loud, rather than through headphones. Gratifying. I'm routing a cheap mic through my Line 6 pedal, but I need more mic gain. I think I'll need to insert a mic preamp of some kind, to tweak the mic signal to my setup. I don't think I'll be able to resist adding guitar tracks to my recordings, not that I should want to avoid guitar tracks. Now, I need an add-on (add-in, actually) internal mic, to install into my uke, so I can route it through both my Line 6 pedal, and through my makeshift amp. Voila! The big sound on a pauper's budget. What'll I think of next? I'm a music producer. I ought to know something about it. I do.

I want to mention now, before the midnight limit of this day's blog entry, about the above mic and hardware and setup issue. I know that a mixer is the way to hook up a mic, and I plan to buy one, when I can find one that fits my budget. I think I'll have to buy a used one, on my tight budget.

The above blog entry was made on July 23, 2009.

Traditional U. S. politics is crime, not public service. You do get that, don't you, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on July 22, 2009.

Have you ever sweated the music contract details yourself, my Madonna? I sure have. Read today's Jen the Hen blog entry, for today's example, in my own experience.

By the way, I just had another dream, with another music inspiration in it. Right away, I grabbed my uke, and played it. I was amazed how good it sounded in the overtones of the uke. Phenomenal. Then, I grabbed my portable tape recorder, only to discover that "play" doesn't work. Always something. I'll have to pop it apart, and see if it's a broken drive belt. I fixed my other portable tape deck, which had a broken drive belt. I'd like to buy a digital, tapeless recorder, to capture such of spur-of-the-moment music inspirations.

The above blog entry was made on July 21, 2009.

Those extraterrestrial spaceships (I'd say flying saucers, but one of them looked like a fireball.), I was seeing and hearing, in 2001: That wasn't you, dropping by, to say "hi," was it, my Madonna? I know you've done that scene, too. You put that stuff behind you? I'm not sure about that.

The above blog entry was made on July 20, 2009.

Lived any extraterrestrial stuff lately, my Madonna? Read what I just wrote in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. It's got some sci-fi-like stuff in it.

The above blog entry was made on July 19, 2009.

Your new background photo makes you look Jewish, my Madonna.

Did your web people discontinue the news feeds, of sorts, which were filling my box, above? It's been empty, lately. It went empty before, then came back. Now, it's empty again.

The above blog entry was made on July 18, 2009.

Whereas your influence is bad, mine is good. Read about my possibly influencing Sarah Palin's resignation. But, if that's not enough, read what I said to her, that may have triggered it. The story is in today's Jen the Hen blog entry here, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 17, 2009.

What a shame, about that stage collapse. You're lucky you weren't clobbered by it, yourself, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 16, 2009.

Your manager just made a remark at I just commented, about how you need me to produce some music for you. Remember the 80's? You must, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 15, 2009.

I didn't see you at my show tonight, either, my Madonna. Shame on you. I suspect you may be immersed in your tour, at this time, which would excuse you, this time. But next time, I doubt you'd have an excuse to miss me. Plan on being there. No excuses.

Do read today's Jen the Hen blog entry. It goes into detail about my experience at the show, and the tire blowout I suffered, on the way over. I still got to the show on time.

The above blog entry was made on July 14, 2009.

I just had a thought. Why don't you buy my next house in Beverly Hills? It'd be great. You're such a cheapskate, I can hardly expect it, my Madonna. I was just in Beverly Hills. Read about it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on July 12, 2009.

Do you command your own Death Angels squad, my Madonna? I hope not. That would probably mean that you had earned your Death Angel wings yourself, for one thing. For another thing, it would imply that you were leading others to do the same thing.

The above blog entry was made on July 11, 2009.

Do you have an high-ranking position lined up, in the United Soviet of America, for when the U. S. starts to admit to its totalitarian ways, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on July 10, 2009.

Congratulations, my Madonna. In opposing me, by keeping me from my deserved earnings and success, you have kept me from opposing the totalitarian interests, in the U. S. You must feel proud of yourself.

The above blog entry was made on July 9, 2009.

I didn't see you in the Jackson memorial tribute, and I saw most or all of it. You were just in attendance? I had heard you were going to be there. Other engagement? That reminds me . . . It's still yes, for now, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 8, 2009.

Yesterday was miserable. I hope the rest of my Summer is much better.

Ask me how you can make my Summer better, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 7, 2009.

Apparently, you don't even associate with Caucasions any more, my Madonna.

Oh . . . Madonna . . . I've got a surprise for you. You can have my current balance at Discover Bank. The amount is $-2000.00. I need you to pay it off, in my name, ASAP. Okay? Get back with me, now.

The above blog entry was made on July 6, 2009.

What if I annoy you by saying something? I bet you never made it into a Sports Illustrated calendar, my Madonna. Don't they think you're good enough for their calendar? Are you going to pay them a zillion dollars now, to get into their calendar, to prove that you're good enough?

The above blog entry was made on July 5, 2009.

Maybe you'd rather drop dead than buy from me, but you can do some window shopping here now, my Madonna. Click on the Shop widget, on one of these pages, and enjoy. I expect to have purchases enabled before long. It'd be nice to finally make some money here. So far, I haven't received one red cent from this website, in all the four years of its existence. Ouch.

The above blog entry was made on July 4, 2009.

I was going to mention, yesterday, about your recent website makeover, at It's nice to see a different look there, once in a while. I'm more reluctant to do makeovers of this website, as you must have deduced.

The above blog entry was made on July 3, 2009.

It looks like that Manhattan real estate investment of yours turned a little sour on you, my Madonna. Here's the latest report:
CNN: Manhattan home prices plunge
The housing bust has finally clobbered super-pricey Manhattan home prices. home prices.
I don't think you're so worried about it. You're loaded.

The above blog entry was made on July 2, 2009.

I just heard, on tv, that your adoption of Mercy is now official.

Read what I just said about The Phoenix Solution, in today's Jen the hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 1, 2009.

I've noticed the new background photo at, with you and Jacko in it. Were you really with him, in that shot, or is that an edited-in effect?

The above blog entry was made on June 29, 2009.

The blacks have an idea they use with each other. It's about who's blacker, or black enough. Are you black enough, Madonna? Is that the message you're trying to send, with the two black adoptions?

The above blog entry was made on June 28, 2009.

I think you may like the at-least-partial clarification, I just wrote about the black Bray, my Madonna. Find it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. You can also get to it by clicking the black notice, towards the top of the page.

The above blog entry was made on June 25, 2009.

Are you going to see me live, this next time, Madonna? If you ask me, I'll tell you where and when. I watched you live, in the studio, before anyone ever heard of you. Remember? Was that Burning Up? I'm trying to remember which song it was. That was so long ago. Your style, that time, reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. I'm sorry if I didn't seem enthusiastic enough, afterwards. By the way, I love that song, Burning Up. I really mean it. It's one of my all-time favorites, of yours. I wouldn't lie about something like that.

If I were to give you some music advice at this point, do you know what it'd be? I'd suggest that you lean backwards, in the direction of your early sound. That's where your music really shone. I have a hunch you'd never achieve that, even if you tried, without my help. If you want to resurrect your old sound, I think you need my help with it. You can still talk to me. You know that?

Actually, I don't know why I'd want to help you with it, except to help my own career. The thought of my helping you again, is comparable to comtemplating wading with crocodiles. Are we ever going to be friends again? Have any idea when that'd be?

The above blog entry was made on June 21, 2009.

Well, the news just broke. You're reported to have finally brought home your little Mercy. Now you'll have mercy on me?

The above blog entry was made on June 20, 2009.

Read about how the defense, prosecution and Mark Fuhrman ALL secretly worked to DELIBERATELY get O. J. Simpson acquitted of the double murder. I've written about it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. I'm certain of what I've just written about it.

The above blog entry was made on June 19, 2009.

As you know, your latest news is that the Malawi high court granted you the right to adopt Mercy. That returns me to the question: Why didn't you ever grant me mercy, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on June 16, 2009.

I just read Outrage, by Vincent Bugliosi. Read it, Madonna. But, don't be fooled by Bugliosi's giving the benefit of the doubt to the ethnics; they really are MORE racist than the whites. Read what I said about this book, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on June 10, 2009.

A district court of appeals just ruled, in effect, the U. S. Bill of Rights to be inapplicable to the states, ie unenforceable/irrelevant under the law. Read more about this in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. That's far worse than any trick used by the Bush administration. Tell me, after you read it, if you now admit that the U. S. is de facto sneak communism.

The above blog entry was made on June 7, 2009.

I think I scared the crows away. Maybe I spooked them. My hometown, and you know where that is, used to have plenty of crows, year round.

The above blog entry was made on June 6, 2009.

By opposing me and my financial success, you have been opposing nude rights, Madonna. That has always been why you've created so much trouble for me, hasn't it? You have been deceiving people into thinking yourself to be the sexually liberated type, but in reality, you've always been a prude. We both know that.

For more on nude rights, and some info on the burning down of the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, of Vassalboro, Maine, yesterday, read today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on June 4, 2009.

So, your final Sticky and Sweet tour stop is to be in Israel. That makes me wonder what inspired that choice. Care to let us in on the secret? You deny being Jewish, but somehow the whole Jewish thing is so big, in your mind, that Israel is it, for your last tour stop.

The above blog entry was made on June 2, 2009.

Remember that rabbitt-warren-Michigan remark, I made here a while back? I just read the only two books ever written on the Zebra murders, of 1973 and 1974, of San Francisco.
1. Zebra - by Clark Howard
2. The Zebra Murders - by Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen
That's the chronological order I just read them in, and it's their chronological order of being written and published. The first appeared in 1979, and the second in 2006. Well, well into the second book, in a scene wherein one of the killers was being pursued by police, the neighborhood was described as warren-like, near the Black Self Help Moving and Storage. The guy got away, but later was captured and convicted and sent to prison, where he still is, serving multiple life sentences. He was convicted along with a few other perpetrators of that killing spree.

You can't understand the race issue fully, without reading these two books, Madonna. I want to clarify, though, that the second book has written in to it the black racial bias of the black people. Earl Sanders, as he's called in the book, is black. I believe even the black "officers" of the SFPD were secretly sympathetic with this series of muders, which were the deliberate targeting of whites by blacks. It was black-against-white racial warfare. Sanders made a elaborate effort to say that he, and his black police partner, did not sympathize with the killings, but I find that unbelievable. I believe all the blacks, in the whole country, sympathized with those killings. This attitude, of theirs, shows. They're not fooling me. It's a wonder this guy wasn't fired from the force. He kept physically attacking white officers, every time one of them said something he didn't like. As a sad testament to the damage he and the others blacks did to police departments nationwide, with departmental affirmative action, he became chief of police of the SFPD, a while back. He resigned soon afterward, when he was hit by two strokes, in close succession. His whole treatment of these crimes, thoughout this book, reads like a poor-black-boy rant, about the abuses of the whites toward the blacks, historically in the U. S., as if an implied you'll-never-catch-me confession to complicity in this series of murders. Affirmative action is descrimination against whites. There's no two ways about it. I wish I could undo the damage done to this country by the blacks. Blacks do score lower that whites. I think he was probably lying about their scores too, to support the claim of descrimination. After their "civil-rights" lawsuit went through, now the ethnics are considered equally for promotions and hiring, no matter how under-achieving they are.

The above blog entry was made on May 31, 2009.

Doesn't it seem kind of ironic to you, that although Detroit is known as "Motown" (the "Mo" standing for "motor"), the relatively black-leaning population there are anti-honky ("honky" containing "honk," as in "honk a car's horn")? I know; puns are in everything, even that. I'm not sure that expression didn't derive from that pun, somehow. The midwest has been something like a black militant organization, against the whites. Chicago is the black muslim "New Mecca."

The above blog entry was made on May 29, 2009.

You haven't done your politics homework, Madonna. Read today's Jen the Hen blog entry. The problem with the U. S. today, is that the whites have been fooled by the blacks, MUCH to the detriment of all whites' interests. The whites need to wake up, and polarize solidly against the dark, evil black threat that has been fooling them. The ideas of "being a nice guy," and "giving them the benefit of the doubt," are not going to save a single white person from the clutches of a black instigated hell. Those two ideas are propaganda ploys, utilized by the black muslim interests, tending to lead the whites to their eventual doom. The blacks are not trying to equalize their rights, they have been burning the candle at both ends, towards MONOPOLIZING all rights, especially freedom of speech. They have been doing everthing within their power to wrest all freedoms away from all whites, for the blacks own exclusive use. It's not a matter of opinion; it's a matter of fact. Wake up, or forever burn in hell.

The above blog entry was made on May 27, 2009.

I want to tell you about my last dream today, before I rose from bed. I was standing on some road, with a couple of guys, and they were messing with some kind of object, about two feet wide by two feet high, which one of them was holding up, about head level. A clear idea of what is was does not come to mind, but it remined me of a toy-like thing, or child's play. So, I told them I wasn't interested. All of a sudden, I notice a black limo there, from which one or two men and a blond lady have emerged. In hindsight, that lady reminds me of you, and our limosine days together, of the 1980's. I didn't see the face of that lady clearly, but she still reminded me of you. Have any ideas of what this dream means, my Madonna? I swear this dream was real. I'd never want to invent a fictitious dream, and pass it off as real.

The above blog entry was made on May 24, 2009.

Are you a supporter, of the cause, of the Nation of Islam, Madonna? I hope not.

The above blog entry was made on May 23, 2009.

The president of Malawi just won reelection, for a second term. The election is now being contested.

The above blog entry was made on May 22, 2009.

You're not living in Malawi, trying to qualify for that adoption, are you, my Madonna? If you come home with a tan, the next thing you know, people might start suspecting you to be black.

The above blog entry was made on May 21, 2009.

I've been so active in politics, for the last year. I'm tempted to run for office, but I don't have a law degree. In theory, I could run anyway, but I don't have even the money for registration, to be put on the ballot, and I don't have a known following. I'm the most worthy to be a government official, really. The incumbents are just a pack of incompetent fools, who put on a show of knowing what's best. It's just dirty, old-school politics as usual, but worse than ever. I want to found a new political party, one that could eclipse both big parties, and set things right, like never before. Old thinking is engrained in both parties. Real reform can't happen through either of the current big two parties. The country needs ME, to set them free, and to fix everything. There's no other solution. Both of the current big two parties are full of frauds, who tend to send everything down the tubes, with their myths and lies and general cheating.

The above blog entry was made on May 20, 2009.

Don't hide you head in the sand, my Madonna. You must visit the website that the above Che Guevara banner points to. You must know what kind of monster you supported for "president." You've got yourself to blame. I told you so.

The above blog entry was made on May 18, 2009.

Read about my planned novel, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. The world needs me to explain reality to them, even if it be in novel form.

The above blog entry was made on May 17, 2009.

It's plausible that you chose someone going by the name of "Jesus," to fit in with your crucifixion theme, of your previous tour. All this for the sake of lurid publicity, including marriage? That's pretty wild.

I was just expanding on my first, of my latest set of music, the one that hit me last Christmas. It now has more depth, and is more classical in quality.

The above blog entry was made on May 16, 2009.

Did you give up on that orphan girl yet?

The above blog entry was made on May 13, 2009.

Did you need to renew a permit to keep those chickens, at your London area mansion, my Madonna? Read about related matters in the U. S., in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on May 12, 2009.

The Fox cable news has already picked up on my comparison of 1984, today, to current U. S. politics. My political analyses are very important. Pick me up, and we'll wheel down to Cabo San Lucas, okay? Don't make me wait, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 11, 2009.

Do you really follow U. S. politics at all, my Madonna? Maybe you just sit around, believing the good government fairy to always do his job?

The above blog entry was made on May 10, 2009.

The current U. S. political climate is despotic. I just heard, on tv, about a supposed law that undoes a constitutional protection, which allowed one to question ones accusers in court. The politicians, like I've said countless times, are systematically undoing people's rights. They've got to be stopped, NOW. NEITHER of the big two political parties are really standing up for freedom. The republicans oppose the 1st amendment, and the democrats oppose the 2nd amendment. It's like it's impossible to be allowed all of one's rights at the same time. The Supreme Court judges are using fictional theories, in which they substitute party politics for people's constitutional rights. That's how the conservative judges got away with allowing the FCC's prudist attack on the 1st amendment. Censorship is oppression, not protection. The politicians have got to be stopped, NOW. If you really support freedom of lifestyle and freedom of one's own body, you must unite with me, to take effective action against the goons, who have been dominating "government." They are gangsters, and they must be stopped, NOW.

The above blog entry was made on May 9, 2009.

Memorize this FACT, my Madonna:
Government action is oppression.
Get it? It's true. Keep this in mind, always.

The above blog entry was made on May 6, 2009.

Those boots I saw you in, on tv, yesterday and today, look hot, my Madonna. Do you like me to address you this way, by "my Madonna?" I like it. I'm not sure I'd want to stop, even if you told me you didn't like it. I like it, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 5, 2009.

Here's a message I just sent you, through one of your contact places:
My Madonna,
Tell them how you dumped Guy for ME. Do it. I know you love me, you just can't let yourself eat crow, by admitting it.
Well, did I get it right? Tell me. I've got an idea. If I can't tell you I love you, maybe you can tell me you love me. You don't? You can't answer that? You don't know? You have to know, by now. We've known each other for ages. Come on. Tell me, my Madonna. I'll tell you anyway. I love you, my Madonna. Are you going to throw a temper tantrum, now? I hope not. I'm saying it again. I love you, my Madonna. There, that feels better. Talk to me, again. I know you want to marry me. Come on, let's do it now. What are you waiting for? You want me to promise you something? Meet me, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 3, 2009.

Got milk? Got MLK? Got hypochondriasis, my Madonna? To believe in the need for government is to be afflicted with the type of insanity, known euphemistically as "hypochondriasis." Even if the "serious new diseases" are real, which they're not, people's health is none of the "government's" rightful business. They need to drop dead. As can be seen in the H1N1 thing in Mexico, Mexico's got the same prudery crime syndicate there as operates in the U. S. Maybe all those wearing face masks ought to be summarily executed, to stem them from sending the wrong message, which damages the world political climate, with medical myth implementation. It must be considered a greivous offense to originate or PR such myths, sponsored by "government."

The above blog entry was made on May 2, 2009.

Got hypochondriasis? Read today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Your own dishonesty is the only possible reason for you to not want to read it, if you don't want to read it. You know how accurate I am. Hiding your head in the sand, to dodge perception of the real truth, my Madonna? Let's hope not. Read up.

The above blog entry was made on April 30, 2009.

The swine flu issue smacks of a U. S., democrat propaganda ploy. I suspect it to be a myth, authored and supported by the democrats, to pretend people to need their "health measure." They've been trying to institute their version of socialized medicine, by staging fraudulent "heath scares," to deceive people into falsely believing it to be necessary. It's been the same thing, over and over, for many decades, as the politicians deliberately have eroded personal lifestyle freedoms, by pretending "health concerns" and "safety mandates" to be "the most important thing." AIDS is definitely myth, totally fictional. Polio is another, and one of the oldest, of such U. S. health myths. FDR, a democrat, was one of the pioneers of staging the health hoax. "Polio" is as fictitious as "AIDS." An honest interpretation of this recent "swine flu" news is that there is no problem for the public going on, except for the fact that the politicians are on the sneak attack, lying for the purpose of pseudo-justifying their obnoxious sneak political agenda. Most of what the democrats favor, legislation-wise, tends to make all bodily gratifications illegal, so that one's only recourse for pleasure is to pay extortionate rates to black market sources, like prostitutes, drug dealers, etc. Even the gun rights issue is this way. The democrats are deliberately favoring black-market-only gun trade, by banning legal sales of guns. A side effect is that they are handing a kickback to criminal voters, by disarming their victims, so that the criminals have the clear advantage, by being the only ones armed, since the career criminals don't hesitate to buy guns in the black market. The Democrat Party of the U. S. is clearly a crime syndicate. Their politics are extremely dishonest. Don't fall for this latest trick to force prudery on the public. The democrat politicians are DEFINITELY prudes. Don't be fooled by them. They've never allowed open nudity, have they? That's another case in point. The democrats are utter frauds. The Democrat Party must be disbanded (and the Republican Party, too), in favor of another political party (parties), in the hope they'd be far more honest than their predecessors. That "peanut butter scare," a while back, was the same thing, politically. The democrats are trying to use silver bullets, so to speak, to force their "emergency legislation" on the people. Don't fall for it. People must wake up; the democrat politicians are COMPLETELY dishonest. They are at absolute rock bottom of the scale, in terms of political dishonesty. They are CRIMINALS. Take heed. This IS an emergency; a POLITICAL emergency. Don't let them get away with this long-term attack on personal lifestyle freedoms. The democrats must be stopped, NOW! I don't want to lean disproportionately on the democrats; in their own ways, the republicans are comparably guilty of this stuff.

The above blog entry was made on April 28, 2009.

I've got a start on a new book on government and politics, which at this point can serve on a stand-alone basis, as a self-contained manifesto. I put a link to it, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. The degree to which someone disbelieves any or all of this new manifesto of mine, is the degree to which one is wrong about the world.

I just added 10 more tenets to my Manifesto, to Describe the Universal, Intrinsic and Historic Nature of Government. Read it, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 26, 2009.

You must have noticed how superior my political arguments have been. It seems I keep getting better at arguing important matters. You can find some of these arguments in the most recent entries, in my politics blog. You know the place. Do you think the feds have used sneak software, to discourage visitors from my politics web page? The U. S. IS sneak communism (totalitarian government), definitely.

The above blog entry was made on April 25, 2009.

I recently read the Communist Manifesto, my Madonna. Read what I said about that, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. I'm not trying to promote commusim, but I think that book is important, historically, in understanding the world economy of the last hundred and fifty or so years. I'm not saying it is an accurate portrayal of economic principles. I'm not convinced it does describe that stuff truthfully. I believe that it had special interest motivations.

The above blog entry was made on April 24, 2009.

I used to shrug off comments about the Democrats being crazy, but it's more believable than ever, now. Since you're clearly acting like a Democrat, this is another basis to write you off as craze, too, my Madonna. Have you been crucified lately? No, your tour doesn't restart for months?

The above blog entry was made on April 23, 2009.

You have to read about the real estate scandal, involving California senator Diane Feinstein. Find that story in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, my Madonna. I hope you're not involved in bailout, or other political, schemes.

The above blog entry was made on April 22, 2009.

Well, I did it. I performed my newest song, Save the Earth, in Hollywood last night. Maybe I'll get used to performing music live. I hope so.

Does your applause sound heartfelt, when you perform Hey You, my Madonna? The aplause I got for Save the Earth sure sounded, to me, to be heartfelt. You see, I can get public appreciation for my music, even without you contributing to it. You did realize that, didn't you? Of course you did.

The above blog entry was made on April 21, 2009.

Oh, my precious Madonna has fallen from a horse again. Let me kiss your boo-boos for you. You have to pick me up or meet me, for that to happen. Come on. I'm waiting.

Now, I want to tell you about what you're doing wrong at home. You are subjecting your children to household communism. What else could one call:
1. No tv
2. No newspapers
3. Censorship, of who knows what varieties
I want to know, are you operating your household under terms of a sneak communist block protocol or accord? Of course, it's hardly any wonder, considering that the U. S. has always been a totalitarian state, in reality, and you're in the U. S., again.

By the way, I'm doing a live performance, sooner, almost, than you can say the word "live." Contact me, or drop by, quick, if you want me to tell you where, so you can be in the audience. Better yet, I'd let you sing this new Earth Day song with me, live on stage. How about it? Really, this is almost no notice at all, timewise. Hurry, my Madonna. You can't want to miss this. This is an Earth Day event, really.

The above blog entry was made on April 19, 2009.

So, are you going to start abiding by the real facts of society and environment, now that I've let the cat out of the bag, or are you going to insist the propaganda to be all true, my Madonna? Read the message I just sent to a lot of politicians. There's a link to get to it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on April 18, 2009.

I just thought of a pun, in a recent report about your adoption issue, my Madonna. So, you demand "Mercy?" Is that to imply you to be holding steadfast against me? Was it hard to find an orphan named "Mercy," to effect that message? Maybe you would have chosen her first, or only, but maybe you didn't want to seem too obvious. That'd figure.

Oh, forgive me, my Madonna. I just realized a name coincidence, in a name connected with you recently, namely "Steve Meisel." If the last syllable of that last name is dropped, and the remainder, spelt homonymically, is put before "Steve," that yields "my Steve." So, now you're returning the courtesy, by replying to me, also with "my" before the first name. Thanks, my Madonna.

Along these same lines, I ought to mention something else. I think you staged that apparent romance with the Brazilian young man, to allude to me, since I posted the Brazilian song here, and mentioned that I was interested in learning Portuguese (if I can ever find time, in my busy schedule). Well? You don't have to beat around the bush. What are you waiting for? Did you stop feeling sure I'd still want you?

The above blog entry was made on April 17, 2009.

Finally, reports have come out about the fact that the glaciers are actually INCREASING in size. I told you, "global warming" liars have been serving up lies and pseudo-science, to support their scam. Read about these reports in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on April 16, 2009.

Well, I did it again. This time, a moment ago, I composed AND wrote the lyrics right away, to my newest song. This one is called Save the Earth. It is intended as an Earth Day celebration song. I don't want to be hypocritical, by going overboard with this environmental stuff. I figured I can advance the cause in the right direction, with these lyrics of mine, which I carefully wrote, to help steer the cause in ONLY the right direction. Environmentalism, to be effective, and not counterproductive, must attack ONLY the real problems, and not carry on maniacally, trying to "fix" things that aren't "broken" (alluding to the expression, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."). This is very important, my Madonna. By the way, this one has a sound reminiscent of the 60's rock era. See, it's never too late (I hope) to write music of the 60's rock type sound.

So, we used to do the sidewalk walk, on Sunset, inconceivably long ago, and now you're doing the sidewalk talk. We did that too, but I preferred to talk to you indoors. So, what sidewalk are you showing up on? Mine? I'll catch you again on Sunset again, one of these days? Okay. I have some business to discuss with you. Let's go inside. It's always better indoors.

The above blog entry was made on April 15, 2009.

Read my update on my new music composition, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. I'm talking about the new "secret agent sound" music, I started on yesterday. It's so good. My new musical works keep getting better, lately. This is very gratifying. This new sound could easily be adapted to some kind of tragedy movie. It definitely leans in the sad direction.

My newest piece of music has so far morphed into a sadder, less exotic sound. It now reminds me of some musical works of decades ago.

The above blog entry was made on April 14, 2009.

I just composed a new secret-agent-sounding piece of music, this morning. I want it to be featured as the music score of a new James Bond movie. Aren't you tempted to get in on this action? Actually, there's a strong possibility that it'd be in the form of an instrumental-only recording, if this one gets into such a movie. Read what I've said about this in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 13, 2009.

Now we know, from today's Jen the Hen blog entry, that a hen makes twenty-seven million dollars a year. Now, we want to know: How much does an ox make in a year (Madonna is that ox; this is the Chinese year of the ox)? Don't keep us in suspense, my Madonna. We'd like to know.

The above blog entry was made on April 12, 2009.

The last I heard, there was a rumor about you maybe planning to move to Malawi. I wish you'd tell me if that's true, my Madonna. I'm also curious about what Lourdes thinks of all this adoption stuff. Somehow, she reminds me of her mother.

Okay, now I've figured it out. This was a symbolic puzzle, which I've now solved. Here's the solution:
If Madonna has her way, all the native children of Africa would be Lourdes' brothers and sisters, literally. (That is to imply all native children of Africa would be the brothers and sisters of the Lord?)
Maybe this is part of the symbolic thing you were doing, with the staged crucifixions on stage? You constantly fish for lurid publicity, and this system is another example? Oh! Now I've figured it out. Try this:
Madonna is trying to stage a false proof that Jesus, and hence God Almighty, is black, by way of Lourdes (the Lord) having black brothers and sisters.
Well, is that what you're up to? You must have something to say, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 11, 2009.

You won't believe how yesterday ended, as reflected in my midnight updates to my Jen the Hen blog? Well, believe it. It's all true. Unlike you, I normally tell the truth, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 10, 2009.

Do you dream of being with Charlie, my Madonna? Read today's Jen the Hen entry.

You CAN'T fail to read today's Jen the Hen entry. It's beyond . . . whatever it's beyond. It does involve the beyond.

The above blog entry was made on April 9, 2009.

I was busy, today, reading up on some things this evening. Then, I finally made myself write the new lyrics to one of my new songs, The Red Carpet. It can now rightfully be called a song, or complete song, since it now has lyrics. I believed I should write words to it, and now I've done it. I think I should record a version now, sung to my uke. That would work, at least for now. This uke version is how I originally envisioned this piece.

So now the father of Mercy says he wants to keep her. What next, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on April 8, 2009.

I don't think you'd be willing to live in Malawi for 18 months, to fulfill the residency requirement for adoption, Madonna. I think you might be interested in faking an 18-month residency there, as by acquiring a vacation house there, and spending occasional time there. If you ever won the adoption right by buying a home there, I don't think I'd ever believe you to have lived there full-term. I hate to even mention this idea, because if you were ever to use it, I'd feel like I were an instigator of this foreign fraud idea.

The above blog entry was made on April 7, 2009.

You were at the top of yesterday's celeb news, my Madonna. I thought of the fact that the girl could have been same-race company/family to David, but still, I'm glad the adoption wasn't approved. To approve it would be to add to the mistake of the first adoption.

The above blog entry was made on April 4, 2009.

I'm glad Malawi denied your request to adopt the girl, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on April 3, 2009.

The latest news update, on you, is that the Malawi officials have said that they hope to accommodate you in your latest request to adopt. You already know that, of course.

You should reread yesterday's blog entry, because I just fixed a typo in it. Yesterday, I emailed the president of Germany. Isreal responded, already, through a CNN news caption, in my email news update for today. Some Israeli official said that Israel is not, and has not, been obligated by the Annapolis "process." I take that as a hint to me because, in my message to the German president, I included a return email address with "process" in it. In the email, I expressed my interest in authoring a new book to follow up Hitler's old Mein Kampf, a new Mein kampf, of sorts. I said I want to write about what's wrong with today's politics, and what to do about it all. In the letter, I complained about global politics favoring sneak communism and dirty politics. I had just read last month's speech, by the president of Germany, and I'm not favorably impressed by it. I sent copies to various U. S. politicians.

The above blog entry was made on April 2, 2009.

Can you believe it?! It's rumored that Jen the Hen is pregnant. Brangelina is rumored to be newly wed, in a secret ceremony. And now you are trying to increase your family size. Three things all at once.

Madonna, your interference with my Reich is intolerable. I'm desperately needed to rid the world of the corruption, like Al Gore and his cohorts and the damage they've done to the current political climate. Yeah, its the political climate that has been damaged, and it's their doing. I must stop them, now. I want to lead the Reich against all such political crime, and I want to do it NOW. You have interfered by not responding to me in a timely manner. You must come to me now. Don't delay the inevitable. I'm more qualified than Hitler was, and I'm badly needed, now.

The above blog entry was made on April 1, 2009.

I've been seeing the tv news lately, about your new adoption bid being resisted by Malawi officials, on the grounds of your being divorced. You don't have to be single, as you know; I'm still ready and waiting for you, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 30, 2009.

I just saw an ad, on my home page, about an "Ox Collar." They must have had you in mind, this being your year again, the year of the ox (bull). Here's a copy of the ad (clicking this copy won't click me over any money, though).

The above blog entry was made on March 28, 2009.

Read my commentary on U. S. politics, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, my Madonna. It's very important.

I should be possessive of you, my Madonna. I should arrive, to meet you, and corral you to our Manhattan suite. You have violated your implicit curfew, by staying away from me. Meet me now, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 27, 2009.

Pseudo-president Barack's new appointee, Eric Holder, just got a message from me. Read it H E R E, my Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 24, 2009.

You do realize, don't you, that American politics is organized crime (yes, ORGANIZED), Madonna? Naw, you don't realize it; you're a bonified political fool, apparently. What would you call a "government" that only caters to business, to reap big campaign contribution kickbacks? If you were saavy and truthful, you'd call it the U. S. A., (the United Soviet of America). Excuse me, former Soviet Union, for the comparison. I actually believe you were far more honest than the U. S. ever has been. The big business buffoons guided their businesses down the tubes, and the politicians stepped right in to give tax money to them, to make up for their losses. That's organized crime, not public benefit. If big business were the people, that would be benefiting the people. However, big business is NOT the people, clearly. Do you get that, my Madonna? I do.

The above blog entry was made on March 23, 2009.

I just thought of an interesting comparison. You like 'em young, like your current 22-year-old boyfriend. Apparently, you also like your politicians young (politically immature, to the point of lunacy, that is). You're clearly a Democrat. That proves it. I cite the following article, which I also pointed to in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, as an illustration. Click H E R E.

The above blog entry was made on March 21, 2009.

I was just thinking of what I'm going to say this time, and a thought came to mind. It seems, sometimes, like you still like me, at least a little. You ever liked me? I can be sure of that? Maybe you can do something for me, to show you like me. That could help.

The above blog entry was made on March 20, 2009.

You must realize that there is no such thing as a "democracy." U. S. politicians, from the earliest days, have sidestepped the constraints of democracy, by lying to the public, and other dirty tricks. Read my latest complaint to California Assemblyman Joel Anderson, for some additional info on that, H E R E.

I've got more coincidences in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Don't miss them.

The above blog entry was made on March 19, 2009.

If you're a coincidence buff, like me, you definitely don't want to miss reading today's Jen the Hen blog entry. You can't make this stuff up. It's mind-blowing.

Like I've said so many times before, you definitely don't want to miss what I just added to my Jen the Hen blog entry of today. I just described more coincidences. You can't want to miss them. They're especially intriguing. Explain those to me, if you can, Madonna

The above blog entry was made on March 18, 2009.

Well, I just renamed my new song. It's now called The Ghost of Sharon. I started writing the lyrics, with Palmyra in my thoughts behind the meanings. I concluded that this sound had to be of a love song, and I pictured Sharon Tate as the object of my affections in it. I had a number of ideas going on with these words. For one thing, I kept having the thought of being on Palmyra, as if longing for Sharon. That was how it went, through the end of the first pass through. Starting with the second verse, I was drawing on the idea of my nightly encounters with the ghost of Cielo Drive, who I photographed repeatedly, which photos you must have seen in my respective web page here. I won't say specifics at this time, because I don't want to hint at the words. After I've recorded it, you'll hear the words. The way I wrote these lyrics, it serves both purposes independently, that of being about Palmyra and that of being about Sharon.

The above blog entry was made on March 15, 2009.

If today is an example of "bad" luck coming on a Friday the 13th, maybe there ought to be more of them. I just had two works of music happen through me. One especially, is phenomenal. It feels like a brainchild resulting from going over information and photos, last night, of Palmyra Atoll, which is in the Pacific. I'm thinking of calling it The Ghost of Palmyra, since earlier today, while working on this music, I could momentarily smell a ghostly cigar (of a former resident of the island, maybe) and the machine shop oil. There's a machine shop there, left over from the naval base that was operated there during World War II. Not only that, this sound reminds me of that era. The sound was flowing so instantly and smoothly through me, as if by magic. It was one of those exceptionally connected music-playing moments, the first time I played it, as it took shape for the first time. It can be called a ballad. If I stick to this name, that means I need to write the lyrics to match the theme of that island.

The above blog entry was made on March 13, 2009.

Read in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, about the law firm contacting me again. How am I going to pay them, Madonna? They want over nineteen-hundred dollars. I don't have any savings.

The above blog entry was made on March 12, 2009.

Read about the Octomom moving to Madonna Lane, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. That reminds me of the 1958 film, Big Deal on Madonna Street. You don't have 14 or more kids too, do you, Madonna? She's got so many kids, you can support them, instead of looking for another country's children to support.

The above blog entry was made on March 11, 2009.

I was working on To E! or Not to E!, again tonight, and I noticed an interesting effect. In returning to the minor key near the end, then finishing with a finale in the major key, some of the sadness of the minor key lingers through the finale. That gives the feel of even the finale, in its major key, having some of the sad feeling hanging over it, since mood shifts aren't instantaneous. How's that for theatrical? This piece is turning out to be an interesting work of art.

Check out the "StevenJSpear" ad, in today's Jen the Hen entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 8, 2009.

Here's an update, already, on my new song. Should I tell you its title yet? I'm afraid it could be a jinx to announce the title in advance. Maybe I should just go out on a limb, and tell you anyway. It's called To E! or Not to E!. Shakespearian, eh? To go with that idea, it shifts back and forth between major and minor keys. That gives it a melodramatic quality, befitting something with a name spun off of something from Shakespeare. I'd want it to shift between keys that way, regardless of what name it'd have.

The above blog entry was made on March 7, 2009.

I'm thinking of giving my new E! song a village fool sound, since it represents E!. How better to describe an organization like E!? What do you think? That can be correctly interpreted as a jab at E!. Really, the sound of this work is better described as some quaint simple thing, bridging the gap of centuries, across time. Nothing fancy, so much so that I've been tempted to discard/ignore it. So, I spent more time on it, going over one idea after another. Yeah, I think you'd have to picture it as a simple oldfashioned ditty, to put it into perspective. So when can you hear it, you ask? I'm not sure. I'm still a bit torn over what it should sound like, in the end.

Oh, by the way, I just read (a moment ago) that issue of ICON magazine, which file is labeled as "ICON_DIGITAL_2_HIRES." As you know, it had behind-the-scenes narration, by Donna, of her experiences during the rehearsals and preparations, in the days leading up to your Live Earth performance, at Wembley Stadium. For your information, this was the first ICON issue I've read in a long time. I still have old copies lying about, that I haven't read.

The above blog entry was made on March 6, 2009.

If you hate censorship, like I do, please ask the boneheaded American politicians to oppose censorship of internet mapping, and refrain from all forms of censorship, both on the internet and elsewhere. Read today's entry in my politics blog. It contains a fax I just sent to California Assemblyman Joel Anderson. Unfortunately, he's urging Google to censor internet map images. I say "NO WAY."

The above blog entry was made on March 5, 2009.

I drove up a hill today, for a chicken, and went home without it. Read about it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 4, 2009.

I sat down with my uke today. You'll never guess what? I wrote a new song. I think this uke is a real good-luck piece. Actually, this new tune came to me in a dream, on the morning of March 2, 2009. It was phenomenal. This music was giving me a euphoric feeling, while listening to it in this dream. According to this dream, this song was on a CD of music related to, or used by, E!, on one or more of their shows. I saw the CD cover in this dream, but at a distance, so I couldn't see clearly what was on that cover, except their logo was there. That I saw, along with someone's face. I'm just telling you how the dream went. The words were unintelligible in the dream, so I just wrote lyrics for it, which of course were about E!. The Friends show put out a music CD, so maybe it's E!'s turn for a music CD. That music from The Soup, that I said reminds me of Paris Hilton, should definitely be in such a CD. I'd write and perform music for this CD, if they'd go with the idea. Does E! have a music CD, related to their shows? If not, I think it's about time. Why not? They can't complain about another source of income. This is almost like a sin confession, because my philosophy has been that rap is crap. So, who am I to pen more original rap? Actually, I can forgive myself, even if God never would, because I can make it as melodic as possible, maintaining the basic sound that the music came to me in, in this dream. I don't have to believe it's rap, even if it strongly reminds me of it, nor do I have to call it rap. That's it; I'll make the melody as melodic as possible, consistent with the sound in that dream. That'll excuse me for not calling this piece a work of rap. What do you think? By the way, it's got four repeating chords, which establish the basic sound, which I derived from the notes, or basic melody, in that piece, as it came to me in that dream. I got out of bed, grabbed my uke, and my fingers went right to the exact notes. It was that quick and easy. The chords came straight from the letter values of four of those notes; that is, note C became a C chord, G a G chord, and so on. That forms the core sound, which can be expanded upon, to some extent, as I may desire. I may as well mention, also, that this song has 32 short lines, grouped in 8 groups of 4 lines, plus a short prelude line and a short finale line. I haven't yet timed it, to see how many minutes it would tend to run. I doubt that it'd run over two minutes. I just did a quick approximation, on the uke. It looks like about a minute and a half, roughly. Done fast enough, I suppose it could be a one-minute-only piece. I think it'd sound better at the minute-and-a-half rate.

The above blog entry was made on March 3, 2009.

I don't know if you were the one who automatically renewed my ICON membership, but if you did, thanks, Madonna.

I kind of hate to bring it up, the story being how it is, but I ought to. I just read the rest of Tex Watson's book about his life and his deeds, called Will You Die for Me?. It filled in yet more blanks of this story, that I hadn't found in the other books I've read about that story. One reason I mention it now is that, coincidence of coincidences, in chapter 22 the book, Harold and Maude, is mentioned. I had no idea before I read it last night, but I had just mentioned the movie version here. This is a coincidence I hadn't anticipated. Was that timing uncanny, too? It was mentioned in the book list in chapter 22, which books predated skelter, that were influencial in shaping attitudes and ideas, leading up to skelter. Really, I had no idea. This is remarkable. The coincidences running through things seem to be boundless.

The above blog entry was made on March 2, 2009.

Watch Jen the Hen promoting Walter Moore for mayor of Los Angeles. I've got a link to the video in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

I just thought of a coincidence. Did you see that film, in 1971, called Harold and Maude? I did. I went to the movie theater with my former best friend of that era to see it. If you've seen it, does it remind you of your reported new romance with the Brazilian guy, whose grandmother is reportedly a bit younger than you? I couldn't resist bringing this one up, as the perfect opportunity for a jab at you, Madonna. You had it coming. Instead of sticking to a guy your own age, like me, you opted for him. Ruth Gordon, who played Maude, a character in her 70's, was born in 1896, and died in 1985 (your 1980's heyday). She died at age 88. As a number coincidence (an interesting numerological coincidence), I graduated from Fullerton College in 1988. Hold on. There are more coincidences here. This film featured the music of Cat Stevens, whose music I liked very much during that era. Does his name remind you of anything? Of course, as you know, my first name is "Steven." A few years later, about 1974, you were my "cat." Har. Do you think this is all mere coincidence? I don't. Like I've said countless times before, and I repeat, "I'm the symbolic center of the world." But what about Cat Stevens seemingly political retreat to the Muslim world? Recently, in a tv report, they said something about his possible return to the U. S. Timed with this realization? Go figure? There's another coincidence here. Remember the above mention of Ruth Gordon, from Harold and Maude? Well, Cat Stevens brother, David Gordon, was the one who introduced Cat Stevens to Islam, when he brought back a copy of the Qur'an for him (from Jerusalem), which Cat Stevens took to right away. He has returned to the making of pop music, now that he's reconciled it with the Qur'an. His life story is particularly odd. One has to read his life story to understand his retreat into the world of Islamic beliefs.

The above blog entry was made on February 28, 2009.

I hope you're watching the Alltel commercials I'm posting, through links in yesterday's and today's Jen the Hen blog entries. What a shame to have such amusing tv commercials no longer in production. Verizon recently gobbled up Alltel. If there has to be tv commercials, they all ought to be entertaining, if possible.

The above blog entry was made on February 27, 2009.

Did you see movies like The Singing Nun, in the 1960's? I did. I also saw The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins back then. I had a real family life. Very long ago, I saw The Jungle Book and One Hundred and One Dalmatians at the Fox Fullerton (which closed down years ago), and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, with a friend, at some theater on Lincoln in Anaheim (which I suspect has also closed down) rather than with family. Maybe you were just biding your time, in anticipation of being the goddess bitch of the 1980's? That's believable.

The above blog entry was made on February 26, 2009.

Ready for some amazing news? Hold your lower jaw, or it'll drop on you. Ready? A relative of mine just won an Oscar, at the 81st Academy Awards. His name is Justin Lance Black. Read about this in today's Jen the Hen entry.

The above blog entry was made on February 24, 2009.

As I just mentioned in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, I just watched Moulin Rouge on tv. As you must know, some of your music made it into the film.

The above blog entry was made on February 21, 2009.

I was expecting to do some music-related stuff today, but instead unexpectedly faced some technical computer issues. It was a classic example of a lost day. I've cleared all that up, so now it's back to work on what I was doing the night before. Unfortunately, it's almost a quarter past midnight, and I should put it off till tomorrow, especially since I was up till 5:00am last night.

Speaking of music projects, I was just experiencing some inspiration about my new The Red Carpet. I feel like I need to either do an alternative version, or do a marathon length recording, with part of it done alternative style. So far, that's three genre styles I'm considering for it: pop, classical and alternative. If I devote a whole CD to this piece, I'm going to have to either do a 2-CD set of this stuff, or just put the rest in a second CD. Since it's thematically related, I think I should do a two-CD set for this album. What a way to kick things off that'd be.

The above blog entry was made on February 19, 2009.

My chair mat broke away, clearly in the shape of Long Island. [See the photo of the broken-away figures in today's Jen the Hen entry. Who's that pig in the break? Anyone you know? You do live in New York. If you were really the charitable type, you'd buy me the two new chair mats I desperately need. Hardly any chance of that, is there, my Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on February 18, 2009.

I guess those pictures of you, I saw on tv recently, were recent. You looked like your old self, but it seems now that they were recent. Well then, I'm jealous of those photos of you with the guys being recent.

The above blog entry was made on February 16, 2009.

I reach a point with my new music, The Red Carpet, and it seems like I'm about to wrap it up. Then I discover ways to improve it, and so on. You know where I've arrived with it now? I'm thinking I should make it into an album-length classical piece. Or maybe it should be limited to something like an half an hour. Either way, it'd feel like a music-playing marathon. So far, it's looking like a pipe organ concerto, maybe with some harpsichord and whatever to round it out. That brings me back to the idea of writing lyrics for it. Well, that idea can be compared to the fact that I'm now planning on doing this in multiple movements. I can opt to write the lyrics to correspond to the movement that has the sound more suited to a red carpet award event. Then, this piece can plunge headlong into deep dark ghostly moans of pipe organ twists and turns of melodic wanderings. I can also return to the "award ceremony" movement, interspersing it into the larger work, thus intertwining all this. In summary, it's still a work in progress, but it now has much more depth. I'm alternating my work on this between one pipe organ keyboard voice and the other one. One sounds crisper and higher, and the other has a muted deeper sound to it. It makes for an interesting comparison.

The above blog entry was made on February 15, 2009.

I interrupt my current music session, to update you on how things are going with this new album project of mine, Madonna. I'm sitting at my Yamaha PortaSound keyboard, to my left, computer monitor in front of me. Well, I was just trying different instrument voices with my new work, The Red Carpet, yesterday and today. I was just playing it with "pipe organ 2," as my fingers moved along the keys, pursuing my improvisational whims of the moment, and it was sounding something like a Bach concert (Bach's earlier, pre-Christian-sound, that is, which can be thought of as horror music). Yesterday, I was playing it in something this keyboard calls "honky-tonk piano," but it sounds more like a combination of oboe and harpsichord. It has a twinkly quality that would work very well, in a thematic rendition sound more matched to red carpet award events. However, I was just doing some thinking. This pipe organ stuff, I was just doing it with, matches one of my other tentative titles of another of my works in this new album series, along with the sounds, overall, amongst the various works in this series. The common thread running through this stuff has finally dawned on me, which now allows me to get on with finishing up these sounds, and write all the lyrics to these. I wasn't sure I wanted to put lyrics to my new, The Red Carpet, but now I'm sure I want to, now that I've realized its thematic leanings.

In line with the above paragraph, although I almost hate to mention it, I just realized a coincidence with this. Today is Friday the 13th, and like I've said before, "13" is a Satanic number. This horror music realization comes to me, finally, on a Friday the 13th, by no plan of my own. A mere coincidence? This smacks of the supernatural, my Madonna. This matches my Maroon 5 theme set, of the mid-1970's. Do you think pseudo-Levine would ever admit that that first Maroon 5 album stuff is from before he was born? I would know. Like I've said before, its mine, really. Like I've said, or alluded to, "maroon 5" really does mean "5 dead (on a carpet, maybe, hence "red carpet") and maroon (red) with blood" (Tate household, even though Steven Parent didn't step foot in that house, and only two of them were found dead inside the place). By the way, I composed those Maroon 5 songs in about 1974, which coincidentally was the year Vincent Bugliosi wrote the definitive book on that story, Helter Skelter. Yet another "coincidence?" Incidentally, I want to mention, in juxtaposition to the "Satanic 13" mention, that Anton LaVey was reported to have played a pipe organ for carnivals, in his early days. LaVey, as you must know, was the founder of the Church of Satan, but he's since passed on.

By the way, I was just seeing some old film or video of you with some young guys, from the 1980's, it looked like. That was making me feel jealous, even though those pictures look very old.

The above blog entry was made on February 13, 2009.

I'm now the proud owner of a second keyboard. This one is also a Yamaha, like my other one, but it's an old model, a PSS-170, which dates back to the 1980's or 1970's. It only shows one patent date on the bottom, and that's 1974. Do you think it's that old? That'd make it 35 years old. The thought didn't occur to me, when I saw it in the thrift store, that it might be that old. It cost me $6.96 + tax, and I was taking a chance on it, because it didn't work. It wouldn't power up. I figured it was probably something simple and easy to fix, and I was right. It had a faulty solder connection inside, which I've already fixed. I cleaned it all up, and it works great. It's default sound is that of a church organ. I was messing around playing it, and it was sounding like a church service. The thing I like is that it's small enough to be carried like a briefcase. The drawback is that the keys are not full-scale; they're shorter and narrower. That's the compromise you've got to live with, in having a keyboard that compact and easy to tote around. I hope to use it in a live performance. Why not? When an instrument is that small, like the uke, it makes it seem like an oddity, a musical freak show, of sorts. Actually, it's not much longer than my soprano ukulele, and it has a little over three and a half octaves of keys. It's even got 99 or 100 instrument voices. I think it was listing for at least $150.00, back it its day. Now you can find them used for about $10.00. That $150.00 seemed something like $500.00 of today's money. One thought its age brings to mind is that I suppose this keyboard existed when we were together in Hollywood, so long ago.

The above blog entry was made on February 12, 2009.

Here's a look at my eBay star achievement award (on my wall) and my (hopefully) good luck blue star balloon.

Guess what I just heard on the Naked News. A-Rod's new moniker: "A-Fraud." How do you like that? It rubbed off on him? I couldn't resist the opportunity at that jab.

The above blog entry was made on February 11, 2009.

First, I want to tell you that the blue star-shaped balloon happened to get trapped by a fence, so I was able to walk up to it and take it with me. I've now got it floating from its blue ribbon, tied to a light fixture in my bedroom. Recovering it like this makes it seem to stack up even more that it was uncanny. I hope it means success for me.

Now, the really good news. I just performed my new piece of music, The Red Carpet, live at the Sacred Fools Theatre, in Hollywood. I'm proud of myself, for making myself go through with performing live. I've always wanted to, and now I've made the idea into a personal reality, by living it finally. I'm determined to stick with it, and never stop. You can read more about this event in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

By the way, one of the reasons I didn't record a quicky version of this number Sunday (not that it really had anything to do with the Grammy Award event), was because I was still making revisions. I've finally finished the music. No more changes. I'm not sure I'll ever put it to words, though. I have this idea that maybe some works, including this one, should say everthing it says merely through the music, without words. I'll give it more thought. I could release it first as an instrumental, and afterwards with lyrics, if I want to add those.

Check out the crazy U. S. government grant opportunity announcement I just received by email. I wrote about it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Can you believe what that looks like? It doesn't look right to me.

The above blog entry was made on February 10, 2009.

Can you believe it? I no sooner mentioned my new eBay star award in yesterday's blog entry, and just today, as if by magic, I saw a shiny blue star balloon skidding along the surface of the street, in the wind, eastbound on my street. Does that mean my next eBay star is closer than I thought? I hope so. I need the money.

The above blog entry was made on February 8, 2009.

Ever have a new music inspiration, in which the melody demanded that it be a classical work, with the typical complexity of the classical genre? That's something that sometimes takes hold of me, as it did just now, as I toyed with a new classical-sounding melody. When the inspiration happens that way, there can be no doubt but that it MUST be a classical piece of music. Well, so be it. I can always crank out pop albums, with one or two classical pieces thrown in, as they take form through me.

Have you earned any eBay star achievement awards, Madonna? I have.

You ought to read about the dream I had, just before I rose this morning. I wrote about it in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. It has to do with being imprisoned for being Jewish.

I don't know if you read about this website's income for this year, which I wrote about recently in my Jen the Hen blog. I just made some corrections to that. The 9¢ was so far this month. This website really made 37¢ last month. You know I can't live on 46¢ for 5 weeks. I'm thinking of importing cheap electronics from the orient. I'd have to buy in bulk, which I can't afford at this time.

Here's breaking news I received today, from CNN:
Baseball star Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003, sources tell Sports Illustrated.
What do you think?

The above blog entry was made on February 7, 2009.

I just picked up my electric guitar, for the first time in a long time. I immediately started composing a new piece, as if messing around always creates a new high-art work of music. It's been working something like that for me, lately. I'm not complaining. This one sounds Spanish in quality, so I tentatively named it Spanish Thing. Once I write words for it, I could change my mind about what to call it. It reminds me of the way you crank out a Spanish or Latin themed piece once in a while. I didn't try for that this time. It was an afterthought about how it sounds. That's fine. I can go with that. Next. I've got about enough stuff for a new CD. I haven't written words for any of these works yet. I'm about to get busy on that. It's not too late for you to join me for this CD.

The above blog entry was made on February 5, 2009.

That Brazilian guy you were last spotted with; is he an allusion to me? If so, why don't you just discuss me on camera, for the whole world to hear and see? But, then you'd be under pressure to lighten my financial troubles? Well, that'd be alright with me. Then maybe I could afford to move to Holly Weird, at long last. Holly Weird has been dying for me to live there. Haven't you ever noticed? What kind of Holly Weird-ite are you, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on February 4, 2009.

Don't miss the Denny's commercials I just wrote. They're in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on February 3, 2009.

I haven't been watching the celeb news much lately, but I did notice more than one mention of your continuing to hang out with Guy. I hope that doesn't mean that you two would be getting back together. I still want you, believe it or not. I can't afford to be selfless. You know it's not just your money, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 2, 2009.

Thought you'd never live to see the day I'd do live music? I expect to do some next month. I hope to do a LOT more, too.

Please don't take the "Bos Taurus" bit, on the home page, too seriously, my Madonna. I just added a note there.

The above blog entry was made on January 30, 2009.

It seemed my internet service was down all evening. They were working on their system this morning. What it was is I needed to unplug the power to the modem and plug it back in again, to reset it. That's happened before. Whatever they did to their system must have necessitated that reset. In any case, it worked, or you wouldn't be reading this blog entry.

I just created yet another new piece of music, in slide uke. It's the missing chicken theme (missing Jen the Hen). That obviously makes it bluesy, if you know what I mean.

The above blog entry was made on January 29, 2009.

What's the scoop I have on my musical doings, for today? Well, I tried something I haven't even heard of. I played slide ukulele. Have you heard of anyone playing a uke that way? I just did it, and I was doing so well, it was making my hair stand on end. Maybe I should start doing a country slide uke tour. You think?

The above blog entry was made on January 28, 2009.

Did I play any tv commercial music today? Well, as a matter of fact, I heard the CSX music, in their commercial. I turned the tv off afterwards, and started playing it. That was gratifying. It's in the key of G#minor (apparent; my uke may have been out of key). It's got the chords: G#min, C#min, D# and E. If one cares to put chords to it, that is. Who wouldn't want to put chords to it?

The above blog entry was made on January 26, 2009.

Like I was just saying, in today's Jen the Hen entry, I just saw Sheryl Crow's life story on E!. I heard an excerpt of All I Want to Do. That one helped launch her music career. After that tv show was over, I picked up my uke, and made that one come out. It did, fabulously. It's in D major, with the chords: D, Bb and C. What I noticed is that a lot of the melody happens on the 1st string, and stays in the odd frets: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. How do you like that? That's amusing.

I just noticed something. The band, Counting Crows, whose music I'm not familiar with, had an album, their fourth studio album, called Hard Candy. Did you realize they had an album out by that name? So, yours in not the first album by that name.

Okay, now sit down, and hang onto your hat, because this is so impressive. I just saw the Travelocity commercial again. You know, the one with the ukulele music in it. Well, as soon as it was over, I turned the tv off, and grabbed my uke, and made that one come out, and it did, again fabulously, of course. My rendition is at least as good as theirs. It's in the key of E major (apparent; my uke may have been out of key), with the chords: E, B and A. Got that?

The above blog entry was made on January 25, 2009.

I saw a tv story on you earlier. They were wondering, out loud, if you're looking for another man. I'll answer that for them: "Why, of course not; she's got me, and she'd never want to leave me." Does that explain it well enough?

The last two or three nights, I've been so tired, approaching midnight, that I didn't do my ukulele thing, nor any music stuff. I wasn't looking for an excuse to get out of it. I was really feeling too tired, and I'm not sure why. It's just been one of those periods for me. I was feeling that way tonight too, but I just had the last small piece of apple cake, and a small piece of pizza, left over from dinner, and I'm feeling much less tired now. Sometimes the tired feeling seems to be curable by eating something. I've never heard of that, but it seems to work for me sometimes. You don't have to tell me. I know you never get tired. You're a bonified goddess, and the supernatural types usually don't get feeling physically tired. Count yourself lucky.

That food perked me up. I made myself pick up the uke, just before going to bed. Voila! Spontaneous fountain of music that I am, I cranked out another sound, that's worthy of being on my upcoming CD. The sound is on the funky side, but that just distinguishes it as a distinctively original work of musical art, rather than a lame attempt to copy something else, which I avoid, really. Funky is artistic, sometimes. That could depend on how you're using the work "funk." Maybe I should pick another word for this.

The above blog entry was made on January 24, 2009.

Click to see the large format version of this picture.Instead of doing the seemingly sensible thing, of working full-time on my music CD, I've been busy with camera things and purchases, again. See this picture of the poinsettia? I took this one with my Olympus digital camera. This shrunk-down version doesn't do my camera justice. You must click on it, to see the full-size version. I've got a photo taken with my Konica Minolta camera, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Don't miss it. I know you can afford cameras costing many many times as much as these two, but these are good quality.

The above blog entry was made on January 21, 2009.

More good news. My work, last night, produced another new song. Now, I'm at least 3/4 of the way, in composing a full set, for a new CD, of new original works. I'm talking basic form, here. I haven't put the final polish on any of these, yet. Well, I don't want to mislead you. These have most of the "polish" in place, really. All in due course. One step at a time, one day at a time. This, of course, excites me, but I still have the gloom of a credit card lawsuit hanging over me.

The above blog entry was made on January 16, 2009.

I was going over the extended chords tonight (Wednesday), and one of the first ones I played was C13. That immediately reminded me of a song I used to hear on the radio, in the 1960's. I wish I could remember the name of it. Maybe it'll come to me later. It starts out in a 13th chord. I immediately found myself playing that music on my ukulele. Very gratifying, it was. I'm pleased with myself.

The above blog entry was made on January 15, 2009.

I'm loving my used Olympus SP-320 digital camera, which just arrived Tuesday. It appears to be working fine, but it's very picky about battery voltage and battery condition, since it's such a high-drain electronic device. I need to try it out with fresh double-A batteries. It's said to only take about 20 photos, with throw-aways, before the batteries are used up. I have the option to use recharables. I'm thinking of buying an external gel battery, with a decent mAh capacity, which I could wear on a belt, and plug into the camera with a custom-made cable. In theory, that should work, but I don't have the money to buy the stuff, to put it to the test. I might start a camera trend, if my idea works. I'm sure camera users are looking for a good solution to supplying their cameras with enough portable power, that they can carry around with them. Would you be tempted to use my idea, if it works? I'm sure it would work with some cameras, maybe even with mine. I'll update about whether or not the idea works for mine, when I get a chance. With my nonexistent budget, it could be months before I have the opportunity to try it. Send me a money transfer, to speed up the process, my Madonna. You can't tell me you can't afford it. Everyone knows you can.

Speaking of this recently acquired camera, I had one problem. It was shipped with the wrong cable. I got a standard USB cable with it (used), but this camera requires a nonstandard USB cable. So, I can't connect the camera to my computer, until I have the right cable. Darn.

The above blog entry was made on January 14, 2009.

How do you like this music I just put on? It's Aquarela Do Brasil, by Ary Barroso. I remastered it cleanly, with a little equalization. I heard it's the national anthem of Brazil.

The above blog entry was made on January 13, 2009.

Hmmm. I was just working out a new sound, and it struck me that it would be good with a name like The Red Carpet. I believe the sound matches the concept extremely well. Someone jumped the gun on me, a few years ago, when I mentioned that I'd like to compose a song to match the Beverly Hills theme. Well, I can still write such a work, but I've gone right to the heart of the matter, this time, with a sound to represent the whole red carpet thing. It sounds both classy and classical. It's a perfect match. I think the red carpet crowd ought to like it. This isn't in time for this year's Golden Globes, which was Saturday, but it's in plenty of time for the Oscars, if they'd care to use it. To tell you the truth, I first envisioned this sound as being another island theme thing, but after I worked with it a while, the light bulb came on, so to speak, and I realized it would be good, PERFECT !, as a red carpet theme sound. A "YIPPEE !" goes here!

The above blog entry was made on January 12, 2009.

I been busy with the camera thing, again. People don't appreciate what a poor photographer can go through, trying to tool up, with a poor man's budget, if you want to call that a budget. I've reached another major plateau with this round. I said that the last time, but it's even more true, now (my fingers are crossed).

Now, it's back to my music project again.

How's that Manhattan place of yours? Got rats? I saw a documentary, a while back, about a project to photographically trace New York rats to their hidding places. They weren't completely successful. They needed to go back to the drawing board. Their failure is your gain? If they show up in your place, you can take that to be a fact. You think they have rabbies or lyme disease or bubonic plague? That's what you get, for living in New York. I've long since changed my mind about living with you. Yes, Madonna, I'd be glad to live with you, now. I was just going through "things," at a couple of points in time, decades ago. I'm sure we can afford a place without a rat infestation. Notice that I audaciously used the word, "we." We are a couple, are we not? We always were, were we not?

I've been meaning to say something, here. I think I mentioned, a while back, the issue about how well a stringed instrument stays in tune. I discovered something, contrary to what some source said. That source said that the cheapness of a ukulele could result in its not being able to stay in tune. I told you that my new Chinese uke only cost me $10.00 (less improvements I made to it). It didn't stay in tune well. That is, until I tied extra large knots in the ends, near the tuning pegs. Those solved the problem. It was my own idea. The knots have to be large enough to not slip through the hole in the shaft. Merely wrapping a lot of string around the shaft is not enough. Those large knots keep the strings from sliding, and advancing like a snake, around those shafts, preventing the instrument from going out of tune. My uke has been staying in tune fabulously, ever since I tied those bigknots. I've come up with a lot of good ideas. This is yet another case in point. "Tying the knot" reminds me of something, again. Divine revelation? You don't want people to think you're irreligious, do you? Yes, I'd still do that with you, too.

The above blog entry was made on January 11, 2009.

I came up with another song, tonight (wee hours of the 10th). It's okay if this new CD, I'm in the process of developing, evokes a melancholy mood. It's musical art, in whatever directions and forms it takes, as I fill the CD with my musical wanderings. Interestingly, I had an auditory vision of you singing one of my newest ones. I'm sure people would like to her you sing it. I haven't done any of these with the idea of you singing them. They've been taking form indepent of any thought of you, Madonna. I'm open to you doing them, though. These are still in development. They're coming along well, and swiftly. This is exsighting. You ought to know the feeling, with a career as long as yours/ours.

The above blog entry was made on January 10, 2009.

Forget milk. Got Windows 7? You do have all the latest and greatest products, don't you, Madonna? I've gotten pretty good with Windows and the internet. If you need to know something, let me know.

The above blog entry was made on January 9, 2009.

Yep; another one. This one's high art, too. My music compositions are always high art. It's dreary, but some of the most artistic, quality music is dreary. I don't even want to divulge the titles I've tentatively given to these, in public, until I'm ready to release these recordings. You had no true idea how musically creative I really was, did you, Madonna? Well, maybe I've grown more creative, over the years. Yes, I believe I have. I'm telling you, I think I could compose one phenomenal piece of music per day, for the rest of my life, even if I live another 30 or more years. That'd add up to thousands upon thousands of music compositions, phenomenal ones. Think you can get into the artistic dreary sound? You couldn't have gone wrong with me, had you exercised the presence of mind of not going your own way, decades ago. It's probably not too late for us, as a team, but you aren't really bright enough to know a good thing, like me, when you find one, are you? I'm beyond golden; beyond platinum. I'm the ultimate repository of original music, perpetually busting loose, or ready to bust loose, with the sounds of the heavens. What do you say to getting together, with me, for your next CD, my Madonna? You aren't calling it quits, yet, are you? I know you know how good I am, by now. Come on. Let's do it, again, but right, this time. Our fates are locked together forever. We can't change that if we wanted to. Don't delay in admitting that to yourself.

I just visited a friend of mine, the one who said he knows you from one of your Hollywood Hills houses. He just told me (I think he mentioned it to me before), that his wife's sister is the wife of one of the Eagles' band members. I told the guy how much I've been busy, lately, composing new music, and he suggested I should be collaborating with someone famous. I told him I don't need anyone's help or advice, that I do phenomenally well on my own. I told him that I'm not looking to collaborate with anyone, because I've been burnt in the past, divulging my wares before I got proper credit for them. I have to wonder if he was going to suggest collaboration with this Eagles band member. Well, I don't completely write off the idea. It would be nice to get some sound recognition, in conjuction with someone famous. I intend to at least keep an open mind about it, for what it's worth. They've been split up for years. You think I'm the driving force that could bring them back together, again? Surely, stranger things have happened. I'm enough of a music phenomenon, if anyone is. Picture it: The dreary Eagles. Think it'd work for them? I'm sure it could. It wouldn't necessarily sound like they did in the past. It'd sound good, though.

The above blog entry was made on January 7, 2009.

No, it couldn't be? Yup, again. I just created a fantasy sound, that sounds like it would be at home as the musical score of a Disney fairytale. It sounds like it'd be equally at home being considered Hawaiian music. It's another one of those straddling-the-fence things. I think part of the phenomenon is that the uke potentially makes any piece of music sound Hawaiian. This new work sounds like it'd also be at home as the soundtrack of a 1930's movie, if done in that style.

The above blog entry was made on January 6, 2009.

What was I doing, lately? Unfortunately, I haven't done any more on my new songs, since I last reported, here. I've been doing research on cameras. Fortunately, I've about wrapped up that project. I can resume the work on my music, now. That's a relief. I didn't like suspending the music, but it seemed to be necessary, until I worked out what camera I wanted to buy. What a job that was. I can hardly wait to pluck and strum my uke, again. I'm going to do some of that before I go to bed tonight, even though it's going on midnight as I type this sentence. If you're in London, it's about time for you to get out of bed. You're in Manhattan now, aren't you?

The above blog entry was made on January 5, 2009.

I didn't do any work on music projects tonight (Friday, the 2nd). I was busy, for hours, shopping for a camera, to replace the one that died, recently. I have a strong hunch my next camera is going to be professional quality.

The above blog entry was made on January 3, 2009.

Happy New Year, Madonna. Maybe you DO deserve a happy new year, this time? It sounded like the noisiest arrival of a new year I ever heard at home, here. It sounded like a war zone for ten minutes. At the stroke of midnight, the fog was almost invisible, but by the end of those ten minutes, it was much heavier and obvious. It's like the fog was planned and timed with the start of this new year. It's real fog, not smoke. It's 46°F outside, right now.

You'd never use any more of my new original music on future CD's? It'd be your loss, if you don't. I was working on this second new song for hours tonight, killing time, waiting for midnight. Actually, I was productively occupied, not "killing time." Near midnight, one of my favorite Weather Channel pieces of music came on, so I started playing it by ear. By the next time on, I was playing it along with the tv. I think this is the first time I was ever playing music, on an instrument, at the arrival of a new year. That was the music. I wish I knew the name of it.

You'll never guess what, now? Maybe you did guess it, already. I've just put together a 3rd new song. Yes, it's phenomenal, too. You think I can average one a day for a while, maybe till the count is at least a dozen? It's a thought.

The above blog entry was made on January 1, 2009.

Here's another "guess what?" Well, I've just spontaneously produced another new sound for another new song. Funny thing is, it has an old style sound that could resemble that of 500 to 2000 years ago. Not a problem. The sound is relevant to my current musical inspiration and experience. Imagine it interspersed in a pop music CD, which I dare say it will be. The idea is not really new. Rock and pop artists have long indulged in such muscial whims, by putting them into an album that sounds much different, on the whole. This new one sounds like it could have come out of King Harrod's court, of two-thousand years ago. Jealous yet, Madonna? I've got a lot more coming.

The above blog entry was made on December 31, 2008.

You know what? I've got to come up with $100.00 that I can devote to renewing my Recording Academy membership. The reason is that I plan to release at least one new song early this year, and the one I have in mind, now, is so good that I tentatively plan on nominating it for a Grammy Award. All I have to say to myself is, about this, is that I must keep busy, because I want to record at least 12 new songs, so I can release a whole CD, as early in 2009 as possible. I'm still torn as to whether to do this new song Hawaiian or general pop. The sound straddles the fense so well. This is a tough one. I didn't expect to be faced with this issue.

The above blog entry was made on December 30, 2008.

You're not the only one, of us, to be exercising political influence, Madonna. I just got a letter of acknowledgment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They thought it was important, as evidenced by the fact that they looked up my street address to reply. Read about this in today's Jen the Hen entry, and in today's entry in my politics blog. I've posted links to the original letter I sent, almost two months ago. You must read it. It gives an eloquent slant on American politics.

The above blog entry was made on December 29, 2008.

Wow. I just saw Fox cable news people play and sing Jailhouse Rock, the song Elvis made a hit. They redid the words, and called it Bailhouse Rock, after the government bailouts. They did pretty well.

The above blog entry was made on December 28, 2008.

I'm not sure I want to have my latest music composition be Hawaiian. In a way, it'd be fitting, considering that I'm doing this one on the ukulele. Really, I could throw in some guitar and keyboard, but I'm not sure I will, for this one. Maybe I should. I keep telling myself I could use the keyboard for percussion tracks, too. I'm sure I could do some good sounds that way.

How's the London weather? You've probably been living in your Manhattan place, lately. I'm sure it's been cold there, and in London. Yesterday morning was about 32 here, and this morning 34°F. Are you using your freestanding, oil radiator heater in your place, the one you were standing on, bare-butt, in one of the photos of you I posted? I realize that Manhattan uses mostly steam radiators. At least, that's what I heard on tv. If you had turned me on to some of your Mad money, maybe I'd have some experience hanging out there, myself. Shame on you. How do you like "Mad money?" That's a tv show on CNBC. I'm trying to remember the guy's name. It's "Jim Cramer." Have you seen his show? I only paused on it for about five or ten minutes, once. Gee, the things I could accomplish with Mad money. Do people call you "Mad?" They should. Aren't you Mad? At me? At yourself, for not sacrificing everything to me? Hardly.

The above blog entry was made on December 27, 2008.

A retroactive merry Christmas, Madonna. I've got more music news, as has become usual for me, lately. First, the less exsighting thing is that I just completed a second-position ukulele chord diagram chart. It's three pages and 192 chords. That's not even all the chords I was planning to put into it, but I'll do the rest when I get the chance.

Now, the more exciting news. First, I was playing a few Christmas tunes by ear, on my uke. Then I started going off on a musical tangent, doing some new, interesting sounds. Then it started taking form. I just roughed out a new music composition, on the ukulele. This is a first for me, composing while playing the ukulele. I started making the most phenomenal sounds come out of my uke. I'm going to do more refining, to make it a more finished work, and I expect to put words to it, too. I was going to call it Hawaiian Blues, but I believe that name is already given to another piece of music. I'm not worried about a name. I'll call it something else. It sounds like something else, to use that old expression I was hearing, back in the 1960's. You've got to hear it. If this is how good I can do at creating original Hawaiian music, I ought to do a whole CD of it, and maybe I will. This one song, alone, has the potential to get me out of my financial rut; if people really have any taste in music, that is. You know my composing skill is quality, and this new work is no exception.

The above blog entry was made on December 26, 2008.

Do I have anything more to say about the music stuff? Yep. I discovered that the the Fdim7 is the most difficult chord to determine a good fingering for, in my chord diagramming, so far. Part of the problem is that the neck of the ukulele should be at least 50% longer, and mine should be a little wider, too. With the neck so short, the frets are too close together. If one tries to play a barre chord way up the neck, one finds the finger to be thicker than the fret spacing, which makes it about impossible to play the notes cleanly that way. Lengthening the neck could alleviate that problem. A somewhat wider neck would help one's fingers to fit across the neck, making that kind of chord easier to play. The best all round place for chords, on the ukulele, is close to the nut.

It's Christmas Eve again.

The above blog entry was made on December 24, 2008.

This development I'm doing, of chord charts, is at the same time a study of optimization of such charts. At this point, I've determined at least four possible emphases to apply to a given chord chart set. One of these is the idea of selectively mixing all other emphases, in a effort to arrive at a best set by mixing, if there could be such a thing. Maybe a single emphasis could turn out to be the best, or most practical. This stuff can tend to be a trade-off between the respective advantages inherent in each different emphasis. Sound easy to follow? This can seem like drudgery and a lot of bother, but maybe it'll all be worth it, in the end. You see, there are thousands of possible chord shapes for each instrument, and each tuning (standard and custom) of each instrument. Hand-held stringed instruments are much more complex than the piano, in that respect. Maybe the piano looks more difficult to play, by rough appearances, but the hand-held stringed instrument can be far more difficult to master, in reality. One of the main difficulties with traditional piano playing is the need to read two different staves at the same time, whereas one normally reads only one staff at a time, with a hand-held stringed instrument. There had to be a disadvantage somewhere, with the piano? Furthermore, the number of chord shapes gets bigger and scarier, the more hand-held instruments one wants to learn. I don't want to exaggerate the difficulty, but this isn't the easiest puzzle I've ever been faced with.

One possible approach to composing music is to learn the relative sounds of each different variety of chord, put down those sounds on paper, for the given piece, then learn the best fingerings as one goes along, in the interest of playing it that way.

I was tempted to omit some of this discussion, for fear of discouraging some people from even trying to learn such an instrument. Just take it as simple and easy (but accurate) as possible, and maybe one will arrive at where one needs to be, somewhere along the line, hopefully before too long. However, don't ever hesitate to keep learning music theory; that'll never get in one's way. That always helps, unless one knows everything. If one reaches a point where the music theory starts to seem overwhelmingly complex, just back off, and go over the more fundamental stuff, until one is comfortable continuing onward with more advanced stuff. One can gradually advance that way, in a back-and-forth fashion. Actually, the simplified approach, contained in some books, can provide most, or all, of what one needs to successfully play modern popular music. The more advanced stuff is mostly for classical musicians, to pull out all the stops to perfection. Surprisingly little can go a long way, in pop music. One owes it to oneself to give it a try, I think. The right attitude and approach can work wonders. One caution: One must be wary of bad advice and misinformation. They're everywhere. One must think for oneself. That's one of the lessons I learned the hard way, over the years. I hesitate to say it, but I believe some people have evil designs, in misleading some people. Maybe some people just don't get what they're talking about, in some cases. One has to ask oneself: How can their advice be so good, if they're not musicians themselves? It's just as important to be wary of what a musician tells one. There's no such thing as a completely truthful person.

The above blog entry was made on December 23, 2008.

How was your meeting with the governor of Rio? I hope to visit that place someday. I've got a Living Language Portuguese complete course sitting on my shelf. I hope to study that language too, if I can ever find time in my busy schedule.

Have you seen that ad that asks, "Suck at guitar?" If you such at guitar, they'd want you to be with a guitar more, if you know what I mean. If Conan uses my jokes, he has to pay me.

The above blog entry was made on December 22, 2008.

It doesn't seem like four days since I made the last entry in this blog.

I just went over two pages of ukulele chords. I made changes to almost half of them, for various reasons. Now these two pages are much improved, compared to what they were like, before. Do you play the ukulele, Madonna? If you want to get started on one, try these revised chord charts. You can't go wrong with them. Like I noted on a new chord page of mine, not all of the popular music chords are in these pages. I just improved what was on these pages, without adding any chords. I'd add some suspended chords, in a more complete set of chords. I've already done some work towards that end. Here's that ukulele chord page of mine: Ukulele Chord Page

The above blog entry was made on December 21, 2008.

The more I scrutinize my new Chinese guitar, the more I find wrong with the way it was made. For one thing, the soundboard does not have reinforcement for the bridge, and the strings attach directly to it. That caused the soundboard, from the sound hole to the end of the guitar, to warp OBVIOUSLY. Sounds bad, doesn't it? It IS bad. I've got a couple of options. I can glue a wooden reinforcement piece inside the guitar, which isn't easy with the guitar already assembled. Alternately, I could buy a trapeze tailpiece, and install it. That would transfer the force of the string tension directly to the end of the guitar. To do a good job of that would require a wooden reinforcement piece to be installed inside, at the end of the guitar. I'm really not completely sure that guitar would have even been able to handle the tension of nylon strings, let alone steel strings. I could try gluing the soundboard back to the body, then install nylon strings (which I plan to do, anyway), and see if the guitar still ends up warped and/or broken. If I install a tailpiece with an internal reinforcement, I KNOW that would work. That would be the sure way to go. Tailpieces are good. They should be the standard for hollowbody guitars. They are good for any kind of guitar, but especially for hollowbody ones. Someone claims that you can get better sustain from using a tailpiece, which would be nice, too. Want to know what else is wrong with this guitar? Well, the bridge is slightly skewed from a right angle with the strings, for one thing. The notches in the bridge piece are too shallow, for another. [Those "notches" were just depressions, cut into the plastic bridge piece, by the steel strings.] Such extreme shallowness of the notches makes the strings vulnerable to popping out and back in, at inopportune times, with an awful noise. Not a good thing, during a public performance. Can you imagine how rediculous that'd sound? It'd be horrible, and mortifying. Such a cheap guitar is a disaster story waiting to happen. Can you picture a guitar like this flying into pieces during a performance? It'd seem like a comedy skit. The idea reminds me of the exploding television, on the defunct Howard Stern tv show. The guitarist could tell the audience: "Oh my. Sorry about that. Don't worry too much about it. It happens all the time. Some guitars aren't made well, and they self-destruct during the performance. I've got another one back home. I'll go get it, and be right back. Just you wait right there. I'll be back in a flash. Thank you for your patience. I'm going right now." Oh, and as if all that isn't bad enough, here's something else. The bridge piece is skewed in more ways than one. It also is holding the bass strings higher than the high strings. In theory, the ideal guitar might be made not only with a tailpiece, but also with a fully-adjustable bridge, to fine tune its intonation. The down side of making the bridge fully adjustable is that some may be tempted to adjust, or maladjust, it. It would reflect badly on the manufacturer if people tended to misadjust their guitars' bridges. So, from a design and manufacturing standpoint, the ideal guitar might have a tailpiece (especially if a hollowbody one), but a nonadjustable bridge, which would be perfectly, and permanently, positioned/tuned to the overall construction of the instrument. Maybe that sounds something like the way you'd expect an expensive, namebrand instrument to be made. There's that money thing, again.

At 11:11pm, I just realized that it's Wright Brothers Day. Ever do any flying? I know you have.

I did some Christmas shopping today. I didn't expect to buy this much as presents. It came as a big surprise, even to me, when I was out at one of my favorite stores, earlier this evening.

They, the tv people, have made another big contradition about you, today on tv. Now, they said that your camp says that the media misreported, about Guy getting such a big cut of your money, in a divorce settlement. They said the numbers were way off, that he's really not getting anything, or not much, which amount, if any, would be kept secret. Now I'm wondering if I just spooked you into backing out of that money offer to Guy. If so, maybe I should feel guilty about it? When I made that comment here, a while back, I was mostly giving my real reaction, rather than a hint about it.

The above blog entry was made on December 17, 2008.

Here's another hard-luck story, about another Chinese stringed instrument. My new Chinese steel-stringed guitar just split at the edge joint, between the body and the sounding board, beyond the bridge, along the bottom half of that end. I believe it gave under the tension of those steel strings, due to inadequate glue there. I don't consider this a major problem. I'm about to buy some super glue, to rejoin that seam. I think that'd be the best and quickest way to repair the guitar. I'm also about to buy nylon strings for it. I don't care if steel strings do sound better. It's more important to me, personally, to go easier on my fingertips. I have to conclude that the manufacturer used inferior, or not enough glue, along that portion of that seam. I know super glue is good enough to do the job. It also sets up quickly, which will give me a chance to restring it, soon after the repair. Maybe I should wait 24 hours after gluing it, anyway. I also plan to buy another ukulele, and tweak it, and tune it the same as the first four strings of a guitar. I've now got a start on amassing a stringed instrument collection. I may even buy a third and fourth ukulele, and tune each differently. Some should be non-reentry tuned. I don't plan on having more than one tuned standard. I want to use custom tunings, with the other ones. I've already concluded that I prefer the shortness of the ukulele neck to the longer neck of the guitar. The reason is that it is a shorter, and hence easier reach, for some of the more difficult chords. My one special requirement is that the neck should be wide enough to allow the strings to be spaced as widely as guitar strings are, string to string. Yeah, a custom ukulele like I have in mind is definitely worthwhile. In my opinion, the uke also sounds better tuned an octave lower than standard. A custom uke, like I have in mind, sounds good enough, and is user-friendly enough, to potentially result in the ukulele being taken more seriously as a serious musical instrument. It could also potentially gain in popularity, if it were to then be used more in popular music. People don't know what they're missing. It takes an innovator, like me, to nudge things along in a good direction in music. Yeah, I can picture the uke being used more, as a serious instrument, in serious concerts. Really. What do you think, Madonna? You should reserve opinion until you hear this. I think people would like it.

Oh, I've got something else to say, along these lines. I now hope to open a stringed-instrument factory. Why not? If I've got something musicians can make good use of, which is being pioneered by myself, where else are they going to get it? On a one-off, custom-made to-order arrangement? That can be rather expensive. If a special instrument is being offered as a regular production item, that would tend to make it cheaper than something custom-made, of course. This is the winning combination that can contribute to a rise in popularity of such a special instrument; if people like it, that is. Even currently-standard modern instruments were once considered special, before they caught on in popularity. I don't much care. If they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't. Maybe someone will like it, and possibly other special items I may make available, over time. What do you think?

Oh, and something else, still. I just visited today, and it's back online, again. It's the same look as before. Nothing that caught my eye as looking different to me.

The above blog entry was made on December 16, 2008.

I just visited, and it was down, with a page telling people to return soon. They said they were doing some upgrades. So, now we're all in suspense, wondering what your website is going to look like.

I just heard a jaw-dropper on the tv news, tonight. They said Guy is getting $75 million, in the divorce settlement. Wow! They go from saying he gets nothing, to saying he's getting a king's ransom. What a switch. What now? It seems they always say one thing about you, then days later they say something radically different. This is another case in point, clearly. Excuse me, but I was feeling another pang of "oh, Madonna's and my money, a big chunk, going down the tubes." That feeling shoots through me too, even though we haven't been an "item" in decades. Well, it's clearly time for the two of us to be an item again. I'm not giving up on us. You're stuck with me, it looks like. Get used to it. I don't want to believe that you'd be interested in A-Rod.

The other night, someone knocked on my door at night. Since I've gotten into a habit of not answering the door, I didn't even go to the kitchen, to look through the window, to see who it was. After they pulled out of the driveway and left, my mother told me they looked like a couple; a guy and a lady. I'm wondering who they were. That description reminds me of a couple of people I used to spend a lot of time with, till I broke off from them, some years ago. I'm wondering if that was them at my door. Well, whoever they are, they can leave me a message, if they really want to talk to me.

The above blog entry was made on December 15, 2008.

The black magic goons have ruined my camera. Now I'm completely without a digital camera. That's a shame. I can't afford to buy one, either.

The above blog entry was made on December 14, 2008.

Are you mathematically inclined? Ever use math to figure anything to do with music? Since I'm planning to fix my ukulele, that brought me to start doing some calculations. You know what the multiplier/divisor is, to bring a note's frequency to that of its neighboring semitone? To eight significant figures, here it is (memorize):
Yep. That'll work. Check it out. In case you don't know, A0, the lowest note on the piano, is at 27.5 Hz, if it's in tune. I learned that in college physics, decades ago. It's also published on the internet. In constructing a multiplier or divisor, you can use that constant as the base to the integer exponent, which value is equal to the number of semitones higher or lower you want to find the frequency of. For example, find the frequency of A4 (of the piano):
Since we already know the frequency of A0, we can use that as the other multiplier.
27.5 Hz X (1.0594631)^48 [number of semitones difference] = 440.000 Hz
A4, as you can see above, is the much-talked-about A440 note, which is often used to tune instruments. Hz stands for Hertz, which means cycles per second (the standard unit of frequency)
To go back down, do it this way:
440.000 Hz / (1.0594631)^48 = 27.5 Hz
I've never seen this exact mathematical explanation before, but having studied as much math as I have, I know this is the exact way to figure this stuff. See, I really did major in engineering in college, decades ago. Oh, by the way, no explanation of frequency calculations would be complete, without mention of the fact that the multiplier/divisor for raising/lowering, by one octave, is 2. That is, one octave higher is at twice the frequency, and one octave lower is at half the frequency, and so on, up and down the scale. A comparable equation can be set up to work with octaves. You would just have to change the base from that eight digit constant, which I gave above, to 2.

I wrote the above part of this blog entry last night (wee hours). Now I'm writing this, approaching midnight. Well, I fixed my ukulele. I moved the bridge further away from the nut, about 23/32 of an inch. Know what? It worked. It's now possible to tune the thing properly. If that critical distance isn't right, it's impossible to accurately tune (unless the distance is corrected). Now, when I play the open strings, G, C, E, A, it sounds like it's supposed to. Not only that, the octaves occur at the 12th fret now, like they need to. That's "yippee!" Now I can concentrate on practicing with this uke, without the off note values. This property I just fixed is called "intonation." This thing is a lot more instrument now. It's worth of playing in a concert now. Before, it wasn't. Definitely.

One more thing about this. If you want an engineering perspective on ukulele stringing, here it is. The common practice of looping around a single string for the 2nd and 3rd, and another single string for the 1st and 4th, is not good. That arrangement acts like a crude pulley. In engineering studies, he first thing one learns about cordage and pulleys and such is that the tension is the same everywhere in the cord. That applies equally to instrument strings. That stringing arrangement makes the tension tend to perpetually equalize, constantly throwing the strings out of tune. The solution is to cut those double-length strings in two, and knot the ends, and hook them to the bridge independently. That, of course, is very important, unless you want to need to constantly retune. Very annoying and inaccurate. Do yourself a favor, and do the stringing my way. I haven't even strung my own uke strings independently, yet. It's one of my next things to do.

The above blog entry was made on December 13, 2008.

I was having a problem with my new Chinese ukulele. Know what it is? The bridge was malpositioned. It needs to be moved roughly 5/8 of an inch further away from the nut. As is, the octave is occuring at the eleventh fret, instead of the 12th fret. Ouch! That's what's causing it. I knew is wasn't sounding quite right, when I was tuning it originally. I got good at tuning it to sound about right, in spite of this defect. Well, now I realize what the problem is. I have to spend an hour or two to pull off the bridge, drill the two new holes, reattach the bridge, and restring and retune it. Voila! That should do the trick. The way it is now, the further up the neck you play, the more off it sounds. It's really off bad, near the octave fret. It currently sounds most accurate closest to the nut. When fixed, it should sound accurate all along the fretboard. That's what one gets for buying a $10.00 new Chinese instrument.

The above blog entry was made on December 12, 2008.

I just saw the news, about your being chastized, by a Catholic Church official, for causing lust in people. The comment about your being a "former" Catholic especially caught my ear. That leads me to suspect you were "excommunicated," in Church parlance. I also suspect that excommunication to have occurred years ago, rather than just now. Well, I'd never put you down over being excommunicated. That caballah stuff still gives me cause for concern, though.

The above blog entry was made on December 11, 2008.

So, you're really involved romantically with A-Rod? That's what the tabloid tv reports have been leading people to conclude. You know, you owe me at least a one-year marriage, my dear Madonna. I'm not letting you out of it. Make it easier on yourself, by giving in to me now. I know you crave me desperately. You're only hurting yourself, in continuing the coy charades of disinterest. Everyone knows how interested you are in me.

The above blog entry was made on December 7, 2008.

The Recording Academy just sent me an unexpected members-only invitation to an event, with a link to join. I let my membership expire some time ago, due to lack of money to renew. I have no idea when I'd be able to come up with the money to rejoin. I've suffered worse financial hard times than most.

A tv report just said that you denied that you are house hunting with A-Rod. Of course, no one can believe anything you say about anything, if they know how you really are. I think it comes across as rude, to be this candid with you. Well, what else can I do, start lying?

I think most people don't realize that a ukulele is a serious musical instrument. Serious quality sounds can come out of one. What do you think? Should I record some impressive-sounding uke music with mine? I'm sure the sound would fascinate people. Well, maybe after I finish those chord diagrams I'm working on, I'm sure I'll want to record something, maybe a whole set of works.

The above blog entry was made on December 3, 2008.

Have you ever made chord diagrams, Madonna? I bet you'd Samantha-Stevens it, instead of doing it manually. You ought to try doing things the mortal way, once in a while. It'd teach you how difficult real people have it, when they do something. I was just making custom chord diagrams for the ukulele. It's hard work.

The above blog entry was made on December 2, 2008.

You know that intro comment, I have above, about the black-and-white background image being dismal? Well, I just came across technical support of the idea, in reading a book, Elements of Film, by Lee R. Bobken, of 1969. Here's a quote of the passage I have in mind, from page 22:
Among the elements added by the continuing process of creating the film were:
(1) The eerie black-and-white photography emphasizing an almost timeless melancholy.
You see, I'm always right about everything, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on November 30, 2008.

You should read what I just wrote to Jen the Hen, in her blog here. If you . . . were . . . a turkey, maybe you'd have something to worry about, Madonna. You're not a turkey? You're so old, it's getting harder to tell. I'm sure there are other signs to guage that by. What do you think they'd determine? Would you need a gubernatorial pardon, by Ms. Palin? I saw a news video of her giving a turkey a pardon, a while back. Another turkey was being executed in the background. Maybe as a sign of solidarity with the NRA? You think? Since you're a Democrat, maybe Ms. Palin wouldn't grant you the pardon. That'd figure, I think. If you're a turkey, in Alaska, you've got to be a Republican, or forget it; you're done for.

The above blog entry was made on November 27, 2008.

Have you noticed? My Madonna news box, above, tends to get the latest Madonna news SOONER than How do you like that? So, for the LATEST, check here, before You already know what's knew with you, Madonna? You sure?

Have you seen the interview, on the street, in which people were asked: "Is Madonna still relevant?" It's showing, for the second day in a row, in the free online segments of The Naked News. It's in their Naked on the Street segment. Hurry. They usually don't show the same free segments two days in the row, but maybe they made this exception since they had this Naked in the Street interview about YOU, and your music. You think? Hurry. Don't miss it, Madonna. One caution: Don't pay any heed to that guy who said that he likes hip hop, which is a form of rap, which is crap; rap is crap. One can't escape that fact. Ethnic music is politics, not real art. Don't fall for their election-throwing, money-farm, cheap tricks, one of which is to pretend that their sounds are "music." Rap is crap; memorize.

The above blog entry was made on November 24, 2008.

Read how I have four A-list broads competing for me at this time, Madonna. It's in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on November 23, 2008.

So, Guy's not getting any of your money, in your divorce settlement. I'm not really amazed. Can you guess why? I've got more than one idea in mind about it.

The above blog entry was made on November 22, 2008.

I've got some of the most interesting change in the works. Can you guess what kind of things, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on November 20, 2008.

Madonna, if you're going to Hell, maybe you'd have a big problem, if the Church of Satan runs Hell. They are DEFINITELY human sacrifice criminals. Definitely.

The above blog entry was made on November 19, 2008.

As possibly you would know, Madonna, Discover Bank has delivered notice to me that they are suing me. They are using a law firm calling themselves Lourdes R. Slinsky, Mann Bracken LLC. Does that first name ring a bell? I think it does. You think they chose a lawyer with that name to drop a hint about US? Stranger things have happened. It'd do them no good to try to get money or credits from our work together, as the statute of limitations have run out ages ago, as you're probably aware. I hope you didn't put those bozos up to this law suit. I'd never forgive you, as you must realize by now.

The above blog entry was made on November 18, 2008.

Remember the Jim Jone's thing of thirty years ago? I do. In five more days it's the 30th anniversary of that mass suicide in Guayana. Read today's Jen the Hen blog for more on this. There is a genuine long audio of the event, with Jim Jones speaking throughout.

The above blog entry was made on November 13, 2008.

I want to mention, while you still have a chance to see it, that you're featured today on the Naked News free segments, for viewing at their website. Hurry, if you're in London, because of the time zone difference.

The above blog entry was made on November 11, 2008.

Here's an email I just sent you.
Dear Madonna,

Read what I just wrote in my Jen the Hen blog, about two books I plan to write. One involves a business startup opportunity for a new weight-loss company, to compete with Jenny Craig and the others. This could involve you, you material girl. Wouldn't you like that?


(Yes, you guessed it, from the one and only)
the Steve
The above blog entry was made on November 10, 2008.

Should I go back to saying something every day, to make you feel bad, Madonna? Maybe not.

Like I just said to Jen, in my Jen the Hen blog, you should have donated your political campaign money to me, instead of Barack, since I'm far more valuable than he could ever be. I'd be tempted to found my own political organization, if I had the money.

This comment could serve as a remark to make you feel bad, but I want to say it anyway. The popularity of this page has picked up dramatically, since I started making remarks here, to make you feel bad. The visitors count has been steadily gaining on that of the visitors to my Jen the Hen page. See, people like those cutting remarks to you, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on November 9, 2008.

Well, now. Maybe I should congratulate you, on graduating from music industry fraud/theft, to election fraud and political crime. If so, "congratulations," my dear Madonna. I guess you decided to be a "dumb blonde," by deciding to be blonde. Now THAT you pulled off. I still love you. I'm still yours.

The above blog entry was made on November 6, 2008.

Are you registered to vote in New York or Los Angeles, Madonna? If so, I suppose you voted by mail-in ballot. Few people would doubt that you voted for Barack, the candidate who's not as good as a rock. A rock star, is he? No. Real rocks, let alone rock stars, are better than Barack.

The above blog entry was made on November 3, 2008.

If there is one book, which could be considered an ESSENTIAL handbook, and voters' guide to this 2008 U. S. presidential election, here's its title: Vengeance, by George Jonas, Bantam Books, ©1984, 1985. Through this one footnote alone, in this book, one can come to understand that the nucleus of world Communism has relocated from the Soviet Union to the Democratic Party of the U. S. Here's that footnote, from pages 368-369 (chapter 6, footnote 3):
I do not mean that from the early 1960s to this day every person who smoked pot, opposed the Vietnam War, protested pollution, demanded equal pay for women, tried to preserve endangered species, and so on was at the same time, consciously or unconsciously, furthering the foreign-policy interests of the Soviet Union. Rather, that (a) every one of these movements has served as a staging area for tiny violent minorities to disrupt Western societies or change their nature by provoking repressive measures--the ancient Communist tactic--and (b) substantially larger minorities within these movements joined them in the belief that their pet peeves, from * linear thought to the killing of the whales, were plots by or problems peculiar to the free-enterprise system.

This created a climate in the West, especially between 1965 and 1975, wherein every Western policy had to be carried out with reference to the special interests and beliefs of these groups, even when doing so was evidently injurious to the larger interests of Western societies as a whole. In talking about the consequences of the efforts of only one of these groups, the environmentalists, Paul Johnson, former editor of The New Statesman, has this to say in his book Enemies of Society (New York: Atheneum, 1977), p. 101: "The precise economic effects, in terms of human misery and death, of the ecolobby's coup will never be known . . . . The only gainer was the archetypal totalitarian state, the Soviet Union, which saw its own prestige rise, and its effective military and political power enhanced, as the wealth of the West fell and its self-confidence evaportated."
I've said this many times before, and I repeat:
There is no such thing as carbon dioxide causing global warming.
You know what linear thought is? Believe me, you NEED to retain the RIGHT to think linearly. The liberals are in the midst of  installing Stalin's political psychiatry, and they must be STOPPED, dead in their tracks. It's an emergency, so much so, that marshal law ought to be declared, to keep Barack Obama (with his Communistic left leanings) out of the oval office.

Memorize this FACT! By buying into the ecolobby, you are helping the Democrats destabilize the U. S. economy, and in so doing, install their brand of iron-hand, crushing oppression, here AND abroad. Think about it. You haven't got long till the November 4th election.The left is destabilizing the U. S. economy, to aid them in installing their sneak Communism here and in the rest of the world. The above blog entry was made on October 31, 2008.

I hope you read today's Jen the Hen blog. It has an important warning about the November 4th election. Obama and the left are DEFINITELY communist. We must not let them get into office. They are bent on installing their brand of communism here, the rest of the way. They must be stopped cold. This is a justification for another civil war. This is crucial. If you don't understand this, that'd prove you to be truly naïve, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 26, 2008.

Like I just said in my Jen the Hen blog, it behooves every concerned U. S. citizen to read The Silent Brotherhood, before the November 4th presidential election. It enables one to know what's at stake and what's going on with this particular election. This one's special.

The above blog entry was made on October 24, 2008.

You MUST read today's Jen the Hen blog entry, Madonna. It's got a Mr. Blackwell coincidence, timed with his death. I know Mr. Blackwell was unkind towards your wardrobe, but still, you should read about this event in my life, timed with his death.

Maybe I should stick to my policy, and say something to displease you here in every entry, still? Well, what have I got today? Uh . . . I'd better be careful now that you're dumping Guy. Really, I do want you, Madonna. Really.

The above blog entry was made on October 21, 2008.

This page is getting more like Hell all the time. Now, I just made a new anti-Barack artwork. It's near the top of this page. Don't say I didn't warn you, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 20, 2008.

I hope you noticed the new notice at the top of this page. It's an emergency attempt to stem people's ignorance of what Obama's really like. If you like communism, you'd love Obama as president. Maybe you don't personally care, since you're now living in London, but for those of us stuck here, it matters, Madonna. I hate to say anything negative to you, now that you've just annouced your split with Guy, but this is an emergency, stateside, in terms of the November 4th presidential election. Anyone with normal intelligence and a reasonable amount of effort is capable of comprehending how government, in the U. S., is really SNEAK COMMUNISM. The politicians, on the whole, have ALWAYS ignored people's rights, in all areas. This is a case in point.

The above blog entry was made on October 19, 2008.

Yeah, we go back a long time, Madonna. Back to the caveman times, really. Speaking of which, I just wrote another tentative GEICO tv commercial, called Not for Cavemen. I just mentioned it in my Jen the Hen blog, today. Time to make you feel bad again (forgive me, this is my official policy these days). Here's that Johnny Carson shtick:
Johnny: Do you know how old Madonna REALLY is?
bloke: NO, how old IS Madonna?
Johnny: Well . . . some guy named Steve is pulling ideas for caveman-themed GEICO tv commercials from his oldtime association with her. THAT'S how old Madonna is.
You don't really think I want you to feel bad, do you? I'm just giving you credit where credit is due; only where it is due, mind you. You're THAT old. We both know that.

The above blog entry was made on October 14, 2008.

Do you think I should post one of those quacking duck videos I just shot, and label it as a Madonna video? Quack equals quack, I suppose. I just had a thought. If you're so x-rated, maybe people think you're not qualified to write children's books? A Madonna book for children? That could seem like a contradiction to some. Maybe you adopted an African because they're more x-rated? Actually, I don't like the censorship in the U. S. The prudes should not be legitimized through law. If you're sincerely in favor of freedom of exposure, then I won't fault you about that. Oh, while I'm trying to make you feel bad here again, I want to ask you something. Have you made it over to 50 Barkley Square, in the London area, to visit the centuries-old ghost of that haunt? He's said to have driven people insane. That sounds pretty scary to me. That's the scariest ghost story I've ever heard. Well, let the bedbugs bite you, and hurry on over to that Barkley Square place, to be scared out of your mind, if you don't mind. Toodle pip, for now, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 11, 2008.

I spent over two hours at the lake, in Fullerton, today. There was so much quacking, I could have sworn you were around. Get it? You're a quack, in that derogatory sense of the word. I shot many videos of the wildlife there, and took some stills of the signposted information there. Altogether, I walked away with 189 megabytes of pictures in my camera. That's the most I've shot with that camera, between dumps. With the quarter gigabyte SD card in it, it has a total of about 288 megabytes of capacity, which left about 99 megabytes free to shoot more pictures, but it was time to go. The sun was about to set, and sunset is the time limit at the public parking lots, there. Not only that, my camera doesn't do well in low light conditions. I think I should pick up one of the one- or two-gigabyte SD memory cards, when I find it on sale again. I think I saw a one-gigabyte one, new, for $10.00, earlier this year. It's a shame I didn't pick one up. Next time, I suppose. I hope that "quack" comment makes you feel bad. That's what it was intended to do.

The above blog entry was made on October 10, 2008.

You don't need to come over. I've got plenty to eat, with Jen the Hen around, as soon as I get my hands on her. Unless, of course, you want to come by to give me some money you owe me. Really, you can come over even without a reason, but you've got to be nice to me.

I've been too busy to continue reading those Satanic rites, but I expect to get back to them eventually. I'm sure you can wait for that stuff. I can't imagine why you'd be in a hurry for that stuff, if you know what I mean. Well, I think I've made you feel bad enough for this blog entry. I'm glad. Thanks for being around, to be my living guinea pig, to take out my frustrations on. Always be around for that. That's a useful function. At least you do something right.

The above blog entry was made on October 8, 2008.

Well, I just discovered that Giuliana's website is, at least for the time being, no longer in existence. Also, as far as I know, Jennifer Aniston never had an official website. So that's two down, one to go, if you know what I mean. You think your website will be going the way of the dinosaur too, Madonna? That would round out the trio of you three ladies being without your own official websites. Do you think my website will survive yours? Stranger things have happened. Well, that's enough to keep you up all night, for now.

The above blog entry was made on October 7, 2008.

What was it like for me to work with you, Madonna? Well, it wasn't all I'd have hoped it to be, but really, those were the moments when I was most at peace with you. Little did I realize what a bitch you really were. I mention this, in light of the latest news item, which is posted to your own news section at

These three songs, by Charlie, are really good. Can you tell, Madonna? No? You have no sense of music artistry? No comment?

The above blog entry was made on October 6, 2008.

Je suis artiste, madame Madonna. I am the great theatre arts phenomenon, on the rise. I have consistently put you to shame over the decades, by my clearly superior artistry, and now my inner artistic fire is burning brighter and better than ever. I hope this contrast between us would kill you. That would be poetic justice served. The bitch witch cannot compare to me.

Taken any more spills on stage lately? I hope so. I loved the last one. Good job. Oops! I just accidentally gave you a compliment, which is generally against my new policy. Well, I can leave it, and let it slide, because it serves as a jab at you, anyway. Can you tell how I really feel about you, at this point in time?

The above blog entry was made on September 30, 2008.

Hmm . . . I was just saying, in my Jen the Hen blog, about my writing four SNL-genre comedy skits, today. Then, just now, I had the thought, "why not write some Madonna-themed skits of that general sort?" "Hmmm again," well, I'm not sure I'd want to really write any of that stuff about you, but it's a thought, anyway. To be sure, if I do write any of that stuff about you, it would put you comedically in a very bad light, as much as possible. I would be careful to be as negative about you as possible, with the restriction that it conform to my standards of good art. How's that for an idea? I hope you like it? Well, I'd like you to concede it to be good, if it would be. You can send me lists, or essays, of all your personal faults, to give me items to work with, if you want. I don't think you'd do that for me, though. No problem. I'm well familiar with your personal faults, so I would have no difficulty, there. Feel awful now, from this talk, Madge? If "yes," good. Break a leg, literally, and hurry up.

The above blog entry was made on September 29, 2008.

An old (in more ways than one) friend of the family just broke her hip. That reminds me of your recent fall on tour. You didn't break your hip, did you? No, I think not. It'd have been all over the media, I'm sure. Well, maybe my mentioning this has served its sole purpose of making you feel bad, though? Has it? I hope so. Now . . . what else? Uh . . . are you past menopause, Madge? After all, you are so old these days. You can't be too careful. Maybe you should be taking Boniva, like Sally Field. A former local waitress told me, a while back, that she's been suffering from osteoporosis, but she said she requires a prescription-strength medication for it. She told me the name of her perscription, but I don't remember what it was. Well, keep it in mind. What if you had broken you hip on stage? Ouch!

The above blog entry was made on September 28, 2008.

Well, I made an entry to my Jen the Hen blog earlier today, so here's one here, last but not least. It fulfills the idea of my quota of making you feel bad, in every blog entry here. I've got the video of your fall, on stage, during your Lisbon, Portugal Sticky and Sweet tour. Here it is:

Madonna falls on stage in Lisbon - Sticky and Sweet Tour

In view of this item, one may wonder if you're having worse problems that Britney was, during the timeframe of her passing out at an event, a while back, before her mental ward lockup. During writing this entry, I was tempted twice, with two separate ideas, to say something nice to you, but true to my new policy, I left both remarks out of this entry. I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't even mention this fact, since that could make you feel better. I've been too nice to you.

To make you feel even worse, I just put a couple of hyperlinks at the top of this web page. Do you recognize that those two widgets are Sigels of Baphomet? Clicking on either one takes you to the same place, namely the Church of Satan. Now you know where you can go, at the top of this page, pun (even punishment) intended, Madonna. Bon appetit, Madge. As you can see above, those official symbols of the Church of Satan have five Hebrew letters. That's in keeping with the idea of Satanism being cabalistic. Yes, you know where you can go.

The above blog entry was made on September 25, 2008.

Same old routine; I just made an entry in my Jen the Hen blog, so I must be true to my self-assigned quota, and make a cutting remark here about you at the same time, Madonna. Well . . . let's see . . . Do you think I'll be tempted often, to compliment you again here, or anywhere? I really doubt it, the way your musical sound has so badly deteriorated, qualitatively. Got another album planned already? I'm not even thinking I'd buy Hard Candy, let alone a later one of your possible albums. Time will tell, but I doubt it. Maybe you need a miracle to bring your sound up to standards I'd be willing to listen to.

The above blog entry was made on September 22, 2008.

Oops! It just happened again. I just wrote another Jen the Hen blog entry, which means I've got to write another jab at you, here. Well . . . I always think of something . . . uh . . . I was thinking of giving you a compliment yesterday, but I said to myself, "no, I can't ever compliment Madonna on anything; I've sworn that off." Now, on to the next jab. By the way, a famous Jew was killed outside his place some years ago, by a Neo Nazi group. Do you think they'd target you, because of your cabalah interest?

The above blog entry was made on September 19, 2008.

I just updated my Jen the Hen blog, so I couldn't very well omit making a comment, here, to make you feel bad. Um . . . I think maybe the Neo Nazis would be disappointed with you, if you're hinting, "be a Nazi => get (become) stupid." This is with reference to your new Get Stupid video. Maybe the Neo Nazis would be inclined to interpret that as a threat by you towards them. Would that piss them enough to prompt them to action of some kind? Do you know? Do you think any Neo Nazis visit this page? Maybe they will, now? So that visitors to this page don't have to visit your website, here's a link to your anti-Nazi video, Get Stupid. It can be viewed full-screen, by clicking the little box in the lower-right corner, if you can find it. Try clicking, or right-clicking, on the video, to see if that will bring back the control strip at the bottom, which alternately appears and disappears.

The above blog entry was made on September 18, 2008.

It's that time again. What have I got to say, to make you feel bad this time, Madonna? Well . . . I'll think of something (I always do, don't I?) . . . I've been disappointed at myself lately, over missing my chances to make you feel bad every day, here in the blog. But, I've been so occupied with other things, I've skipped blog entries on many days. What a shame and a waste. I'll try to keep up with this daily quota. A chance to make you feel bad is too good to waste. Remember that tv commercial decades ago, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste?" It was by the United Negro College Fund. Well, I guess this is enough said for now. I probably should leave good jabs for later. One cutting remark at a time should suffice. See, I've turned even omissions of this stuff into something to say to make you feel bad. Now that's clever.

The above blog entry was made on September 17, 2008.

Lucky for you, I've been too busy for the last five days to say anything to make you feel bad. All good things must come to an end, I guess. Here's the latest blog entry, to make you feel bad, Madonna. Uh . . . I just watched your new video, Get Stupid. It appeared to have no coherent theme to it. I was thinking that maybe the idea was to put down Sarah Palin, but it was so poorly done, it wasn't obvious what the theme was. The other thing the video reminded me of was that the title could have been based on the title of Get Smart, which tv series I'm sure you've heard of. I didn't notice any correlation to that series, except a symbol, which was momentarily on the screen, which looked possibly like a WWII Nazi symbol, but I didn't get a good look at it during the one viewing. Get Smart did have a regular Kaos agent with a German accent. So, that's the only similarity I saw between the two, during that one viewing. Maybe I'll see more in that video, if I continue to watch it.

The above blog entry was made on September 15, 2008.

It's that time, again, to make you feel bad, Madonna. The news about you now is that thing about you dedicating Like a Virgin to Pope Benedict. That was because "we're all children of God?" Maybe the pope would like the "virgin" part, but he'd have difficulty believing you're anything like a real virgin. So, the net effect here is that you accomplished a mockery of the "virtue of virginity." This dedication is another religious scandal. You've been steadily racking up religion scandals. Was that your plan, all along? If so, what scandal do you have up your sleeve now?

I'm still waiting to see your latest nude photo shoot.

The above blog entry was made on September 10, 2008.

What could I have to bother you with this time? Uh . . . your London mansion is so old, it didn't come with air conditioning, did it? Maybe it gets hotter than . . . Hell . . . in there? You're loving it? That's why you look so alive onstage? You do look alive onstage? Pay my way to attend your tour, and I'll be the judge of that, and let you know what I think about it. Okay? You don't care what I think about it? Okay, I'll think whatever I want about it.

The above blog entry was made on September 8, 2008.

Here's your daily dose of being bothered, Madonna. You know where else I came across the name, Anton, a day or two ago? In the book I just read, and mentioned here, yesterday. Anton Reeves was a brother of Peter Reeves. The book, Blood on the Rhine, which I described here yesterday, is the autobiographical account of Peter's experiences in World War II. So, now the list of Antons is: Anton LaVey, Susan Anton, and Anton Reeves. I wasn't expecting to find another Anton in that book. Divine revelation? You think? Or maybe Satanic revelation? You decide?

The above blog entry was made on September 7, 2008.

Time to bother you again, Madonna. I just read a phenomenal true story about World War II. It's in the form of a book, 310 pages long. It's well worth the time spent reading it. I put more information about the story in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Read it there. While I'm on the subject of WWII, I should mention something. I'm very much embedded in the system, symbolically. You know what I mean. You think one of those propitious "coincidences" would get back to you, as a favor to me, in a subsequent version of that war? You never know? Far stranger things have happened.

The above blog entry was made on September 6, 2008.

Well, it's time to fulfill my daily quota, of making you feel bad. What now? Uh . . . I feel like blaming you, for my not being able to afford to replace the battery of my big camcorder. Shame on you.

You and Guy were just shown on tv tonight (Tuesday). I didn't even hear the story. You know what I think, every time I see Guy with you on tv? I think he looks like he's still your fake hubby, who faithfully tags along with you, to help you trick the world into thinking you're not available. I still don't believe you ever married him. Why would you go to all that bother, for all those years? You're deathly afraid of being propositioned by blokes on the street and blokes you work near? You think the prudes would stop attending your tours, if they thought you were screwing around out of wedlock? If I ever start believing you to be married to Guy, I guess then I'll be finally fooled, along with the rest of the world, about that.

If I ever open a factory in the London area, I'll try to set it up to burn coal, so that the London fog would drape your place so thick, you'd be coughing yourself raw (if you weren't really a ghost).

The above blog entry was made on September 3, 2008.

It's a real skill, thinking of things, every time, to make you feel bad, Madonna. I just thought of such a thing. Have you noticed that the traffic to this page has picked up, lately? So, one must conclude that people like this recent content, ie the jabs. Huh . . . maybe people aren't as crazy as I thought, then. You think? Don't worry; maybe I'd eventually stop thinking of things to make you feel bad? I kind of doubt it. I probably don't hate you as much as it may seem, lately. Maybe "hate" isn't the word? Maybe it's "love?" Are you sure what it is, Liebchen?

The above blog entry was made on September 2, 2008.

Alright. I have to say at least one thing to make you feel bad. Uh . . . do you think people will still buy your music, and attend your tours, if you keep sounding lousy? They're just blindly loyal to you, no matter how bad your sound gets? I guess one negative comment will suffice for now. It's 4:40am, and I haven't gotten any shuteye yet.

The above blog entry was made on September 1, 2008.

Ok, what jewel of torment do I have for you today? I just read the section of The Satanic Rituals about "le messe noir," which in English means "the black mass." The black mass is said to be the invention of a lady of an earlier era, named "Lavoisin," which name in French literally means "the neighbor." Got neighbors? There's an interesting connection to my reading this section, to the McCain news. He just picked a lady named "Palin" to be his V. P. running mate. In the section I read about the black mass, the palen (notice the similarity of spelling) holds the mock eucharist, both of which set on top of the chalice, in a black mass. Another coincidence is that Palin is an NRA member. I've been helping the NRA with my messages to politicians. Still another coincidence is that the other day, someone said I turned pale, at the time I stroked my hair back with my right hand. Even the fact that I used my right hand, coincides with McCain being on the right, politically. All this pattern seems to suggest that I may have influenced the Palin choice too. Hurray for my political involvement. You believe in coincidences? I don't. Read today's Jen the Hen blog entry. It's about Leviathan, the sea monster demon of the West. There are some Vaughniston coincidences with that, believe it or not.

The above blog entry was made on August 30, 2008.

What have I got to say this time, to make you feel bad? Uh . . . I can't wait to dive into that book, Satanic Rituals.

Do you think Jen the Hen is really Jewish?

The above blog entry was made on August 28, 2008.

I know what you may be thinking; that I must have something else to say, to make you feel bad, Madonna. Well, let me think . . . uh . . . a while back, they mentioned on tv, about a supposed new law, which forbids pretending to be a hero. You think they'd bust you for pretending to be humanitarian, and thus a hero? It's obvious that you only put on a show of helping anyone, as a public relations ploy. You obviously don't truly care about ANYONE on earth, period, except for yourself.

The above blog entry was made on August 26, 2008.

I've been noticing how much news is being posted by your people, lately. You've been busy as a bee ("b" as in "bitch"). Feel bad yet? I'd better say something else, to make sure.

You should see the photo of Jen the Hen, I just put in today's blog entry, there. It shows her in an English maid outfit. Have you ever been shot in an outfit like that? If so, I'd like to see it.

Alright! It's a rush to post this, before the stroke of midnight. I have something else to say, to make you feel bad, Madonna. The My13LA 11:00pm news just read a 3rd email response from me, which was about you. This time, Rick Garcia read my reply on the air. Thanks, Rick. This time, their question of the night was: If I see another [store name here] I think I'll scream. Here's my reply, which was read on the air (on August 25, 2008):
If I see another Madonna tour announcement, I think I'll scream!

Feel bad, now? I sure hope so. That should do it.

The above blog entry was made on August 25, 2008.

You must read what I just wrote to a writer at The Register newpaper, here in the OC. It's in today's Jen the Hen blog entry, Madonna. I wish I could believe that you're a true supporter of freedom of nakedness in public and private, both, but I have my doubts about you. If you don't support such freedom, without limitations, then you're wrong, like so many other prudes, who are all violent political criminals. Such prudes have a tradition of staging things, to falsely support the idea that they're right, but they're not right. They're dead wrong.

The above blog entry was made on August 24, 2008.

Did you figure out what that odd-sounding part of the lyrics is, in Your Magic Motion, is? Does it sound like something recognizable to you? It goes "AT wide wide WA." Get it yet? Remember that cause, attributed to Charlie, which he called "ATWA?" Surely, you must recognize that acronym. It stands for "air, trees, water, animals." It's also the title of one of his albums, ATWA, in which it means "All the Way Alive." Do you feel bad yet, or do I have to say something else, now? Just in case . . . uh . . . let me think . . . um . . . Here's something. Why have you been a black militant, even though you're not black?

The above blog entry was made on August 21, 2008.

What do you think of this new music? Not bad, huh? I love it. Those are fairly recent. They were recorded in 2005. Well, it's time to fill my daily quota, of making you feel bad, Madonna. Charlie's sound is at least as good as ever, while your sound has gone down the tubes. He has more time on his hands than you. Busy people sound lousy? I want to mention that these songs were done the year after my 2004 trip to Death Valley. That's the time I parked next to the garden, and tried to get some sleep in my van, at the Amargosa Hotel, in Death Valley Junction. It was already the light of day, before I fell asleep. I must have gotten a good five minutes of shut-eye, during which time I dreamt something about association with the Charlie thing. That was the morning, in the early light of day, that I heard that loud squawking bird, which reminded me of personal annihilation doom. Here's the coincidence: One of these songs, Your Magic Motion, makes reference to a peacock (in a garden, no less) saying someone's dead. That's a symbolic match to that squawking bird, at the garden, in Death Valley Junction, that morning, as if Charlie was aware of my experience, and made the song match. A little later, that same morning, I talked to the guy from England, who had spent the night in a room there. He told me a scorpion bit him in the foot. Scorpio is Charlie's sign, and he's into making scorpion art, maybe to honor himself and his birth sign. I told you about this, before. I told the desk lady about the scorpion bite, but she told me they don't have scorpions in the place. She said she'd look into the matter. I'd be interested to hear a recording of their conversation, which I missed.

The above blog entry was made on August 20, 2008.

Guess where I posted both of those songs of Charlie's, which I just remastered? I bet you can easily guess. A clue is that they're not at this website, at this time. At this very moment, I'm wondering if I'm going to remaster a third one of his songs, tonight, before going to bed.

As a follow-up to something I said here recently, the Church of Satan claims ownership of the copyrights to both of those Anton LaVey books, I was talking about. They assert that they'd take someone to court, if he were to post complete versions of either of those books online. Can you guess what I know that devil dancer from?

It's 6:34am, as I write this, and I haven't gotten any sleep yet. I'm not even feeling tired. I guess it's the excitement, at my latest song remastering, which I just completed "tonight." It's daylight out, at this moment. I just did Your Magic Motion, which was recorded by Charlie. It sounds like his typical stuff, until near the end, where it gets really phenomenal-sounding. You can't miss this one. It sounds like it's begging to be done on the piano or keyboard, which I'm thinking of adding to it. I think I'll put these three latest works into a new playlist, for background music, here. It's about time I finally retired that roaring 20's stuff.

The above blog entry was made on August 19, 2008.

Even though it's 4:44am, I've got to say something to make you feel bad, before going to bed. I'll just have to tell you about the latest song of Charlie's, I just remastered. It's called Angels Fear to Tread. It sounds great. I'm thinking of reproportioning the volume levels more, so I can make it louder. You know what's wrong with his album, One Mind? It's got mostly talking in it. I'm not knocking Charlie's talking recordings, but I think people buy his albums mostly for the music. I'm not sure they'd buy the stuff so much, if it had only his talking in it. So, maybe he can't separate the two, if he wants people to listen to his talks. You think?

Are you enjoying the devil animation I posted, yesterday? I like it very much.

The above blog entry was made on August 18, 2008.

The first thing I have to say, to make you feel bad, is it's not your birthday anymore. Maybe the next thing would make you feel bad too, but I doubt it. I just remastered another one of Charlie's music tracks. This time I did I Can See You, off his One Mind CD. I didn't appreciate it the first time I listened to it, but this time I really got into it. It's phenomenally artistic. I love it. As usual, I put it into stereo, added some effects, did some EQ, and reproportioned some of the volume levels. All that tends to add up to a better overall sound, if done well. My only disappointment with that track is that it's only one minute and twenty seconds. It deserves to be three times that long.

Well, Madonna, to help get you in the spirit (however impossible) for your slated eternal stay in Hell, here's one of Hell's dancers. He's the real thing; magical and supernatural. I'd say "enjoy," but that'd hardly fit your circumstance. Kerberos around the corner? You never know? I didn't put him on the right, because the alignment of devils is more to the left.

The above blog entry was made on August 17, 2008.

Happy birthday, Madonna. I don't think I'd kill you, if I ever descend your London chimney, for a visit. I always feel sorry for you, somehow. We both doubled in aged, since the release of your first album. It was released the day before my 25th birthday.

They just broke the story on tv today, of Donald Trump buying Ed McMahon's mansion, to lease it back to him, so he wouldn't have to leave. Lucky him. It'd be a disgrace, to be kicked out of your own mansion. How many, in his Beverly Hills area, have experienced that? I don't hear of it. His place is right next to Britney Spears' mansion.

I was just appreciating the Stones old song, Wild Horses, which is playing in a Sharon Tate page someplace. That was one of their better ones. It sounds eerily like it could match her story, in various ways.

Don't you think your brother's recent book looks better with some color in the cover graphics? How do you like the way I just added some to it, in this redone photo? Some say black-and-white photography has its own special artistic qualities, but I've always preferred color photography, myself. I did black-and-white photography in a high school class, in the 1970's. I've still got that old folder, which is stuffed with those prints. I've been thinking of scanning them, so I can post them to a page devoted to them. What do you think? You want to see them?

The above blog entry was made on August 16, 2008.

I sit here, trying to think of something to say, to make you feel bad. I just had an idea. Some time ago, the History Channel ran a story about the London fog, of long ago. They said it was killing people. It contained the smoke of coal-burning industry. They said that was deadly. I believe they cleaned up that problem years ago, but there's a new development. There's talk now of developing "clean" coal, to help relieve the current energy problem. You think they're trying to bring back the London fog, hoping it'll reach you at your London home? Maybe they're on my side? Maybe just a symbolic allusion to the idea? It's a thought. Maybe you ought to wear a scarf over your face as you sleep, to protect you from the London fog?

The above blog entry was made on August 15, 2008.

Maybe now I can think of something to make you feel bad, in today's entry. Uh . . . speaking of Satanism, Aleister Crowley was something like Britain's version of LaVey, but I think he had a more sinister reputation. Maybe one can conclude that British Satanists are more evil than American ones? I'm not claiming they are. It's just a thought. Britain is now your neck of the woods, Madonna. Kind of gives you something to think about, Huh? If you're trembling now, I've accomplished my task in this talk. So far, am I any good at making you feel bad?

There's another thing I could say today, that might make you feel bad, Madonna. Today is the 13th of the month. The number, 13, may be reputed to be unlucky according to some, but others say it's a Satanic number. Enjoy today, Madonna?

I've been having Satanic experiences, lately. Like just now, I visited my own adult page here, and the counter, at the bottom of the page, hit double thirteens; thirteen is a Satanic number. What's more, it is the 13th of August, which makes this a triple 13 event. This is to verify that I'm Satan? Here's a screen capture I did of the event:

What makes this even more of a symbolic or uncanny event, is that that counter has been counting since the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 events. Furthermore, the number "6" figures in Satanic numerology, and is also the sole repeated digit in "666." Ah, it's not nice to cheat Satan, Madonna. It's Hell, to not have much more traffic to my adult page, though.

The above blog entry was made on August 13, 2008.

Your having a tattoo of one of the names of God, in Hebrew, on your upper right arm, is an interesting coincidence, considering something I read in the Satanic Bible. Like I said, the Satanic Bible is also kabbalistic, and describes something about what is tattooed on your arm. Anton LaVey described something about the esoteric interpretations of the kabbalist Jews, and the 72 names of God thing. You'll have to read the Satanic Bible, for the rest of what LaVey said about that.

I like this top. It's the next best thing to topless. Maybe I can omit the daily making-you-feel-bad talk, in this blog entry, for today. I enjoyed seeing you on tv earlier, saying you like people to enjoy everything you do.

I have another book by Anton LaVey, called Satanic Rituals. It mentions cabbalistic teachings, or pseudo-cabbalistic teachings. You should read it, too, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on August 12, 2008.

Um, what do I have to say, to make you feel bad today, Madonna? Well, here's something, a suggestion. Why don't you pick up on the fad, by acquiring a place in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, and live there, at least part-time. That's what some people do, to get on the waiting list, to come back as Leno or Rosemary LaBianca, in a subsequent version of earth, to get it out of the way. You don't want to wait until the eleventh hour? I'm not the only one, who knows about the version-of-earth reruns. Do you think everyone is destined to be every one of those skelter victims, at least one time each? I already have been every one of them, at least one time each. I've also been . . . well . . . uh . . . you, oh heinous one. That's more of a disgrace than being Manson, really.

So, the naughty bitch has a university named after her, now? It's called Madonna University. Click here, to visit their home page. Do you think you'd enroll there, if you wanted to land a degree in something?

I just saw a mention of your brother's book about you. They said it's only pulled in $35k so far. You don't think it's fan loyalty, do you? Maybe they thought is was a lame attempt, with no real substance or content. They said he partnered with an experienced gossip writer for the project. Well, even if it's low quality, I still want a copy of it.

The above blog entry was made on August 10, 2008.

I couldn't go to bed tonight, without first writing some unpleasantness here to you, Madonna. It's the 39th anniversary of that very wee-hours time, when Sharon Tate died in Bel Air. The ghost theme, the last time I visited recently, was about spiders. If you stand long enough under the tree, that's just inside of the front gate, you may be visited by a spider from above. There were several spider webs up there, and one of the spiders looked like it descended on its thread, for the occasion. I'm glad it didn't land on me.

How's biz? Worn out, and feelin' like retiring, yet?

The above blog entry was made on August 9, 2008.

Another night, another blog entry to write here. What now? Uh . . . have you been moping around all day, after reading yesterday's blog entry here? Maybe you should try to look happy and content, for the sake of your children. What would they think if you looked sad all the time?

I'm not sure I want to say this, or admit this to you, but since I'm being straight with you, I will. Yesterday, or the day before, I had that feeling hit me again, that I really, sincerely care about you. It was as if I can't get around feeling that way for you, like your well-being really matters to me, personally. If I were to deny, at this moment, that I believe that feeling, I'd be lying. I again, genuinely believe I care about you, for no logically justifiable reason maybe, but truly. Remember, over the past few years, my feelings for you would rebound, each time after writing you off. It's a reflex I can't escape. It happens every time. So maybe your thinking now, "what am I suposed to do now, clap my hands and jump through the ceiling in delight?" Well, I don't think you'd react that way. I only said it because it's true, and I've REALLY been telling it to you straight, all along, even if you don't want to accept that as the truth. You want to keep believing, or saying, that I'm the bad guy, and that I'll never change. You want to keep purporting that "I wronged you," which of course if false.

I've been having some suspicions about your brother's new book about you. I won't comment on that at this time. I hope I can pick up a copy of it soon, at my kind of bargain basement price. I'll be dying of curiosity, until I've read it. I have a hunch or two already, though.

It's the midpoint of Summer, now. Does that remind you of the idea of being in the middle of Hell? Is that where you're at now, Madonna? I don't even have a trident. What self-respecting devil has no trident?

The above blog entry was made on August 6, 2008.

So, what have I got to say, to make you feel bad, now? Uh . . . let me think a moment . . . um . . . I guess the recent negative publicity about you, the veiny hands and triagular-and-puffy-looking face and so on, was to pay you back for being awful to me. Don't you think? I bet that idea would make you feel bad. Wouldn't it? Is that enough of a jab at you for this entry, or should I say something else? I've got another idea, but I'll save it for a later moment. That way you'll be in suspense, wondering what it is. Even when you do read it here, you won't even like it, and it'll make you feel bad. Like I said before, I don't seem to ever run out of things to say. You're in luck, then?

The above blog entry was made on August 4, 2008.

You know, I don't really need to say anything so novel or entertaining or inventive or informative, here. You don't deserve the benefit of an education from me. Suffice it to say that Hell fire burns so very bright, to your detriment, through your future, evil one, Madonna. You're the most disgusting, dishonest, vile, pirate swine to ever stink the earth with its lies, propaganda and evil deed money. Your cohorts, or prior cohorts, don't all pay fealty to you, you peer of the damned. That play, I saw recently, is another skeleton in your closet, in a way. I was contacted back around 1980, in Los Angeles, by someone connected with that play. She, like you, has not been of mortal condition. She looks about the same, now, after those intervening 28 years. She pointed out, to me, something she was aware of. Can you guess what is was? It had to do with you. Talking to her was a business trip for me, back then. She met me in an upper office, of a business building. She sat behind her desk, and I in front of it. Don't you know that there have been many, amongst the spiritual crowd, who are on to your deceptions about me? She's another case in point. If you can picture an other-worldly image-reckoning looking glass, of sorts, for peering at the character and deeds, or misdeeds of anyone, what do you think those adept ones would see in your personal history, especially towards me? It's not a pretty picture, as you well know, you scum of the Hollywood crowd. I feel honored that she contacted me, and I feel honored that others have contacted me, in their own ways. So, how many do you currently have on your payroll, whose work you've made it to be the propaganda attacks against me?

The above blog entry was made on August 3, 2008.

As I've announced elsewhere, the whole world can access all the official Madonna news, by visiting this blog. You must have noticed it, in the text box, at the start of this blog. What do you think? By the way, there was a coding error in the snippet of code your people provided, which I've fixed.

The tv news has really been laying into you, over that out-of-it-looking photo of you, which some have chaulked up to your needing the attention of a 90210 doctor, to fix your flaws. Your hands have been shown to be extremely veiny, and your face looked like you just regained consciousness, after being knocked out in the first round of a boxing match. Who were you fighting? Tyson? Your makeup people must have done a supreme job of hiding the bruises on your face.

The above blog entry was made on July 31, 2008.

Even though the My13LA tv news didn't read my reply on the air this time, I want to include it here, since it's so special. This time, on July 29, 2008, their question of the night was: What were you doing, when the quake hit, and how did you react? Here's my reply, which didn't air this time:
I was in bed, thinking about getting up. The jolt felt so sharp, I thought I needed to get out of bed, so I did. Then, all of a sudden, as I was standing, I felt a REALLY sharp jolt, which immediately made me feel panicked. I went to the bookshelf, to make sure it didn't tip. Then I heard my metal sculpture clock fall down, along with my college graduation photo. One of my three statuette angels, the one closest to the fallen clock, which is the one holding a large heart against her bust with both hands, rotated 45 degrees, ending up facing in the direction of the fallen clock, as if a sign from above. That clock's battery had flown out of the clock, and ended up nestled in the crook formed between my computer scanner and its cover. My Yamaha piano keyboard had tipped against my bed. In hindsight, this looks like a supernatural message about me.

ps: Madonna, this was a supernatural message about you and I.
This is a true story. What do you think, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on July 30, 2008.

Oh my god. You've got to read today's Jen the Hen blog entry. It's mind-blowing. Also, you might be interested in some more of my childhood history. I came across a blog, in which are some reminiscences of Fullerton, of many years ago. It seems strange to read about this stuff, which I have in common with these bloggers. I remember some of the stuff they wrote about here. Of particular interest, to me personally, is the story about the superball explosion, in Fullerton. I have personal history in that. I wrote two of those more-recent entries. I had to write a second entry, to explain the first one I wrote. That superball business had long-term problems, apparently. Either that, or they caused the balls to go all over the place, more than once, to give Fullerton boys an occasional thrill.

The above blog entry was made on July 28, 2008.

I just helped you to wish me a happy birthday. I put a happy-birthday wish "from you," on one of your publicity pages (you can probably guess which one). Here it is:
This is your chance to wish me a happy birthday, finally. My birthday is Monday, the 28th. Remember? This is so easy. Allow this message to post, and VOILA! You've done it. Here's the message:
HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY DEAR STEVE. I'm sorry it took so long to wish you a happy birthday. I hope all your birthdays were happy.
With truest love,
What do you think? Did you do an ok job writing it? You'd better tell them to let it post. This could be history in the making.

Thanks, Madonna. That's the nicest happy birthday message you ever gave me.

The above blog entry was made on July 26, 2008.

Do you keep up-to-date on important political causes like I do, Madonna? I'm continually reading newsletters from various organizations like the NRA, for example. Your problem is that you swallow bull, hook line and sinker, from political frauds like Al Gore. I just thought of an interesting coincidence. The Muslims have "Al" as part of many of their names, and I believe that is the Arabic equivalent of the Irish "O" and the German "Von," referring to derivation from an ancester. It's amusing, likening the name "Al Gore" to a Muslim name. That idea goes well with the cartoon depicting Obama as a Muslim. The Democrats are definitely committing treason, betraying Americans, by throwing away our freedoms, lock stock and barrel. That's a justification for mass genocide against the liberals. They are trying to overthrow the U. S. by their dirty politics. They have been all too effective towards that end. Genocide against them is the only way to effectively destroy the threat they pose to freedom in the U. S., and freedom in the world generally. The Democrats are violent, lying, terrorist threats to freedom. If you were interested in defending freedom, you wouldn't be supporting international criminals like Al Gore and his cohorts. It's not all the same. It's very critical. You can't just take blind pot shots, and expect to hit all, and only, the right targets. Get with it, Madonna. You and your politics are screwing things up, not improving the political climate. You don't care. You're a selfish rich bitch. You feel immune to the consequences of your actions, in the rich bitch tradition.

The above blog entry was made on July 24, 2008.

I just opened the editor, to add a blog entry here, even without knowing, in advance, what I'm about to say. Well . . . uh . . . let me think . . . there's always something to say. You ought to read yesterday's Jen the Hen blog entry. I put a really hot item there. Those politicians have been up to no good, oppressing the public. I just heard on tv, that Georgia disallows sex toys. That's heinous. Christianity is obviously oppression. Jesus knew that. Why are people embracing that crap. The prudes are cutting the throats of the public, by forcing church-state laws on people. All prudes must be eliminated. To illustrate my point, I refer you to click the following link, and click and read item number five, in the list. It seems that it wasn't Ms. Susan's intention to portray it that way, but that fifth bible study lesson clearly shows Christianity to be senseless oppression, by denying satisfaction in life. Jesus didn't have good motives. He, basically, was a jerk. I KNOW that.

The above blog entry was made on July 22, 2008.

What does your Hard Candy album have to do with The Naked News? Answer: The name, "Sinclair" or "Sinclar," whatever the spelling. One of the hottest news anchors on The Naked News is Victoria Sinclair. Now you know. Maybe you chose Bob Sinclar because of that name coincidence?

The above blog entry was made on July 21, 2008.

Maybe I shouldn't tell you to read today's Jen the Hen blog entry. It has information about the danger hackers pose to those using the internet. What do I care if a hacker trashes you computers, and threatens the security of the information on your machines, or all round trashes your life, through cyber mischief? Why should I possibly care one iota, Madonna? Have you ever shown me any better consideration than the most outrageous hackers have shown their victims?

The above blog entry was made on July 19, 2008.

I just realized that I've been so busy, I've skipped several days of entries into this blog. The internet is a dishonest place. It's kept me busy fixing things.

What I have to say today is that I want you to give me a personally signed copy of your brother's new book, about you. Of course I expect to not pay for it. You owe me this favor, too.

If you were really any good at real estate business, you'd already have made more money buying and selling houses, in the depressed U. S. RE market, than you've ever made making music. That's what the Governator did. He made his money in real estate. Meet with me, and I'll fill you in on how to grow your real estate income, making you even richer than Arnold. He's got about a couple hundred million dollars more than you. I just received an announcement from Donald Trump, about how to buy real estate foreclosures at 20%, 30%, 40% or even 50% off. I suspect a trick there. I think I can get them at much more that 50% off. Of course, I'd charge you dearly for my advice.

The above blog entry was made on July 17, 2008.

I'd bet you weren't in either Denver or Santa Monica, for the World Naked Bike Ride. You did do a good job at the publicized nude photo shoot, didn't you, Madonna? I hope so.

You know what tv news story, about you, has really intrigued me recently? The one about you and the retired baseball player, José Canseco. It was said that you asked him to marry you, right after you divorced Sean Penn. They even said you offered to support him, if he'd dump his wife, of then, for you. They said you had a months-long affaire with him, but you two were never intimate.

The above blog entry was made on July 13, 2008.

I recently saw Obama say something on tv that convinces me, the rest of the way, that he's a heartless criminal. He said he supports the death penalty for so-called sex offenders. What that attitude reflects is a wonton disrespect for the fact that so-called sex offenses are mostly mythological ideas that oppression criminals made up to harass and oppress people. Politicians are far more guilty of sex offenses than anyone else. They are the force which is driving all the trouble that exists. The so-called "sex-offenses" issue is mostly a silver-bullets approach to dirty politics, that pulls out all the stops for their juggernaut of national and world oppression. It's the most obnoxious utter bullshit ever invented, to oppress the masses of the world. With all of that, they are insinuating that their own character is superior to that of everyone else, and that they, themselves, are not criminals, which is absolute balony. U. S. politicians neither impress nor fool me, at all. They should have their final day, with their necks stuck in the guillotine. The streets should stink with their rotting blood, at the places where the guillotine did its glorious job, in restoring respect for human dignity. American politicians are the most disrespectful dishonest swine that ever lived.

The above blog entry was made on July 12, 2008.

By the way, in yesterday's Jen the Hen blog entry, I posted the nude photo of you with a bicycle. Unfortunately, I felt compelled to censor it in three small spots. If we're able to eliminate prudism in government, I could post nudes of you without censorship, in general public areas. That'd be nice.

The above blog entry was made on July 10, 2008.

The A-Rod story is still hot news. How long do you think that'll go on? Aren't you ever going to admit to anything? People want a full signed confession, on camera, Madonna.

I just mentioned the annual World Naked Bike Ride, in Denver Colorado, on Saturday, July 12th, in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. Read it, Madonna. Your fans demand that you support that cause and that event. Don't let them down.

Here's today's Madonna photo treat, on the left.

The above blog entry was made on July 9, 2008.

So, how am I going to fulfill today's quota, in this entry, of one message to you here per day? Well, I can tell you that I just figured out how to activate the front window washer of my car. I thought it wasn't working, so I couldn't use it during all of those four years I've had that car. I discovered, by experiment, that the fin, on top of the left lever, which sticks out of the steering column, is the switch for the front washer. All I have to do is rotate it forward, and it activates the wipers and the washer. I wish I had figured that out four years ago. I just bought replacements from a wrecking yard, and I can't return them. I'm stuck with the stuff. Maybe I can sell it on eBay.

Are you getting ready to admit your marriage breakup yet?

It's not even the 8th yet, and I have something else to tell you. I just posted another photo of you, a recent one, on my special page. It features you topless, presumably in Africa, with your adopted son, David, on your back. That's the spirit, Madonna. Here's a link to that page. Don't worry too much about the legal notice page. I put that there to protect me and my interests. It won't bite. My special page.

Madonna, if you really care about the environment and fairness, you've got to help me set people straight. The tv is daily giving the public heinous misinformation about just about everything under the sun, and beyond. It's got to stop. I did my math and science homework in college, while I was majoring in engineering. I KNOW misinformation has been rampant on tv and on the internet. Trust me, we've got a huge job to do, to debunk all the lies being spewed by people, like Al Gore, who are making millions of dollars defrauding people, by blaming the wrong things and doing the wrong things. This time, I just found the same misinformation on tv, about the pseudo-science idea that inflating car tires with pure nitrogen might leak out slower that plain air. I want to tell you, and assure you, and make sure that you understand that the air is 80% nitrogen, naturally. Using pure nitrogen in a tire can't possibly make a discernable nor significant difference in the rate of leakage from a tire. People are going hog wild fabricating outrageous lies about so-called science. IT'S GOT TO STOP STOP STOP, NOW NOW NOW !!! Can you fathom how much damage such people are doing in the name of science? They aren't scientists; they're bunko criminals, and they've got to be stopped, immediately! Lies about science are EXTREMELY counterproductive to the interests of people and the environment, both. Madonna, hurry, and meet with me, so I can discuss this social dilemma with you in person. We MUST act, now.

I want to tell you that for months you've been driving me wild with desire, Madonna. Did you ever suspect I was that way with you? I am. I wouldn't mind talking to you about that, too.

The above blog entry was made on July 7, 2008.

I just said, in the Jen the Hen blog, that I had an idea for a specialy of comedy writing, for shows like Saturday Night Live. I'm afraid that kind of show has fallen in popularity. I should have taken the idea more seriously, earlier on. I can turn serious stories into amusing, even funny, skits. Maybe I should ask Joan Rivers, for her to help situate me in the business, like I did in a prior you-know-what. I think she'd rather delight in my ruination. She's a typical broad, in that way.

The above blog entry was made on July 6, 2008.

I'm again thinking that maybe I should put new entries on this page every day. The latest gossip, about you dumping Guy, has really peaked my interest in you again. We'll aways be a unit, one way or another. We both know that. As our own kind of unit, we are inseparable. That's just the way it is for some people. That's the way it is for us.

Your new look for Hard Candy makes you look more matronly, like you're accepting the idea of looking your age. To tell you the truth, I'd prefer you to favor a youthful appearance. You don't really need, or want, to look completely your age. Old age takes its toll all too quickly, without helping it do its dirty work. In particular, I cite your shorter hairstyle. Besides being an older woman look, it also reminds me of the lesbian look. Why do so many lesbians favor short hair? Do you know? I haven't paid a lot of attention to them, but it's an impression I've got of the lesbian look. Maybe they think it's a turn-off for men, which could make them a less tempting target for come-ons, from men. That's plausible.

The above blog entry was made on July 5, 2008.

Did you see the scrolling message for today? Happy 4th of July, even to you, Madonna. I'm being nice to you again, in case you hadn't noticed.

The above blog entry was made on July 4, 2008.

I just heard a mention on tv earlier, about A-Rod, who's been with you lately. They said that not only is he broken up from his wife, his wife was just seen with Lenny Kravitz, whom they described as one of your ex's. That reminds me. You never met with me, so that I could tell you why I'm glad I'm not Lenny Kravitz. What's taking you so long? It's reported that A-Rod has repeatedly visited you, at your Manhattan apartment, sometimes after midnight. If true, one can't help but speculate that something's going on between you two. Personally, I hope you're not having an affair with him, since I'm still hoping for you to return to me.

I've read that your long-time publicist is Liz Rosenberg. She reportedly said that you weren't adopting the Malawi boy, so can anyone believe her, that you're not planning to divorce Guy? That's another aspect of this latest scandal of yours. I'm telling you? You'd know about this talk before me? Well, I'm mentioning it anyway. That way you know what I'm thinking about it.

The above blog entry was made on July 3, 2008.

This website is now hosted in the U. S., for the first time, in Houston, Texas. What do you think? I described the hosting history of this site in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. This site was originally in the UK. Now that you're there, coincidenally, this site is not. I suspect Madonna Dot Com to be hosted in the U. S. Is it?

How's your new tour? Don't you ever get tired of touring? I know; you have to tour, but you like the money. Now, I've heard tell that you've got 600 million dollars. Either you just gained well over 200 million dollars, or the last figure I heard, a while back, was wrong. So, you're even richer than I had heard. Richer, but less "Ritchie?" That's the pun of the day. Remember it. It's a good one. You ought to buy yourself an un-cola to drink, to celebrate being an un-Ritchie. Remember the un-cola commercial? Maybe you'll wait till you're really divorced? You are divorcing him, aren't you? If you don't, I'm going to say, "guy, that's not fair." Everything forms a pun.

The above blog entry was made on June 30, 2008.

The My13LA news team is improving all the time. They just read my second email response, in which I mentioned you. You can read what I said in today's Jen the Hen blog entry.

Now, you must promise me that you won't go looking for another guy, that you're finally going to be mine. I can't take "no" for an answer.

The above blog entry was made on June 28, 2008.

I just heard the news I've been waiting for, for so long. On the My13LA 11:00pm news (on June 24, 2008), they just ran a very brief report that you and Guy are possibly divorcing. That brings me to that same old thing again, the you-and-I thing. So, now I have the opportunity to turn up the flattery or charm or whatever it takes to try to win you back. Is it possible? Maybe I need to throw myself at your feet in adoration and loyalty. I believe the report. As soon as they announced the idea on tv, I looked for verification, and found a couple of sources. One of them was especially convincing. It cited a number of sources and scenarios, which all painted the same basic picture of your relationship with Guy being terminally on the rocks. As you know, I have my own perspective on you. You've always needed me, but didn't want to believe it, let alone have anyone else believe it.

Don't take the thing about the year of the pig and the year of the rat too seriously. Without a little poking fun at you, this website could be a lot more boring. I far prefer you to a pig or a rat, really. I just remembered, that one of those articles said you're going to be living with your kids in New York, apart from Guy, for months. They said that one of your arguments with Guy was about the kids schooling being affected by your tours. They gave some interesting examples to support the idea that your relationship is in deep trouble. One of the ideas is that you two are trying to make a show of being on good terms for the sake of your careers. They also said that you've been deliberately eclipsing Guy's career, to hog the spotlight for your own career, like at the Cannes Film Festival. They also said that you two didn't go to a party, which Sean Penn was to attend, with the idea that Guy wouldn't be able to handle meeting him (Sean's your ex). Well, should I finally provide the link to the article, so you can read it yourself? Here:
Article on the possibility of divorce.
I hope the article is true, for selfish reasons. I've been hoping for you to divorce for at least several years. I sincerely want you to give me another chance.

The above blog entry was made on June 25, 2008.

I almost hate to say it, but maybe I should. You should know. I hate Four Minutes. There. I said it, finally.

The above blog entry was made on June 22, 2008.

Last night, I put some comments into a blog, at The blog's about you, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on May 31, 2008.

Observe my latest artistic creation, beneath the banner at the top of this page. I've long wanted to make my own custom animations, and now I am. What do you think? Now, maybe I'll have graphics here that even you'd envy, Madonna.

By the way, there are still at least two errors in the setup of your favicon, at Madonna Dot Com. They're ssooo easy to fix. What are you waiting for? Time is money, as the old saying goes. I know you can't have become disinterested in money. Money was always near the top of your list of priorities. You can't have changed your leopard spots that completely (Or is that "leotard" spots, in your case?).

The above blog entry was made on May 28, 2008.

I just did an overhaul of the embedded music setups at this website. I made major improvements, but I had to choose between optimizing for Internet Explorer or optimizing for the Quicktime plugin. I chose to optimize for use with Internet Explorer. That's because I wanted to make the ebedded music play the best with the software most people are using.

The above blog entry was made on May 27, 2008.

Well, Madonna, I just emailed you a second time, about your favicon not working, under Internet Explorer, at Madonna Dot Com. I just counted four critical errors, any one of which, in and of itself, would cause your favicon to not display in Internet Explorer. But FOUR ERRORS ?!!! Whew! Your favicon isn't working BIG TIME, Madonna. You'd better talk to me pronto, about it. Don't you want people's bookmarks of your website to stand out, by having that favicon displaying in their favorites menus, in their copies of Internet Explorer? This one detail could conceivably make a measurable difference in traffic, and hence business AND MONEY, at your website. Maybe I shouldn't explain your errors to you. Why should I care if your traffic and income aren't as high as they could be? I'll tell you this: Internet Explorer is very picky about the setup of favicons. You'll have to pay me, to receive my explanation of how to set up your favicon, Madonna. Hurry.

The above blog entry was made on May 20, 2008.

Maybe you don't get as many Sharon Tate documentaries in the London area as we do in the states. In any case, I've set up a full-length video in today's Jennifer blog entry, which I believe had aired on tv in the past. I can tell where the commercial breaks went, because that's where they put a smoking gun caption of the documentary's name on the screen, in many spots throughout, corresponding to the number of such station breaks. The name of the show is Last Days of an Icon. Ah!!! . . . "Icon!!!" Watch it, Madge.

The above blog entry was made on May 12, 2008.

Today is Friday, so that means it should be payday for me, too. Where's my check, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on April 25, 2008.

If you don't know how to find your own video at, read today's entry in my Jennifer blog for directions. Yes, I watched it. I'm not sure Perez would like that message to him, in that video. It reminds me of the idea of an unpleasant trade-off.

The above blog entry was made on April 20, 2008.

Last night on tv, I heard them mention a new Madonna video that they said is featured on I still haven't seen it, but I plan to, if it's still there. I saw you say, comparing yourself to a dog, that you "chase balls and like a good biscuit." I can vouch for the fact that you haven't been unleashed in my neighborhood to do that.

The above blog entry was made on April 17, 2008.

The U. S. Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, and is important, like other civil rights. Read my latest fax to many California politicians. It's the latest entry in my Politics blog.

The above blog entry was made on April 10, 2008.

My Jennifer blog is so interesting, lately. Don't miss it.

The above blog entry was made on April 8, 2008.

For your information, I've just added a new entry in my global warming blog. Be sure to read it. You can learn something from it.

The above blog entry was made on April 7, 2008.

I just saw a Sunsilk commercial, with your new song, 4 Minutes.

The above blog entry was made on April 5, 2008.

Madonna, if you don't contribute through my donation button, it'll seem like you're as evil and shadowy as you really are.

I heard on tv, recently, that you want to shoot a new version of the film Casablanca, but that you want it to be shot in Iraq, rather than Morocco. That doesn't make sense, because Casablanca is not in Iraq, it's in Morocco. If you want to shoot a film in Iraq, it would be better to do it about the genocide of the Curds, or the U. S. invasion of Iraq, or the building of the ziggurats, or something that has something historical to do with Iraq. You could do a docudrama about the contention between Iraq and Kuwait. However, I'd feel that you were ripping me off, if you were to use one of my suggestions, without paying me. So, you ought to use one of my suggestions, AND pay me for it.

I just noticed that your bejeweled brass knuckles say "M-dolla." I hope that means you're giving me a million dollars. I could really use it. Maybe it means that you're no penny-ante gangster, and you have a million dollar minimum, when you rob someone. That sounds more like you, in my experience. I know you got a lot more than a million dollars out of me.

The above blog entry was made on April 4, 2008.

Read what I have to say about the soon-to-be-released film, Leatherheads, in my Jennifer blog.

The above blog entry was made on April 2, 2008.

I recently saw a show about Things That Aren't Here Anymore. One of the places they covered was a pharmacy called Swabs. They had a counter that people sat at, like that of a diner. People were said to go there, to be discovered for show business. Remember that place? I do. It must have been early 1974 that I drove there, and went inside. I was impressed at how earlier-era the place looked. I met a young lady there, who was looking for a start in show business. Remember her? She asked me if I hung out on a street in Hollywood. I'm trying to remember which street she said, but I think it was Sunset that she mentioned. I told her I could and would try walking around over there. The idea was that I could find her there. Does that remind you of our meeting on Sunset? Got any idea who she was? No second guess. I can't remember her face from swabs, so far. That fact reminds me of the Doors song, I Can't See Your Face in My Mind.

The above blog entry was made on April 1, 2008.

You've been dropping hints about me on tv lately, Madonna. It makes me wonder what you've got planned. You can admit that your giving JT a shot in the butt was an allusion to me, if it was. I'm in suspense. What's next?

The above blog entry was made on March 30, 2008.

You can read about my hacker ordeal today. I wrote about it in today's Jennifer blog entry.

I saw the tv report about you on Friday. You said you didn't give JT that shot to look at it. You said you've seen plenty of butts already. That reminds me of something.

The above blog entry was made on March 29, 2008.

Sunday is one of my favorite George Olsen recordings. I noticed you're making your new songs available through Vodaphone. That name reminds me of Vitaphone and Vitagraph. Vitagraph made silent films, and the name changed to Vitaphone, when they started shooting talkies. I feel like I've started a Roaring 20's craze. That had to be why you've come up with a name that seems possibly related to Vitaphone. I see I'm still influencing what you do, Madonna. This is another example.

The above blog entry was made on March 27, 2008.

I guess you just had a soft candy day, since that's more like Easter, in my experience.

You think we'll meet in the next version of Earth, as dinosaurs? If so, I'd prefer to be a predator type, to your being a prey type. That's one way of being eaten. Take what you can get. I'd prefer to skip being a dinosaur again, really.

The above blog entry was made on March 24, 2008.

I keep wanting to tell you to read the current Jennifer blog entries. This is another one of those times. I just asked Jennifer the same thing, to wave her magic wand at my van, to fix the engine trouble. I'm still putting off taking a look at the ignition system. I've been busy with a broken lawn mower, a missing W-2 form, and various other things. Life is hectic for this poor person. You can use your magic wand to make me rich, too. I know you can do it.

I've had some interesting things to say in my Jennifer blog, lately. Speaking of such, have you seen many yard-long ones, over there in England? You would have, maybe, if you were much cheating on Guy. Now I've revealed the British secret. They'd be something like that in the U. S., if the U. S. weren't the kind of tyranny that shrink-a-dinks babies and men.

The above blog entry was made on March 22, 2008.

On tv, they said you've finally been spotted with Guy again. Their tonal inflection makes me suspect there's something not at face value going on there. Then, to top it off, they showed Guy riding a bicycle. That reminds me of a possible allusion to me, since I've had a bicycle in a conspicuous place, for a long time. That also reminds me of the fact that I was about to ask you to wave your magic wand at my van, again. I can't afford to fix it, and the "service engine soon" light has been on for hundreds of minds. It's not running as smoothly as it used to. I'm about to check the ignition system, so that may remedy my problem, if I'm not experiencing the misfortune of more serious mechanical problems with it. Your magic wand does a good job, so go at it.

The above blog entry was made on March 20, 2008.

As you can see, here's your album cover artwork. I enlarged it 150%, and sharpened it twice, which brought out some fine details, but caused your face to look a little blotchy, which reminds me of the hard candy theme, if you know what I mean. It's still on your face? I should tell the whole world here and now that you never even did that for me. What else didn't you do for me? People could probably guess a lot of that. We did do the deed once, decades ago though, as you already know. So, you've got on brass knuckles, to serve as a wedding ring, which should remind people of something that hasn't been nearly an alltime favorite among men. That custom outfit looks like it cost a fortune. It also looks like it was designed by the same person who designed the Rocky Balboa boxing champion belt.

If you were sentimental, maybe Say It Isn't So would remind you of my problem you gave me in the early 1980's. For that matter, even Makin' Whoopee reminds me of your doing guys, in front of me, in the 1970's. If no one ever disclosed it about you before, people can count my description of you as hard fact, that you've been promiscuous. If I were asked to make the best comparison I can of you to another female celeb, I'd tell them your personality is most like that of Jean Harlow, and I would definitely know about her too. Speaking of Jean Harlow, I was just visiting many internet sites about her last night, and this morning, on the 17th, while I was still in bed, an apparition of her face, only in the area of her eyes, came to mind. In that vision, she winked once at me. That had to be her ghost, letting me know she's aware of my recent attentions to her. Maybe that white mist apparition, I saw last night, right after I climbed into bed, was her also. I was thinking maybe it was Montgomery Clift, since I was reading about him haunting the Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood, and I was thinking about him. His room number, which he haunts there, is exactly the same as my telephone number prefix. A mere coincidence?

The above blog entry was made on March 18, 2008.

As you can hear, I just added another roaring 20's piece to this lineup. This is some of the ultimate Bonnie and Clyde era music. Get a load of the ooga sounding instrument nearing the end of Makin' Whoopee. That really captures the sound of those times. That was perfect. Not bad for 20's recordings. I wish I had all of George Olsen's music.

The above blog entry was made on March 17, 2008.

I took the soundtrack of the Hands of Tate video, and I applied some effects to it, and put it at the top of the playlist, at my Charlie's World web page. I think that'd pass for psychedelic rock.

You should see the photo of Sharon's ghost that I just put at my Charlie's World page. Also, read the description of that scenario I put in today's Jennifer blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 16, 2008.

Here's a message I just wrote to Conan O'Brien, at one of his profiles.
Well, Conan, I can only deduce that the new island theme photo is a hint to me, that I can count you in, on that Pacific island treasure hunt, which I've been talking to Madonna (the singer) about. I don't blame you for wanting in on a publicity stunt that bizarre. The treasure is quite real.

Do you think he's really a taker?

I just heard speculation on E! News Weekend that you and Guy may be scratching the 7-year itch, that is, thinking about breaking up. You're really interested in me, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on March 15, 2008.

I just put Say It Isn't So at the top of this playlist, after I just remastered it. What do you think? Read what I said about it in today's Jennifer blog entry.

The above blog entry was made on March 14, 2008.

Remember that treasure hunt idea I mentioned to you, on occasion, over the last three years? Well, I just created a web page about the project idea. One word here, while I'm thinking of it. I don't want you to try to arrange for someone to talk to me about it. This has to be strickly between the two of us, until further notice. Here's the link to visit this new web page:
Well, what do you think?

I just saw another report on tv, about your recent induction into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. They said that Justin Timberlake said he felt sick. To that, they said you told him to put down his pants, and that you then gave him a vitamin B-12 shot, to make him feel better. That seems a bit bizarre, but what does one expect from you. A doctor told me, years ago, when I was still a vegetarian, that B-12 is needed to prevent pernicious anaemia. It is also needed for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Is that what you think he was suffering from, pernicious anaemia? I have my own hunch about what it was, and I don't think it had anything to do with B-12 or any kind of anaemia.

The above blog entry was made on March 12, 2008.

I just found that the old, well-published, black-and-white nude photo shoot of you was in 1979. As you know, that was the year we both turned 21. Now, I'm wondering if that was before or after your birthday. If my memory serves me accurately on that one, you were living at your former Roxbury estate. I remember that place. It had large grounds, and a relatively modest structure for a house. At least, the portions of it that I remember seemed modest, unlike you. The driveway looked lost amongst the lawn, as the limosine drove up to your house, and stopped a good many footsteps away from it. I remember little of that house. The cat, which was in some of those shots, reminds me of the cat you had there, at that house. Was it the same cat? I wish I were sure. I've got a set of fifteen of those black-and-white shots, from that shoot. Is that all of them, or just some of the best ones? Maybe you don't even know, yourself, how many shots were done of you that time. Well, there are at least 15 of them. Nineteen seventy-nine wasn't a bad year for me. I worked at a computer manufacturer, as an "inventory control clerk." I made it with a few broads about then, late in that year or early in 1980. I didn't make it with enough broads, though. Somehow, my many times with you have tended to be isolated in my mind, as if unrelated events. Those various episodes together somehow didn't coalesce in my mind, to form a connected whole perspective of my times with you. How did it happen that way? Maybe you're glad of that? You can still pick me up in a limosine. You have no intention of that, do you? You're willing to keep me relegated to your past, as an historical entity, without current significance or meaning? Just an item on a dusty Madonna mansion shelf, you letting the dust collect on me, too. In your way of looking at it, I don't even rank as high in importance as that rat, you once posed with, do I? Maybe it's the pet of one of your children? I need a big library like yours. My bedroom is a mass of stuff piled up all over the place. It's hard to live like this. You don't know how lucky you are, to be able to acquire another room or house, as you see fit. Me, I've been stuck in a veritable hell of limitations. I don't mind admitting that I sometimes lust after you, more so than I ever did when we were more together, in earlier times. That means nothing to you either? Even if you were to believe that, you wouldn't let on? You'd never let yourself admit that I'd be within reason, in our relationship, or former relationship?

I just remembered something. The performance by Iggy Pop, at the awards last night, reminded me of the fact that Iggy Pop popped up to talk to me, during one of those early Hollywood periods of ours, Madonna. Did I ever tell you about him? I could swear I vaguely remember mentioning that to you back then. He's got eleven years on us, as you probably realize. He racked up a lot of credits over all those years, since I talked briefly with him, during which he expressed an interest in making some music with me. I didn't discourage the idea, but I didn't flip with excitement either. I had my own ideas going on at that time, and I wasn't sure what to think about him at that time. I just sort of filed him away in my mind, for the time being, and here we are, 25 or 30 years later. I don't recall what year that was. He didn't fade into the background, by any means. I wish I had stuck with it. It would have spared me a lot of grief and misery.

The above blog entry was made on March 11, 2008.

I was discussing your car collection here, a while back. Well, I've got some insight to shed on my own personal transportation issues. I just saw a 1978 Honda four-cylinder motorcycle, I'm interested in, but I don't have the cash, so it looks like just another one of those pipe dreams, even though the guy's only asking $650.00. It wouldn't be my first motorcycle, by any means. It has only 19,700 miles on it, after all those 30 years. That's not uncommon for a motorcycle. It's got a rear luggage compartment, which I'd need. I figured it'd be a way to get about 50 or 60 miles per gallon, to enable me to cruise into Hollywood more often. It looks like my only hope is to cash out my van, and put some of the money towards maybe an older Volkswagen diesel Rabbit. My budget has been so tight. To give an idea how much so, take a look at the classified ads I just compiled last night, when I was looking for an old diesel Rabbit. Click here for Steve's Classified Ad Picks. Maybe I'll keep posting comparable stuff on that page. It'd be a look at the way some poor folks shop. I've been there, myself, for years. You'd learn something about life, if you had to shop at a place like this, Madonna. Notice that most of these ads are not in my area, so they wouldn't do me much good, unless I'd be willing to travel that far to buy something. I think I mentioned here before, someplace, about my having wanted to open a automotive junk yard, but I didn't have the capital to do it. I was thinking of opening one in Arizona, or maybe even one in Louisiana. That was about eight years ago. I'd still be interested in establishing one or more business locations like that. I've been around junk yards so much, it's become part of my personal makeup, if you can picture that. I've really been a hands-on kind of person, all of my adult life.

I just realized that it's 4 1/4 hours after the start of your Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame induction. That is to say, it's 9:46pm PST, as I type this.

I was just realizing some coincidences between you and a waitress at a diner I've frequented. She has a real mark under her nose, where you have sometimes had a false one. She recently brought a baby home from Hong Kong, whom she recently adopted. That reminds me of the story that you were thinking about adopting a girl from Cambodia. To top all that off, she's the one that Ralph, who's claimed he knows you, has talked to me the most about, of the various waitresses there. So, I'm to conclude that Ralph has been your secret emissary to me? A spy and saboteur, more likely? I haven't run into him so much, in the last 6 to 12 months.

The most personally intriguing, to me, news about you, is that during one of your separations from Guy, he was reported dancing with some female, whom the source said didn't leave with him. Speaking of intriguing reports about you, I was just reading about how you came close to hooking up with JFK Jr., in 1988 (the year I graduated from Fullerton College), but you two never got it together, for want of a condom. He must have felt very disappointed. Well, he's out of his misery over that, since he died in that plane crash. That's about what it'd take, to drown out pain like that? For what it's worth, I enjoyed our own hook-up, in the 1970's. Maybe I told you that before? I would have been happy to do a lot more of that with you, but fortune didn't smile on me that much. That was just one aspect of my overall life tragedy, that of not enough hooking-up with you, or with other ladies, for that matter. I also just read that you've expressed interest in adopting another Malawi child, but that Guy wants no part of that. Do I detect a marital rift there? I also read that when things are a bit on the rocks between you two, which they sometimes are, all Guy has to do is to announce that you two ought to spend some time apart from each other, which accomodation you are glad to make. I admit some disappointment to read it, but I also read that your relationship to Guy is favoured by the stars, astrologically, that is. What, I'm saying that I'm still not over you? Well, I'm more over some other breakups I've experienced. I'll put it that way. I'm sure you're smart enought to fill in some of the blanks accurately.

It's no illusion. I've faded the background image, to give better legibility to the text on this page.

The above blog entry was made on March 10, 2008.

You won't believe today's Jennifer blog entry. I've found myself engaged to Joan Rivers.

The above blog entry was made on March 9, 2008.

Ok, brace yourself for this next thing. Don't worry though, it's nothing you'd worry about. I just said to brace yourself, in case your eye caught something that looked "interesting," before you read carefully what it is. What I'm talking about is that last night, the My13LA tv news read one of my email responses, on the air, to their question of the night. What's special about it this time, is that my reply was about you. Their question of the night was: Who is the last person you'd expect to see cry? Here's my reply, which they read on the air:
Madonna, the singer. She's been something like a tower of indestructibility. I know her; I know.

So, I finally got that truth about you reported on tv news. That's a start, anyway. How do you think most people interpreted my line, "I know her; I know." Do you think they interpreted that to mean that I know you personally? Those who assumed that got it right, of course. What should I report about you next, on tv? Any suggestions?

To be thorough going, in describing you, I ought to point out here that you've been the most sheltered person I've ever known. That is, any problems you've had mostly have seemed like minor occurrances, from your standpoint or viewpoint, that could easily be dismissed with a comment about what to do or think, or more likely, what to say. I know that would look like another jab at you, but I believe it. I'm talking from my first-hand experience with you. I remember the one thing in my relationship with you that felt like it bit into you. That was so early on. I won't say here what it was, but this thing is another I've wanted to talk to you about. I would gladly do that for you, nonstop. You shouldn't have concluded so hastily that I wouldn't be obliging towards you. I've always been willing, really. We were just having our little issues, then. Actually, that issue is one I more easily remember from my time in a prior, if you know what I mean. Can you imagine me as you? I wouldn't want to be you, really. I know what I know about that. You're silence towards me is driving me berzerk. What do you want from me? I think I already know. If I were really Maxwell Smart, I'd tell the chief to spring for airfare to case you. You wouldn't be able to ditch me. I'd catch you in person at home, or at work, and you'd feel obliged to talk to me again, while standing face-to-face in front of me. Do you have any regrets or last wishes, before I turn you over to Control Siegfried . . . uh . . . I mean Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on March 8, 2008.

I want to tell you that I've been getting an occasional invitation to New York to the Jellybean Benitez show, Ain't Nuttin' but a House Party. Remember that time we were in the room, and he was deeper in the room? The two of us were having that odd conversation about names for whoever. How did that conversation ever get started? Do you know? The "Jellybean" name was one that came up, and you pointed to him, and told me that's his. I remember, Madge. Maybe I should confess to you, in front of the whole world here, that the name "Jellybean" reminded me, then, of "teste." To me, it seemed like a vulgar allusion to that, and synonymous. I'll never get used to calling you "Madge," though. Maybe I ought to quit calling you "Madge," and resume calling you "Madonna." Maybe it's worth it to pronounce or type the couple of extra syllables. Speaking of the Jellybean again, you pointed out that "Jellybean" was his name, and pointed at him, so I turned around in that direction, and who I saw looked approximately, to the best of my sketchy recall, like he did in an old black-and-white photo of him. I wish I could remember who else of your/our old music clan was in that room with us, that time. If I ever make it across the Atlantic, and jump over your fence, and maybe pick your lock, and grab you by the throat, and start throttling you, then maybe I'd come to my senses and stop, and then we could have a nice talk, many nice talks, about our old times together. You must admit that you'd like that. How could you not like that? It's the foundation stuff of how you got to where you are today, so how could you not like to reminisce about that stuff? It's that you're afraid of your past with me. That's it. I know. The Jellybean show is at 10:00pm tomorrow in New York, but I doubt that you'd be interested in attending it. I'd be willing to attend it, if you'd spring for the transportation and admission and overnight accommodations and meals and so on. But, I don't think you're about to do that either, are you?

I've been wanting to mention that the current March calendar photo, of one of my current calendars, is a black-and-white view of the Tower of London and Big Ben and the Thames and a bridge over that river. I'm wondering how close you live to those places.

The above blog entry was made on March 7, 2008.

I was just about to go to bed, when I figured I'd better write a note here, first. I just put a very interesting additional note into my latest ghost photo shoot, in my Charlie's World web page. The update involves some ideas about the space-time continuum fabric wormhole ghost and related stuff.

The above blog entry was made on March 6, 2008.

All I have to say, this time, is that I just took the electric hedge clippers to the hedge. That took two hours of my afternoon. Tonight, I was sitting at my desk, and I was noticing how much my left arm hurt from that yard work. I had to take a couple of tablets of painkiller. My arm was hurting pretty bad. It took a while, but the pain quieted down. That is, until I reached up to touch my face or head a couple of times. That brought back the pain with a vengence, each time, until it had some time to fade away again. If you were a mortal, you'd be familiar with such mortal life things, but you'll just have to take my word for what it's like, for now, Madge.

Upon the rare occasion of my just having taken another look at the banner of this page, I've come up with a couple of exceptions to the part, in the preceding paragraph, about "all I have to say." Here are the exceptions:
1. Since "Madonna is low," to make a makeshift equation, then "Madonna-ness" is synonymous with "Lowness." So, this can be thought of as "Her Lowness blog."
2. Since you are monstrous (a monstress, that is) you are something like the Loch Ness monster, hence "Madonna-ness" can be altered to read "Madonna Ness (monstress)."
So, the above two items establish that not only are you not royal, you are the Madonna Ness monstress. They ought to set up hidden cameras around your place, to finally capture some good videos of the Madonna Ness monstress, for a tv documentary.

The above blog entry was made on March 5, 2008.

I just posted a dozen anti-Hillary videos into today's Jennifer blog entry. If you want to make an informed decision about the election, watch all of those.

The above blog entry was made on March 4, 2008.

Well, Madge, the last thing in the "world" I'd want to warn you about is a spacetime fabric wormhole, which might be poised with skelter at one of its mouths. There is such a thing in my latest ghost photo shoot, at my Charlie's World web page. I've finally figured it out. It's there.

The above blog entry was made on March 3, 2008.

You know the old tradition of not wanting to get on bad terms with the king? Well, use your imagination, if need be. That is to say, don't press your luck with me, Madge.

The above blog entry was made on March 1, 2008.

So, you've decided that the name of your new CD will be Hard Candy. That contradicts the earlier report that you were planning to call it Licorice. Of course, the name Hard Candy seems like a sexual allusion. It's symbolically ambiguous, really. I don't think you'd include a note with it to explain what it officially means, though. On tv, they said you like hard candy so much, presumably literally.

You have to admit that I seem to be influencing things in Hollywood, with my website. That XLII sign in my February 2 ghost shoot, which was less than 24-hours before Super Bowl game time, was apparently a clue to the content of my subsequent ghost shoot there, which was on February 24. This latest shoot had a Tyrannosaur brain theme in the last photo I posted there, which could remind one of that Super Bowl tv commercial. You know the one. It has the troupe of lizard dancers, dancing to the Jacko music. It also features Naomi Campbell. Here it is, in case they're not running it in the London area. It also has an extraterrestrial theme allusion, with that UFO-sounding high-pitched instrument portion. If you remember, I mentioned, in the XLII ghost shoot posting, that some figures looked like UFO's.
What do you think? If all your music sounded that good, maybe you'd deserve an award. I've never been a big listener of Jacko music, but this one is my favorite of his.

The above blog entry was made on February 28, 2008.

I just posted my latest ghost photo shoot to my Charlie's World web page. This shoot has 24 photos, and is quite bizarre and maybe even amazing. Maybe one would have to see the content to believe it. Don't miss it, Madge.

The Waldorf=Astoria is at 301 Park Avenue, in Manhattan. It's been there since 1931, when it vacated its previous location, because the Empire State Building took its place. The name used to have a hyphen, instead of the equals sign. Is the official way of getting a music award to have a cohort hand it to one now? I have to wonder why JT is so-called inducting you into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I was just wondering, also, if those giving you music awards are competing for who gets the worst punishment, for honoring you, my mortal enemy, who's wronged me so. Speaking of the Empire State Building, it's become New York's tallest building for the second time, upon the destruction of the World Trade Center.

The above blog entry was made on February 26, 2008.

I feel better, now that I've just put a different song at the top of the playlist. I dont like to leave a song at the top of the list more than about a month or two. It was also recorded in 1927, by the George Olsen band. I remastered it with a different version of Cubase, since the one I usually use was experiencing a software glitch of some kind. I used the process of elimination to narrow it down to the program itself. I'll figure it out later, when I have some time. Neither of these Cubase versions are up-to-date.

The thought just came to mind that you've probably been laughing at me, and all the trouble you caused me over the years.

I've got an acting event to attend tonight. It seems odd that the guy chose oscar night for it, not that I would have attended the oscars.

The above blog entry was made on February 24, 2008.

These blogs of mine sure are interesting, aren't they, Madge?

Well, if you just now used the go-to widget, above, to get here, maybe you've already noticed that I just reordered this blog, so that the more-recent entries come before the older entries. That way, a person can start reading the latest, at the top, and continue on, till he gets to the stuff he's read before. I think that this reverse chronological order should be better than the old way I had it. What do you think, Madge?

I now feel obligated to add a follow-up comment here, about the idea of Lourdes taking acting lessons. I would never want to cause interference with her aspirations, but I think there is an important consideration here. If you've read today's Jennifer blog entry, you know what a disservice acting lessons can be, if they are at the hands of industry contemptibles, like Mark the Shark. In seeking the best possible teacher or teachers of acting, one cannot simply rely on "pros" in the field to steer you to someone. One has to somehow draw upon one's best instincts or intuition, to figure out who is a worthy, honest, loyal competent trainer, and who is not. It's like one has to cut through the bullshit facade of the outward personality of the real creep, in order to not be duped by him. This is really a matter of being good at judging character. Unless one can sort the wheat from the chaff, one is very likely going to get burned severely, by mistakenly choosing the chaff, rather than the wheat, so to speak. I'd like to think that you'd be good at judging character, and that you'd only make a wise choice for your daughter's teacher. But, how can I feel so confident of that, considering how you stepped on me in the past, as if I were a poisonous garden spider. Which is to say, you must have had some amount of perception that I was not the most base living thing on earth, so why did you treat me with such contempt? You are a good judge of character, though, Madge? It's just that you would never trust a person more honest than yourself, for your own selfish reasons, and that makes me a good case in point? Can you believe it? I just had another vision, from a prior you-know-what, about this choosing of an acting teacher for Lourdes. I'd hate to tell you what just came to mind, but maybe you're capable of torturing it out of me? Well, maybe I can let you have one piece of this puzzle now. My vision had me in London with you and Lourdes, and it had something to do with training her in acting.

Presuming you already read my suggestions to you about the Rolls-Royce and Maybach idea, here is a follow-up about your personal transportation. I just found out that you do have, not only a Maybach 57, but also two Range Rovers and, indeed, a mini Cooper S. Being in that Cooper must seem like a real let-down, compared to being in one of your more luxurious cars. Now, here's something to ponder. I don't know of Jen the Hen having more than one Range Rover, and you have two of them. Am I to conclude, from that, that Jen is only half a horrible as you are towards me? Is such terrible personal nature, towards me, directly proportional to the number of Range Rovers the person has? I hope not. I'd like to believe that Jen is nicer than that to me. But maybe our relationship, of sorts, is on the mend? I'd have to see it to believe it?

The above blog entry was made on February 22, 2008.

Something just got me to thinking about the various best friends I've had over the years, at different times. From that, it came to me that you were my best friend during at least two different periods of my life, Madonna. You can't deny it, because you know it's true. But you believe that the best-friend status is just a passing thing, and it can have no current relevance to anything? If that status is no longer current, you know it's your fault, Madge. See, now you have another reason to call me and visit me.

The above blog entry was made on February 20, 2008.

Maybe I should mention here, that Steve Fossett was just declared dead in 2008. Well, what I have to say about that is that his death was really in 2007, not 2008. His wife applied for that declaration of death last year, but it didn't go through until a few days ago. If you've been reading my Jennifer blog, you'd have read that I said his plane wreckage can be found in mountainous wilderness, outside of Twin Falls, Idaho. I just had a vision on the Steve Fossett plane crash. You'd think that someone with his experience and background wouldn't do something as dumb as run out of gas, but I believe that's what caused him to crash. He was pushing his luck, banking, so to speak, on having enough gas to get all the way to Twin Falls. He lost his bet that time. How ironic. After all he did that was so much more difficult than flying to Idaho, he blew it on such a simple and preventable detail like that.

Speaking of dinosaurs, they just revealed, on that dinosaur documentary, about the size and shape of the brain of the Tyrannosaurus rex. They said its brain was about a foot long, and shaped and proportioned like a sausage. What I find amusing in that is the comparison to Freud's phallic symbol idea. That makes the Tyrannosaur's entire brain a phallic symbol. It was going for the gusto, and that's all? Go figure.

I just updated your description, under your photo, on my home page, here. I decided to delete the comparison of you to the Nazis, since I didn't want to insult the Nazis. I also updated the information about what year it is. It's now the year of the rat. I also put your alternate scientific name there, Rattus norvegicus, since you are also a rat, Madge. That's the name for the common rat, since you are clearly a commoner, not a royal type rat.

I want you to read my latest update, also, Madge. It's in the paragraph of my ghost photo descriptions, about XLII, and it involves the Satanic number 13. You know I'd never fake this stuff. Read up.

Speaking of dinosaurs, there is a dinosaur pun in the term, President's Day. Of course, it is still President's Day, here in the pacific time zone, as I write this. Compare the term to the word coincidence, "press, I dents," or "I press my dents," or "I press my teeth," as in "dinosaur bites." In those days, it was always "President's Day," in a manner of speaking. Not only that, the Tyrannosaur was like their president. The other dinosaurs couldn't mess with it, so to speak. Not only that, the Tyrannosaur couldn't mess with the other dinosaurs either, lest he pick up a Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones type of scandal? The other dinosaurs very much didn't want the Tyrannosaur to be loose. That's very true. That's another pun. And, speaking even more of President's Day, did you know that the President's Day, car sale, tv commercial has a dinosaur theme interpretation? If you've been watching tv in the Hollywood area, you must have seen it over the last week or two. It's the one about Millard Fillmore. Before I continue, I want to mention that he was the 13th president of the U. S. Remember that Satanic number 13, that I mentioned with regard to the ghost photos and the Super Bowl III? Now, if the "i" of "Millard" becomes an "a," then you have "Mallard Fillmore." You realize that a mallard is a kind of duck? You realize ducks are birds, and that birds were desended from dinosaurs? You realize that one of the dinosaur's reasons for preying upon other dinosaurs was to fill more? You must have figured this out by now. Now, imagine Mallard Fillmore chasing other dinosaurs about, and occasionally pressing his dents, or teeth, into another dinosaur. I think of just about everything. In case you really have been in London lately, here's Kia's Unheard of President's Day Sale tv commercial:
Supposedly, some top execs are no longer working for Kia, in the fallout from this commercial. I haven't yet read the story on that.

The above blog entry was made on February 18, 2008.

I think I ought to mention it to you too, Madge, that I've discovered more details in those newest ghost photos. I've added the explanations below the respective photos.

The above blog entry was made on February 17, 2008.

I've finally posted the latest ghost photos that I captured at the Cielo Drive property. Don't miss it. I posted the best of eight. That's a lot.

The above blog entry was made on February 16, 2008.

The Britney Spears thing reminds me of my own life predicament, in more ways than one. I was going to make some suggestions to Brit, when she wins control of her life back, but the judge temporarily continued the conservatorship over her.

The above blog entry was made on February 15, 2008.

Do you really own a mini Cooper, Madge? That doesn't strike me as your type of car. You could afford a Rolls-Royce. Maybe you should go for it, unless Daimler Chrysler's Maybach 57S is more your kind of car. You ought to read a comparison of the two I just read. Unless you're familiar with these two models already, I think you'd be glad you read this comparison of the two models, here. It's very interesting, especially the description of how to smoke the rear wheels in the Rolls-Royce Phantom. To do that, you open a panel and flip a switch, to turn off the traction control. Then you push a silver button, marked with an "L," to make the car start off in first gear rather than second. Stomp on the accelerator and Voila! The car should peel out fishtailing, with smoke billowing from behind. Normally it would be better to leave the traction control on, for better acceleration traction. Actually, I'd prefer for you to just give the corresponding $350,000.00 to me, of course. I'm sure I'd find things to use it for, like living expenses, for one thing.

Should I take advantage of the opportunity to make a jab here, related to your Filth and Wisdom short film directorial debut? I could say something like: "Concentrate on portraying filth; at least you understand it." Or maybe I'd say: "Avoid films about wisdom; it's easier to stay within one's own experience." The first reviews, I just heard about on tv, give you luke-warm ratings, at best, for this 58th Berlin Film Festival entry of yours. Maybe you'd have better luck next time.

I just had an idea, Madge. I just got back from a discount outlet with some necessary supplies. I ought to have you give me a credit card to charge the stuff to. Wouldn't that seem like the good old days, except the old days weren't good for me. Of course you'd know my personal address. Send it on over, Madge. I'm in hurray. What if I don't have it when I have to go back for more? I realize that you never gave me a credit card during our earlier times together, which I don't mind mentioning here. Why would I want people to conclude you were nicer to me than you really were? Of course, if it had a large enough credit line, I could charge the rental of a house in the general vecinity of Hollywood or Laurel Canyon or West Hollywood. You know how much I'd like that. I'd let you crash there anytime you'd want. Really. Hell, I'd even accept an offer by you to let me stay at your London mansion, but I can hardly expect that to happen in the foreseeable future.

Can you believe it? Last month, my website made me 30¢. What would I ever do with a "windfall" like that? Got any ideas? If you take me up on my suggestion, about buying a Rolls-Royce, you could help me feel like a rich bitch the rest of the way, by giving me rides in it. That'd help round out the whole picture.

The above blog entry was made on February 14, 2008.

I know you sometimes read messages I sent you at your website. You've got a few more there now. Two of them were about a problem I was having. The third was to tell you that the problem is fixed.

How does it feel to have seven grammy awards now? I bet you have a fancy-looking shelf for those at your mansion.

Lourdes has been getting more tv time than usual lately. I didn't even hear what was said the last time recently. You wouldn't be mean to her, like my mother was to me, about showbiz things, would you, Madge? I think you'll be letting her pursue acting lessons. It's a matter of how early, though.

The above blog entry was made on February 13, 2008.

Uh . . . I wonder . . . should I congratulate you for your latest grammy? Well . . . uh . . . I don't know why I should. Uh . . . what could it hurt? Well . . . ok. Congratulations, Madge.

The above blog entry was made on February 12, 2008.

Read about the Britney verse, I wrote to the Green Acres Theme. I wrote about that in today's Jennifer blog entry.

I've been wondering if you've reached your change of life yet, Madge. Actually, I don't care if you never reach it, if you ask me. You can stay fertile through very old age if you want, as far as I'm concerned. That would seem a bit strange, though. We're getting old, dear. I feel like my aunt, saying that last sentence. She used to say that to my mother, except she used the word "sis" rather than "dear." This discussion is worthy of The Vagina Monologues. Parts of this website could be considered the Madonna version of The Vagina Monologues, if you know what I mean.

I just noticed an ad near the bottom of my Jennifer blog. It was about a music person named Landon Pigg. I looked him up on the internet, and found his Myspace music profile, /landonpiggmusic. The particularly interesting song there is one called Coffee Shop. Not only is the sound good, that theme means something very personal to me; I've spent one heck of a lot of time at coffee shops, over many years. Interesting.

The above blog entry was made on February 5, 2008.

Have I told you this before? Sometimes I feel like I did, with you, over two decades ago. The feeling is like I could start producing new sounds, and you'd be there to collect them and the money. You ever still get that feeling about me, like you haven't really left our old times together? I was feeling that way a time or two recently. I think the idea of doing the Hey You remix may have helped triggered that feeling again. That would be something, wouldn't it, our working earnestly together on such serious music projects. Then, maybe I'd be silly enough to tell you "I love you" again, and you'd probably tell me "no you don't!" again, just like the old days. It's habit-forming?

The above blog entry was made on February 4, 2008.

Read today's Jen blog entry for an update on my unsuccessful Britney visit. I'm worried about Britney. I wish I could talk to you about it. You're completely heartless, so you won't talk to me about it? I also took more photos of ghosts at the Cielo property.

The above blog entry was made on February 3, 2008.

You can read the entry I just made in my Jennifer blog. It's a request for Jennifer to put in a word for me at the UCLA medical center, to vouch for me. I'm tentatively going to attempt to visit Britney, during her 72-hour lockup. I looks like they're planning to hold her beyond that 72 hours. I want to talk to Brit. I think it may do her some good to talk to me. It's worth a try. I have something else to do till 1:00 pm, but after that, unless I change my mind, I'm going to drive to UCLA, to try to visit Britney there. I ask the same favor from you, Madge. If you could put in a word for my legitimacy, that I'm not a kook, that could help. You don't want to take out our problems on Britney, do you?

The above blog entry was made on February 2, 2008.

You know, I like the Green Acres theme so much, I've been tempted to put it at the top of the other playlist too.

I came across an article the other day, about some of the content of your uncoming Licorice CD. From that, one can wonder if you've wrapped that whole thing, waiting for the manufacturing and release date, or if you're still playing around in the studio, trying to perfect the stuff. You'll never tell?

The above blog entry was made on January 30, 2008.

Read my Jennifer blog entry for today. It contains another email response of mine, that was read on the My13LA news. They've read a lot of my emails on the air over time. I'm honored, of course. My message this time was espeically good. Don't miss it. Give a thought as to whether I might have had you in mind with that answer. I meant it to apply, as a rule of thumb, about celebs in general, though. In my way of looking at it, you definitely wouldn't be an exception to my advice in that message, Madge.

The above blog entry was made on January 28, 2008.

Madonna dearest, check out the Green Acres stuff I just put in my Jennifer blog. If you used to watch that tv series like I faithfully did back then, you'll like the perspective I put the two lead characters in.

The above blog entry was made on January 21, 2008.

Here's a rhyme I just wrote about Hillary:
Hill and Bill are so ill, they seek to steal a pill, with which to cancel your fill of liberties with their health bill. That sends a chill. Their vote count should be nil. In seeking a frill, don't call it help for the ill. One's right to decline contracts should not be nil. Support of their bill is proof that one is ill (mentally).
That's what I think of Hill and Bill. You again chose the wrong candidate.

The above blog entry was made on January 20, 2008.

Yesterday's Jennifer blog entry has something about UFO's. I suppose you're busy working on your upcoming Licorice CD.

The above blog entry was made on January 19, 2008.

I know there are better places for us to meet, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 17, 2008.

The hosting service already replied to my technical support request, and the problem is fixed. Somehow the authentication box wasn't ticked. I don't know how that happened. I fixed it.

Have you noticed how full of scammers the internet is? There's a deluge of that out there. It's horrific. I wish I could get all the scammers off of the internet.

Like I just said in my Jennifer blog, I just concluded that a film production company is dishonest. They are unheard of, like the typical scammers. One look at their so-called agreement tipped me off. I hope they're run out of the business.

Ron Paul won the debate in South Carolina, on January 10, 2008, Madge. What do you think? By his own description, he's the most conservative politician. His politics are more like mine than any other politician. Since he did so well in South Carolina, it tempts me to make a bid for office there. Maybe I'd win. Ron is a tenth-term congressman. He actually remained a registered Republican as he attempted to win the Libertarian Party nomination in 1988. The fact that he was interested in the Libertarian Party reminds me of myself also, since I like the basic generic definition of "libertarian." It's the idea of how that Party might actually be, if it got into the White House, that can scare me. Maybe they'd be ok, though. I wish you'd watch Ron Paul speak in this debate. You can find the video near the top of my politics page, here. Do your part to educate yourself. Watch it.

The above blog entry was made on January 15, 2008.

I don't want to waste any time mentioning that apparently didn't blacklist my branded email, from I've been using a different mail server for outgoing email, so I hadn't noticed till now. When I just tried to send several emails using my website's server, they were all rejected. I just told the technical support people about it, at my hosting service. I'll probably hear from them very soon. I didn't want to misreport that would do such a thing. I'm relieved to see that it was just a technical glitch at one of my mail servers.

Have you ever felt like you constantly have so many things to do, that's it's impossible to do all of them? That's how it's feeling for me at this time.

The above blog entry was made on January 12, 2008.

As I just mentioned in today's Jennifer blog, Paul McCartney has a web page called Meyesight, at How's that for a coincidence, considering the eye ghost and the new movie, The Eye?

I've decided to remix Hey You. I don't believe that you'd have the audacity to sue me over it.

The above blog entry was made on January 11, 2008.

You can't say I never have anything new to say. This time, it relates to the latest ghost photos I captured at the Cielo Drive property. Read what I'm talking about in today's Jennifer blog entry. I commented about it in your music profile. You think it'll be approved?

I've got good news for you, Madge. I just checked this year's calendar, and according to it, it's still your year for the coming Chinese New Year. It'll be the year of the rat. Remember my calling you a rat bitch? I wasn't planning on calling you that anymore, but since it's the year of the rat coming up, I thought maybe you'd like to know it'll still be your year, in the coming Chinese New Year.

The above blog entry was made on January 10, 2008.

I have the audacity to ask you for miracles to help me? Sure, why not. That's what I need. Give me some miracles to help me do well and avoid trouble tomorrow, which is D-Day for me. This is important. Don't let me down, Madge. If I were to experience grievous troubles tomorrow, you'd have it on your conscience for life. That's assuming you even have a conscience. Maybe you do.

My miracle happened for me, it seems. My civil lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice. I'll have to talk to the former plaintiff, to ask them what happened. I'm so relieved. You should read my account of this, in today's Jennifer blog entry. I saw a lady in the parking area who resembled Diane Keaton. You think?

The above blog entry was made on January 7, 2008.

As you may know, doesn't display with the Opera web browser. Why? That's a form of discrimination, Madge. I can't try your site with Safari because I don't have a Mac. Someday, maybe.

I'm sitting here wondering if I should make myself write a few new songs today, before D-Day tomorrow.

I'm glad Britney was released long before the end of the 72 hours. Psychiatry is the modern version of the torture dungeon.

The above blog entry was made on January 6, 2008.

I mentioned doing some work for a group called LA Project. Well, I did a redo of one of their songs, called Voulez Vous. Although she wanted it to sound more like what's called club music, Lady Aneessa did put it in her myspace playlist, in her music profile. "LA" stands for "Lady Aneessa." I'm planning to do a new remix to meet her wishes of how she really wants it to sound.

What do you think of those new Cielo Drive ghost photos I captured? They're phenomenal. That stuff gave me the thought that Big Bear, in the local mountains, may have been named after Ursa Major. That's because "Ursa Major" means "great bear," or "big bear."

The above blog entry was made on January 5, 2008.

Here's a message I just sent to you through two other channels:
Dear Madge,

At midnight, E! cable tv station had a news flash about Britney being taken to the hospital. Just before that, they were saying how she wasn't cooperating with the court, about her child custody case. I'm worried that they perhaps took her to a mental lockup, for being unruly. I'd hate for that to happen to Britney. I'm worried about her. Maybe you can keep an eye on her. There's nothing I can do, that I know of.

the Steve
I just posted my new Cielo Drive ghost photos to my Charlie's World page. You don't want to miss them.

The above blog entry was made on January 4, 2008.

I just heard what sounded like your having brought in the New Year at some sand dunes in India. So, I wasn't the only one who saw a guy in a white turban minutes before midnight that night. Maybe you expected that guy in the white turban? Maybe he was a message to me? There were a lot a partyers along Sunset, as could be expected. Was there an haboob to blow sand in your eyes? It's been windy here. The winds blew down a couple of flags across the street from my place.

A tv report just said you adopted a little Cambodian girl. That's an interesting coincidence, considering a waitress, at a restaurant I frequent, just got home from Hong Kong, where she just picked up a little Chinese boy she just adopted. Maybe she's trying to do an Angelina or Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on January 2, 2008.

Although you're an antisocial political criminal, you should read my new blog entry in my politics blog. It's today's entry, Madge. It will give you some insight as to how much harm you're doing by ruining my life. The world needs me to call its attention to important things. In a way, people don't deserve my help anyway, since people never did me any good. So, I'm doing it for myself, this personal information campaign.

The above blog entry was made on December 30, 2007.

Apparently, the so-called government in Los Angeles is still helping you defraud me out of credits and money. The My13LA news has never posted any of my email responses that were about you, Madge. Some of their questions brought up things that involved you, as far as I'm concerned. I suspect that they have a so-called police adviser at their studio, who would probably be in cahoots with the other so-called policemen, who've been helping you defraud me for decades. This is another case in point. Tonight, their question of the night was: If you could write a New Year's resolution for someone else, who and what would it be? Here's my email response, which they did NOT read on the air:
I also write New Year's resolutions, Madonna. This one's for you. You resolve to give me, the original Steve Bray (Steve Malinowski) proper music credit and pay. You're decades overdue, Madge. If it weren't for my help and early music, you wouldn't have made it into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

[You must read this, since you've never read my Madonna ones on the air.]

Maybe they were just afraid of you suing them, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on December 29, 2007.

I just read an article about Joan Rivers, in which it was mentioned that she's been described as the Jewish Madonna. How was that figured? Did Joan steal from me too? I think Joan has more money than you, Madge.

Check out what Ron Paul has to say about the assassination of Bhutto.

The above blog entry was made on December 28, 2007.

I just posted this comment about you somewhere, Madge:
'Twas the night before Christmas, and no one was stirring, not even that rat, Madonna.
Get it? You think they'll approve it? I wish you were nice enough so that I could wish you a Merry Christmas. Some day . . .

I want to include here the email response I sent in to My13LA news last night, even though unfortunately they didn't read that one on the air. The question of the night was: If you could send one gift to one person, who would he be, and what would it be? Here's my reply, which this time they didn't read on the air:
That very person would be Madonna, the singer, and it would be a pit bull, specially trained to exact submission to my will, from her. It would be planted on her property, before she knew about it. She wouldn't be able to argue with it.

You can understand that, can't you, Madge? You have to start being nice to me, so I can resume wishing you happy days. I forgot about putting up the Christmas decorations here until the last minute this year. Better late than never.

It's eleven minutes past midnight, Christmas morning, your time in London, Madge. Like I said, I wish I could wish you a merry Christmas, but you leave me no choice.

Understandably, I paused to think about it, before I decided to let Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas play in the background of this page. The singer is Carmireli. She sounds phenomenal in this song.

The above blog entry was made on December 24, 2007.

I just remarked about Ron Paul (R) in today's Jen blog entry. Read that, and watch the interview of Ron Paul, that I put near the top of my politics page, today. I know they said on tv, recently, that you're supporting Hillary. For the sake of rounding out your political perspective though, you really should watch that interview, and compare it to how well his ideas match my own politics. Since he was described as a libertarian, I suspected he might have some good ideas. I was amazed at what he said. It's as if he were my alter ego, in that interview. Maybe there's hope in America after all?

The above blog entry was made on December 23, 2007.

I found myself passionately thinking about you in bed this morning, Madge. I was thinking about how much I wanted our troubles to be over. I was thinking about how I'd remove the last message about you here. You'd know the one. In consideration of that, you'd agree to meet with me again. You'd agree to dismantle the iron curtain you raised between us. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a bell ring in my head, like a metallic alarm clock ringer, or an old-style telephone ringer. I interpreted that as your answer to me, that you agree.

I was just contacted today by another aspiring music group, LA Project. They asked me if I do remixes. I told them about my current financial limitations. I told them I'd mention them to you. I didn't say I wouldn't work with them. I'd be glad to work with them. Any amount of money I can get going could contribute to my increasing the capabilities of my studio work, financially that is. I was hesitant to mention the groups, by name, who contact me about possible collaboration. I've decided that I can't worry too much about that. This time, like I said above, it was LA Project, which contacted me. That other group, months ago, was a two-person group calling themselves Underground and Sexy. They even asked me if I liked their name, or if I had a suggestion about it. I made some suggestions about their name, but I think they're determined to stick to their current group name.

The above blog entry was made on December 21, 2007.

You know that current holidays Mercedes Benz tv commercial, with the metal-working guy in it? That scenario reminds me of me, because I've got a lot of experience welding and grinding and drilling and forming metal in shop projects. I'm not your typical Hollywoodite. I'm different that way.

The above blog entry was made on December 14, 2007.

Here's a message I broadcast just now:

Dear Madonna,

By some mysterious coincidence, the following song lyrics seem to describe my life story, up till now. Do you see how you fit into it, in these words, Madge?

The Bitch Is Back - music by Elton John / lyrics by Bernie Taupin

I was justified when I was five
Raising cane, I spit in your eye
Times are changing, now the poor get fat
But the fevers gonna catch you when the bitch gets back

Eat meat on Friday that's alright
Even like steak on a Saturday night
I can bitch the best at your social dos
I get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue

I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch
Oh the bitch is back
Stone cold sober as a matter of fact
I can bitch, I can bitch
`Cause I'm better than you
It's the way that I move
The things that I do

I entertain by picking brains
Sell my soul by dropping names
I don't like those, my god, whats that
Oh its full of nasty habits when the bitch gets back
Do you think I motivated this one, too?

The above blog entry was made on December 13, 2007.

Did I mention about your comment, on tv recently, in which you said something like you'd give into him, whoever "him" would be. "Him" reminds me of me, Madge. Are you saying you've got something planned for me that isn't bad. I'd never be able to believe that without a phenomenally-good something for me.

The above blog entry was made on December 10, 2007.

You know the Amy Winehouse song, which was just nominated for a Grammy? Well, I believe I was the inspiration for it. A while before I first heard it, I suggested to one or more female celebs that they shouldn't go to rehab, if possible. I explained, more or less, how that system is just a political trick, and the system shouldn't be forcing that stuff on people. You know the song I mean. It's call Rehab. Another thing that leads me to conclude that I inspired the song is the fact that back then, I got add-to-friends-list requests for both Amy Winehouse profiles someplace. I added both of them. Maybe that was their way of hinting to me that they got the idea from me. You see, I never stopped influencing what gets Grammy consideration, Madge. You made a mistake by treating me badly. You'll never admit that, will you?

I just sat down and watched Men in Black II. I bought a copy of it months ago, but it was just sitting, collecting dust, till tonight. It was great. I didn't expect it to be so good. If you've seen it, you heard them talk about deneuralization, and the deneuralizer. In my own way, I deneuralized people who read my web pages here, by way of the interesting stuff I've had to say at times. If one takes the stuff seriously, two and two could start adding together in the mind, so to speak. I feel something like a MIB myself, except I don't deny the existence of ET's. I've got considerable experience with them, for real, Madge.

The above blog entry was made on December 9, 2007.

So, Madge, I just found out that you're anticipating the release of your next CD, called Licorice, sometime in April of 2008. They also said that you're suing the governing board of your New York apartment organization, which you're a part of, because they won't let you buy the unit next to yours, which you want to make your place bigger. I wish I didn't have any problems worse than that one. I'm still willing for you to give me one of your Los Angeles area houses, which you already know, of course. It would have to be a gift to me, so that I wouldn't owe income taxes on it, otherwise you'd have to give me the money to pay the tax, as a gift, so I wouldn't owe taxes on that. I really doubt that you'd be doing me any such favors, knowing how creepy and stingy you are. They just said that you're planning on leaving Warner Bros. records, because you've just signed with Live Nation. They said they're kicking you about $200 million dollars, but that you can't make the switch until you fulfill the minimum number of CD's you owe Warner Bros. They made it sound like you'll owe them still another one, after Licorice.

The above blog entry was made on December 8, 2007.

I have no reason to even wish for you to enjoy a good stage play, but if you want to, try Brighton Beach Memoirs. I just saw it tonight. It was great. It's about a Jewish family, in New York, in 1937.

I felt bad for you, when I saw you on tv recently. That's because you looked sad. It looks like I'll never stop feeling sympathy for you, Madge. Every time I say something bad to you, I see you on tv looking sad. That immediately triggers that reaction in me. All this is despite your never feeling sympathy for me. Why is this one way?

The above blog entry was made on December 7, 2007.

My latest frustration, concerning you, is that I didn't clearly hear today's story about you, which was on Daily 10. Their catch phrase was that you are sweating your husband over the kids. Then, during the actual story segment, your voice dropped during the on-camera interview, so I didn't hear exactly what you said. It had something to do with a backlog of children's stories. Now I'm wondering if you meant films or books. I could almost swear I heard something about movies, or something reminded me of that idea. Of course, no one is stopping you from emailing me about that. Better yet, call me at my new cell phone number, and I'd agree to let you reimburse me for my phone charge for it. Now you can't say you don't have my new number, because I know I gave it to Madonna Dot Com. You'd think they'd trust you with that. I'm sure they would.

So, you're trying out a new hairstyle. It looks okay, but if you ask me, I prefer your hair straighter. I've always preferred straight hair.

I know, just as it's always been, I'm the guy you love to hate. Say it ain't so, Madge. I swear, sort of, that the first good money I come into, I'm flying over to London to visit you. I consider you obliged to give me a tour of that property. Of course you want to? Make yourself want to. The way you are, I'm afraid you'd sell the property right after, as in implied insult to me. If you work at it enough, I think you could come to like me for real. You like me more than you're willing to let on, to me or anyone else.

According to a tv report, yesterday I think, you said something like "I'm going to give in to him," which reminds me of me. You're planning on being nice to me, somehow? Soon, I hope.

The above blog entry was made on December 4, 2007.

Earlier, I was again feeling sorry for you, and again I told myself that I can't let myself feel sorry for you. You don't deserve sympathy. You're rich, and I'm not. Why would I want to feel sorry for you? It was the same stuff coming to mind again.

I was just repairing some damage from another cyber attack. The internet is a dirty place, in terms of hackers.

The above blog entry was made on December 2, 2007.

I couldn't go to bed, without first mentioning the arrival of December. Just like I wish you for holidays, have a disastrously horrible last month of 2007, Madge.

Do you think all of those coon songs, of the late 1800's, had anything to do with Raccoon being chosen for coats, as told of in Doin' the Raccoon? It makes one glad to not be a Raccoon.

The above blog entry was made on December 1, 2007.

I just mentioned the idea of Madonna Dot Com giving Jennifer Aniston my new cell phone number, if she'd ask for it. I doubt that there's better than a 50/50 chance that she'd want it, though. But, Jen wants me to go to prison for life, for being interested in her? I wish that were obviously untrue.

By the way, I just was electronically corresponding with a music group, I mentioned a while back. I told them I wish I could hang you by your feet, until you'd agree to set me up with some money and material wealth and maybe even a studio. She thought it a good idea that I keep contacting you. I told her my blog is a daily exercise in contacting you, besides my contacting you through other channels. I also told her that I've got a 50/50 chance of actually getting that stuff out of you. The catch is that I'd have to actually get my hands on you, to make it happen.

As you'd probably already know, they recently ran a tv news story about the possibility of your daughter appearing in a Harry Potter film. I just thought of something. Didn't they say they were finished shooting the last Harry Potter movie? Did they change their mind, and decide to continue? I'll have to look it up on the internet, unless you want to tell me.

The above blog entry was made on November 28, 2007.

I've tried to contact you through several channels, about my cell phone not being able to call out, but it could still receive calls. Well, you can relax, as far as that goes. I've finally resolved my cell phone problem, at least for the time being. I hope the problem doesn't return. I was worried, a lot, Madge. My so-called acting teacher was being an absolute creep to me. That problem is life-and-death, still.

The above blog entry was made on November 26, 2007.

Isn't this turning out to be an interesting playlist, that I've got going in the background now, Madge? What do you think of this other George Olsen work, called Lullaby of the Leaves? It's high art. That's how music should be, except for the relatively primitive sound quality, which I've improved upon, by remastering the original. I haven't decided what song I'd add here next.

I admit that I still get the sorry-for-you feeling, at times, Madge. A moment ago was another such instance. Why do I care about you? Maybe it's your magic, that you're tricking me with, to make me feel that way?

The above blog entry was made on November 23, 2007.

Have a truly terrible Thanksgiving, Madge. Like I've said before, you don't merit my wishing you a happy day, even on holidays, so this is the kind of greeting you get from me on holidays.

What do you think of Doin' the Raccoon? Doesn't it sound hauntingly like old Hollywood? There was a recording of it that was part of the soundtrack of the 1928 movie, called Headin' South. I haven't seen that one.

The above blog entry was made on November 22, 2007.

Well, Madge, what do you think of this old raccoon song, I just put on, called Doin' the Raccoon? It was recorded in 1928, by George Olsen. Does it remind you at all of the other one I put on, called The Whistling Coon? That one is still playing in the background of my global-warming web page.

The above blog entry was made on November 20, 2007.

Have you been reading the Jennifer blog entries for yesterday and today? You definitely don't want to miss these. It's about the Titanic and a song called Moonlight Bay. If we were both on the same piece of flotsam during that Titanic sinking, right now, you'd probably want me to fall into the water and die, wouldn't you, Madge?

The above blog entry was made on November 14, 2007.

Have a sheer horror of a Veterans' Day, Madonna. Remember, I said I wasn't going to wish you a happy birthday anymore, since you never wished me a happy anything, and the same concept applies to other special days.

I think the Tarot reading about you loving anyone is a lie. You're incapable of loving anyone. You're utterly egocentric and heartless. Did you pay them to lie about it, Madge?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for you? Huh! The rock appropriate in your case is they should send you to Alcatraz, the Rock, to be punished for your willful incorrigibility.

The above blog entry was made on November 11, 2007.

If you think the above tarot reading is interesting, try out this next one, for today:
Madonna's tarot reading for Nov. 9, 2007
What this means is that you're faced with a personal emergency to reconcile with me, or you're doomed, Madonna. A day is so fleeting. Hurry, Madge. You see, I am aligned with the Heavens and fate, in interesting ways, and in relation to you still.

The above blog entry was made on November 9, 2007.

I've got your tarot reading for you for today, Madonna. Hurry and read it. Well, it's already the 9th in London, as I write this, but read this anyway. It seems that it bespeaks of our old, or current, relationship. You loved me? Do you think I can believe that? But is that one of the messages in this reading? Examine this for yourself.
Madonna's tarot reading for Nov. 8, 2007
What do you think? This reading seems to indicate that we may be able to reconcile our long-standing difficulties now. You think? It also seems to reflect my playful writings, in this blog, about how I might interact with you at your place. Interesting.

The above blog entry was made on November 8, 2007.

The next time you're in Africa, maybe you should give a thought to all those Hoodia gordonii plants, growing in the south of Africa. Those plants are a natural appetite suppressant, which has been used by the natives for centuries. I know you don't need an appetite suppressant for yourself, but it's still worth a thought or two. My new diet has gotten off to a successful start. My next phase should include some hoodia in some form. I found a place where I can get it in the form of fruity bars, with 500mg in each, for 50 cents each. I almost hate to give you any good financial advice, since you've been a financial horror story towards me. I was just thinking, though, that maybe you'd be interested in farming hoodia plants. You can probably buy a sizable tract of land for cheap, in a suitable region of Africa, and start this new agricultural product going. I think the best prospects for this crop would be in the semi-arid areas of southern Africa, or any other semi-arid region. It would be better to farm the stuff on pre-existing farmland, rather than to clear virgin wilderness. Hollywood is in a semi-arid region. That gives you an idea of the climate. A semi-arid region gets from 10 to 20 inches of rainfall per year. I should tell you, in advance, that Hoodia gordonii takes five years to mature, at which point in time it has flowers. It's a succulent plant. It's the stems that the natives chew. Five years is such a long time to wait for a crop, so the sooner the stuff is planted, the sooner it would be ready for harvest. It would be a shame if no one farmed this stuff, since that would lead in the direction of reduced supply, higher prices, and maybe extinction. This is your chance to contribute to man's fight against obesity, Madge. You don't want everyone to be fat, do you?

Here's more on hoodia. I just ate my first hoodia bar. It's called "Froodia," and it's by Trimspa. Well, I'll see if it does the job of staving off hunger. That is something I've very much needed. I've given an occasional thought to appetite suppressants, but it took time to feel convinced that it's what I, personally, need. I'm finally trying the idea. If affordable and effective appetite suppressants are available, I think they could be my answer to some of the problems I've been having with dieting for weight loss. Hoodia isn't the cheapest weight-loss product, but it could be what I really need to get it all working for me. I have a hunch that this kind of product might be effective for avoiding hunger headaches. I sure hope so. Maybe I'm the first to even think of that side benefit. You heard it from me first. By the way, there is already agriculture of hoodia in southern Africa. There's an organization called South African Hoodia Growers Association. I just found that out by reading the label of my Froodia bar. I really believe that the Froodia bar is working already. It has only 100 calories, and eating just about any other food with comparable calories would leave me with a hungry feeling. It's been just minutes, and I'm already satified that hoodia works.

The above blog entry was made on November 7, 2007.

They just had a report, on Daily 10, about Angelina Jolie doing a nude scene, as a lizard. I'm having trouble picturing that. I think I should watch that movie. That's kind of interesting, after my telling you about that lizard in Death Valley, and the lizard near the Hollywood Reservoir. You think? Did I inspire that lizard movie? I believe I probably did. All I have to do is mention something, and it becomes somehow incorporated into something Hollywood.

I was just thinking about that "Mad" moniker of yours. That describes you. You're mad as in crazy.

I've got the trailer of a movie I'm an extra in, Semi-Pro, in my Jennifer blog entry of yesterday. It could surprise you. Don't miss it, Madge.

The above blog entry was made on November 6, 2007.

Have your roosters woke you up yet, Madge? Yes? Then that's what you get for hanging around with bad characters like Jen the Hen and her cohorts. Jail inmates are woke up early every morning too, at least in the county jail here. Speaking of jail, I hope Sheriff Carona, here, is executed after he's convicted. I think he's also been in cahoots with those trying to railroad me.

What happens when you turn the big five-o next time, Madge? They won't be able to say you're in your forties then. You'll seem more like you're in the old folks category then. That'll serve you right, too. Nothing is too bad for you.

The above blog entry was made on November 5, 2007.

They were just debating again, on tv, about your being on the "five unsexiest celebs" list. I didn't hear all of that, but one guy defended you, in effect, by saying that even an overweight person can be sexy. If I'm the better part of you, then he might have been hinting at me? I concede that I'm sexy, Madge. Speaking of weight, I just forcefed myself an egg and sausage breakfast, that I didn't ask for, and could barely stand to eat. Now I feel like a stuffed pig for nothing. It's enough to make me want to throw it up, to get rid of it. I've been working so hard at keeping my weight down. I don't need to eat when I don't feel like it.

Now, I suppose I'll be forever haunted by the urge to spontaneously wrestle you to the ground or floor, to teach you a lesson. Every time I think of you now, I'll have that real urge happening in my mind. Now you really don't want me over to visit you? Of course, any time I'd have you on the ground or floor with me, my urge would probably shift to a sexual natured one. So, that's how it should always be between us now. We'll never advance beyond this type of relationship. Maybe you planned it that way? You wanted to be forever playing with me on the floor or ground, at every opportunity? What if the urge comes over me in public? I think I'd have to ignore it, until a better moment. It might then be all the stronger, when the moment is right. Maybe I ought to study strangulation, in advance, so I'd be ready, in case I'd decide, in the heat of the moment, to go through with the idea. I could carry a compact garrote with me, but I think it would be more gratifying to strangle you with my bare hands. It would be harder work, but more pleasurable for me. By the way, the garrote Ted Bundy used was comprised of a lady's nylon stocking and a stick. I learned that in Ann Rule's true crime book about him, called The Stranger Beside Me. That title came from the fact that she worked with him, at an emergency hotline phone service, which people called into, in their desperate moments of need. That is, she knew him, but not really. He turned out to be a killer. He's dead now. He was executed in Old Sparky, in Florida, before Old Sparky was retired from service. According to one internet source, the electric chair is almost obsolete in the U. S. now. Most states now disallow it. I believe that the electric chair was an unpleasant way to go.

Remember what I said about my having maybe been a former owner of your London area estate? I had a vision come to mind about being there as the owner, and making love to my wife there on that very lawn. The son begotten by that particular round was my favorite son, the eldest one, I might add. He seemed to be possessed of superior qualities, compared to my other son of then. So, if there is such a person, who knows the full history of all the owners of that property, who would he recognize my story as corresponding to? Are you going to run out now, and hire the services of such an historian, to tell you all about that family, my previous family? Let me know, Madge. I want to know all about it. What was the family name, and all the individual names of all the family members. Then, I believe you owe me visiting rights, based on the idea that I don't wish to fully relinquish my claim to your estate there. I know this is a true story, Madge. So, off you go, to enquire, merrily along on your way. Hurry. But, you possess all the knowledge through your mysterious ghostly ability? Well, then start telling me all about it.

The above blog entry was made on November 4, 2007.

I was just sitting here, at my computer, and I was staring at you in that photo at home, with those chickens. My mind was wandering, about that place. I was thinking that I must have been one of the previous owners of your place. So now what? Some guy will come and interrogate me, saying he knows the full history of that house, and everyone who ever lived there, and they were all scoundrels? Then he'd demand to know which one I was, with the idea of meating out punishment right then and there? He would tell me the name and circumstances of each one, in turn, to jog my memory, wanting to get to the bottom of this? Your living there wouldn't be a contradiction to the idea of all of them having been scoundrels. You're not an exception to that idea, that is. Know what else spontaneously came to mind after a while? I was imagining my standing next to you there, on that lawn, and being overcome with the irresistible urge to grab you, and bring you down on the ground with me, for some unrestrained merrymaking, of the sexual kind. I proceeded to fantasize about it. I really felt like I was experiencing a frustration meltdown, not being there in the flesh to really do that with you. You're driving me mad, Madge. So, one day we'll be on that lawn, and really fulfill that idea? But, what would Guy think? I still don't believe you're married, Madge. You lie about everything, almost, including that. If this merry romp on the lawn between us happens, I'll be able to tell you, "I told you so." Hurry up. I feel like I'm dying of frustration.

Earlier, right after I wrote the above paragraphs, I was having some more fantasies about you and I. I was picturing myself alone in your house with you, perhaps in the room with the fireplace, and I had my arms around you. It was a mock struggle, and I was telling you that I finally got my hands on you, and I wasn't going to let go. You were my captive, and I had to do something to protect my interests, while I had my hands on you, like strangle you, maybe. I left that fantasy at that. Then, I had another similar one, with you and I alone in maybe a more centrally located hall in your house, and it was basically the same thing. I had you in my arms, in a mock struggle, as if I had a need to act out those struggles with you, to give me some psychological relief. That time, Guy walked up while we were going at it. He just stood there calmly observing. Maybe he was used to our ritual by then. You've got other things you'd rather do?

The above blog entry was made on November 2, 2007.

I was just listening to one of your songs, about melting your heart. Even if a real blowtorch were used, it couldn't melt your heart. You don't have a heart to melt. Even if you did have a heart, hearts don't melt. Figuratively, you wouldn't be able to fulfill the idea either, because you don't have a heart figuratively either. You're just an apparition of butt, tit and so on, devoid of any kindly tought towards me. If I died and were buried, you'd probably be interested in hiring people to desecrate my grave. That just gave me an idea. If you die ahead of me, maybe I could use that idea of training a dog to pee on a specific grave, to desecrate your grave. You think? You don't officially approve of that? You'd only want me to pursue that, to allow me to get myself into trouble over it.

So, here I am, thinking about the sympathy-for-you thing again. No matter how much I think I hate you, I alway feel bad for you, like I can't bear the thought of you suffering, Madge. How can that be? Got any ideas about that one? Even if you believe it, you'd never admit it, would you? I was just wondering how many houses you've got in the Hollywood area. You'll never tell, will you? I was also thinking that the housekeeper, who lives at the middle-class house in the Hollywood Hills, wouldn't be motivated to admit anything to me. That's because I think she'd realize that she'd be at risk of being evicted from that cozy home, if we were to reconcile some of our differences. How is that? It's that you then might be tempted to let me relocate to that place. That's still believable, really. So far you haven't been breaking my door down, trying to get me into the place. You've got framed pictures of dancers on the wall of that place. That's so like you, isn't it? You identify so much with the dancer thing, don't you?

I just had another idea. If you're so worried about my feeling sympathy for you, why don't you try being nice to me. Isn't that the most logical approach to it? You're a woman; you don't use logic? That's so believable, too. You only use chicken cluck brain wiggles, something like Jen the Hen. How can I possibly think there's any way to get through to you, on the level of logical reasoning? It looks like there's no way, then. You're as chicken-brained as Jennifer, about life in general. Speaking of Jen the Hen, and chickens, I was just watching part of a Seinfeld episode, and one of the guys was walking a rooster on a lease in one scene. Roosters are male, so that excludes you and Jen. It had to be someone else. Why don't I feel 100% convinced of that, really? Okay, which one of you was that? I want to know. You're both miserable apparitions, who are capable of that sort of thing, and I'm now convinced one of you was that one. You see, that recent Jennifer page makeover does have relevance to her. Huh, this discussion just reminded me of the photo of you at your London area place, feeding the chickens. They were invited guests. I realize that. Birds of a feather, and that sort of thing, you can't help but feel a kindship with the local chickens there. Should I put a copy of that photo here? Here it comes . . .
You know what I think that scene, in that photo, means? It means you're "feeding," that is "bribing," Jen the Hen to not be nice to me. That's low-down, Madge. You must reform your own thinking. You're the lowest form of life.

The above blog entry was made on November 1, 2007.

So, now what? I should just keep spewing bitterness towards you here? Well, that's a possibility, maybe. It seems there should be something better to put here, though. Uh . . . let's see . . . um . . . I'll think of something. If I limit it to nice things about you, I'm instantly faced with the null set. That's a no-brainer. I really want to think nice things about you, but I no longer feel able to, Madge. Maybe you've got an idea that would help resolve this? Let's have it. I want to know what it is.

Uh, I'd never wish you a happy Halloween, but I'm about to wish Jen the Hen a happy one, in my Jen blog. May your Halloween be duly horrific, Madge. Maybe that'd teach you a lesson?

Last night I was thinking about you, and I had another feeling of sympathy for you pass over me. Maybe I should conclude that it was a creation by your witchcraft, to get me to feel sorry for you. That tends to seem so believable. Poor Madonna? How can I really believe that?

The above blog entry was made on October 31, 2007.

Check out today's Jen blog entry, Madge. If the legalization of nudity in public happens, the world might never figure out that you haven't supported it. You're a violent overglorified whore.

You're going to burn at the stake, for being an evil witch towards me, Madge.

Well, Madge, you finally earned your way onto a list. It was just announced on tv that you are on the list of the five unsexiest celebs, for your bellyaching. You worked so hard towards that one.

The above blog entry was made on October 29, 2007.

I've been staring at the above photo of you in that pink outfit, in that mirrored room. You appear to be wearing footless pantyhose, that extend only down to your knees. Besides, your lower legs and feet look unnaturally white. That makes me wonder in you were wearing short white stockings also. That's a strange look.

The above blog entry was made on October 23, 2007.

Upon hearing about Maryland allowing mooning, I decided to put mooning photos in my Jennifer blog. So, here's one of you, Madge:
Madge at the window
What do you think? I plan to load my website with butt shots, especially of celebs. You can send me special ones for the purpose if you want. One of the things I like about this photo is that it has that heat radiator, which resembles the one in the background photo of my music page. I still have my radiator heater. Huh, speaking of background photos, the one of this page has your panties on the floor. So, this butt shot of you is like a partial fulfillment of that early photo of you. Combined with the photo of you on my special page, this is like a payoff for those loyal visitors who stuck with me.

Here's one of those photos of you in that room with the mirrored wall, that resembles one of the classrooms I've taken acting lessons in:
Madonna in my class?
I couldn't resist putting it here.

The above blog entry was made on October 22, 2007.

Please forgive the lie, Madge. I really do hate you, rather than love you. You're impossible to love. You're evil. You probably bribed my classes to make me miss the good stuff. I'll never forgive you for that. You're the lowest form of life on earth. You've probably also bribed the so-called court to act as my adversary, and I have to go back in January, where they intend to murder me with the most utter bullshit.

The above blog entry was made on October 21, 2007.

I just put some good ideas in today's Jen the Hen blog entry. I just had the idea to put yet another such good idea here also. I goes like this: Why don't you pay me the 5500 and some dollars, so I can get the creditor and related lawsuit off of my back? I need to be paid directly, otherwise I doubt that I'd get credit for paying them, if I don't write them a check out of my own account. They're crooks, so I have to deal with them accordingly. If you don't help me, you'll look like the murderess you really have been towards me.

The above blog entry was made on October 20, 2007.

So, both you and Jen the Hen are symbols of Judaism, and are both zeroing in on me for the kill? It's no wonder the court didn't dismiss the case? This is starting to remind me of the situation in Germany, in the 1930's. Ouch. You both would take this statement, as evidence against me, to the Fullerton Jew's court?

The above blog entry was made on October 19, 2007.

How do you like the new widget, to jump straight to the most recent day's entry? I hope you don't miss anything by using it.

How do you like I'll Never Say Never to Always, by the M. crowd? I think is sounds great. How can anyone follow a sound like theirs?

The above blog entry was made on October 18, 2007.

I did a three-peat. Can you believe it? Read about it in today's Jennifer blog entry.

I just heard on tv that you're going to be getting into people's ears for about another ten years, with your new music contract, and that you owe them at least one more studio album, before calling it quits. Do you think I'll ever attend one of your concerts? Stranger things have happened? You must be pretty well along on your next album by now. How's it going? Is it going to sound any good? I'm not sure I care if I seem insulting, anymore, after all I've been through.

I was just doing some diagram artwork, illustrating slide guitar chords. I did a good job.

The above blog entry was made on October 11, 2007.

I feel like I've become part of the My13LA news show, with the number of emails of mine they've been reading. This isn't the first time they've read my email responses on the air on two consecutive nights. You should read today's Jennifer blog entry. I wrote more about how I influenced their show tonight.

The above blog entry was made on October 10, 2007.

That special page, here, has just undergone a technical overhaul. It took me two days to accomplish. It needed it, because one of the hosting services switched software. I'm glad I've gotten that taken care of.

I was going to try my hand at some slide guitar music, but I was busy with the above technical stuff.

The above blog entry was made on October 8, 2007.

Since I've got the Bonnie and Clyde story on this page, I ought to mention here that I've thought of another interesting historical coincidence. As I've said before, Bonnie Parker used to be a waitress at a defunct diner called Hargraves, which building is now occupied by Evans Grinding Co.. Notice, in particular, the name, "Evans." What's interesting here, in comparing this to the coincidences between me and Bonnie and Clyde, is that I used to work with two different people named "Evans." The first one was an automobile painter I was trained under in 1975. His name was "Dale Evans," which of course was also the name of the famous lady with that name. Another coincidence here is that the auto body paint shop was called Western Collision, as if to speak of the "Dale Evans" name coincidence. The old west theme was loaded with the gun theme, which is no contrast to the Bonnie and Clyde story, except that Bonnie and Clyde had more firepower than an old west outlaw, clearly. The other "Evans" was a front counter manager, at a bowling alley I worked at, in both 1982 and about 1994. His name was "Ted Evans," and he's since passed away. I think they still have his photo hanging on their wall at that bowling alley, Linbrook Bowl. Even the name "Hargraves" seems to speak of the reputed bloody trail that Bonnie and Clyde and the Barrow gang left in their wake; "har" as in laughing, and "graves" is self-explanatory. All mere coincidences? I can hardly think so, all considered.

Lucky me. I just was thinking I ought to be able to find a makeshift guitar slide, or material to make one, in the garage. Well, I found a precut piece of copper pipe, just the right diameter to fit over my little finger, and just the right length. It is practically ideal in shape and material, at least for a temporary one. Harder material, like glass or stainless steel, is better, but copper will suffice. Free is my kind of price. It's perfect. My making of some slide guitar music now depends only on my ability to play a guitar with a slide, which I've not yet tried. It remains to be seen, or heard, how well I'll be able to play guitar with a slide. As you may have guessed, I plan, or hope, to record a track that has at least some of the basic slide sound found in that music of that Kaiser Permanente commercial, which is going in this timeframe. You must have seen that particular commercial, and heard that music in it. That sounds so much like the rural farm theme sound to me. That would match the new farm theme of the Jennifer page.

The above blog entry was made on October 6, 2007.

I put this message in my Jennifer blog, too. I posted this message at a lot of places:
Help! Lawyers are trying to kill me! I think they want to steal music from me.

I know you don't care. You're probably glad. If you don't help me, that will prove that you're evil and guilty.

Check out what's new in my Giuliana blog.

The above blog entry was made on October 4, 2007.

Do you check this blog every day, Madge? I need you to do that for me. You would do that for me. I know I can count on you. Don't disappoint me, dear. Maybe I shouldn't address you, "dear?" That does remind me of a kind of expression for married people, somehow. Why does that word strike me that way? Is it really unofficially reserved for that? In practice, the usage is pretty much that way? I don't care. Maybe I'll break with that tradition. You'll always seem that way to me, anyway.

The above blog entry was made on October 3, 2007.

I've realized something about that . . . . um . . . good photo of you, Madge. I recognize it from something. I was with you then too, as you'd know. Which go-round do I remember it from? Do you know? After that horseback riding accident, I keep wondering how much you really remember. I remember some of our conversation of then. Do you? I wish it made sense to say it all here. For one thing, your teeth are showing, with your mouth slightly agape. There was one discussion related to that. Remember? I do. There was another discussion about an horizontal elevation line at your crotch. Remember that? I do. What else did we discuss there? I'm trying to remember. Think of anything else? I don't, at the moment. Let's talk in person. This open electronic stuff is good for a scandal, but I still can't figure out what you'd want a scandal of this nature for, not that I'd necessarily feel like discontinuing this website. An inkling of another line of discussion is coming to mind also. You couldn't possibly guess what that was about? You probably can guess it. If I'm telling you you'd probably be able to guess it, that would make it even more likely you'd guess right. The more I go over our past, while browsing through your old photos, the more it comes back to me. I don't remember where that room was, in that photo. Do you? I might remember later. I'm drawing a blank right now about it. It was your idea to go there. It was a place you were familiar with, not me. I'm remembering another detail about how we got there. Huh. That was kind of strange, for me, anyway. It wasn't strange for you, to be sure. Interesting. Did you think I'd remember that too? Maybe I'm remembering it from a prior you-know-what? I do remember it though, most definitely. Come on, Madonna. We've got a lot to talk about, and you're making it difficult by being offish. How long do we have to carry on like this, before you stop your charades? A thousand years? A million years? Maybe you think you've got that long, but I don't want that kind of wait. I just gave a makeover to that special page here. It's the page where that good photo of you is at.

How do you like the Jen the Hen page makeover, so far?

The above blog entry was made on October 2, 2007.

In case you haven't noticed, I just gave the Jen the Hen page a farm-themed makeover. Next, I go buy a guitar slide, to record some country music, similar to the stuff in one of the tv commercials I was listening to today. I ought to be able to record something that sounds matched to the new farm theme. Something real rustic-sounding like that commercial music would be perfect.

The above blog entry was made on September 30, 2007.

I've got a new global warming blog here. Now you can't say you never heard of my ideas. If you're really interested in the global warming issue, you have no excuse to ignore my global warming blog, because you'd have to concede that I'm right, Madge. Click the following widget to go there:
Visit my global warming page.
If you're really interested in educating the people about global warming, you need to get your facts straight yourself, so as to avoid giving the world misinformation. Truth is important, not lies. Remember that. I know it's a foreign concept to you, dear. I want to help you be better than you are, and to make the world better that it is or has been, so pay attention to me.

The above blog entry was made on September 29, 2007.

What do I have to say now? Well, I'm glad the weather has been relatively cool for the last many weeks. I hope it stays that way. I hate heat waves, as my father used to call them.

I just remembered that new CD you announced months ago, to be released in November. Of course, I'd want a copy. I don't expect the sound, in general, to be what I'd like. I'm curious, though.

I forgot to mention that Tuesday was the second anniversary of this blog. Two years. Can you believe it? Do you want to believe it?

The above blog entry was made on September 28, 2007.

I don't want you to give up your film career on account of anything I've said about you, Madge. I've got a mind-blowing idea. This is hot. If you'd pay for the class, I'd like to take an acting class with you. It can be one of those high-profile classes that mostly successful actors would be in. I know money is no object with you, as far as tuition for it goes. It couldn't be expensive enough to make you hesitate about the cost. Come on, dear. It's our chance to try acting scenes together. We've already done music things together. You can tell the teacher that you want to be paired with me, specifically. If you don't think you're polished enough as a actress, this can be your extra effort towards acting skill enhancement. I know you like me, maybe even love me, even if you won't admit it.

The above blog entry was made on September 24, 2007.

I've got updated information with that Barbara Feldon photo now. Also, I want to tell you, Madge, that I had a vision of you in that setting and pose, before I came across the latest dearest photo ever of you. Did you make that vision happen for me? I replaced these latest photos with ones saved in the much more compressed Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format. I did that to spare those without broadband internet service from lengthy page load waits.

I feel like our relationship, of sorts, is partially healed, Madge.

Want to read my recent tirade against Sen. Hillary? Click here =>NO MANDATES, HILLARY!

Maybe I'll keep that good photo of you near the top of my adult page. That should be one of the first things seen when visiting that page. Now what?

You know that chihuahua photo you had on your own home page months ago? It reminds me of the two chihuahuas across the street from me. I'm wondering if the dog catcher took one of them. I haven't seen the other one in quite a while. I've been seeing the tan one, though. I saw a dog catcher at their house months ago. That fact, plus the fact that I've only been seeing the tan one lately, makes me suspect that the other one is gone forever.

The above blog entry was made on September 23, 2007.

Oh, Madonna. I had a good night tonight. I finally found a photo of you in that phenomenally complete way. It shows you how you're meant to be seen. I'm wondering how recent it is. You can find the one I mean in my adult page. You must know how to get there. I also found the uncensored Britney upskirt photo, that was a recent scandal for her. Not only that, there was a second one to go with it, from the same event. I didn't know there was more than one from that moment. You can find both of those directly underneath yours, Madge. Maybe I'll get used to calling you Madge? I just had a thought. Maybe it was your idea to call you "Madge?" Like I said before, "Madge" is supposed to be for Margarets, but why should I care? Maybe, in time, all Madonnas will also be called Madge. What I was just starting to say is that maybe your idea about being called "Madge" would be related to a hot waitress named "Margaret," at a diner I used to hang out at. Margaret, if you're reading this, you should know who you are, that is, who I mean. You're the one who's been there, at that original spot in that cafe's chain, on the day shift, for years. I don't know if you're still there, because I haven't been going there since January of 2000. You know why. Well, what I've never told you, and what I think you understood about my thoughts of you anyway, is that you're one . . . uh, I'll think of a word . . . hot lady. Need I say more? Well, Madonna, I almost have to wonder if you were hinting that you'd like me to think of you in a way similar to how I've thought of that waitress, Margaret. Actually, in recent times, my thoughts of you have run along those lines, more or less. I wouldn't believe that you don't know what I mean. If you're trying to rekindle hope in me that we could make it as a couple, you've been doing a good job of it lately.

The above blog entry was made on September 21, 2007.

It worked. Not only did I change the keywords, for my Jennifer blog, I dropped most of the environment talk there. The ads coming up are much different, on the average, now. It definitely worked. I changed the keywords for this page also. You're getting close to free publicity for your English Roses stuff now, since the ads haven't been paying. I'm making something like a penny a week from Google, but that's been on paper only, since I'm still a long way from the $50.00 minimum, before they'd send me a check. I suspect that Google's cheating me. How can one prove such a thing? I'm thinking of switching to a different company to advertise for, but I don't want to forfeit what I've earned already with Google. The last many times I checked, my plus balance was holding steady at $27.20. There's got to be more money than that in internet advertising. Suggestions, Madonna? You're probably glad I'm losing my ass financially. You've been absolutely no help to me.

The above blog entry was made on September 17, 2007.

I just changed the keywords for my main web pages. It made a noticable difference in the ads that are selected behind the scenes. What an improvement. It's like I can't mention the environmental thing, without that topic dominating the ad selection. I'm thinking of taking mentions of that topic off of my Jennifer page, to get that theme out of the ads on that page.

The above blog entry was made on September 15, 2007.

I attempted to contact your agent. I'm waiting for a response. The fax transmitted successfully. So, now I'm putting the fire under your Madonna butt, by talking to your agent. Maybe he's got a contractual basis to bypass those dirty Madonna wishes towards me. You think?

That Spanish pop group asked to meet me in December, when they're here in the Los Angeles area, wicked one. What should I tell them?

The above blog entry was made on September 13, 2007.

I just saw that your English Roses advertising came up in at least two large ads on this page, and I didn't even plan it that way. Those are selected in a manner invisible to myself. The ads are content relevant.

I'm waiting, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on September 12, 2007.

I was just discussing our personal relationship, of sorts, Madonna. Here's what I told him:
I don't know if you can fathom it, after what I said about her, but I really believe, more or less, that I love Madonna, and care about her. It's hard to explain how that could be. If she believes it, I doubt that she'd admit it, even to me.

Then I wrote a second message to him, telling him this:
I've had years to adjust to, and reconsider, what was between Madonna and I. I've been with her more than once since 2005. She'll always have me on her mind, and I'll always have her on my mind. It's largely one of those personal matters, between two people. Madonna and I had sex together, decades ago. We had a real relationship. Some things in life one can't really understand, except from the standpoint of firsthand personal experience. Nothing I could say to you would be able to communicate, completely, how Madonna and I are to each other, on a personal basis. I feel protective of Madonna. I don't want to dehumanize her in my mind. I cried about her horseback riding accident. I care about her. Really.

I believed, and continue to believe, every word of it, Madonna. I was just crying again, more than once, thinking about that accident you had, believe it or not.

The above blog entry was made on September 10, 2007.

Maybe things are looking up for me. Call me, and visit me, so I can talk to you about it. You can't hate me. I won't let you hate me.

I just set up a potential studio arrangement with a two-person group calling itself Underground & Sexy. They have a very nice sound, and the potential to go places in music. The lady, Cristina, asked me if I want to record them. I told her I'd have them right over to produce them, but I don't have a studio at this time. That's what gave me the idea of talking to you about it, Ms. Madonna. Come on, you don't want to disappoint those two young things over in Spain, do you? That's where they are; Spain. I've often wondered if your recording of La Isla Bonita tended to endear you to the Hispanics of the world, more than they would have been otherwise. This is another chance for you to further that psychological connection to them. You can't want to pass this up. Can you? And don't bypass me in this. Okay?

I went back to that place that had the good buy on some acoustic guitars. They weren't there that time. I found another dealer there, but the selection and prices weren't as good. I was tempted, that time, by a miniature guitar. It was made for steel strings, but had been improperly strung with nylon strings. If I had bought it, I would have needed to buy steel strings for it. I'd rather have an acoustic guitar made for nylon strings anyway, at least at this time, because they're easier on the fingers. That reminds me of the steel-string acoustic of someone's I was playing in your studio so long ago. You must remember that.

The above blog entry was made on September 9, 2007.

Well, another day, another message to you, Ms. Madonna? Here goes. I met a hot blonde online. That's one thing I can tell you. If she reads this, she'd know she's the one, because I've only got one hot blonde thing going online, at the moment.

I mentioned the centuries-old, multi-million-dollar treasure project idea to Ralph, the other day. He asked me where it is. I told him I know exactly where it is, but I hesitate to tell anyone, unless I think it's going to be a mutual venture, more or less. Even if I told people, it would be the rare person who'd be able to recover it, and escape with his life. It's not easy to get to. It's deadly dangerous to even attempt the project. It's also on the expensive side, for many people. I mentioned this treasure to you back in 2005. Remember? Unless you forgot your past, I believe you'd remember my telling you about it.

How's it going in London for you? Do they still have mounted highwaymen there, at this relatively late point in history? They used to be a problem around there.

I think you like me at least a little, but that's not enough, in your way of looking at it, for you to decide to be nice to me. Am I right about that? I think so. I think you'd be nicer to just about anyone else on earth, than you'd now be inclined to be towards me.

How's that relatively new house of yours? Remember I asked you near Halloween, one year, if your place was haunted? Well, is it? I know it is. What's the ghost count there? Maybe that's a variable thing?

I'm faced with some pretty bad things right now, dear bitch witch, which you are. I wish I could detail some of them here, but I don't think that'd be a good idea. Visit me pronto. I want to talk to you. I'm interested in listening to the terrible things that you'd probably want to tell me. Really. Hurry. I'll see you tomorrow, alone. Bye.

The above blog entry was made on September 8, 2007.

When I think of you as you were in some of our earliest times together, it almost feels as if that could make me think of you as a nice person. If I ignore what's happened since, I can possibly, fleetingly, think of you as a nice person, who I can admire. If I think of your evilness towards me since, that washes away my ability to believe you to be a nice person. Of course, you don't care if I can't believe you're nice, do you, Madonna? You'd prefer me to like you, but you think you can live without that, don't you? I wish I could visit you at your Hollywood place. What would happen if I tried that, again? I'm afraid you'd still have your housekeeper there, who possibly would answer the door again, or maybe ignore me standing there. I'm afraid of giving you the opportunity to pretend me to be a stalker or madman of some kind. For me to be worried about that, I'd have to be thinking of you as really very awful towards me. For what's it's worth, I'm not convinced J. A. isn't that awful towards me. Did you make her that way, by indoctrinating her with your propaganda against me?

I just had a great idea, Madonna. You can buy me the Paul Bern house, since it was so callously taken from me in some prior you-know-what. That's the least you can do for me, in light of your history of antics against me. Wouldn't that seem like the good old days, our discussing what house I'd have? If you then moved into it with me, it would seem something like my marriage to the piglet. I only call her a "piglet" because she made me call her that. Maybe she's changed her mind, if she's aware of me in the afterlife? Well, she needs to talk to me, then. I'm willing to stop calling her a piglet, if that's what she now wishes. I'm inclined to be nicer to her than she probably deserves. Maybe she'd drop by, as a ghost, for a chat with me? Well, I won't discourage that. She can drop by my current place, if she wants, but I want to see her, not just hear her. Poor little Mrs. piglet. How young she was when she departed. If you see her around, tell her, for me, that I'm not interested in meeting Mr. gangster again. What I've been wondering is: Were you the piglet? Are you her incarnation? You are believably as rotten to me as she was. You always did hang around with gangsters, didn't you? That American Life poster was no lie, as far as your personality type is concerned.

The above blog entry was made on September 6, 2007.

They just had a tv news report about you today. They said that the feud between you and Elton John is over. Is that true? I wish I had heard that whole report. I just did an internet search on the topic, but had a dry run. Of course, you can email me, or phone me, to tell me about it. I wish you would. You wouldn't want to give me the satisfaction of your talking to me again, I suppose. Once a bitch-witch always a bitch-witch? Everything about you, or with you, is eternal? Your being a bitch-witch is that way too? It's that way especially? You know I've never knowingly refused calls or messages from you before. You used to be the one who would come to me, out of the blue. What's happened between us? I have to conclude you planned it that way, including our no-longer being on speaking terms. I think Elton had a personal reason for the feud with you. I've also been suspecting that it may have been partly, or mostly, out of sympathy for me. I appreciate that, if so. It would be nice to have at least one person in all the world who feels sympathy for me. I feel like I'm almost alone against all the evil on earth. It's a sad struggle, especially alone.

You know that Owen Wilson and Courtney Cox and Steve Cooper story on the news recently? Well, the surname "Cooper" reminds me of your "mini Cooper" phrase in the song on your American Life CD. Should I give you any more advice about music, especially for free, after all you've been and done against me? Well, I don't waive the right to be paid by you for my music advice. Along those lines, I tell you that I don't claim that any of my music advice to you, present or future, to be free. So, with that in mind, I tell you something. I tell you now that your American Life CD is muscially superior to your Confessions CD. It's not amazing that my opionion would be that way, considering that we worked together on American Life so very long ago. Part of me went into that sound. I honestly believe American Life to be one of your best, maybe the best, of all your albums/CD's. I remember that you didn't recognize that fact back then. Do you recognize it now? Maybe you just acted like you didn't like it, to insult me over my contributions to it? That sounds about like it, Madonna. You've been truly evil towards me. There is acoustic guitar work in that music, as you know. I just came close to buying another acoustic guitar the other day. I could kick myself for not buying one while I was looking at them. I didn't take one of them in my hands, while I was there, to judge the quality of it. Presumably they weren't the best guitars, but I think they may have met my minimum standards, at least for my current situation. If I had brought one home, I'd be tempted, right now, to pick it up, and start strumming and picking some new sounds, something like we did together, so long ago. I feel nostalgic about the better aspects of those times of ours together, back then. I still feel tempted to compose some music of a style that would befit a Madonna CD, as if a very late continuation of our very early work together. You think? I almost feel like I can't hold myself back right now. The momentum is rebuilding in me. I dread your getting your rodent-like hands on any more of my music, without giving me credit or pay. That just reminded me. There was talk many weeks ago about your having another CD in the works, with an expected release date of sometime in November. I suppose you already have all of those new songs composed and written down. I almost feel like jumping into the Atlantic, and swimming over to you, to get my hands around your evil little neck, and "talk" you into being nice to me.

Call me, Madonna. Now.

The above blog entry was made on September 5, 2007.

Maybe you're trying to be nice to me now? I can't believe that unless you restart visiting me in person, and seeming like it. It's not easy to believe, otherwise. I know; you can't wait for me to die. I'm right about that, am I not? Maybe Hey You is about me. I wish it was. Even if it is, I'm hardly confident that it'd be sincere.

The above blog entry was made on August 27, 2007.

You're feeding me to the sharks, and you don't care about me, Madonna. You have no conscience.

The above blog entry was made on August 23, 2007.

Sometimes I feel like I'm betraying those loyal to me, by saying something nice about you, or nice to you, Madonna. I'd better not betray them. They've got to be better people than you.

You know why I didn't do that bass accompaniment to Hey You many weeks ago? Because I was afraid you or your lawyer would betray me, by making trouble over it. I can't trust you. I just started kicking around another music project idea, though. I don't want to say, in advance, what it would be like.

Want to see more events that happened on an August 16th? I've got lists of U. S. politicians who were born, died, or were married on August 16th. One of them was Cecil B. deMille, who was also a politician, in addition to being a film producer and director. One politician was married exactly on your reported date of birth. Here are those lists, divided by category, and in chronological order:

politicians who were born on August 16 (fifty-nine)

   Ebenezer Sage (1755-1834)
   John Carlyle Herbert (1775-1846)
    Amos Kendall (1789-1869)
    Nathaniel Boyden (1796-1873)
    Mirabeau B. Lamar (1798-1859)
    Joseph Stewart Cottman (1803-1863)
    John Alexander Ahl (1813-1882)
    William Morris Davis (1815-1891)
    Henry Winter Davis (1817-1865)
    Stephen Friel Nuckolls (1825-1879)
    William B. McGrorty (1825-1865)
    John Taylor Bird (1829-1911)
    Daniel Manning (1831-1887)
    James Wilson (1835-1920)
    Lorenzo A. Barker (1839-1915)
    Charles R. Brayton (b. 1840)
    Samuel S. Yoder (1841-1921)
    Samuel R. Peters (1842-1910)
    George C. Sturgiss (1842-1925)
    Charles H. Fitch (b. 1846)
    Frank D. Allen (b. 1850)
    Eugene J. Hainer (1851-1929)
    Orville C. Smith (1851-1940)
    Lucius K. Baker (1855-1929)
    Urey Woodson (1859-1939)
    Locke Craig (1860-1924)
    Wallace J. Barnes (b. 1861)
    Charles D. Carter (1868-1929)
    Patrick F. Gill (1868-1923)
    S. Hubert Dent, Jr. (1869-1938)
    Frank S. Payne (1869-1933)
    George G. Hunter (1872-1958)
    Francis P. Murphy (1877-1958)
    Leo Kocialkowski (1882-1958)
    Hugh S. Gibson (1883-1954)
    Elmer R. Porter (1888-1971)
    Mark L. Rowley (1889-1958)
    Temple Forrest (1891-1960)
    Henriette Esther Slette Johnson (1894-c.1965)
    E. L. 'Tic' Forrester (1896-1970)
    Raymond J. Vassar (b. 1897)
    Roman L. Hruska (1904-1999)
    Lawrence Brock (1906-1968)
    Paul C. Winter (b. 1909)
    W. W. Keith (1911-1992)
    Matthew J. Avitabile (1913-2001)
    C. N. Harman (b. 1915)
    Charles Robert Moore (1916-1992)
    Vincent R. Fisichelli (b. 1921)
    Stanley G. Thayer (b. 1923)
    M. Larry Lawrence (1926-1996)
    Ronald Brooks Cameron (b. 1927)
    Albert J. Titran (b. 1927)
    Gary Arthur Myers (b. 1937)
    Dick Zimmer (b. 1944)
    Carol Moseley-Braun (b. 1947)
    Earl Blumenauer (b. 1948)
    Cynthia P. Schneider (b. 1953)
    Andy McKenzie (b. 1970)

politicians who died on August 16 (forty-four)

    David Brearly (1741-1790)
    Daniel Clark (c.1766-1813)
    Daniel Buck (1753-1816)
    Reuben Hopkins (d. 1822)
    Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746-1825)
    Tilghman Ashurst Howard (1797-1844)
    Philo C. Fuller (1787-1855)
    Benjamin Rose Edmonston (1807-1855)
    D. Macauley (d. 1855)
    Reese Bowen Brabson (1817-1863)
    William H. Weeks (d. 1863)
    Francis Alanson Cunningham (1804-1864)
    James Kerr (1791-1876)
    Herschel V. Johnson (1812-1880)
    Benjamin Harvey Hill (1823-1882)
    Julius Converse (1798-1885)
    Goode Bryan (1811-1885)
    Benjamin Markley Boyer (1823-1887)
    Samuel Bell Maxey (1825-1895)
    John J. Ingalls (1833-1900)
    Henry Green (d. 1900)
    John Fitch Kinney (1816-1902)
    George E. Lounsbury (1838-1904)
    Hiram Parks Bell (1827-1907)
    Harrison Eugene Havens (1837-1916)
    William James Connell (1846-1924)
    William R. Smith (1863-1924)
    Henry Wade Rogers (1853-1926)
    Alfred A. Winslow (1854-1929)
    Frank A. Morey (1863-1933)
    Joseph W. Chinn (d. 1936)
    Howard Lincoln Snyder (1878-1940)
    Johnson N. Camden (1865-1942)
    Cyrus M. Palmer (1887-1959)
    J. Russell Tuten (1911-1968)
    Alfred Dickinson Barksdale (1892-1972)
    Karl E. Mundt (1900-1974)
    F. Ryan Duffy (1888-1979)
    James Bernard Longley (1924-1980)
    Earl J. Tallman (1898-1982)
    William T. Pheiffer (1898-1986)
    Oveta Culp Hobby (1905-1995)
    Floyd Spence (1928-2001)
    Fred J. Tuerk (d. 2001)

politicians who were married on August 16 (nine)

    1893: Edwin F. Ladd and Rizpah Sprogle
    1902: Cecil B. deMille and Constance Adams
    1916: Josiah W. Bailey and Edith Pou
    1916: Gerald P. Nye and Anna Margaret Munch
    1917: Clarence E. Kilburn and Anne Crooks
    1939: J. Joseph Smith and Eleanor M. Murnane
    1947: Robert L. Leggett and Barbara Burnett
    1956: Norman F. Lent and Nancy Lou Budlong
    1958: Joseph P. Albright and Patricia A. Deem

The above blog entry was made on August 19, 2007.

I was just unexpectedly sent the mailing address of Maureen O'Hara. She's the only surviving credited actor in Miracle on 34th Street. Poor Natalie Wood, who played her daughter in that movie, died years ago in the waters surrounding Santa Catalina Island. I'm wondering if Maureen's mailing address was sent to me for special reasons. She's very old today. Her birthday was yesterday, the 17th of August. I plan to send her the happy birthday message by mail tomorrow. I don't want to waste the opportunity, since I've got her address. She was born less than a month after my late father. Coincidentally, the instrumental portion of this background music was recorded the year she was born.

That dinosaur-looking dog reminds me suspiciously of the dinosaur blame theme, oh heinous one, Madonna. I have to conclude that the background picture means you've been torturing me and murdering me every lifetime for all those countless millions of years, over the pretext of dinosaur blame, Madonna. That entitles me to execute you every lifetime forever, to get you off of my back, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on August 18, 2007.

I didn't want you to miss this new banner I put near the top of this page, so I put it here, too:
Madonna is what happened while I was busy making other plans.
What do you think, Madonna? How well we both know the truth of that. Aren't you ever going to talk to me again, Madonna?

The strangest coincidence just happened. I just got a piece of spam email, and it showed a last name of "Dirks." What is strange is that I've never heard of anyone named "Dirk," in my entire life, except one particular boy who lived across the street from me, in the early 1960's. His name was "Dirk." I've rarely given him, or his name, a thought, over all of those years since. I never knew the guy. I was in his back yard once, back then, in the 1960's, by way of some friend inviting me back there. I just did an internet search on that name, and found that it is a German man's name, and it literally means "dagger" in German. Now that makes me wonder if his family was German. By all appearances, that is not a popular name, at all, in the U. S. If his family was German, that wasn't the only German family on that side of the street, back then. This story reminds me of the history of the German town section of Philadelphia. The Germans packed up and left (to the midwest, if I'm not mistaken). Today, Philadelphia's German town is much more populated with blacks, I think. This parallels the history of the street I still live on. Today, instead of more than one German families on the same side of the street, we have more than one Hispanic families on the same side of the street. See the pattern of what's happening in the U. S.?

The above blog entry was made on August 17, 2007.

Watch the above political commentary video, and take heed. By opposing or thwarting me, you are obviously a major world oppression criminal, Madonna. That's very serious. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Just like I said, in advance, I have no happy birthday wish for you, Madonna. You are very delinquent in the area of birthday wishes. You have never wished me a happy birthday in my entire life. That's bad. I think I ought to wish you an unhappy birthday. Okay, unhappy 49th birthday, Madonna. Also, unhappy 38th anniversary of the Spahn Ranch LASO raid.

As if the coincidence of your birthday being on the anniversary of the Spahn Ranch raid weren't enough, here's another such coincidence. Today, August 16th, is also the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, who died in 1977. We were 19 then, Madonna. Elvis was 42. I was working at that computer factory, in portions of the years 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1980. I remember thinking about his then-recent death on the job there.

The above blog entry was made on August 16, 2007.

I hope your stay in hell is very long and very unpleasant, Madonna. You're not forgiven by a long shot.

The above blog entry was made on August 12, 2007.

I'm sorry, but today is not another anniversary that I know of. Some people someplace maybe are breathing, to this day, because someone didn't decide to make it a three-nights-in-a-row thing. I sure wish I were the owner of the former Spahn Ranch property. I wonder if that German organization still hopes to develope it. If so, how many years do they think they've got left? It's been such a long time. Someone said in a book that the property is subdivided into various parcels, and is not owned by only one interest. Somehow I doubt that there'd be any development there within my lifetime. Actually, since I don't own the property myself, I don't think I'd be pleased with any development there. The exception would be if a replica Spahn Ranch were rebuilt there, to look like what was there, before it all burned down. That's what I'd want there, if the property were mine. I just had an idea. You've got that kind of money. You could give the money to me to buy all that property, and build the ranch, to look like it did before it burned down. You're not interested in that, are you, Madonna?

I just checked the Matthew St., London, spy camera, and guess what? The walk in front of, and beside, the Cavern Club was relatively bustling with people. That was at eight minutes till noon, pacific daylight time. That was 6:52pm, their time. I wonder what was up there. You live near there. Go check on it for me, and let me know what it was, Madonna.

I just thought of a coincidence with my Blues My Wanting Hillary Gives to Me song. "What is that song about voting?" Well, actually, the vote has been effectively cancelled by Bush. Now Bush is the dictator of the U. S., because the congress is afraid to oppose him. He is effectively terrorizing all of Washington D. C.

Now, more on that racoon theme. Today, the news is carrying a story of a mother who strangled a rabid racoon to death, which was on top of her boy, gnawing on his leg. The boy was said to be five. That makes me wonder about the coincidence of the story the other day, about the cop saying he pulled a racoon off of a five-year-old boy. Maybe they are the same story? Maybe it's just a coincidence of two racoon attack stories with two five-year-old boys? Racoons are really getting into the news lately.

The above blog entry was made on August 11, 2007.

Here we are, on the other night-of-horror anniversary. I've got 1:26am at this moment. I always mention those anniversaries, because I've done so much studying of, and thinking about, that story. On your birthday, if I were to do you the undeserved favor of wishing you a happy birthday, I could wish you a happy anniversary of the Spahn Ranch raid also. I think I shouldn't wish you a happy birthday anymore, because you don't return the favor to me. You're unfeeling. You're worse than your last name, Ciccone, means, namely "big harlot." You are something like Jean Harlow was. Her name reminds me of the word, "harlot."

The following series of messages, to someone I know, were in quick succession today:
Have you heard? Tom Snyder, the famous late night tv host, who interviewed Charlie on tv in 1981, died last month. How's this for a coincidence: He died ON MY BIRTHDAY, July 28th. All the CBS versions of the story say Saturday (the 28th) in the heading, and Sunday in the body of the story; a self-contradiction. I'm more confident that he died on Saturday. Even if he died on Sunday, that was my late father's birthday; another coincidence. How's that? Am I not full of coincidences? He was a year and a half younger than Charlie. He died of complications from leukemia. He announced his leukemia on tv in 2005. He sold his Benedict Canyon house, where he lived for 30 years, last year, in 2006. He was living in the Belvedere area of San Francisco when he died.

I just realized that his having that Benedict Canyon house for 30 years, and having gotten rid of it in 2006, places its acquisition in about 1976, which was the year I graduated from high school. All Tom Snyder's life detail dates coincide with important dates in my life? I ought to read his full biography, to find more date coincidences, if there are any more of them.

As long as I'm talking about such coincidences:
The Charlie and Tom Snyder interview was in '81, and
the temperature in the shade, in my backyard right now is 81 F. I find coincidences without even looking for them. The gods have spoken.
I always have interesting things to say.

Have you noticed a blitz of racoon stories on tv the last month or so? Today, on tv, some cop said he pulled a racoon off of a 5-year-old boy. On tv today I think they said that a girl was rescued from a racoon. Weeks ago, they had a tv news report about racoons being troublesome someplace. They showed someone going after one in the vegetation in some field someplace. All this came after I posted some interesting comments about how the lyrics of The Whistling Coon matched details of the YouTube video of a racoon being skinned alive. Does this remind you of the Beatles song, Rocky Racoon? Rocky was a fighter's name, put in front of the word, "Racoon," possibly suggestive of such a racoon theme. That Racoon's problem was a fight? I don't think they let it fight back. I think that was one of the reasons for breaking all its limbs in advance.

Are you enjoying the 38th anniversary of Leno's and Rosemary's deaths? You've got less than two hours left to do so.

The above blog entry was made on August 10, 2007.

I'm still alive. I survived another night-of-horror anniversary. I know you're disappointed. There is another night-of-horror anniversary tonight, again at about midnight. Of course, tonight's anniversary would be the LaBianca ordeal. I wish I could invite myself into that house, and have a ghost party for them. That could be fun. Do you think they'd show? It'd be their loss if they didn't. I could remind them that they wanted it. Maybe then they'd feel like celebrating?

The above blog entry was made on August 9, 2007.

Where does the time go? We're in that special anniversary period again, which runs from July 27th through August 10th. This time, it's the 38th such anniversary. Are you aware that the anniversary of the Spahn movie ranch raid of 1969, by LASO, always falls on the 16th of August, which is your birthday, Madonna? How did that happen? Since you're a g-word, and we were discussing, in the 1970's, what your so-called bio details would include, I chose August the 16th for your birthday, because of that anniversary date. Remember? Does that seem somehow symbolic to you? Does that make you the fuzz, Madonna? I'm not exactly accusing you of the crime of being the fuzz, but it's something to think about, my dear. You did show promise, decades ago, by an apparent disgust of the pig, on at least one occasion. Do these epigrams, from the 1960's, make you feel nostalgic? A pinpoint anniversary arrives at midnight tonight.

The above blog entry was made on August 8, 2007.

I've got another human rights cause for you, Madonna. You know where to check for my messages. This is the chance of a lifetime.

The above blog entry was made on August 7, 2007.

I just saw a brief news story about you, moments ago. They said the Malawi officials said that you paid the inspector to go to your place to check on you and your adopted son, and that that was not authorized. The news said that it's your last difficulty with that adoption. It seems odd that they had no more to say than that. It leaves the tv audience hanging, wondering what's up now with it.

I sent a message to you, to a couple of your contacts. I'm sure you can figure out which one's I'd send those to. The message was about a particular human rights cause. You are sincere about human rights, aren't you, Madonna? Well, this is your chance to help me, and to help the whole world. Hurry. There's no time to waste. This is extremely urgent. I can't overemphasize that.

The above blog entry was made on August 6, 2007.

More on alternative music. If a person is really a thinking person, good music of the sort could seem like it is finding something, inside of oneself, that's already there.

The above blog entry was made on August 2, 2007.

I was out for a little while tonight, and one of the last pieces of music they put on was Toxicity, by System of a Down. That helped make my night, and electrify me, to hear something that good and invigorating. Of course, that isn't the Madonna sound. That ol' Madonna is really rather staid and stuffy, despite publicity campaigns to the contrary. Madonna would never do anything as radically honest, and indignantly soulful, as the alternative genre of music. Well, have I put you down enough for now? I'll end this message here, then, Madonna. By the way, you can listen to this, in a music video, on my home page's music video page, clickable from the home page.

Want to know what I'm really feeling right now? I'm feeling like what I really need now, and the only thing that might be able to save me, is to do some seriously good alternative music, pronto. Any thinking person ought to be able connect with good alternative music, on a gut level, without premeditation of pros and cons. Good soulful music, like good alternative, grabs one and transports one through its content, without asking permission, nor apologizing afterwards. It could seem like proselytization, on a philosophical level.

Well, comments, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on August 1, 2007.

Well, Madonna?

The 29th has arrived, and I haven't heard from you. Therefore, I'm forced to return to my other policy. You're officially not forgiven, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 29, 2007.

Can you believe it? I reached my birthday again. It's that due date, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 28, 2007.

You must be sincere in all of the above items in the above list, when you tell them to me. You must be sincere when you tell me you're sorry. You must be sincere, when you tell me that you'll try to make it up to me. You must believe you're sincere, when you tell me you love me, Madonna. So, get back to work preparing to present all of that to me. Hurry. Oh, and don't forget the million bucks. That's so important, Madonna. Reminder: I've got 2 1/2 hours till my 49th birthday, by my clock.

The above blog entry was made on July 27, 2007.

The world will be my witness, if you don't wish me happy birthday, which is Saturday, the 28th. All eyes will be on you, Madonna. You'd like that, as long as my eyes aren't included? OMG, I just had an idea. Why didn't I think of this sooner? My idea is that I should put my birthday wish here, where you can see it. Uh . . . I want a million dollars, and I need it by sometime on my birthday, the 28th. Also, I'd like you to present it to me in person. I want that happy birthday wished to me by your own live voice, in person, when you present the above birthday present to me. I want you to tell me you're sorry for all the trouble between us over the years, and that you'll try to make it up to me. Also, if you can require it, so can I: When you're with me to present the above to me, I want you to tell me you love me, and it must be sincere. Okay, can you handle all of that? And, don't say you can't tell which Steve this list is from. We both know that you know, Madonna. Now, start preparing for this occasion. You don't want to disappoint me by being late. Remember, I want it, maybe need it, by sometime Saturday. The world would bear witness to your possibly selfish nature, if you don't come through with this for me on time, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 26, 2007.

Hurray! Your own website has finally dropped the Live Earth propaganda. I know it couldn't have been a guilty conscience; it had to be the belief that it has grown too old and disgraceful for you to want to carry.

I know you'd be disappointed, now that you realize that I've survived civil court today. I suppose you'd be thinking that the silver lining would be the possibility of my not surviving the next round at civil court. There's always tomorrow, as far as that goes?

Remember, I used to announce the month-iversarys of this blog? Well, I just noticed that today is the 22nd month-iversary of this blog.

I just thought of something. This less-than-complimentary blog just reminded me of the Rosie versus the Donald series. This blog has lasted much longer than the Rosie vs. the Donald thing. Maybe there are some good things that never end, with this blog being a case in point.

I'm so negative, am I not? Really, I'm not. It's just an illusion created by the effect people have on me.

I just noticed a mention of your doing something with Annie Lennox. That's an interesting coincidence, considering that the new HVAC unit we had installed here is a Lennox brand unit. I wrote about that last Winter, right after it was installed. Did that motivate you to seek out someone named "Lennox," to work with? She has quite a list of credits on I hate to have to keep making seemingly negative remarks about so many things, but the world is snowballing into hell without my guidance. Well, don't you think that HIV thing smacks of . . . less than truthfulness?

You know, I want to like you, but it's been hard for me, Madonna.

It happened again. I no sooner complained at you, then soon afterwards I started feeling bad about it. It happens every time. Why do I care about you so much? Can you figure it out? Don't tell me you don't believe me. You must understand me better than that. I can't think anything so bad about you, without feeling bad about it. It's just a fact of life for me. I didn't stage it, to test the principle. It was real. It works that way. To make a distinction here, I'll tell you that it was out of fear this time, that my complaints were stemming from. I get terrified by being backed into a corner that I have no clear way out of. If you think only women get terrified, think again. Men can get extremely frightened, at times. I'm no exception to that.

The above blog entry was made on July 25, 2007.

You wouldn't show up either, to save me from the gangsters who are falsely personating government. Read today's Jennifer blog entry. It has info related to a meeting the day after tomorrow. Well, all I can say is that if I were to see you burning in hell, I hope I wouldn't pause from eating a Carl's Jr. Hawaiian burger to point a fire extinguisher at you, Madonna. If there's anyone who ought to burn in hell, you're the one, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on July 23, 2007.

I've changed my mind again. It would be foolhardy to forgive you, Madonna. You stand officially unforgiven. They're closing in for the kill, and you've done nothing to stop them. I have to conclude that you're as guilty as they are. By all means, don't enjoy your stay in hell.

The above blog entry was made on July 22, 2007.

Well, I went to that stage play reading. Where were you? Maybe you showed up, in typical Madonna ghost fashion, without anyone recognizing you? Then how did you like the play? I think it was easily one of best I've seen there, at least in terms of the acting. They did pretty well. The whole series is finished up. You can mope now, if you missed it all.

The above blog entry was made on July 21, 2007.

I just sent you a invitation, to three of your contact email addresses. I didn't want to mention the location here. So, check those right away, to read my invitation to you. This work may have been written with you in mind. Check it out. It's tonight at 8:00pm, so don't dally. At least read it well in advance, even if you won't go.

The above blog entry was made on July 19, 2007.

Check out today's Jennifer blog and today's politics blog. They are the same.

The above blog entry was made on July 17, 2007.

I think you did the right thing with the lyrics to your new song, Hey You. I say that because those words make me feel obligated to be nice to you now, Madonna. If you believe this, maybe it comes as a relief to you. Well, enjoy the peace of mind while you can.

The above blog entry was made on July 14, 2007.

Dear Ms. bitch witch Madonna,

Did you read my message to you today (you must be able to figure out where I sent it to), about catching that very interesting stage play? If you're interested, you'd better hurry, because time's ticking away. I figured it's worth a try, to mention it to you.

The above blog entry was made on July 13, 2007.

I think this next message, to one and all, explains itself.
Blokes and sheilas, eg Madonna,

I'm so happening, this year, as a composer, the music is practically writing me. I just composed the outline form of another good one this morning. To be continued . . . I'm risking Madonna being hit with eggs on stage, because maybe some of you don't know that "eg" means "for example," and not "egg."

This new one is hellish, in theme. It doesn't sound like hell though. I think it's going to be the first music masterpiece recorded by, and for, Hell Records. Now I'll leave you dying of curiosity, until I release this new one.

Toodle pip !!!

Madonna, if you weren't mysteriously likable, maybe I'd issue you a harse warning not to steal any of my new ones, I've secretly had in the making this year. My reluctance to do so doesn't mean "steal," though. I'm about to record at least four or five all-new songs. I know you're going to feel ruined by this, because this will seem to serve as the proof that I'm a real composer, which you and your cohorts have already known, for a very long time.

The above blog entry was made on July 12, 2007.

How was Live Earth? I was about to bid all you participants turn into pumpkins [or something], for your participation in global warming fraud. I was just thinking that maybe that's too harsh, even for a crime that big.

The above blog entry was made on July 8, 2007.

I just digitally remastered an old coon song, from 1911, by Billy Murray with S. H. Dudley. It's called The Whistling Coon. "Coon" is the genre, believe it or not. You'll have to look up the music history of the post civil war 1800's, to find out about coon songs. I think they went out of vogue something like 100 years ago. This song is embedded into my home page right now. Listen to it.

The above blog entry was made on July 7, 2007.

I just read a bulletin that got me interested in which song was number one when I was born. First, here's a message I just sent to someone about it. I put the original bulletin after that.
I just read a bulletin, posted by someone. It asked what was the number one song when you were born. Since I was born on July 28, 1958, I looked up that one. It happened to be Hard-Headed Woman, by Elvis Presley. Now, here's the interesting part. I came across a website that had all the number 1 listings, back to 1890. guess what the number 1 song was, for July 28, 1891. It was:
1891 ... "The Whistling Coon" by George Washington Johnson
"Coon," as in "racoon." Remember that video of the racoon being skinned alive, and [someone] said the wailing racoon sounded like a siren going off? "Whistling" as if an allusion to the same sound and same scenario. You think that song was about the same racoon skinning tradition?


For those who haven't seen the video of the racoon being skinned, first it had its legs broken, then it was slammed against the ground repeatedly (after which it started that wailing), and then it was skinned alive.

Here's the bulletin that got me looking up which song was number one when I was born:

No. 1 song the day you were born

Go to the address below to find out...

1.PennyAnn .. Hey jude By The Beatles
2. JenniferMarie--"Lady" by Kenny Rogers
3. Jennifer Lynn~Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees
4. Garret: "(Love Is) Thicker than Water" by Andy Gibb
5. Kellie...Baby Come Back by Player
6. George - "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson
7. Marie - "Island Girl" by Elton John
8. Charley - "Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)" by Rod Stewart
9. Laura- "Eye of the Tiger" By fitting?!
10. Elizabeth- "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John
11. Whitney - "Kiss on My List" by Daryl Hall & John Oates
12 Michelle- "Jump" by Van Halen
13. Kristen- "When Doves Cry" by Prince
14. Marisa- "(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" by B.J. Thomas
15. Liberty- "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas (Why am I not surprised?
16. Megan - You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone (yuck)
17. Cohen-"Kiss you all over"-Exile--my new fav song!!!!!
18. "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone - Horrible.
19. becky - Le Freak by Chic (umm...)
20. Holly - Sir Duke by none other....STEVIE WONDER (sidenote: Becky you are le freak, how appropo!)
21. Kara- "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone (SUCK) (sidenotes: Holly, I'm so jealous. Becky...double ummm.)
22. Kristy - Ah, Kara, I'm stuck with that craptastic song, too.........."You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone
23. Janice Pig~ "Laughter in the Rain" by Neil Sedaka. AwwwwYeahhhh
24. Miss Christian- "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy (I'd take Debby Boone over this crap any day!)
25. Blonde Justice- "Disco Lady" by Johnnie Taylor
26. "He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)" by Tony Orlando &
27. Tim- "call me" by Blondie (thats awesome)
28. Bean - "Torn Between Two Lovers" by Mary McGregor.......a one hit wonder, just like me :)
29. Mickie- Play that funky music- Wild cherry
30. Amy-"Sir Duke" By Stevie Wonder (I don't even know if I know this song. Mickie's rocked!)
31. Jessica ~ "You Needed Me" by Anne Murray
32. Jenny~~ You Light Up My Life..... Debbie Boone
33~Bessie-"Night fever"----The Bee Gees
34. Katie - "Hot Child in the City" by Nick Gilder (????)
35. John - "If I Can't Have You" by Yvonne Elliman - wha???
36. Arianna-"Your So Vain" by Carley Simon..... I love her!
37. Nicki- "A Fifth of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy & His Big Apple Band (are you kidding me??)
38. AmY-A Fifth of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy & His Big Apple Band (wtf!!!??)
39. Nikki- "Shadow Dancing" by Andy Gibb
40. Annabelle ~ "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone ~oh come on girls..its a beautiful song!!!...LOL
41. Beth- "The Best of My Love" The they knew I was coming...
42. Carmen- "Endless Love" by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (awww)
43. Keegan- "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (Hmmm)
44. linzy- "eye of the tiger" by survivor (rar!)
45. "Let's Dance" by David Bowie...(how perfect is that?)
45. Jennifer-Jessi's Girl-Rick Springfield
46. Ellen- Teddy Bear-ELVIS!
47. Shannon - "The Streak" by Ray Stevens (haven't a clue?)!
47. Darcy ~ Theme from "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes (what...who...huh)
48. daddio- Rags To Riches, Tony Bennet (GAWD I feel so old.)
49.Suzzy~Near You by Francis Craig (never heard it)
50. Lisa- "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" by Manfred Mann
51. Silverbow...Rags to Riches by Tony Bennett
52. Susan Hayward - "For Me and My Gal" by Van & Schenk
53. S t e v e - "Hard-Headed Woman" by Elvis Presley
I was also that racoon in a prior, Madonna. But, you wouldn't care about that. You're Madonna, not me.

The above blog entry was made on July 5, 2007.

I think it was Thursday that I saw you on tv with some guy, I don't know who. You two were jogging. I wish I had heard what they said. It sounded interesting. They said something about "should" and "with Guy?" That's enough to get my curiosity up a lot. Don't be shy; email me about what that was about, Madonna. You seem to be deliberately giving the public a mixed message of opposites, about your marriage. You are married, but you aren't. You wear a ring sometimes, but seldom. What's particularly interesting about that is that Ralph once told me about your jogging. So, that was a hint to me, that you have something on your mind related to me? I believe that. What would you really want to say to me, though? You can't really be interested in your old flame, or pseudo-flame, could you? This whole story just tends to reinforce my long-held suspicion that you're not really married to anyone. This story also makes me wonder if you're just trying to humor me. I keep asking myself, "if you really think of me as a friend, why don't you try to act more like it?" Of course, saying anything to you out in the open publically like this, also makes me feel a little foolish, since "if I weren't a kook, why would I have to use this mode to say anything to you?" Well, apparently you don't care how foolish you make me seem to the public. You haven't convinced me that you wouldn't pay government goons to be rotten to me.

The above blog entry was made on June 30, 2007.

Have you read my description of the death of Paul Bern, in my Jennifer blog entry of June 21, 2007? Who do you think Jean Harlow reminds me of, Madonna? I think your first guess, that would come to mind, would be who she really reminds me of.

Did you know that the government and scientists, or so-called scientists, are lying about their so-called measurements of Greenland ice? I've written about that in my politics blog.

The above blog entry was made on June 25, 2007.

I just saw your father on tv earlier. I didn't hear much of that story, but it sounded something like there being a line of Madonna wines, in different colors. They showed a row of wines of various colors.

The above blog entry was made on June 21, 2007.

Well, my dread came true. I didn't finish up my Hillary music on time. They just announced the winner of the contest to select her campaign music. The winner is You and I, by Celine Dion. I've got a backup plan. I can still get my own song out there.

Hillary and Bill in a Skit about the Selection of Her Campaign Music

I'm hoping to arrange to sing it on one of the nightly talk shows, like Letterman or one of the others. I'd still like a shot at singing it at Live Earth in London.

The above blog entry was made on June 20, 2007.

I just redid my Hillary song. I made two new versions, with the same singing track. My third version is more homogeneous than the first two. If it weren't for the fact that gramaphone recording didn't capture the bass well, my new recording sounds believably like it could be all original, but it's not. I'm not nearly that old, to have been with Raderman's Jazz Orchestra. What do you think? You're playing deaf and dumb with me, so I don't really expect you to tell me, unless we'd meet in person, which I don't expect for the near future, either. How's the biz? You recording any new ones? Don't you thoroughly miss me? Weren't those the days, in the 1980's together? You really meant it's not hopeless for us, in your new Hey You song? I'd have to see it to believe it. So your marriage to Guy really is a farce, like I thought? I'm so overly forgiving, you still seem tempting, Madonna. The president of the Recording Academy just sent us an email today, about the hope of making the radio stations start paying royalties for airplay, which is done in other countries, but so far, not in the U. S. That's something I've been wondering about for many years.

Those pink hot pants are hot. You must be trying to tempt someone, if not me.

Can you believe it? Mark the Shark just emailed me today. This was the first I've heard from him since early last Fall. He relayed a message from someone in the business, whose former student is in something. I've been wondering why his commercial stopped airing. Maybe they thought his nose too big to fit on people's tv screens. It barely fits on the silver screen. I replied to him, with various updates. I told him about a former acting classmate of mine, and student of his, who's been acting like an imp with me. If she reads this, she'd know I mean her. That expression on her face, in a recent photo of hers, reminds me of the idea that she'd be trying to say something to me, with that look on her face. It means she's really interested in me, but is playing coy, and being sassy? I'm not convinced of that. If she reads this, maybe she'd think: "You've got to be kidding? Me interested in him?" I'd hate to say what interesting experience I had with her a few months ago. That seemed like a good sign, but she's still basically her impish self with me. A guy's got to be able to feel some hope with the ladies. I sent a copy of my reply to Mark, to Tom, my other former acting teacher.

One of the bozos, in the so-called law firm, sent me a notice a week or so ago. It told me I owe them five thousand and some dollars. I'm still in acute dread of the court meeting coming up. I wish I could pay off the debt, so I could skip that utter nonsense. I shouldn't be bothered with attacks like that.

How could you let me go through this mind torture, without offering me any assistance? You're trying to avoid admitting anything? You're trying to avoid looking like you're admitting anything? How's Justin Timberlake doing? Is he still working with you, on your next CD? Have you adopted the rest of the children of Malawi yet?

You can help me promote my new Hillary campaign song, Blues My Wanting Hillary Gives to Me. I know you only vote for under-bridge trolls, but do this for me anyway. It would be nice if you'd put it on, since it's political, like Hey You. But you never thought you'd promote anything with my singing in it? I did two revisions of it. The third, and current, version is the most refined version. That's the one I want to promote. If it were on your website, it would get enough exposure to promote me, and my music, and the Hillary cause, to the public. Hurry. Those creditor bozos are out to kill me. Oh, you'll take your time, then? You'd like that to happen?

I've decided that I'd like to sing my new song, Blues My Wanting Hillary Gives to Me, at the July international environment music extravaganza. It's on 7-7-7, which reminds me of the 6-6-6 date last year. That would serve the purposes of promoting this new song, and my singing, and the Hillary 2008 campaign, all at the same time. I need to quickly figure out how to set this up. If any of you know how to arrange this, let me know. I'm in a hurry, since it's for next month. Not only that, I don't have any arrangements for any group to perform that with me. I need to set that up too. Hurry. I just emailed Live Earth, to ask them to help me set this up. I want to sing my new song at Live Earth in London. I told them I don't have the airfare, and that I haven't made arrangement for a group to perform this with me. I told them I wish they'd talk to you about this.

The above blog entry was made on June 19, 2007.

Well, you must have heard my latest single. It's my current background music here. I wrote the lyrics myself. These lyrics are to go with the music of that old jazz song, Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me. I just realized that this original title reminds me of you-and-I, Madonna. Your latest single reminds me of you-and-I also. Of course, I've been wondering if you meant it to. So there are two theme coincidences here: This you-and-I theme, and the fact that both of our latest singles are political in theme. That's a mere coincidence, as far as I'm concerned. I didn't just do a political song to match yours. What gave me the idea of doing it was the fact that Hillary was holding a contest to select campaign music for her campaign. These lyrics, I just wrote, are clearly about her campaign. I hope she likes it, and I hope she uses it in her campaign. I'm hoping that she'd pay me for using it, since I'm so in need of money. I'm also hoping for the public to hear my singing, and this would serve that purpose too. There is more on this music in today's Jennifer blog. Be sure to read that too.

The above blog entry was made on June 17, 2007.

As you can see, my website it up again. The pages will take longer to load now, due to the host being nine time zones to the east of California.

The above blog entry was made on June 15, 2007.

Did you notice? had varying, automatic background image selection for a short while, then reverted to the previous sky-theme, static background image theme. Why did they abort the new varying background-image theme? Maybe you wanted to keep the environment theme on people's minds?

Did you notice? I just setup the shortcut icon, so that when someone bookmarks one of my web pages, the little icon of mine will appear in the bookmark. Another advantage is that the same icon would appear at the left of the address bar.

I keep seeing signs that my opinion counts with the Madonna crowd. I just mentioned about the aborting of the varying background images at, and now, the following day, that feature was brought back. That's nice.

The above blog entry was made on June 7, 2007.

I've become an internet innovator. I just wrote my first complete JavaScript. It is the random-start-point playlist thing I've mentioned near the top of the page. What do you think of it, Madonna? I've never even heard of such a thing. It's my own idea. The main problem with using scripts is that some people won't be getting the particular feature involved, if they don't have scripting enabled. Is it good enough to pay for? I can let you have a copy to use on your own website, but I suppose the guy you'd hire to maintain would already know scripting. It theory, maybe I could get from one to ten bucks for a copy of it, but I'm not optimistic it'd sell, even though it is a good script. This is really a good idea. The obvious advantage is that one can have the same playlist of songs, but have the start point be randomly selected each visit to the page. In other words, on one visit, song3 plays first, and on another visit, song2 plays first, and so on. Those who visit often would no longer be mind-blitzed with the same starting song every visit. I think that would tempt them to visit more often. Of course, why would I want to help you draw visiters to your website, Madonna? See, I'm good at programming too. I've told you about my prior studies of computer programming. Script languages are very similar to programming languages.

The above blog entry was made on June 5, 2007.

I'm finding the idea of adding a base line to Hey You irresistible, Madonna. What do you think? Here it comes . . . You wouldn't sue me or execute me over that, would you?

The above blog entry was made on May 30, 2007.

I was just thinking that I should mention here that the new song Madonna wrote, called Hey You, can be heard at her own website at this time. I was going to mention it about a day ago, but I was distracted by other things. This is their chance to hear it.

The above blog entry was made on May 24, 2007.

Want to know some interesting things about the above song, Can't Find My Way Home? Can you guess? Do you already know? Here's one clue: Your new sky background image is an interesting historical coincidence. One of the Stevie Nicks ("Stevie" is such an interesting name, isn't it?) CD cover artworks is another coincidence. Now have you got an idea? There are more possible clues, but should I say? A guy named "Steve" got credit for the song. Are you zeroing in on anything? Was your sky background a hint to me, Madonna? If so, thanks. I'm having trouble believing you'd do me any favors, though. I was working on some finger picking and words, long, long ago . . . The song came true for me. That's sad. It's a sad song. I just thought of another coincidence. Many years ago, in the 1980's, a lady, named Corinne, who worked in the office of a company I worked for then, said something interesting to me. So told me a little story, about her son and a key. Do you think she was trying to hint to me, Madonna? I've been through hell over the years, and some things got pushed to the back of my mind. It's been a hell of a lot of years for me. Where has it gotten me? Here's another interesting goody of a coincidence: I was eleven when it was performed, in 1969, and so was the little girl on the first cover of the album, who was bare-breasted. They had to change the cover art, for the stores to be willing to carry their album. She was filling out. This list of "coincidences" maybe goes on? Remember that guitar finger picking I did for you in the 1970's, which ended up on your American Life CD? I was really good, wasn't I, Madonna? I sure was. My music was some of the best, even during the restless late 1960's, Madonna. How is it that my name isn't a household word? How is it that I'm terrified that creditors are trying to kill me with bullshit? You wouldn't even lift a finger, by paying me enough to pay off those over-glorified goons, to save my life, would you? You're cold-blooded. Well, what are you going to do, Madonna? You're not afraid of those fellow goons, whom you helped steal from me, are you? You have to take a stand. You owe me.

Now, here's an undeserved plug for Madonna's Confessions Tour DVD. You can see and hear Madonna, as a street bitch, perform her old Ray of Light, in that DVD. I haven't seen the whole DVD; only that one track. She talks street dirt to the audience, and sounds like she's picking up a bit of an accent, living in England.

Here's more on that coincidence I hinted at, referring to the cover artwork of one of Stevie Nicks CD's, The Other Side of the Mirror. I was thinking of the checkered flooring. Check out that Blind Faith video, and keep a checkered floor in mind. I just dug out my old copy of that CD, and noticed something that didn't mean anything to me before. There is a track called Juliet, after that Doing the Best that I Can (ESCAPE FROM BERLIN), and after that I still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes). Remember a dancer I told you about, named "Juliet?" She grew up in communist East Berlin. I do still miss her at times, when I think about her. What kind of a coincidence system is this, Madonna? Something else. That long red gown Stevie Nicks wore in the cover art reminds me of one Sharon Tate wore in some still photo I saw of her recently. It may have been a frame from one of her films. They're both blondes too. Something else, while I'm speaking of coincidences. There's a track on Stevie's CD called Rooms on Fire, and one called Fire Burning. One is track one, and the other is track seven, respectively. A "1" and a "7" can look similar, depending on the handwriting. The old Morehouse warehouse just burned down. I haven't even gotten around to posting the photos I snapped of its ruins.

Just in the nick of time, Madonna. I just downloaded your new Hey You song. I was one of the first million to download it, so I got it for free. Where am I going to spend all of that quarter? My impression? It sounds like it fits the sound scheme of your Like a Prayer CD. It distinctly, definitely, has that general sound to it. I listened to that CD quite a few times during that 2004 Death Valley roadtrip I made, and documented at this website. The other CD I listened to, many many times during that trip, was your Bedtime Stories CD. Believe me, those songs I've heard before, Madonna. Should I say it? Want to know what CD I listened to in my van, over and over, that last time I drove to Death Valley? Uh . . . oh . . . it was by one C. M. M. You know who I mean. The title started with an "A," and the "A" stands for "air" or "animals." Maybe that's a good sign, from you, your creating another song that sounds like it goes with your Like a Prayer CD. I didn't even know that, when I did that revision of your Hey You background image. "Like a prayer," of course, is a God theme, and so was the comment I put in the upper-left of that image. A mere coincidence? I can hardly believe in mere coincidences anymore. The sky theme does remind me of that though.

The above blog entry was made on May 20, 2007.

Want to hear the best guitar finger picking you're likely to ever hear? Blind faith did this one in 1969, and I doubt that their acoustic finger picking sound would ever be beat by anyone. That was the approximate timeframe I was introduced to acoustic guitar finger picking myself, by my ex guitar teacher of then. In my book, this one really made music history. This is one of the classics that's not to be lost. Click:
Can't Find My Way Home

What do you think?

The above blog entry was made on May 19, 2007.

I just sang Unhappy Girl, the old Doors song. It's currently in my Jennifer blog, so you can listen to it there. I suppose I'll end up singing all the songs on their Strange Days album. They did those songs in keys I can sing to. It's like those songs were begging me to sing them.

Madonna, why are you participating in environment fraud? Carbon footprints are not causing global warming. Fraud is violence. The bigger the fraud, the more violent the crime. Environment fraud is big, global in scope. Are you not violent, Madonna? Here's you're new background picture, redone:
Stop environment fraud.
If I were to become Stalin to the World, do you think I'd be able to execute all the environment fraud criminals? It seems that would be a mighty big job. There are quite many of that type of criminal, aren't there, Madonna? What do you think the environment fraud criminals are getting out of their environment frauds, Madonna? For one thing, it gives them a way to victimize those who are more accurate and honest, by criminalizing accuracy and honesty, and the list goes on. Environment fraud is one of the most dishonest tricks ever perpetrated against mankind. There is no such thing as legitimacy of government. You are a world-control criminal, Madonna. You are violent, Madonna. I don't have to forgive you, Madonna.

I realize that the version of Unhappy Girl, which I put into my Jennifer blog last night, was still in need of some post-production work. Well, I just completed it. You can now click back over my Jennifer page, to give a listen to it. My new version, which is in the page now, is the result of multiple improvements, not just one improvement. I'm sure you'll agree that the new version is much better than last night's. If you had to do your own sound and production and post-production work, you'd probably realize how much extra work all that is to do, Madonna. What do you think of my redo of your website's new background picture? That took me a little doing too. I must have spent a good half hour on it.

The above blog entry was made on May 16, 2007.

You must have heard of the Cavern Club, where the Beatles performed so long ago. Well, here's a 24/7 webcam view from down the street from it.

Down the street from the Cavern Club, in Mathew Street
The Beatles performed at the Cavern Club early in their career
Click here for the webcam

I came across this webcam, so I figured it would be a nice curiosity for one of my own pages here.

I just had a thought. This is an interesting coincidence, coming right after you put that pseudo-street background on your website. I didn't plan this either. I just happened across a phenomenal Beatles-related website called Beatles Number 9 Dot Com, , and this was linked to from its home page. The first time I viewed it, there was no activity, but this time there was very much activity there in Mathew St., under the scrutiny of this webcam.

The above blog entry was made on May 15, 2007.

Can you solve the Donna DeLorean and Barbara Brazier disappearance mystery, Madonna? Read what I've written about them, as they relate to the canceled 1981 tv series, Jazz Cops. It's yesterday's entry in my Jennifer blog. This is important. I've lived so many bizarre things. This is another case in point.

The above blog entry was made on May 13, 2007.

Hang onto your hat. Today, my Charlie's World page is a half year old. As if to celebrate, I've put four Beverly Hillbillies clips on that page, featuring Sharon Tate as Janet Trego in three of them, and featuring her as a party guest in another. She appears as her blonde self in this Garden Party clip. Sharon was only 19 years old in these episodes, of 1963.

I just read that you're the most successful female recording artist of all time, Madonna. Isn't that something. I helped you achieve that. What did I get out of it all? I'm still trying to find it. Success isn't a measure of kind-heartedness. I read that you weren't ready to be generous towards Sean Penn years ago either. Janet Jackson is said to be the second most successful female recording artist of all time.

The above blog entry was made on May 10, 2007.

I want to mention here that you should read the explanation I wrote, which appears after the lyrics to Theme from Valley of the Dolls, above. I'm mentioning it here because I put it into yesterday's blog entry, above, after midnight. I wanted to make sure you don't overlook it due to that. It's too important to miss.

The above blog entry was made on May 9, 2007.

Have you ever heard the theme from Valley of the Dolls? I think you've heard the popuar Dionne Warwick version, that was on the radio years ago. It's the kind of sound that can instantly become one of someone's favorites. It sounds so sad, but no sadder than my real life has always been. That music is another reason to keep Valley of the Dolls in mind, so that I'll someday get around to watching that 60's film. I think I'd have to buy a copy of it on VHS or DVD, to get a chance to watch it. I'm now wondering how it would sound sung by a man. I'm tempted to sing it, myself, to find out. Maybe I shall.

The latest Madonna news I've heard on tv was about you and Justin Timberlake. They said they were wondering what those two were really up to. That reminded me right away of the idea of you leaving Guy for JT, but I don't think that would happen. I guess they were just trying to trick the tv audience into staying tuned, to find out.

By the way, it's the 62nd anniversary of VE Day.

I've told Beneficial that I've been out of work. What do you think they want? Blood? If so, they could have believably been written into the upcoming Jennifer Sciole movie, Blood, a Butcher's Tale, which is soon to be released.

Oh, Madonna. This is interesting. I just heard something on Daily 10. It was reported that Johnny Depp said that Keith Richards, his pirate character's father in the film, is the closest thing to a real-life pirate one could ever find. Do you suspect he may have meant Keith be like you, Madonna?

Here's my latest music project idea. I've been appreciating Theme from Valley of the Dolls. I love that music. It's such a sad piece. I'm thinking of recording my own singing of it. I think I may do that very soon. Here is the lyrics:

Theme from Valley of the Dolls

words: Dory Previn
music: André Previn

Gotta get off, gonna get
Have to get off from this ride
Gotta get hold, gonna get
Need to get hold of my pride
When did I get, where did I
How was I caught in this game
When will I know, where will I
How will I think of my name

When did I stop feeling sure, feeling safe
And start wondering why, wondering why
Is this a dream, am I here, where are you
What's in back of the sky, why do we cry

Gotta get off, gonna get
Out of this merry-go-round
Gotta get off, gonna get
Need to get on where I'm bound
When did I get, where did I
Why am I lost as a lamb
When will I know, where will I
How will I learn who I am

Is this a dream, am I here, where are you
Tell me, when will I know, how will I know
When will I know why . . .
I was analyzing this piece this evening. I noticed some extremely interesting correlations between the musical sounds and the words. One can get added meaning and clarification from the way the musical sounds rise or fall, are left in suspense or are resolved. If interpreted this way, it is clear how very tragic this work of music is thematically. I can explain the added meanings. Can you understand it, without my explaining it all, Madonna? It's a very sad song. I'll explain it anyway. Notice that in the first group of lines, the musical sounds are unresolved, or left in suspense, at the end of each line, until one gets to the last line of that group. The resolution there, or simpler sound, is as if to clarify the simple meaning that last line has.
"How will think of my name?" The meaning of that is simple: How shall I remember even my name, after my memory is gone (as if after forgetter machine treatments)?
The same principle holds for the third group of lines. The end of each line sounds unresolved, or up in the air, but the tension disappears at the end of the last line in that group. This suggests that the meaning of that final line is clear and simple and resolved:
"How will I learn who I am?" The meaning is closely related to the meaning of the last line of the first group of lines. This last line of the third group is asking: How will I rediscover who I am, or was, after my memory is gone (as if after treatment on the forgetter machine)?
Believe me, this theme is quite sad. ANYONE who's been through that ordeal KNOWS.

The above blog entry was made on May 8, 2007.

I just clicked, to go to, and my browser returned an error, saying something like "page cannot be displayed." So, I clicked "go" again, and did load. I didn't think you'd ever let have down time. That could have been genu-wino Microsoft quality causing a brief error.

I've been having a thought lately, Madonna. As evil as you've been towards me for decades, even, I still have difficulty believing that you hate me. So, I suppose I believe that you don't hate me. I still have to figure out why you won't be nicer towrards me though. It's that you have a crazy death wish towards me, even though you don't hate me? You don't have a problem in your mind with an inconsistency like that? The death wish is really about your selfishness, which motivates you to want me to be in hell perpetually?

The above blog entry was made on May 7, 2007.

I just wrote another verse to Maggie Mae, the folk song the Beatles put on their Let It Be album. Can you guess the theme, before you listen to the recording or read the lyrics? That naughty Madonna. I think I ought to record it, and register the lyrics, before posting it here. I don't want anyone to steal credit. In case you're wondering, Maggie Mae is reported as public domain, on the label of the Let It Be album. Their recording of it is not public domain, of course.

For what it's worth, I also wrote more verses for that melody, one about a waitress and one about another lady. In addition, I wrote a finish to the old melody and lyrics, because the version the Beatles recorded was truncated, and left hanging. I don't know of any record of the complete original to compare to.

Here's something else, while I'm at it. Yesterday, I also wrote new lyrics to the Mamas and the Papas song, Monday Monday. My version of the lyrics sounds sadder than the original. If the public were to hear my version, maybe they'd die of a broken heart before they got to the end of the song. I wrote to Michelle Phillips about it yesterday. She's the only surviving member of that group. My last message to her was that I've already half talked myself out of recording my own version. I told her that old music, especially if it was successful, is sacred, in a manner of speaking. Well, I'm feeling tempted again, to record it. I wouldn't be so tempted to write new verses of old songs, unless the theme connection in my mind weren't so powerful. It's like my new version was begging me to create it. Well, I have created it. Now I have to make up my mind about whether or not to go through with recording it. I'm wondering if Michelle would get back with me on it.

The lyricist in me is starting to dominate. I'm starting to feel like I need to write new lyrics every day, even if not new melodies to go with them. At this point, I really should concentrate again on writing complete originals. Like I said, I really hesitate to write new lyrics to old stuff, unless the sound of a work begs me to, so to speak.

Well, it's time to drag out that shadowy theme again, because, yet again, I've realized something else. The theme I mean is about the Bonnie and Clyde license plate, pictured above. Part of this recollection was coming to mind earlier, when I was writing about this stuff, but I hadn't connected about something, but now I have. Here's what I just realized. There is a symbolic connection between the photo of Bonnie being held up by Clyde, and the photo of Bonnie leaning against the car, near that license plate. You know what Bonnie and Clyde were talking about, as Clyde was holding Bonnie that way? Clyde asked Bonnie if she remembered me (I was a ghost, and a friend of Clyde then.) Bonnie told Clyde she didn't remember me. That had to be what those smiles were about in that photo. They were thinking about me and my VOE reruns, which related to your VOE reruns, Madonna. Well, Bonnie's standing by that license plate, far enough over to now let the "56" show, is symbolic of her denying that she remembered me. It was as if to say, "I don't remember your friend, Clyde, but I do remember the other Steve Bray, who was born in '56." Har dee har har, but this is a true story, Madonna. When I think about those two, I really miss them. Their story is so sad. Who would have guessed that to be what was going on between those two during those moments? See, here's another example of truth being stranger than fiction.

The above blog entry was made on May 2, 2007.

I thought of another interesting symbolic thing in your current background image. Notice that cop walking towards the couple in the white pants. Well, coincidentally, not only did that image coincide with my rare acquisition of a pair of white pants, but those same white pants of mine have one-inch cuffs. The police figure was supposed to allude to my pant cuffs, as in, "he's going after the white pants pair; they'd be cuffed." How's that for wording it? I'm good with words, as you'd know by now. Should I find anything else in that background image of yours? Maybe my finding stuff in it would be symbolically coinciding with your having bad stuff in your background that even I don't know about? You're even more heinous than I've thought?

I just had another idea. I going to download you, Madonna. Now, you're going to be available at the end of my USB cable, right after I click the download widget, to download you. Don't give me any trouble. This is going to be quick, like other downloads. Ready? . . .

The above blog entry was made on April 29, 2007.

Well, some time today, your website put a different background picture up. This time, it's a collage of pieces of city scenes. It's an interesting combination. With these elements, I'm wondering if you made up this collage yourself, Madonna. There's the chihuahua in the foreground, which is half cut off by the bottom edge of the picture. It appears to have a balloon in its mouth. Naughty. There's the staircase at the front of the building, that looks suggestive of an American pyramid. There's the hydrant. Is that juxtaposition to suggest that the dog has its own built-in balloon, which it might relieve at that hydrant? There's the galvanized trash can, which resembles the one in my backyard, which I bought myself at a hardware store years ago, for a special purpose. Just a coincidence? No, the psychic Madonna would know, even about my special trash can. There's the door. That could be suggestive of The Doors, some of whose songs I sang recently. It could also be suggestive of the acting class door in the background image of my own home page. There's the couple, each of whom are wearing white pants. I seldom acquire white pants, but I recently bought a pair of white pants, which I'm still wearing right now. Coincidence? There's the marquee sign of that sea food and steak restaurant. Can you make out what the third line is, under "sea food" and "steak?" Maybe I'll figure it out later. The one-way sign looks like it points to that restaurant. To mean "no vegetarianism?" I hate to say who seemed to possibly be a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for five consecutive years straight myself, but I reverted to carnivore mode some years ago. Some of the buildings have a lean to them. Someone built something at an angle? The kid is more proficient at stealing balloons than the chihuahua? No, he just has more balloon? Humm . . . There are fire escapes on both sides of the pseudo-street. Those remind me of the beginning lead-in to the Friends show.

I just realized that one of the songs on your last CD speaks to me, personally, where you sang, "get off of my street." I did meet you on your home street, in the Los Angeles area, a while back. You seemed to be your curmudgeon self, Madonna. How much did they hit you up for that rental car? I know you rented it.

I know I haven't told you, until now, that I recently started working on a few new songs. The inspirations suddenly came to me without going after them. Now I must sit down and complete them and record them.

The above blog entry was made on April 23, 2007.

In case you haven't noticed, I've added a lot of stuff to the Jennifer blog lately. You wouldn't want to miss all that stuff.

I just realized something. Remember that stuff I was telling you, above, about the number coincidences in the Bonnie and Clyde license plate? Well, lo and behold, I just discovered another coincidence for the last two digits also. I covered coincidences in the "5879," which left the "56," at the end. Well, "56" is the year of birth of the other Steve Bray. So, in summary, all of those digits of the Bonnie and Clyde license plate related to our story, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on April 19, 2007.

You've changed your home page photo of yourself again, so it's time for me to comment on it. That's an interesting photo. There are at least three interesting elements in it. One element is the theatrical-looking curtain in the background. Another is that your eyes are not looking down in this one, but are looking hard to the left and about level. Another is the ruffled inner brow, a trademark of sorts from an earlier Madonna period. Another is the suspenders. That curtain reminds me of my recent singing of People Are Strange, which has a distinctly theatrical sound to it. Yes, it looks like this photo is another message to me, just like I suspected. If your idea is to hint that you're interested in working on some music with me, that still seems like an idea to me. I wasn't doubting that you'd be interested in doing songs that I'd be writing, presuming any of them would be approximately of the Madonna style. Of course, I wasn't interested in letting them go for nothing. Now the story is that Justin Timberlake is writing for you for your next CD, which supposedly might be released in November. Two November releases in a row? You prefer to release new CD's in November?

The most recent song that I sang, You're Lost Little Girl, reminds me of various ladies. One of the ones it reminds me of is you, Madonna. You got lost in the Madonna-and-I difficulty. How do you like the circus-style pipe organ and the haunting guitar work in this?

The above blog entry was made on April 11, 2007.

What do you think, Madonna? About what? You know.

The above blog entry was made on April 6, 2007.

Click that bracelet link again. I've linked to a different article this time.

I wasn't paying attention, but now I've noticed that you weren't wearing your Rachel's tomb red string in your latest background photo. The evil eye is going to string you up, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on April 3, 2007.

Well, did you check out my new solo section of this website? I made a separate page for each instrumental. The themes of the background pictures match, more or less, the music. It gives some atmosphere for each work.

The above blog entry was made on April 1, 2007.

I thought of something else interesting. If you had married me, you could have been an M & M, as in Madonna M. You don't care about that? You're content to be an M. R.? Do you concede that you are an MR? It depends on what kind, or how it's meant? My mother told me what "MR" stands for, decades ago.

The above blog entry was made on March 29, 2007.

Rachel's tomb red string bracelet
I just came across something that appears to be related to that red Kabalah string on your wrist. So that's a "Rachel's tomb red string?" I accidentally discovered a website that has a bracelet with such a string embedded in it. With all your money, one would think you'd have a fancier string like this one, or even fancier. Click the photo to read about the red string tradition.

OMG, I just heard on tv today that you'd support Al Gore if he ran for president again. Say it isn't true, Madonna. You don't believe his global warming stuff, do you, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on March 28, 2007.

Madonna again
The above photo is the result of my redoing your latest home page photo. It just appeared at your own website today, Madonna. What do you think? I hope you appreciate how much work it was to rotate and otherwise redo it many ways. I didn't use godly or goddessly powers to do it. I used software. That now looks like the perch of a true goddess, rather than your lying upon a bed. "Slash pointing," so you're not pointing, or you can't point, Madonna? Now I have to figure that out? Your pointing finger is so tired from the extended workout, that it needs its own perch to rest on, Madonna? Then why is that perch slanted downward? Because it does mean "slash?" Ok, maybe now I've figured it out. Your outfit looks black in the original, like maybe it's funeral wear. So maybe that means you won't stop pointing the finger at me until I'm dead. That would be my funeral then. Remember, I told you I prefer to be cremated, not buried in the ground, Madonna. Do you think anyone would notice that your necklace is hanging at an angle in this redo? But you're a real goddess; you can do that without photographic tricks if you want? Maybe this version reflects that your picture was taken in one of those "gravity doesn't work right here" attractions?

Maybe you just don't like being lied to, so all I have to do is admit that I didn't love you in the 1980's. Ok, I admit it? Now where's my paycheck? No, that won't work either?

Check out the Summer Place stuff I just put near the top of my own home page.

I worked about 12 to 14 hours a day for those three days last week, as an extra. That was pretty intense, but I need to get more work from them.

How do you like that I switched to the Quicktime plugin for the background music here? I did that for better compatibility with more than one web browser.

The above blog entry was made on March 27, 2007.

I just realized something. I looked up some information on Warren Beatty, and found out some interesting things about him. First, he portrayed Clyde Barrow in 1967's Bonnie and Clyde, which I saw in a drive-in back then. The other movie playing with it was Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen. Of course Steve McQueen has my first name. It's been documented that you were one of Warren Beatty's women at one time, Madonna. Here are two combined photos of Bonnie and Clyde on the Mortician's slabs:
Bonnie and Clyde on mortician's slabs
Someone got the month wrong in the photo caption. It was really May. Placing it in March falsely puts the event on my mother's birthday. Now the next photo of Bonnie and Clyde:
Clyde holding Bonnie
Notice with Clyde's hat blocking the second half of the license plate, "58," my year of birth, followed by "7," my month of birth. Here's another combined photo of Bonnie and Clyde:
Bonnie and Clyde in two pictures combined showing license plate
Notice in the left picture, "58," the year of your birth, followed by "7" and "9," which when averaged, give your month of birth, namely August. In the right picture, the whole license plate in visible.

So, did this Warren Beatty and Bonnie and Clyde stuff motivate the gangster-looking photo of you in pinstripes and a cigar, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on March 26, 2007.

Slob Bob is an Eskanos and Adler project. I know they're guilty. I'd hold you responsible for every problem they'd cause me, Madonna. You have no excuse for not putting an end to their tyranny, Madonna.

This blog is 1 1/2 years old, exactly, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 25, 2007.

I see you've got another photo on your home page. I might have to think about that one, to figure out what it could mean to me personally. They all have meaning personal to me now? I have new picture news of my own. I'm going to be in the background of more than one scene of a tv pilot. At least it's something.

The above blog entry was made on March 19, 2007.

I've been working hard updating this website. What do you think of the music videos I've been putting near the top of the home page lately? I wish I had started doing that much earlier.

The above blog entry was made on March 18, 2007.

Madonna in a cheese grater I'm not a furry critter in that cheese grater with you, so what are you looking at, Madonna? I cropped that home page photo of yours, and gamma-corrected, increased saturation and sharpened it. What do you think? The fashion designer would thank me for this maybe. What label is that outfit? This is the first time I've wrapped text around a picture. It's a trick I learned the other day. I knew it was possible, and now I know how to do it. Maybe I can think of enough bad things to say about you to wrap all the way past this photo, but I think I'll stop here for now. I'll resume a bit later.

The above blog entry was made on March 16, 2007.

It's quite obvious that you owe me help in getting rid of the civil lawsuit. If you don't help me, it would serve as mute testimony of your bribing people to initiate the trouble against me. Don't you think that ultimately people would see through your callousness and crimes against me? I know you're in a decades-long habit of paying people to commit crimes against me. Even if you succeeded in persecuting me to death, with this staged color-of-office crime against me, don't you think that your bad karma would come back at you eventually, even without my helping it? The more you'd struggle to extricate yourself from the quicksand of the trouble you've gotten yourself into with me, the deeper you'd sink. You don't get that yet, do you? Well, that's another case in point in support of my contention that the spectacular Madonna is not as smart as people would probably have been thinking. You're in a position to make this situation easier for both of us, Madonna. You must avail yourself of this unique opportunity, even if only for your own good, Madonna. It seems rather obvious that slob Bob is a principle in this color-of-office crime against me. You knew better than to set that up, Madonna. You've still got an opportunity to slough off some of the potential blame, and possibly consequences, of this mess, Madonna. You're not bright enough to comprehend that, are you, Madonna? Believe me, local so-called government is dishonest, BIG-TIME. You're one of the most heartless, callous people who's ever lived, clearly, Madonna. Believe it or not, there's really a rerun, or prior, that had that Madonna finally giving in, and asking me, in person, how much I needed. You don't remember that, do you, Madonna? You're not my equal, Madonna dearest. I really did care about you, but even presuming that you can comprehend that, you really don't care anyway, do you, Madonna? Your position is not really as different as you probably think. Don't you want to improve your odds of something better for yourself, Madonna. Are they coercing you into participating in this color-of-office crime against me, Madonna? Only the Madonna knows? You're not being considerate of others, by your stubbornness in this matter, Madonna. If I have to resort to getting help from someone else, you're putting that person in peril, by letting him be dragged into what should only be our problem. But, like I've said, you're not considerate of anyone really, are you, Madonna? When the shit hits the fan, who really is mostly considerate of others; surely not Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 14, 2007.

Now you've got another photo, still, of yourself on your home page. You are looking downward this time in the photo. Without sunglasses on, it can be seen this time. That is just to show that you look down on everyone who visits your website? One's got to be a loser to be interested in your website or in you? That's why you looked down on me for years? That's not a room, but an oversized cheese grater, with light coming in through the slits? You're just a sliver of chesse that got through the grater, not an icon of the silver screen?

Ok, now I've got it? That recent publicity photo of you with Guy is to imply that he is just a dummy escort to discourage blokes from coming on to you? That's why he was made up like a cop? Then your whole family is fake? Well, that was what the cop uniform reminded me of.

Now, you're going to have new photos of yourself on your home page continually and often, and I'd have something to do with that? Those photos are supposed to be messages to me? What I have to do with it is that you've gained some hope that I'm not an absolute low life? You're the type that cares about anyone but yourself? No, but you care what I think about you for selfish reasons?

The song that just came on from your website is saying "time goes by so slowly," but my time has been going by too quickly for me lately. Your song is contradicting my recent life experience. I just realized that the same song just said "I can't keep on waiting on you (me of course)." Ok, so that means you want me to hurry up and die, to get that out of the way? I can't believe that it means that you're still impatient for me (to have me).

If I keep thinking about you, I'd never run out of things to say here, at the same sitting?

Here's an interesting coincidence from my distant past, in the first half of the 1970's. I took metalworking and welding classes in high school from a teacher named, Brodsky. Well, a photographer by that name, Joel Brodsky, did a photo shoot of Jim Morrison of the Doors, back when Jim was still alive, decades ago. Joel Brodsky photographed hundreds of album covers for 1960's and 1970's albums. He took a famous one of Jim called "The Young Lyon." He died at age 67, on March 1 of 2006, of an apparent heart attack. That photo session was in 1968, about four years before I first took a class from the high school Brodsky. I first enrolled in Brodsky's class in 1972, in my freshman year in high school. I don't remember my ex- high school teachers first name at the moment. Now that I've thought about it, I can almost swear that he had my first name, Steve. How's that for a coincidence? That was staged to point to me, because as I've said before, I'm the symbolic center of the world? Isn't this an interesting story to tell, right after commenting on your recent home page photos? See, like I've said before, I've always got something to say.

The above blog entry was made on March 12, 2007.

If they'd ask me in court where the money is, maybe I'd tell them to ask the bitch witch Madonna. She's got all the money. What do you think, Madonna? You've got so much money in your Madonna bag, you could pay them in thousand dollar bills, and not feel a difference in the weight of your crocodile bag, made out of one of your cousins. I think you want them to be mean to me.

Your expression, in your current home page photo reveals your looking down at an angle, even though your eyes are hidden behind those glasses. So what was that supposed to mean, oh mean one?

The above blog entry was made on March 11, 2007.

You should find this next message, which I wrote to someone, very interesting.
Dear Claudia,

My mother is Italian. She thinks her ancesters came from Naples.

You are 20 years older than me. Your film credit that caught my attention, in your list, is the 1958 Big Deal on Madonna Street. I hate to mention Madonna really, but I've been connected with her. What makes that credit all the more intriguing is that it was of 1958, the year Madonna and I were both born. How's that for a coincidence? [Two sentences deleted.]

Well, what do you think, Madonna? Maybe you didn't realize how connected we are? Actually, I've never seen the film, so I hate to comment much about it. I would like to see it though.

I was just thinking that maybe I'd leave the Sus scrofa comments under your picture. After all, they are comedic?

The above blog entry was made on March 6, 2007.

That new picture you just put on your home page is so hot. It's hotter, maybe, than even that one with your foot on the table. The interior design look of that room looks naturally lit, and bluish white. It reminds me of my recent discussion of Whiter Shade of Pale, in my Jennifer blog. I almost have to conclude that new picture was a message to me about that song. Can you figure out some of the symbolic meanings without my telling you? I'm willing to talk to you. You don't really have to hide.

That new picture is so hot, I'm almost pulling my hair out over it.

I didn't decide for the Chinese that it's the year of the pig. I'm tempted to remove the Sus scrofa remarks below your picture on my home page. Maybe I can start sympathizing with you again. Believe it or not, I still don't want to hate you, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 5, 2007.

I was just tempted to delete a lot of the earlier entries on the page, but changed my mind. I suppose I've got to say this stuff. I shall always hate you. That's so true, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on March 4, 2007.

If I weren't such a spoilsport, I'd be content to sacrifice myself and everything to you forever. However, that's hardly palatable, from my standpoint. I know what the lyrics to Whiter Shade of Pale mean. I could describe what it all means in detail right here, but it's late, 3:41 am, and I need some sleep. Am I going to survive the lawsuit that was filed by one of my creditors?

For what it's worth, I don't hope skelter to continue, even though it would serve you right, if you were to come back as all the victims, Madonna. Maybe hell has another division to put you up.

The above blog entry was made on March 3, 2007.

I just saw a small portion of the Oscar thing, with you and Guy. Some lady said, "We've seen all of them (stars)?" She must have meant me; I wasn't there, Madonna."

Those two buzz notes in this Seinfeld music are Operation (children's game) alarms. They keep getting too close to something. When are they going to leave Newman alone? Notice the hell's harmonica sound in that music in places? What I really like also is the almost siren-like, saw-like, low-buzz sustained notes that kick in in places, that obviously is mocking of the plight. They really captured the theme with all of that in the sound of the theme music. It ought to win an award, but maybe they were afraid of what form the "award" would be in? Yeah, they got an award for that. Come'ere. (as in the Vinny's watch commercial). This music is so good, I hate to close the page. That's my kind of music. You're so good, maybe you'll win that award yourself someday, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 27, 2007.

Did you click the above link on time? That link to Music Consultants Group, Inc. was working, when I created the link days ago. I caught that website just in the nick of time, before it disappeared, probably forever. I did read the entire website, but I didn't save the pages, so they're gone forever probably.

The above blog entry was made on February 26, 2007.

I just improved the above dead Newman scene above. Read it. I'd like to try my hand at writing sitcoms. Think I've got a chance to make it writing screneplays?

The above blog entry was made on February 22, 2007.

Well, as presumably you've already noticed, I've now got the theme music of Seinfeld on this page. What do you think? Do you agree with me that it sounds like the minus-heart theme? Ouch.

[Rewritten on 02-22-07.]
[Jerry and George walking in the corridor of Jerry's apartment building.]
Jerry: Hey, look at this. It must be Newman's. He's right next to it.

George: Yeah, that's his, alright. I see where they cut it out. Hey, that must have hurt.

Jerry: Come on! Let get going. It's on the table.

George: I'm with you. Elaine will kill us if we let the pizza get cold. Excuse me, Newman. I promise this is the last time I'll ever walk all over you. Tell my aunt Lola "hi," will you?
[Exit down the hall, Jerry and George.]
Something like that. If they ever restart Seinfeld, maybe they'd write this in. It would be good for writing the Newman character out of the show. Newman => The end. No more Newman. [The two short low buzz notes are the Operation (children's game) buzzer. They got close too something, setting it off? (added 02/27/07)]

That new photo of you with your foot on the table on your home page is hot, Madonna. You probably meant that as a symbolic attack towards me, didn't you, Madonna? I'm not disinclined to compliment you where appropriate, Madonna. I don't find everything about you worthy of compliment though, Madonna.

I just put the video of the Doors Hello, I Love You near the top of my home page. That was some guitar effect they used for that. I'd like to know what brand and the name of it. Of course I remember hearing that song many times in the 1960's.

The above blog entry was made on February 21, 2007.

I was just doing some internet research on the Seinfeld music, and found the website of the creator of it, Jonathan Wolff. His company is in the process of dissolution, if it's not already defunct. It's called Music Consultants Group, Inc. The story of him and his company is an interesting part of music history. The entire website of that company can be read in very little time. It's at:
Website of Music Consultants Group, Inc.
His early history reminds me of my own life in recent times. Jonathan Wolff is our age. His birthday is reported as October 23, 1958. I've been thinking I'd like to have a piece of that tv music market for myself. I know I can compose the right sounds for the shows. They got his credits at the above website.

The above blog entry was made on February 20, 2007.

Hey this is your year, since the recent start of the Chinese New Year, Madonna. It's the year of the pig.

The above blog entry was made on February 19, 2007.

Something always makes me start feel sentimental again towards you, Madonna. This time it was the new picture of you holding a guitar on your home page. I can't believe you deserve the sympathy from me though, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on February 17, 2007.

I forgot to mention a while back about the death of Denny Doherty, of the The Mamas And The Papas. Now the only survivor of the group is Michelle Phillips, John's wife, besides a temporary, Jill Gibson, who substituted for Michelle once. An interesting note is that Denny Doherty was said to have almost gone to the 10050 Cielo Drive house (Tate/Polanski), on the night of the killings. He lived a lot longer by changing his mind. I was going to put this note into the Jen blog, then I felt that this is a better place, since you're a fellow music person.

Slob Bob just threatened to visit me next week. If you have anything to do with it, you won't get away with it, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 27, 2007.

It was said on tv recently that your current fortune is $325 M, Madonna. That figure is too high, as you haven't paid me, Madonna. Clearly, you owe me enough to change that figure, if paid to me, Madonna.

As King Stephen, I ought to send you to the Tower of London, to be duely dispatched, Your Awfulness. I suppose I've figured out what that cigar meant, Madonna. That's naughty. That's yet another justification for the Tower, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 26, 2007.

Check out the old picture of myself, in today's Jennifer blog entry. What do you think?

The above blog entry was made on January 21, 2007.

I hurt for you every time I see a tv story about you. It always reminds me of possible fallout over things. As soon as I find another tv story about you, it's like I'm biting the bullet at first, hoping it's not something too terrible for you. It was just the same stuff today, more or less. There was the you-and-Britney kiss story. You said it was the same old thing; you never saw Britney again, after the kiss. It sounded like you thought your new adopted son resembles Guy. Angelina Jolie was said to have complained about your recent adoption, saying that she'd never adopt from a place where it was illegal. It's a wonder you didn't make the top of the year's most controversial lady list, rather than Britney, especially after all that crucifixion stuff. I'd never complain about Britney flashing me. Her fashions don't bother me either. Her dumping K-Fed intrigued me, rather than bothered me. I've been worrying about Britney lately, even more than I've been worrying about you. Now they've said that she was on drugs.

The above blog entry was made on January 11, 2007.

My feet feel almost as cold right now, sitting at my computer, as if I were standing in the snow someplace. That's how it is without the central heating working.

The above blog entry was made on January 7, 2007.

Lately, it's been refreshing to read up on ghost towns. Some states have hundreds of them. The southwestern U. S. has very many. New Mexico has hundreds of them. I haven't read about any of the New Mexico ones yet. Maybe later. The ones of southern California have been interesting. I drove the length of I-8, in southern California many years ago. The precursor to that highway was a wooden road. That wooden road is a "ghost road," so to speak. The designer of that replaced road wanted it to be possible to lift the wooden road to clear off the sand that tended to keep covering it. Blowing sand and sand dunes are the character of some of the southern-most reaches of the state. I think some of the old wood from that road can still be found. During WWII, General Patton used the wood from that road for firewood. Today's people are oblivious to the ghost towns and the events that went on in them when they were still flourishing. It's a shame for all that history to be lost and wasted.

I feel as wasted as a ghost town myself.

It got cold overnight again. It reached a low of 36.5 degrees Fahrenheit, at 7:00 am this morning, at my place in northern Orange County. This isn't the coldest place in northern Orange County either. This has been a pretty normal cold season this time. It was the last cold season that was unseasonably warm. Last season I didn't see a single instance of it getting down into the 30's. We normally get some overnight lows down in the 30's here, except for unusually warm cold seasons. We've had below freezing low temperatures at times here in the past.

I can relate this to the overall weather thing this season. They are having an unseasonably warm winter in the northeast, but that is not the experience of the rest of the country or the rest of the world entirely. One of the recent winters was severely biting cold in Russia, with some possibly dying of inadequate heating over there, while some here in the U. S. bitched about global warming. Not only are they wrong to blame carbon dioxide, they are wrong to overgeneralize to all places on the globe, which aren't necessarily having a noticable climatic warming. I've yet to find anyone considering the ice-age cycle, which has a period of about 100,000 years. We are definitely in the warming phase of one of the cycles of that ice-age waxing and waning of global temperatures. Unless they understand why the ice-age cycle is happening, how can they think they understand the global warming thing. They have to stand back and take a comprehensive overall view of things as best they can. Pointing a finger at the first, possibly wrong, thing they think of isn't likely to explain the situation.

Here's an interesting thought that just came to mind, and which I haven't had a chance to research yet. It is well known that Orange County was once under the sea. Has anyone ever considered the idea that perhaps during some ice-age cycles, the global warming is so intense, that the sea level is high enough to submerge the area now known as Orange County? Are they sure the submersal of Orange County isn't periodic, and related to the ice-age cycle overall? Could it be that scientists have jumped to the wrong conclusion, in assuming that the submersal of Orange County was a one-time thing, and that it wouldn't revert back to that? Can you imagine the return, by swimming, of sharks and whales to where Disneyland is now? It's possible, one way or another. To put this into better perspective, it is normal for the sea level to be very much lower during an ice age. It is normal for the sea's level to rise a lot upon leaving the ice age. And, this cycle is very long; about 100,000 years. Unless they understand the ice-age cycle, and how it works, how can they sensibly conclude that it's not just the ice-age warming phase that we're in that is solely responsible for any noticable global warming?

Not only that, they'd have to take into consideration what effect a permanent change in the earth's spin would have on global climates. Consider the effect, for instance, an asteroid or meteorite could have on the earth's spin, upon impact with the earth. Global climates were very different, and generally warmer, during the dinosaur period, and before the meteorite or asteroid collided with the earth, which conceivably changed climates on earth by altering the spin of the earth. That collision also is thought to have made most or all of the dinosaurs extinct, by changing things on earth so much. If that collision was able to change global climates permanently, one must consider the possibility of the collision, about a hundred years ago, causing or adding to the rate of global warming, again by altering the spin of the earth. That particular collision caused it to stay daytime, with no nighttime, for weeks, in a large area surrounding that impact.

This is looking like another letter to fax to Sen. H. R. Clinton. I hope she's paying attention to me on this, and consulting with real experts, rather than the political bozos who would try to sell her pseudo-theory of climate change. If my theories about all of this are ever officially accepted, I sure hope I'm the one who gets credit, because I deserve some credit.

The above blog entry was made on January 6, 2007.

Here's something else that seems interesting. They just convicted someone named Goodwin, of the Mickey and Trudy Thompson killings, of many years ago. Decades ago, I had a minibike that was made by a Mickey Thompson company. It was dubbed a "Mickeybike," on its little nameplate, on top of the frame, near the steering. It wasn't good for anything but level pavement. I had bought that with money I earned, by throwing newspapers, during the Tate/LaBianca timeframe. I remember how much. I paid $60.00 for it used. Another coincidence is that the only Trudy I've known about over the years was one who went to the same high school I attended, at the same time. She's one of the few who somehow caught my attention during those high school times, so that I even remember her last name of then, but I won't tell her last name here.

I want to tell you that I did like you, sometimes, in the 1970's and early 1980's, even if I didn't fully realize it at the time, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on January 5, 2007.

Yippee! I did it again. I sent in a response to a request for a home audience email to answer: "If you could track anyone you want with GPS shoes, who would you track, and what would you find out?" Here's what I sent in:
I'd track Madonna, the singer, to further verify that she flies around in UFO's, but I already know that.
[city name deleted]
That was to channel 13 11:00 pm news. That's the second time they aired one of my replies. Lauren Sanchez commented on it. She said something like, "This is from Steve in [city name deleted]. He always sends in the good ones." How do you like that, Madonna? This was still Tuesday the 2nd, before midnight of course.

The above blog entry was made on January 3, 2007.

So predictable. My portable heater was working fine, but my mother doesn't want to use it. So we're really without heat now. It doesn't make sense that she'd be so extravagant with money she doesn't have (to be willing to replace the whole central HVAC system).

Another interesting coincidence happened. I had been reading up on the ghost towns of California and Arizona, by reading the stuff on the individual townsites at That website is a good resource for photos and brief information on those places and similar places which still haven't been abandoned completely since the old west times. Then, all of a sudden, it was announced that they were getting ready to hang Saddam Hussein. Soon afterwards, they did hang him. Isn't that interesting. The old west is well known for the hangings back then. I had no sooner finished reading the stuff on Arizona, and then I heard the announcement of the anticipated hanging of Saddam. How's that for a timing coincidence. Now I'm wondering when they'd be hanging to two associates of Saddam's, which they also mentioned on tv recently. A mere coincidence? I've said that I'm the symbolic center of the world.

I could tell stories about those ghost towns that aren't at that website. You know how I'd know that stuff. The old west was hell too.

Speaking of those ghost towns, I got three Christmas presents this year that remind me of the kind of gift one might get in those old west times. My mother gave me three ceramic painted angels about eight or nine inches tall. One was love, one was hope, and one was wisdom. A different one of those three words was written on front of each angel. Those are nice. I hope to protect them from damage. The love angel is holding a large heart, the wisdom angel is holding an open book, and the hope angel is holding nothing.

Here's a message I just sent you through another channel:
Dear Madonna,

If you were to visit a Mercury Insurance office to discuss doing business with them, like in one of their current tv commercials, you'd have to tell them that you're "not carbon-based. Is that going to be a problem?"

For what it's worth, I don't myself believe that Mercury Insurance is based on the planet Mercury.

The above blog entry was made on December 30, 2006.

I'm living something like a Charles Dickens kind of Christmas. The furnace here has gone bad, so the indoor temperature here was plummeting, until I brought out the oil-filled radiator heater. It's enough to keep the house from getting too extremely cold. Maybe a month with this portable heater would give a good idea how many watts of this kind of heater it would take to keep this house at least up to the low 70's Fahrenheit. At this rate, it seems that it'll have to be left on day and night to keep up with a house this size. I just turned the controls all the way to max, which is a steady 1500 Watts. It did raise the temperature a degree while I was out having dinner. I'm trying to discourage my mother from paying too much for a replacement central heating and cooling system. One estimate was $3500.00 and another was $5800.00. My mother can't afford that kind of expense.

The above blog entry was made on December 29, 2006.

Merry Christmas.

The above blog entry was made on December 25, 2006.

Stop the brain-scan fraud ! ! !

The above blog entry was made on December 26, 2006.

I just got rid of some old blog entries here. At this moment, it's less than three hours till Christmas.

I'm tempted to write some new music in the week between Christmas and New Year's. That's what I've been thinking about lately. I know I can do it, but I haven't pushed myself to do it. I could do it perfunctorily, and it would still work. I haven't been able to get into the spirit completely.

The above blog entry was made on December 24, 2006.

Have you listened to the song in the Von's commercial lately? Whew. That sounds like the shrink-a-dink theme. Check out these excerpts:

Are you gettin' any lovin'? [from further down]
Are you havin' any fun?
What ya gettin' outta livin'?
What good is what you've got [a lot?],
if you're not havin' any fun?

That's from a 1939 song called "Are You Having Any Fun?" It was performed by Tommy Dorsey. Picture yourself being the newlywed groom at the wedding reception, and being blitzed with this mind assault right at the start of the marriage. Maybe you'd be thinking, "What? I marry her, I'm automatically too big? Shrink-a-dink!? All of her relatives are in on this personal crisis of mine? She did say her family's got mob ties? No, but the way her relatives are, I'd never know the difference between them and the mob?" Ouch.

Tommy Dorsey was of the big band genre.

Coincidentally, I just watched the last so much of a sermon by a lady preacher, Pastor Melissa Scott, on channel 21 of Time Warner Cable. It went into ancient Biblical linguistics, to discuss what the significances are for various terms, like "New Testament," "blood (as the word was used by Jesus)," etc. After the sermon, she sang a couple of songs to live accompaniment. That was good. I might keep that show in mind. I get the impression that she's specialized in the linguistic aspects related to the Bible. I've seen her on before when changing channels. This time I watched till the end. At one point, she cautioned the audience not to change channels; that she very much wanted everyone to hear all of her involved explanations in her sermon. She was building up to some overall point or significance with all of it.

The above blog entry was made on December 23, 2006.

OMG, I almost can't believe it. That certain something just now must have been from you. If not, I'd tell you about it if you'd email me. I know my email to another email address of yours went through recently, because I didn't get a delivery failure notice. I suspect that had something to do with that little favor from you just now. Well, thank you. Maybe there's hope of a truce between us? I'm waiting for more signs.

Merry Christmas in advance. You made my night just now.

The above blog entry was made on December 21, 2006.

Read my murder mystery on Mount Hood saga, in today's Jen blog entry. I believe the Kelly James death was murder.

The above blog entry was made on December 18, 2006.

Oh. I was just reflecting on the last screening I went to at Paramount. The lady next to me darted away after the movie. That was after I grumbled about you to myself. That just made me wonder if you were the one sitting next to me there. I'm about as blind as a bat these days, so it takes a special effort for me to notice what someone looks like under conditions like that. Well, if you were her, you know how it is with me. You didn't need to run away like that. You lead me to think that you only show up for me these days, if you think you can pull it off without me realizing who you are at the time. I still want to meet with you.

I rewrote the list of 10 about Giuliana. I took the time to do it right this time.

The above blog entry was made on December 2, 2006.

I just wrote another list of 10. Why did the chicken cross the road? You'll have to visit my Letterman web page to get the breakdown, Madonna.

It's hard to find free direct-linking hosting of music and videos, Madonna. If I had your money, that wouldn't be an issue, of course. You'd probably never have the problem. I can't even put Christmas music on my website until I find a plan that's suitable for my situation.

I just wrote another list of 10, and this one is about you. Here it is:

What would Madonna be doing now:
1. Arranging to take a flight on a UFO (she knows how)
2. Negotiating her adoption of all the children of Africa (one is never enough)
3. Ordering a ten year supply of bras from a manufacturer of metal funnels
4. Making reservations for an extra exotic vacation in the real Hades, not Haiti (she wants it for me)
5. Planning to participate in a nude-in to protest the fur industry (they just mean no hair there)
6. Shooting and reshooting sex videos to release to the public
7. Staging another horseback riding accident to garner more sympathy (she wants to break every bone in her body this time)
8. Waiting for the taylor to finish her nip-slip outfit for her Confessions tour
9. Planning to outdo Janet Jackson, by staging a crotch slip (she's got that outfit on order too)
10. Holding auditions for guys, and one fake Madonna, willing to be crucified for real on her tour
All those are really like you. The public is always waiting for the next bizarre Madonna news.

The above blog entry was made on November 26, 2006.

You haven't even been visiting this page, since that bruised face incident. I've been writing Letterman style lists of 10. You can find them in my Letterman page. I was going to write one per day, but I've had other things on my mind.

I was thinking about that tv news report, in which you were dancing someplace, maybe in Africa. You enjoy yourself in Africa? The adoption thing has got you feeling chipper?

The above blog entry was made on November 25, 2006.

If I don't live to reach Thanksgiving, it'll be on your head. You'd probably throw a Hollywood or London party to celebrate, if I were reported dead, wouldn't you?

The above blog entry was made on November 14, 2006.

Here it is. The new adults-only area

How do you like the new gallery featuring you? I hope you like it. I touched up the photos. You can contact me by email or phone (if you can find my new phone number), as you know.

The above blog entry was made on November 11, 2006.

I almost just went to bed, without mentioning here that I saw a news report on you today (yesterday, since it's 1:43 am). In it, they said your face was somehow bruised in some kind of a scuffle with someone at an airport. They showed a closeup of your bruised left cheek. The bruise looked brownish to me. I wish I had heard the whole story, but I was busy at my computer working on my website, as usual. I've been in a mad rush to bring my website back into full operation again, Madonna. As you can see, it's coming well along. I've still got to put my music page back. I won't have any music there, until I get a place to put my streaming media.

Well, I want to tell you that I always try to be considerate of you, so try not to feel too bad about us. Can you picture the two of us in some hereafter? It's not too late? A tentative rendevous? Someday. We both owe it to ourselve to get there.

I forgot to say that it seems curious that the bruise on your face story came out immediately after I put the snowman-throwing-a-snowball animation back at the top of this page. It's as if that snowball hit you in the face to cause that bruise. Maybe there was a rock inside?

The above blog entry was made on November 9, 2006.

Notice that I've already brought the Christmas decorations back out, at the top of this page. Yeah, your page is back too. Did you miss it? You know you would miss me, if I ever died? Did my Halloween message to you make you squirm and lose sleep this year? Most of those ghost stories really are documentaries.

The above blog entry was made on November 8, 2006.

I just did another good deed for the U. S. and for mankind. It's my letter I just faxed to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. I hope you won't oppose it. The U. S. and mankind desperately need me.

The above blog entry was made on November 1, 2006.

I must have something to say to you on Halloween. Here's something. England is so full of ghosts and ghost stories in documentaries, Madonna. Doesn't your skin crawl, as you lie in bed at night in that hotbed of ghost lore? Don't remind you? You're not human, so you don't sleep, in bed or otherwise? Ghosts aren't afraid of ghosts? I've got new Halloween stories: One near the top of the home page, and another one in today's Jen blog entry, Madonna.

The above blog entry was made on October 31, 2006.

Here's more dirt on you. This is a bulletin I just send out to some of my freinds:

I just read the bulletin from Madonna. It has a You Tube video in it, of Tony Bennett presenting the 1996 Billboard music award to Madonna. What's interesting is the shape of the award. It has an uncanny resemblance to the metalsculpture I made and have been trying to sell. You can see it on my web site. I swear that I had no awareness of the similarity of the shapes. It is a coincidence. I think it was supernaturally staged, since I am the real Steve Bray of early Madonna. The black Steve Bray was a sham set up by Madonna, and unfortunately by myself, to take the attention off of me. It was only tempting to me, because Madonna was scaring me back then, by being a jerk to me. Shame on you. I was the most underrated person in music over the years, because people weren't aware that I am the real Steve Bray. The whole Breakfast Club thing was basically a farse that was intended to serve the same purpose as a fake black Steve Bray. I'm sorry that the truth is what it is, but I am speaking the truth about this.

Here's the video, so you can watch this award presentation yourself (not that you haven't already):

Madonna, I care about you, but my creditors are scaring the hell out of me. If you don't help me with my bills, it will bear mute testimony of your callousness and real character. There must be a heart in that pseudo-blonde Madonna body someplace.

Your child adoption story has had me captivated. I saw you say that nothing in Africa happens all that quickly, in response to accusations that your money and influence speeded up the adoption, Madonna. It sounded like the adoption wouldn't be finalized until a waiting period of 18 months is completed. I saw you assure the public that the boy's father very much wanted his son to have a better life with you.

Well, you ought to read the Jennifer entry for today, in which I explained what I've been doing lately. Since I've now got a mailing list, it's fitting that you be on it. You don't want to lower yourself to being on the mailing list of this web site, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on October 26, 2006.

This web site is experiencing a boom in traffic this month. Read about it in today's Jen blog. OMG, it is?! You're going to wear a bag over your head now?

Now that's service. Today, I just received the latest issue of ICON magazine at my door. It was sent USPS DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. It had a Warner Brothers Records North Hollywood return address on it. Now I'm wondering if you put a word in to them to expedite it to me, or if they did it on their own. It makes me think that maybe they are favorably impressed with me lately. I'll never know why? I already browsed through it, and noticed a thing or two that reminds me of my latest music redoes. In particular, one article reminds me of the song I just put on my home page, True Love You Will Find. It told of how your singing can make a broken relationship seem like it's not the end of the world. That definitely seems like the message in True Love You Will Find. You know, if you wanted to sing a song with that theme, that song is a good candidate for it. But you don't want C. M. M.'s dirty image to rub off on you?

The above blog entry was made on October 19, 2006.

Well, your adoption of the boy is definitely the daily Madonna news story for this period. Today, they said in the tv news that the African officials deny bending the law for you.

Did you read that description I wrote for this redo I did of Maiden With Green Eyes, which I described as sounding like it was miked through openings cut into 4-inch in-use sewer pipe, running from a large restroom, with many floor drains possibly overflowing onto the floor, with C. M. M. singing in there, picking up the acoustics and reverb in that large public restroom, and that the last two strums sound like toilet hiss? What's toilet hiss, Madonna? That perpetual sewer pipe gurgling is in full stereo. Well, does it sound that way to you? You see, I'm good in the post-production stuff too. I just thought of a pun in the last sentence unexpectedly. Even that has a coincidence in the meaning I intended in the second verse I wrote to this. Don't give away your secrets? You never kept it a secret? Now that's talent. That's what I think of your role in our group? You see Madonna, if you still had me doing stuff for you, you'd get even filthier rich than you already are, because I can understand how I make sounds and music that work, which you already knew. Can you imagine hearing this redo in Norm's? Incidentally, Norm's Anaheim men's stall floor drain already sounds exactly like this. I'm serious. I know, because I've used it before.

The above blog entry was made on October 18, 2006.

Thanks for putting the different-sounding music on your web site, as soon as I put Maiden With Green Eyes on my web site. The sound of that one you just put on reminds me of the background sounds in my version of Maiden With Green Eyes.

I can hardly wait to put on the other stuff, namely This Is Night Life, My World, and True Love You Will Find, here. I was just thinking that I'm tempted to put My World on Jennifer's page, since her second verse is to that one. This Is Night Life I could put on Giuliana's page, considering how we were together. But that leaves True Love You Will Find, to be put somewhere. Let me think . . . I should put it on my home page, since all those contacts I've had with the many show biz and news ladies remind me of the search for love. I wish they would love me.

Well, I did it. I put the other C. M. M. music on my other web pages.

The above blog entry was made on October 17, 2006.

Listen, I've got Maiden With Green Eyes on. Remember that second verse I wrote to this, about us, Madonna?

The above blog entry was made on October 15, 2006.

Please don't take offense at the response I wrote to channel 13 news in Los Angeles. I clicked send right when they were starting to read the things, so they didn't even get a chance to consider mine, Madonna. Here it is:
Dear 13 staff,
If you ask me, her adoption of that black boy reminds me of a public relations project. I don't really want to insult her by saying that, but she could have found a homeless boy of her own racial type in London, presumably. I'm not certain the interracial family unit is really the best thing for the boy. It tends to isolate the child from his own heritage. It could cause self-doubt, and who knows what else. There you have it; my opinion.
[city name deleted]
Orphans and poor boys are poor everywhere, not just in Africa. I feel bad to criticize anyone about this. The choice of a black boy also reminds me of the other Steve Bray. Yes, I know the Breakfast Club guy who goes by that name is black. We both would also know what was behind that situation though.

It's easy to fix that Tokyo photo you have as background for Let me know if you want a gamma corrected copy, Madonna. I'm thinking of emailing a corrected copy to, Madonna. Surely they wouldn't sue me over some help I offer them, Madonna.

I just had another hard cry a while ago, thinking about you in the studio with me in the 1970's. I mean our good period together, not our warring periods. I'll always love that version of you, Madonna. If what I was feeling for you in such moments wasn't love, it was a lot like it. The image you've projected in recent times seems more like that old Madonna of the good period I once knew. Please don't ever seem like a rat bitch to me again. For me to believe in your good side, it has to exist. But that's a tall order?

The above blog entry was made on October 14, 2006.

A quick note here: Your adopting the black boy is another rerun, if you know what I mean. I must be God Almighty, since I seem to know everyone's business.

By the way, happy Friday the 13th. The Halloween month is probably the ultimate month for a Friday the 13th to happen, since 13 is the anagram of 31, and vice versa. You survived 06-06-06, now you'll also survive Friday the 13th in this Halloween month, Madonna? Keep your fingers crossed.

The above blog entry was made on October 13, 2006.

Since you've been making so much money, you haven't resorted to advertising on your web site. I've decided to bring ads onto this web site, since I don't have any other income going yet. Those ads could be showing up here pretty soon.

The above blog entry was made on October 5, 2006.

So far I've written three poems to Fran Drescher. I was just thinking that maybe I should write poems to you too. Maybe someday I'd be known as a poet? I think that's conceivable. I'm about to write one for you. Here it is:
When I think of you I itch,

Because you've been a little bitch.

Somday maybe this will stop,

Hopefully before I drop.

When on Sunset we first met,

Your rat bitch personality I didn't get.

Together by limosine we did ride,

Until you made me want to hide.

To this day I'm still alive,

But you're the only one of us to thrive.

Now I await my end in death,

And at my funeral you'd curse me under your breath.
Well, at least this poem it longer than the one's I wrote to Fran Drescher, Madonna. I'm sure I could continue to add to this poem, until it could fill a whole book. If I'm to write a whole book about us, I think I'd prefer to write it in prose. Do you think this poem is as good a synopsis of our early relationship as the second verse I wrote to Maiden With Green Eyes, Madonna? These two works complement one another. They don't cover all of the same details. If keep writing small works like these, someday they could be enough to fill a book. I'm still tempted to write the biography of our relationship.

This recent stuff I've written about us must entitle me to another meeting with you.

The above blog entry was made on October 6, 2006.

I just installed the Active X thing, so now your web page loads faster for me.

I was just corresponding with you? You haven't aged at all since a long time ago? Gee, I really would like you to be the one I was just messaging with. Maybe there is still hope between us, Madonna?

I can't afford car insurance renewal, which is due the 14th of this month. I don't know what I'm going to do.

How do you like the icons I put at the top of this page?

The above blog entry was made on October 2, 2006.

Here's the latest on the Madonna-and-I filmed interview talks:
Hi Steve,

Having a few scheduling problems with our current productions.  Looks like the LA trip will be pushed back a month or two.  If it's ok with I'll be in touch nearer the time and we can start arranging interviews then



What's new? I haven't seen you at Norm's lately. It's because you're watching your figure?

The above blog entry was made on September 29, 2006.

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